First Week: Flower Boy Next Door


When one refuses to let anyone in, having a world on your own, living life in a routine.. is like the life of our heroine Go Dok Mi. Our lonely beauty is about to discover what it really feels like to live when a certain Enrique Geum, comes into her life that will alarm her lonesome being.


This two seems like the complete opposite. But later it seem that they are just the same, like a version of the other. Both are living a certain life, that silently screams and nobody knows about it. Here’s to hoping that soon they will realize that in their own lonely world, they are not actually alone after all..

Episode 1 and 2:


We first take a look into the life of Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye). She lives in her own apartment, is an ace when it comes to keeping her bills into a minimum, a copywriter and has a daily habit of taking a peek into her hottie neighbor. Very observant of her to know every minute of Tae Joon‘s morning. He is a doctor that stole Dok Mi’s heart at first sight. She believed that fate brought him to live next to her.


Then comes, Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon), who just arrived in Korea. He grew up in Spain and is a famous online gamer. He is welcomed in the airport by the love of his life, Seo Young. Both are an example of childhood sweethearts that remained just friends with a sprinkle of unrequited love.. or a hint of a love triangle.


My own world was shattered when Oh Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon) came to view. I’m a complete goner.. Moving on, Jin Rak and his assistant Dong Hoon arrived in the editor’s office just to be informed that their latest webtoon will not be published. The editor told them that their work is plagiarized from Enrique Geum. OMO, rivals in work and in love.. okay, I’m IN!

They can’t possibly just give up on their work. So Jin Rak proposes a new project, it’s about a Flower Boy Next Door. The story is inspired by Dok Mi! *glee* That idea sparked the editor’s sleepy mind and gave it a chance.

It’s such a great info to know that Dok Mi and Jin Rak not only lives in the same building, but they are even on the same floor, the fourth! Apparently, Jin Rak has been observing Dok Mi too, for three years now. Such a turtle.. I think Enrique will have her in just three minutes.

The building they live in is having a demonstration, protesting their rights to the management. Everyday, they change who will lead, rotating from one room to another. Jin Rak was leading it one day when Dok Mi went out, not to join them but to rush out and tried to inform Tae Joon regarding his dog. But she wasn’t able to catch him. She was too timid, even if she’s an inch close already, she can’t bring herself to call him.


Dok Mi was side tracked by a hoax fortune teller in the street. Good thing that she remembered about the dog and left him. She was frantic that Tae Joon’s dog was hurt so she hurriedly went back to check. Upon arrival, she tried to talk through the door, asking if the puppy is alright. That’s when Enrique arrived and startled her. Not knowing what to do, she immediately just left.


I’m really loving Jin Rak. He was with Dong Hoon at the mail box area, using that as an excuse while he waits for Dok Mi to arrive. The heck, he knows her whereabouts too?? Trying to look uber cool while he waits for her at the elevator, but then Dok Mi turned her back and went to use the stairs instead. Heh, better luck next time.


Interestingly, two new boys arrive at Dok Mi’s neighborhood. Watanabe Ryu is the newbie floormate and he’s been giving away some of his muffins as a friendly gesture to know everyone at the fourth. In Dok Mi’s daily routine, she noticed that Tae Joon is not alone anymore. He has a housemate now who turns out to be Enrique! Are they brothers?? Cousins?? We are soon to find out.


Dok Mi was caught by Enrique taking a peek at their place. So he stormed into the other building to find out who the peeper is. Hahaha! It was a chaotic morning. Enrique tried to persuade Dok Mi to get out and meet him though he really doesn’t have a clue that it is her he’s trying to confront. Of course Jin Rak heard the noise outside since Enrique was bombarding the door like crazy. Dong Hoon noticed him right away, thinking he must be their neighbors boyfriend.


To cut all the misunderstanding, Dok Mi finally comes out and admitted that she is at fault. Enrique recognized her, thinking about the ajumma he met the night before. Jin Rak cleared the mess too by taking over the argument himself. Aww, he’s trying to protect Dok Mi.. sweetness.

