Flower Boy Next Door Week 2: Kim Ji Hoon Makes Me Ship The Wrong Couple!

Yes, that man is fine and is the main reason I decided to watch this drama (it’s my first flower drama). So you have to understand that before I saw a single frame of this show, I wanted Kim Ji Hoon to be the male lead. I think it stems from my love for him in his middling-yet-adorable drama Love Marriage and his very cute face. So when ange crushed my heart and told me that some young, random dude I knew nothing about was the lead, let’s just say I had to fight back a gallon of tears. And I failed miserably.

But not only is his face still cute, I also like his somewhat crabby attitude on the show. And not the overly happy personality of the guy who looks like he’s 12 years old. No, but seriously, he looks like he could be a member of Teen Top. And then I look up his age and apparently he’s 26 and I’m like WTF? That dude is 26? Is it that I look way older than I think or is that just a typo?

Anyway, moving on. So what happened this week?


Episode 3 begins with our couple in Tae Joon’s place. She’d fainted so he’d brought her over to rest and for a check-up from Robodoctor. Now, isn’t this Tae Joon that everyone and their mama likes the blandest character on the show? It doesn’t help that he barely has any lines but it’s like all looks and no substance with him. Yeah, I expect to be told he’s an angel who spends his lunch breaks swinging from tree to tree saving kittens but till then, I’ll be fast-forwarding his scenes.

So anyway, she clearly doesn’t want to be there and tries to make a getaway but our Teen Prince does that kdrama thing of grabbing her hand and pleading for her to stay. You see, his little heart can’t take seeing Tae Joon and the love of his life together so he desperately needs support from someone else even if it’s little Miss Creeper Peeper from across the road.  Before she can respond, the prettiest battery-operated object walks into the room and she becomes a shy, awkward person who can’t look him in the face. Which is pretty much how she is with everybody.

Enrique makes the introductions and yaps and yaps to eliminate the awkwardness and I guess he’s a kind-hearted individual with good intentions but me.no.care because I want Dok Mi with Jin Rak! See? Even their names go together. Moving on…

So while Robodoc is examining our cute, borderline agoraphonic, Seo Young steps in with a bouquet of flowers, sees them and immediately goes on the attack. So here’s my thing: ol girl, as far as you know, the dude doesn’t want you! In all the time you’ve been crushing on him, he hasn’t even drunk dialed you at his lowest point for a booty call. That should be a hint, right? So if you see him with a girl, you think have the right to get mad and treat her like trash? I don’t get this girl.

Anyway, the situation is clarified and Seo Young gets embarrassed and insists that Dok Mi stay for dinner but it’s not till our teen lover begs her to stay that she does.

So there’s this plot with the Disco Barbie Stalker that I really don’t care about. Like, it’s the least interesting “mystery” no one gives a crap about. So she likes Jin Rak and tries to do pathetic things to get his attention like break her shoe heel so he can help her blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So all four eat and it’s awkward because everyone but Robodoc will be going home with blue balls tonight.

The stuff with the Japanese guy is kind of funny because sometimes he doesn’t understand the simplest words but other times, he can understand complicated sentences. lol. But for now, he’s not adding much to the plot.

Anyway, so Robodoc is burdened by So Wrong’s attention and tries to foist her on Enrique but she’s not having it because they are just friends!  Who in the world would pick a cheerful, famous gamer over a lifeless doctor? Not her, okay?!  Anyway, she starts to get manipulative, crying and asking him if he wants her to leave and get out of his sight and I vote yes but instead of just doing that, Dok Mi drops the dish in her hand.

Apparently, everything is now super emotional (lol) and when she bends down to pick up the pieces, Enrique yells at her not to pick them up because she’ll get hurt. lol. She’s in her twenties. I’m quite sure she can manage that.

Anyhoo, Our Teen Prince has had enough and just has to leave because well, just like me, in his heart, he’s shipping the wrong couple.

So our couple gets some alone time to bond over being losers in love. She’s cold so he gives her his jacket. Her peeping tom unrequited love has ended and his ten year first love has come crashing down. Oh, it’s late and we’re two attractive people feeling dejected and rejected. What should we do?  Sex each other’s sorrows away? Unfortunately, even though it’s cable, not that kind of show. Drats! So what do they do? They walk. Which gives Jin Rak a chance to see them! And hide.

Dude, you snooze, you lose. She’s been living next to you for three years and all you’ve been doing is writing fanfiction webtoons and fantasizing about her. Do you really need to get mad now that a new prince has come into town? Have you never watched a kdrama and seen that the guy who longs for her for years before the lead comes into town never gets the girl? Seriously! Dude, this is all your fault!

