Flower Boy Next Door Week Four: Did Anything Happen This Week?

Granted, it’s been a few months since I watched a Korean drama but can they step on it or something? It’s the midway point and I’m not sure anything has even happened yet. Hello? This isn’t a daily drama. Real stuff needs to start happening soon. And showing us a flashback of a flashback doesn’t help.

So what happened this week?


Episode 6 ended with Jin Rak and Enrique needing to talk which – like happens in every Korean drama –  means they need to have their very important meeting on the rooftop. Yep, even this raggedy building has a roof top that’s open in the winter.

So Jin Rak starts off the conversation frankly, saying they ought to talk as friends and that he’s not two-faced. If he doesn’t like you, you will know it. This leads to Enrique having a pity party because Dok Mi already told him off. Dude, I will tell you off too. Acting like a 5-year old who’s had too much sugar is so Phineas and Ferb. In fact, it’s even too cutesy for that show so stop it!

Anyway, Jin Rak tries to talk to him but keeps getting distracted by his cuteness.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Disco Barbie is being her usual bitchy, manipulative, selfish self with Dok Mi. She’s upset that Dok Mi isn’t allowing her to use her to get Jin Rak.  Dok Mi, you’re our only hope now. Please save him from a life of looking like Big Bird’s trainer.

Anyway, some IRS-like agents come looking for Jae Won and don’t these writers know that the longer they drag a mystery, the less interesting it becomes?

Back on the roof, the guys are talking about needing to confess for a relationship to begin and seeing how horrified Jin Rak is shows very clearly why that guy is on the losing side. I sure know how to pick ’em. Anyway, Jin Rak is confused by Enrique’s behavior because if he isn’t in love with her, why can’t he just leave her be? Why shake her quiet world? So is Jin Rak really telling us that he’d planned on leaving little post-its on her milk carton for the rest of his life?

Anyway, while the boys are having a riveting competition on who knows Dok Mi more, Bird Barbie shows up and is upset when she overhears Enrique promising to support Jin Rak in his quest for Dok Mi’s love. Oh hell no! She can’t let Dok Mi steal yet another guy she never had so she twists their childhood love triangle and makes Dok Mi the villain who went after the teacher. But all Jin Rak cares about is knowing what he looked like to ascertain her taste in men. lol. She also tells Jin Rak about the goons.

Downstairs, Dong Hoon tries to get rid of the goons and begins to wonder if Jin Rak is a wanted criminal.  Then Dok Mi – who must have edited some law books – wears her cape, spouts some law jargon and does the job for him. You go, girl!

Jin Rak is surprised to not find them on his return and his little heart goes pitter-patter when he learns of Dok Mi’s role. And of course, for him, pitter-patter means jumping up and screaming  out for joy. lol.

Confession time: I have no idea what those people were protesting about. And I actually don’t care. What we do know is they got compensation and are using it for cooking lessons. Yep, they have to use Watanabe somehow. But isn’t it sad that all he did this week was make paella and speak Japanese?

Anyway, the boys invited Bird Barbie to the class to help mend her relationship with Dok Mi and all she does is annoy everyone more while Enrique encourages Jin Rak to confess his love which only enrages the QueMi/EnDok/MiEn/Doriquemien shippers (what IS the shipper name?).

So it’s cute: Watanabe speaks Japanese that nobody – even the wannabe translator Enrique – understands, people are feeding each other and all I can think is, “Can something freaking happen soon?” Then Enrique and DokMi share a look and I scream, “Not that!”

So dinner ends, folks disperse and the annoying gnat, Enrique, decides to be a nosy parker and try to get the “friends” to mend fences. He uses his relationship with Seo Young as an example and repeats the lies Birdie told so Dok Mi gets so mad that she kicks him out. Good. I couldn’t have lasted that long with him.  It’s an emotional scene and all I can wonder is why Enrique didn’t just freaking get a hotel room. No matter what he says, they are still practically strangers.

I know it sounds like I’m hating on Enrique (and maybe I am) but I think we need to start feeling the love, you know? I think halfway through the average show, it’s very obvious that some people are becoming more aware of their feelings. And that’s totally lacking.  Or should I say it’s not being emphasized enough. Even if it’s a rom-com, I need my heartstrings (no pun intended) pulled so that I can really feel for the couple. Which of course, is the best segue to the dullest part of this show  – Robodoc and his crazy patient.

So what exactly is going on with them? Are they dating? Are they in love? On one hand, the show is telling us they spend all their time together, but at the same time, we’re supposed to think he keeps rejecting her for some unknown reason. All they do is have their entire plot occur off screen (thank God) then return so that Seo Young can beg Enrique to inconvenience himself for her sake.

Enrique returns home to find them. He’s upset about the fight. Seo Young guesses it’s only affecting him because he’s in love. Cool.

Anyway, time passes. An old ajumma steals Enrique’s cell phone, Dok Mi finishes editing his book, they bump into each other on the street and fail at ignoring each other.  By that, I mean they stand and stare at each other then walk away.

The next person to bump into someone is Jin Rak and he gets to talk to the goons. Something “mysterious” is happening because apparently, if he can’t resolve whatever, he would have to go back to his old name. One goon gives him an envelop so he gives him oranges in return. No, that’s not the code name for some super secret spy document. I mean oranges. The fruit. I wish I just made that up.