Now Jin Rak heads over to meet the editor again. He was explaining the synopsis but she isn’t really impressed at first. Eventually though she was able to get emotionally involved as Jin Rak tries to explain further. I love that this conversation lets us take a good look at Jin Rak’s hidden feelings for Dok Mi. Perhaps our man is afraid to take some major risk because he might do more damage than good. Timid love versus a confident love? Why can’t he just love her as is? Dude, you got it really bad..


For the first time in years, Dok Mi finally shows up for the meeting. I love how Jin Rak lights up at the sight of her.. though I hate that when she fell, he simply looked. Dude, do something!! And though as if he heard me, he told the head of security that he’d be taking over that day’s protest on behalf of Miss 402. EEeeee. Trying to be the cool hero. When he talked to her, I love that he sounded like someone from a sageuk, it felt romantic to me atleast.

Moving on, after the meeting Enrique went to see Dok Mi to apologize for his behavior early that day. This scenario feels like there’s a connection between Dok Mi and Enrique. Not that he can read her mind, but it felt more like he’s trying to look deeper into her. Like he’s the one expressing what she feels and it came so naturally. I think even he does not know it exist, just yet. But there is a line that bridges them together, somehow. He even gave her a booster, to keep fighting as a goal keeper. To even see her as such, right away, even if they just met, I find it really intriguing.


Hmmmm. You know, that scenario felt like both are the best of friends who just had a long conversation, silently. Comforting and real.

The day ended having the usual protest at Dok Mi’s apartment. Jin Rak was so inspired and eagerly leading everyone. Oh well, what a difference Dok Mi’s presence make. All the good mood was broken when a girl in pink arrived, Do Hwi. She spotted Jin Rak and happily looked at him. Then she saw Dok Mi, who used to be her classmate that she bullies in school. We finally meet the mean girl, the annoying Noona I hate in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Moving on, Dok Mi’s mood suddenly turned awry upon seeing Do Hwi. Good thing Enrique arrived just in time before she finally fainted. This woman in pink must be the culprit to Miss 402’s island behavior. Being the object of a bully in school must have been so traumatizing.


Then Dok Mi suddenly woke up from her stupor, recognizing a very familiar place. She’s inside her hottie neighbor’s apartment! OMO! I think Enrique and Tae Joon are half brothers? Anyhow, the most unexpected thing happened that night. Finally, Dok Mi gets a chance to meet Tae Joon, face to face! EEEeeee.

What now?!?

Personal thoughts:

I hate that I’m aboard the second lead guy train again. Not to say that I dislike Enrique.. but it’s so hard not to notice Jin Rak. But that aside, Enrique seemed to be more fitting for Dok Mi. In a sense that she needs someone who will show her another side of life and bring her out of her comfort zone. And there’s a good chance that Enrique might just be the one.

First of all, what a neighborhood Dok Mi lives in!! I want to be at the fourth too! Such a great world this drama brought to us. It’s exciting because there’s so much I’m dying to discover and I love that each character serves a purpose. Sometimes we conceive a person based on how we observe them. And having them close, as in as neighbors, we’ll be seeing interesting scenarios. Since they literally lives and breathes in the same area.

I love the contrast of Enrique and Jin Rak when it comes to Dok Mi.


We have Jin Rak, who has been looking at her from afar, for such a long time already. But he hasn’t really interacted with her, nor talked to her as much for him to really know her. He was simply looking at the surface concluding her kindness and all sorts of crap persona that isn’t really true of Dok Mi, or atleast not all of it. I find it superficial. I personally think that Dok Mi is more than what other sees about her. Just the way she writes, there’s something boiling within that’s bursting to come out. Though Jin Rak has been protecting Dok Mi from from the outside world, he hasn’t been doing much to show his affection. He likes her but does nothing about it. Sad.


On the other hand we have Enrique, bursting with a ray of sunshine. He’s really forcing Dok Mi out of her room. He is doing something more than just stare at Dok Mi. He sees her differently, like someone struggling for her life, not just a girl trapped in a tower. He understands how hard it must be to be in her place. I think this is where they really have a connection. I love that Dok Mi doesn’t have to elaborate for him to understand. Moreover, it seemed both of them is having a hard time living, and they only differ on how they handle it. Enrique has a sunny disposition, like he’s seeing the glass half full. He chose to enjoy life rather than stay in a corner like Dok Mi. Though it also feels like Enrique is a clown, who looks so happy from the outside, but there’s more than just the smile painted on his face. I’m liking his character. There’s a very interesting depth he has that Dok Mi also possess.