Anyway, Enrique thinks they shouldn’t stay cooped up feeling sorry for themselves and makes a joke about suicide and we get a flashback to Dok Mi’s school days when she was suicidal. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl. Anyway, he decides that they are going on a trip the next day and it’s clear that she’s not up for it because she’s never up for anything.

Anyway, Dok Mi gets home, looks out of her window and sees that So Wrong and Robodoc are still talking. Yeah, right. We all know they were just sitting there saying nothing. She’s worried when she sees Enrique heading there, hoping he doesn’t see them together as they are now hugging or something intimate(do we finally get a booty call?) but he manages to avoid it because he hangs outside a little longer, fighting the pain and mustering up courage to walk in. My poor baby.

Okay, what can I say? I’m easy. Watching Enrique struggle while trying to keep up a cheerful and brave front makes him very sympathetic.

The next morning, someone leaves a cute note with a cute cartoon on a cute carton of milk for Dok Mi. She thinks it’s the delivery man but it’s obviously not.  She dreams that when Enrique is being his usual pushy self, she tells him off. The shippers should be happy that it’s only the fourth episode and she’s already dreaming about him.

Enrique texts her a reminder about their trip and while she tries to come up with a plausible excuse (how about a simple “no?”), eventually inventing a grandmother who’s sick, Jin Rak is evicted. Well, not quite. He’s short on his rent and apparently in Korea, because he signed a contract, he can be evicted without notice. Hey, I don’t write the plot.

All the boys pitch in but they are still short 20K won so Dok Mi covers the rest. How sweet was that? Of course she comes to his rescue but that’s because without her knowledge, she also ships the wrong couple. Argh. We are all doomed.

Unfortunately, doing that good deed gives Enrique a chance to see her and she ends up leaving with him. Which makes Jin Rak mad because drawing those cartoons and leaving a message everyday for three years is no joke. He got there first, guys! Except, Bro, this isn’t a buffet so it’s not first come, first served.

Anyway he chases after the car and yells at them to stop and they do. But not for him but for a kid on a bike. Dude can’t catch a break.

So Disco Barbie, along with her minions, go into Jin Rak’s building and start going through everyone’s mail. They run into Dong Hoon – who has a lot of fun quips but no storyline  – and from him she learns Jin Rak’s name which apparently isn’t what she thought it would be. Hmm. Perhaps she’s stalking the wrong man? Does this mean we won’t have to see her for the rest of the show? Yippie! Party time! Oppa Gagnam Style!

So Dok Mi and Enrique stop for gas and a snack and while he’s in the shop, she tries to come up with an excuse to return home. But then she happens to see a 100-timing girl with the lying tongue of a presidential candidate and that sets her straight. He returns and she confesses her sin to him but since he’s a sweet guy, he isn’t mad that she doesn’t have a sick grandma. But they are in a bind because on hearing her lie, he’d run out of the house without cash and well, now they are stranded. So it’s time to make some money so he cutely sells photos of himself at 10K won a pop and we both fall for him a little more. Well, not adult me. Teen me did.

So as she watches him, a bunch of rude schoolgirls shove her as they walk in and she’s taken back to the time she was the class wangta. It gets too much for her so she goes out to a quiet place for some air.  Enrique comes out of find her and she wants to go home right now!

So they are back in the car and in like every kdrama, he has to reach around to pull her seat belt so that they can manufacture some sexual tension for us.

We are back to our wide-eyed Barbie Stalker. So she goes to Jin Rak’s place doing her dumb barbie routine and pretends she’d pressed the wrong doorbell. Because, “Kind Sir, I really meant to visit my friend in 402.” “402?!?!?” Suddenly he’s interested because any friend of Dok Mi’s is his fantasy sister-in-law. So he invites her in. But not in the usual way.  He does the kdrama hand grab, twirls her around, puts her in a Hollywood dip and when she purses her lips for a kiss, it’s like “eww.” lol.  One thing I love about kdramas is how guys are so in love with the shabby girl they ignore advances from “hot girls.”

Meanwhile, Enrique takes Dok Mi to the beach because that’s the best place to be in the dead of winter. But on a more serious note, it’s a beautiful place to take a shut-in and Dok Mi loves it. But the writers have to milk this trip so while Enrique takes photos, he becomes deaf to the waves and falls right into the freezing water. Oh my, so romantic!

