THIRD WEEK: Flower Boy Next Door


While waiting for the English sub for Week 4, let’s continue to celebrate since Jin Rak has finally step up the ladder of courage! Mr Post-it man scored a million more, in my heart at least.. I even thought that maybe I’m not really on the second lead train after all.. just maybe.

However, I need more proof. I need to see more hints. Because even if Jin Rak stood out, it seems that he’s two steps behind Enrique still. You see, Miss 402 is already starting to know Enrique beyond his facade. And what does Dok Mi know of Jin Rak?? Her neighbor who happens to love her silently for three years. What else is there??

Well, I’m trying to slow down, as I grasp everything that’s happening. My heart is still for Jin Rak. But sadly, I’m not Dok Mi.

Now that introductions is over and we are finally getting a bite of the story, I think it’s better for me to highlight some meaty angles of the story that I really find interesting.


The Past Friendship:

Dok Mi and Do Hwi being bestie? I feel more sad seeing how their friendship turned out. Especially knowing that the friendship is ruined because of a misunderstanding caused by a pre-mature strike of  jealousy. I know that we have just seen snippets of the past events, and the pieces might not be complete just yet.

What kind of friend would even do such a thing? Without even asking or confirming or hearing your friend’s side first.. Do Hwi directly spread a nasty rumor – a lie that became truth. Is she really a friend Dok Mi grew up with?

I understand now how Dok Mi feels, and why she is treating Do Hwi so cold. The one person she trusts, betrayed her. Despite her parents’ divorce, she never felt so alone until that day. She chose to lock herself in so that nobody will even think of her, protecting herself from all the bad things people might say. It’s really a nasty world we live in.

I hate Do Hwi for that.. moreso because she’s feeling so close to Dok Mi now like nothing happened! What’s up with that!?! Our peers can really influence us a lot. As they say, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” has a ring of truth to that. Lady in pink is a certified Mean girl. Going back to the second episode, I think Do Hwi envies Dok Mi a lot. I can’t even imagine how this will turn out more since Dok Mi is the woman Jin Rak heart beats for.


Growing Bromance:

How adorable is Jin Rak and Enrique together? Dong Hoon will soon find his hyung being taken away from him. Heh.

We are going to see more confrontation from both. I love that Enrique serves as a catalyst to ignite Jin Rak’s sleeping courage. I mean, three years is such a long time of waiting. There’s a purpose if both are going to be rivals and maybe they are going to be the reversal of Dok Mi and Do Hwi. I’m seeing how this two will shape up each others life too. Hopefully showing as a brighter side of rivalry, that winning as the best man can actually be more rewarding knowing you did what’s right. Not just the usual twist we see from love triangles.

I’m actually loving how both guys weigh when it comes to Dok Mi’s heart. I’m sensing a good possibility either way. Since we don’t know yet how Dok Mi feels, I love that we are given a chance to see both guys do something for her, with a different take on each one. I’m enjoying this pendulum swing, really.


Enrique’s Castle:

Enrique continuously builds a strong and sturdy castle of himself, withstanding the winds and waves that comes his way. What a nice way to know a different side of Enrique, the man behind the pretty smile.

This is actually the side of him I find endearing. I also like that he’s kinda arrogant, I know most people doesn’t. But this is Enrique’s way of self-assurance knowing he is good at what he does. He is confident, something Dok Mi lacks. They are really similar in the “lonely” side and also that both are incredibly talented, just the Enrique chose to let other people see what he’s capable of as his means to communicate. Hence making a computer game that most can enjoy. I hope Dok Mi’s writing or the novel she’s writing will also have the same impact.


Mr Post-it:

YEHEY!!! *woot* I am such a happy camper!

I was fervently wishing Jin Rak will step up and when he finally did, it’s a relief. It is confirmed that he’s the secret admirer of Miss 402 who made a flip book out of a post-it. I know this has been done, but it’s still as sweet! Nothing beats an everyday drawing done for three years! He’s slow, but he’s trying now.. and I find that so adorable. I end up cheering for him more. Trying is a victory in itself.

But what is next?

I hope this is just the start of a wonderful way of winning Dok Mi’s heart. I really love that he puts her first, amidst distraction and temptation (Re: Miss Mean Pink Girl). I love that his eyes only sees Dok Mi and aims to protect her. I respect that he gave her a breathing room, but I just hope he’d do more. Or else this ship might sink. But I hope he’ll fight for this, really hard. I will keep on cheering..


Dok Mi’s heart:

Right now it doesn’t speak.. neither Enrique nor Jin Rak’s language.

I find that a good thing. I want to see how both guys will win Dok Mi’s heart. Who will bring back that smile on her face? Who will open up her world and see a brighter side of it?


I know we have our own bets. But it’s fun that as of Week 3, we don’t know Dok Mi’s heart just yet. One thing is certain though, she is seeing both guys. She now knows that Jin Rak is her Post-it man, who is always there to look after her welfare while Enrique disturbed her quarters, shaking her life a bit. It’s a good push and pull of Dok Mi’s persona that’s kept hidden for anyone to see. But the guys sees her and have good intentions for her.

I personally can’t wait who she will choose.. or if ever she really will. The ending can be an open one. And I’m happy that I’m here again, opening my self to that. Even if my Jin Rak heart can be broken. Love after all is a risk, and I’m willing to bet on this one 🙂

Until next week!!


  • mskololia says:

    Silent reader, but I must admit that I just adore the JR character. That first picture says much to his heart even though his thinking is a leeetle formulaic about the object of his affection. *smiles*

    If it looks like JR will end up with fluffy, I have to drop the drama…

    • tessieroo says:

      LOL – me too. Fluff Monster needs to disappear quickly. Even a tiny hint of her getting JR and I’ll drop this one. URG, she makes me sick to my stomach.
      Lovely thoughts, Leila – thank you! 🙂

  • couch kimchi says:

    We are all in trouble. I think Ange is the only one not shipping JR at this point. SUCKS to be on the wrong team. lol

    Thanks for the recap, leila!

    — clock

    • couch kimchi says:

      Heeeeey!!! LOL.
      Yeah, I’m firmly Enrique and Dok Mi.


      • lilyalana says:

        me too! Enrique n Dok Mi FTW!
        usually i would be like ‘wtf! how is this a male lead? the second lead is much loving and reasonable!’
        but this time, no. i love Enrique n jump aboard his ship immediately ^^

    • leila8mae says:

      episode 7 was a great episode! even without subs, I can feel them.. and I felt Enrique’s pain.. I think.. he really has a chance now.. Jin Rak is uberly sweet.. but he needs action.. what is love without doing nothing??

      Can’t wait for your thoughts this week clock.. I’m glad it’s your turn! It’s a very emotional week..

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