Then again, my giddy heart beats for Dok Mi and Jin Rak.. atleast for now. I just love how manly Jin Rak becomes and how he glows whenever he sees Dok Mi. There’s a special spark present within this two. I think I have to blame Shin Hye and Ji Hoon’s adorable chemistry.


Subtle scenarios really gets me through the heart. When Dok Mi was discussing about unrequited love, while Jin Rak lovingly looks at her on the side.. is such a lovely touch. This drama can tug my heart and make it happy. I’m glad to be on board!

There’s so much about this drama that I’m loving. Even the background music brings out emotional bits in every scenario that I enjoy listening to. I hope this just leads to a better road ahead.

Until next week!!


  • Maris says:

    A well written analysis of the drama and characters. Romantic comedy brings in mind something light and superficial…..a chick flick. But this drama promises more than that which makes it so absorbing. All characters have depth. The interactions and relationships are absorbing to an extent that I can barely wait to see further unfolding of things to come in the future episodes.
    Have to commend all the cast for excellent portrayal of their roles but PSH shines and stands out. I actually empathize, want to see her fight her way, overcome her fears and eventually be happy. I have a feeling that all the people in the neighbourhood will be helping knowingly and unknowingly to varying degrees. Enrique will start the process and rest will happen as she interacts more and more with the neighbours. there cannot be too many of them. all the lower boys are important. Do hwi too in order for dok mi to erase the bad memories/scars attached with her.
    Everything is in place for what I anticipate to be ……………an emotionally uplifting and touching experience. 🙂

    • Maris says:

      The above picture of the street reminds me of a painting… beautiful. The scene was too….the way Jin Rak watched her silently. One of the quietly touching moments in the drama

    • leila8mae says:

      Hi maris!! I actually love that our leads have emotional groundwork where we can see the real them, its hidden and I’m curious to know more about it. I love how everything is falling into places and I’m driven to sympathize in what they are feeling. It adds such a nice touch.. I agree, this will be an elating experience especially to those who feel lonely. I love that this drama will show us that life is still worth living and exploring. That there’s beauty amidst the chaos 🙂

      hope to hear from you more often!! 🙂

  • mskololia says:


    I think Enrique was entertaining in ep 1, but something fell flat in ep 2 for me. Bipolar disorder came to mind.

    Anyway, I do like how the premise is set up for Enrique to get DK out and about and for JR and DK to possibly resolve the past issue with the mean girl. It was good to see that she had therapy even though it appears the sessions did nothing for her….LOL.

    This is my first drama with the main leads excluding JiHoon<3. I want JR to end up with the one who loves him.

    • leila8mae says:

      I’m calling Do Hwi the mean girl too! hehe. The therapy seems like only a temporary relief for Dok Mi. The trauma she experienced somehow drove her to shut herself in so that no one will bother her and she won’t hear what everyone else would say. I think her fear of people getting in her life stems from distrusting people around her. Sometimes our childhood influences us a lot, more than anything. And when something bad happened during this critical year, a person character will be molded according to it. I want to know more! There’s so much that we still need to see. I can’t wait for next week!

  • tessieroo says:

    Does anyone besides me think TJ knows full well that DM is peeking at him? (how can he not know?) Look how easily E saw her, the buildings are so close together. I think TJ knows but pretends not to. And I’m wondering about the relationship between him and SY. He didn’t look thrilled when she texted him wanting to see him. Can’t wait for next week! 🙂

    • leila8mae says:

      eiyie tess!! dear, me thinks Tae Joon knows about Dok Mi living upfront because his windows are wide open!! hahaha.. does he ever close it? I doubt.. Between Tae Joon and Seo Yeong, obviously he is her first love.. TJ is an epitome of an ideal guy, most girls easily fall for.

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