So while Jin Rak is getting creepily obsessed trying to get Disco chick to call Dok Mi, Dok Mi is off with Enrique being cute in some village because you know, he has to change out of his wet clothes and all of that stuff. Oh Writers, we so don’t see where this is going.

So he gets some dry clothes and they eat.  He drinks alcohol which means they will even have to stay longer so that he can sober up. Yep.

As they sit and talk, they get to know each other more. He wonders if it isn’t suffocating stuck in her apartment all day. Is she scared of being outside? She explains that she’s not scared – she just likes being home. Girl, I feel you. So many kdramas, so little time!

In the mean time, the two creepos are getting to know each other better too. She’s not impressed he’s a wannabe mangaka but when he tells her that he writes webtoons, she’s happy. I guess she’s not interested in broke dudes.   And the only thing he wants from her is her connection with Dok Mi. He makes her call her and she does. Dok Mi reluctantly answers and tells her to buzz off but with Jin Rak in her ear, she threatens to stay till her return. Dok Mi pretty much tells her she won’t be returning that night and let’s just say Jin Rak doesn’t take it very well.

Anyway, now that she’s served her purpose, Jin Rak in not so many words, tells her to leave. As they do, Dong Hoon and a delivery man appear. But the dude isn’t looking for Oh Jin Rak. He’s looking for Oh Jae Won. On hearing the name, Barbie Stalker stops in her tracks. She knows that name!  Omo, who might that be?

So apparently, Jin Rak legally changed his name. Why? Is he a criminal? The son of a famous man refusing to live under his shadow? Or is he trying to escape a childhood betrothal to Disco Barbie? If that’s the case, he’s been caught and not only does he have to marry her, the audience has to deal with her for 12 more episodes. Party over! That was quick.

Anyway, while Dok Mi and Enrique try to find a cozy place to spend the night, Jin Rak  hangs with the boys and obsesses over it. Dude, she is not your woman. I doubt she even remembers your name. Dong Hoon thinks he’s nuts and wonders why he can’t just date Disco Barbie. And because this is a kdrama, such a cute guy has not only never had a girlfriend, he’s never even kissed a girl. Oh, my goodness, I find this so believable!

So more alone time for Dok Mi and Enrique. We find out she’s an editor which makes her even more perfect for her obsessed neighbor. She feels bad that because of her lie, they are out in the wilderness instead of their warm beds and he reassures her that there’s nothing to feel bad about since they are both guilty of the same sin. What did you lie about, Enrique?

Dok Mi why did you leave a room full of people to freeze outside by yourself? As a White Knight, Enrique can’t allow her to live her life like that. So he promises her that before he returns to Spain, he will show her the world. Hold up Alaadin, Spain isn’t part of the world? So on hearing such a romantic promise, does Princess Jasmine start talking about unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings? Nope. She says that once they get to Seoul, he should act as if he doesn’t know her. OUCH. You didn’t have to cut me off…

Alaadin tries to hide his hurt like his always does, kinda joking but saying that she’s being too cruel to someone who knows her so much. She says that knowledge is what makes her uncomfortable. How does one argue with that? But Alaadin finds a way, saying it’s ridiculous for people who know each other to act that way. She counters that he barely knows her and that he should just ignore her.

Now he’s hurt and says that instead of just saying they don’t know each other, how about acting like they never met? Kinda the same thing, Bro, but if that makes it easier for you to accept…

He walks off angrily only to go to his car and smile while looking at her photos. As I said, I didn’t write this plot.

Meanwhile back in Seoul, Jin Rak is talking about how Dok Mi is his ideal woman (Bro, you don’t even know her) and our love triangle is firmly formed. And as for Dok Mi? She’s back in the motel room writing about someone who pastes on a smile to hide the truth which makes me think she’s not talking about herself because when last did she smile? And just as she types the last word, the light bulb goes out which is like such a huge crisis.  So she screams and for the second time that day, White Knight Alaadin runs out to save her. But this time, he runs into the room and lands on top of her. Booty call!?!??!!


So this drama is supposedly a romantic comedy but it has a different feel, doesn’t it? Even though it has some of the typical comedic characters and situations, it feels more drama-like. Perhaps because there are a lot more drawn out silent pauses, looks and it’s just more quiet than the usual romantic comedy. Plus the soundtrack isn’t played every minute in every pseudo-romantic moment. But it also has a problem with the flashbacks. It’s not as bad as Peach Girl where we’d get a flashback of a scene right after it happens but I think they could chill out a bit with them. Not the ones that help move the story along by giving us background information on the characters, but the ones that flashback to very recent scenes.

