Yoon Si Yoon & Park Shin Hye To Headline tvN’s Third “Flower Boy” Installment

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As reported last week, tvN will be launching its third installment of the Flower Boy franchise: 이웃집꽃미남 or Flower Boy Next Door (aka My Flower Boy Neighbor aka Neighbor Hottie).

While Jung Il Woo helped carry Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, the show was also anchored by less famous actors, and while Shut Up: Flower Boy Band benefited from Lee Min Ki‘s brief cameo appearance, the show’s rookie actors were really its heart from start to finish. This time around, tvN is banking on even bigger names to headline its 2013 offering, casting Lee Jun Ki’s long lost brother Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye.

Apparently, from the beginning, they had been the writers’ first choice. This is one of those instances when I never would have imagined putting them in a project together, but I’m glad somebody thought of it 🙂

Flower Boy Next Door is a 16-episode rom-com based on a webtoon I Watch Him Everyday, and it will center around the romance between Go Dok Mi (Shin Hye) and Enrique Geum (Yoon Si Yoon). Go Dok Mi is described as a modern Rapunzel, who hides from the world, living in self-imposed seclusion, but she is caught by Enrique spying on the man next door.

Despite her isolation, Dok Mi’s innate charms strike men in awe. Meanwhile, Enrique is described as a genius creative director and a stylish bohemian who loves soccer.

Begin marking your calendars! (I sure am!) Flower Boy Next Door will begin airing on January 7, 2013, Mondays and Tuesdays, at 11 pm on tvN.



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  • bluetsukky says:

    Wow this pairing totally suprised me. I never thought of them together in a drama. This could be good. Thanks for the news!

  • sakurakiss says:

    i’ve been craving park shin hye drama’s lately …i’ve just finished my re-watch of heartstrings— i also watched her debut mv “flower”…so this is quite a treat finding out that she has a new drama –come 2013, can’t wait thanks for the post. 🙂

  • February says:

    Dear God!! This pair just to die for !!! LOVE IT !!
    I hope they will confirm join this drama … I cant wait !!

  • seara says:

    Finally, shinhye new drama!! January…come faster!!

  • Indigo says:

    Enrique? No, please change that name, drama creators. It’s a silly name unless you’re hispanic and can sing “Bailamos”.
    But having Park Shin Hye on screen is nothing short of pure happiness for me. And Yoon Si Yoon might be a great hero for her.

  • February says:

    YSY definitely the right guy for this. This guy is talented and he is a strong actor with a great acting wise. At first I always doubt when he paired with Lee Ji Ah in Me to flower but look what he did to the drama … its just pure awesome.

    I’m really happy this two will be pair in a drama and more importantly its flower boy franchise which by all means they never sucked. tvN please bring more kisses to the screen *pervert grin ….

  • mizweng says:

    yayyyyy!!! am so excited for this…I just hope PSY has improved in the kissage department cos YSY is one great kisser….am tired of the deer-caught-in-the-headlight look of PSY each time she’s being kissed in the drama…am sure they’ll gonna have an awesome chemistry…suddenly 2013 is such an exciting year!!!!

  • sPark* says:

    So excited for this drama! I could do without another “genius” in Kdrama land, but his name is so random and cracks me up. Plus, he’ll be played by Yoon Shi Yoon who can do no wrong after Me Too, Flower in my eyes. I love Park Shin Hye even though she’s made questionable decisions in the past. I hope this drama is awesome like Shut Up Flower Boy Band~

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