Couch Kimchi celebrates Second Year of blogging!!

Two years!! *woot*

Its October once again, a special month for CK. I have been thinking of ways how we’d celebrate the second year but I think we just have to relax this time. We are preparing for a much better blog site, hopefully it will materialize next year. But for now, what has happened in two years??

Last year, we just had almost 500,000 hits when we celebrated our first year anniversary. We are surprised and elated that we have exceeded the 3M mark! Thanks to all who follow us and read our blog. Even if you are just a silent reader, it means a lot to us still. We’ve been constantly receiving e-mails coming from lurkers and followers. I personally feel blessed and we are thankful that we are getting response from our readers. Both the good and the bad are accepted because we need to grow, and we hear you! Though a reply comes later.. or never? Haha! Forgive us. Rest assured, we do read your e-mails. Don’t be discouraged and write to us – anything goes!

Blogging is daunting but fulfilling nonetheless. It’s never easy to write an article but we love writing! It’s a burning passion. We’ve been busy with our personal life, but we are glad that you still choose to visit and read what we offer. Our followers have increased tremendously – over 400 and counting! It feels great to have all your support. You all serve as our inspiration to continue what we love doing and for us to set a goal for this blog site.

Apart from the hits and followers, our family is growing too! We still have guest writers, but CK has made one of them a full fledged CK lady. From a loyal reader to a guest writer, she has come a long way and deserves a spot to become an official author. This year alone, she has recapped almost all tVN dramas. We are happy to introduce and have tessieroo as part of CK! *welcome claps*

It feels amazing to have this moment and celebrate another year! I’m ecstatic and would really love to have our own domain. This is our space, and we are making you a part of it. Do pray that we’d be able to reach our goal and offer you more drama recaps and more Asian entertainment, the CK way.

Celebrate blogging with us for the whole month of October!!  On behalf of the CK ladies, THANK YOU!


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