So who’s the mystery milkman? I’m going to say Tae Joon. Because it’ll be the most interesting option and since when have kdramas shied away from having two brothers fight over a girl? And that would make him active and less bot-like in the drama.  Jin Rak – who the show wants us to suspect – would be okay because at least it would mean that he’s been communicating with her for three years and not just living next door while lusting after her. Plus the clothes and shoes were similar (or exactly the same) although Milkman wasn’t wearing a ring. Their building manager would just be hilarious so why not? lol

But what’s up with the women in this series? It’s hard to find a rootable one in sight. They are trying with Dok Mi but the others are desperate or airheads or both! How about no?

Anyway, having said that, the drama is pleasant enough but I think it’s time they get the plot moving and add some drama. They’ve given us a little mystery with Jin Rak and I hope it doesn’t turn out lame. A storyline for Dong Hoon would be nice. I hope there will be more to Watanabe than cooking. Barbie and the witch can both jump off a cliff. Tae Joon, well, no comment.

Come to think of it, isn’t it strange that all the “in love” characters are all kind of creepy? All but Enrique who’s kinda normal? Which, I suppose, is a reason we should all fall in love with him. And perhaps I will. Teen me, that is.

Till next time!


  • goong21 says:

    I feel like the mysterious milkman is Jin Rak. If you notice the milkman’s shoes they look exactly like Jin Rak’s! Coincidence? I think not! Lol 😀

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Yeah. Same black sweatshirt, same shoes and he’s an artist. All fingers point to him but I wish it were Tae Joon to make him a little more interesting.

  • couch kimchi says:

    Clock … I AM SO HAPPY TO BE READING THIS! 🙂 Even though I ship Teen Prince Enrique and Dok Mi, I seriously love this recap 🙂

    I miss your wit! And I think some of that British humor rubbed off on you during your vacation 😉


    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Hey! I’m glad you’re happy 😀 Yeah, your ship is sailing and the show kinda makes it clear they should be together so what can I do?

      Oh, Blimey, milady 😀

    • tessieroo says:

      God, I missed you. 100-timing girl with the lying tongue of a presidential candidate? Ahaha! You.Are.The.Best. And yea, sorry you’re on the wrong ship but I might be too. LOVE the faces JR makes towards Disco Barbie.

  • KatieHannah says:

    I am so on the Kim Ji Hoon/Jin Rok ship too. I don’t even watch this drama but from all the recaps and just my own personal preferences (haha) I’m a hopeless shipper of him and Dok Mi.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      lol. Girl, welcome to the club. The one thing we can be glad for is that at least Enrique is a sweetheart and not the typical male lead jerk.

      • KatieHannah says:

        True. I can accept Enrique and Dok Mi together, but lately I’ve been shipping second male lead so hard that I can’t bring myself to eventually watch the dramas, only read the recaps (cough May Queen cough). Kim Ji Hoon….Drooooool lol

  • pinka says:

    My though about episode 3 and 4 is a little bit boring -_-“. My fav episode is episode 2 (high five JR-DH; “love of miracle”; DM-JR conversation at tent; DM-EG telephaty) I still remember all the scenes clearly

    I agree with you that the writer should develop the story..something that makes me curious to watch the next episode

    about “milkman”..maybe he is not JR or TJ. Remember how the writer teasing us at ending episode 3, when DM-EG look back as if they hear JR. But in opening episode 4, they change the scene 🙁

  • leila8mae says:

    I’m uber glad to celebrate our third collaboration!! *woot* no recap comes close to yours 🙂

    anywhoo, i just laugh out loud reading your “a whole new world” twist! 😀 and that scene with the mean pink girl: “He does the kdrama hand grab, twirls her around, puts her in a Hollywood dip and when she purses her lips for a kiss, it’s like “eww.” same sentiments dear!! that’s exactly how i felt at that moment. You just write my thoughts so well!

    cheers to our third collab!!

  • Iskra says:

    I’m really enjoying your recaps, this is my first time reading them and they’re great!. There’s a lot of spicy humour on them. greetings from Mexico

  • Shug Avery says:

    I am totally in love with you recaps, I always end up laughing by myself creeping my flatmates out. I think my case is a really difficult one since I have watched the episodes without and with subs and now I just finished reading your recap. Usually I am only curious about your thoughts when reading a recap but as for you it is totally different I NEED to read yours !

    Thank you for the great laugh !

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