The next person he meets is Dok Mi. And he grabs her kdrama-style.  At the cooking class, he’d told her that they needed to talk and now it’s time to have that talk.  But before they can have it, they both notice Enrique watching them. And suddenly, after seeing him, Dok Mi is no longer interested in hearing whatever Jin Rak has to say. Poor dude. Give it up. But he doesn’t. Instead, he postpones their conversation to summer time. lol

As they all walk back, who suddenly shows up to cry about Robodoc going to the army? It’s like they don’t even want us to like her. She knows how Enrique feels about her yet she keeps blabbing about her love woes to him, forcing him to hide his pain and console her. She’s awful.

As he does so, Dok Mi sees Robodoc then quickly runs over and grabs Enrique’s arm. Why? She didn’t want the doc to misunderstand the hug. Hello, the guy has been trying to get rid of that girl for ages. Shouldn’t that make him happy?

So she grabs him, some piano music starts to play and they stare at each other. And stare. And stare. Till Robodoc puts Seo Young’s shoes and coat on her. Awww, he loves her too. Aww, I still don’t care.

Those two leave and Enrique thanks Dok Mi for her help. She wants to respond then remembers that Jin Rak is still around. I guess now he‘s the annoying gnat (my poor baby). She starts to leave then suddenly turns back and tells him that they need to talk. Jin Rak is heartbroken again. I guess she doesn’t feel the need to wait till summer before talking to Enrique.

As expected, she doesn’t want to talk about anything interesting. It’s about the book (must be a pamphlet) she edited in like two seconds and apparently, as an aspiring writer, her goal has been to write a book of her own something something so she doesn’t want her name on his book blah blah. Kind of stupid, manufactured drama given that she’s an editor. As in, this is her job. But whatever. I guess it’s to show how proud she is but all I can think is “pride comes before a fall.” Like, chill, Dok Mi.

So while they are talking, Jin Rak, who’s already on his way home, suddenly has a dramatic change of heart and decides to turn around. What exactly will he do when he returns to them? You don’t need a crystal ball to know it will be absolutely nothing but hey, let’s give him an A for delusion.

So he returns as they are having their pointless fight (Enrique is still upset about the hurtful words she’d used when she kicked him out) so he hides behind a trash bin and is fine till his phone starts to ring. It’s his publisher telling him that the Enrique in his webtoon is too nice and that Dok Mi will fall for him. She also  inadvertently tells him that Dong Hoon is a better artist than him. Ouch.

So now it’s time for Dong Hoon to shine. I know that some people don’t like him but I kinda do. He’s tall, cute and a player. For me, being a player is the most forgivable sin a kdrama character can commit so it never bothered me. So we see him being himself and taking a girl home from the club. But then it turns out he’s a not a player but a designated driver and suddenly, I’m thinking of  Designated Dave in Drive My Crazy. Yet, I still find him cute.  And making $50 a pop for driving drunk girls home isn’t such a bad gig.

But speaking of drunk girls…

Back at home,  Dok Mi opens the box Bird Barbie had foisted on her and it’s filled with their childhood memories.  And it’s not long before Drunk Birdie calls her, is cute, and even uses her childhood nickname. It’s funny how the bartender at the bar thought it was cute till he realized she was faking it. See your life, Cha Do Hwi. Even a cute bartender who deals with drunks on a daily basis thinks you’re awful.

So remember the halmoni who stole Enrique’s phone? She starts posting his cute photos with Seo Young everywhere and sends a link to them to everyone on his contact list.

Anyway, Robodoc shows up, they look at the pictures and apparently, the writers are shipping him off earlier than we thought. Yay? He’s leaving the next day.

This boring phone stunt was just to have Enrique freak out that Dok Mi would misunderstand the photos and for Dok Mi to be a little bothered and have some flashbacks. And fantasize about slamming the door in his face. I am complaining about the lack of action but I guess this is their way of showing their deepening feelings. Some more, please?

Anyway, Dok Mi didn’t take Birdie’s bait so she calls Jin Rak to pick her up. He goes next door so that they can get her together but his neighbor is not interested.

When Enrique does show up at Dok Mi’s doorstep, she returns his hat (his ruse for seeing her) while Jin Rak picks up the very sober Birdie. As they walk home, Birdie confesses that she fell for him the minute she saw him. He tells her that she’s drunk and needs to sober up. She calls him Jae Won and thinks that’s her cue to kiss him.

I have to say, having seen Kim Ji Hoon in two other dramas, this is probably his best drama kiss ever! And I say this with a straight face. I mean, yes, she forced that kiss on him and he was struggling for his dear life but it lasted for like 5 seconds. Which is like a record for a kdrama. So congrats on the progress, Jin Rak. You’ve had your first kiss.

But come on guys, after suffering the trauma of watching Birdie maul our guy, we need a palete cleanser. So here are Kim Ji Hoon’s kisses from Love Marriage.

Back to this drama, Dok Mi has a change of heart and decides to go and get Birdie. Enrique follows along and this is just so that the four leads can meet dramatically on that one street in this drama. Anyway, while Enrique clarifies the phone situation, Jin Rak and Birdie see them and it’s back to being fake and that ish. She starts acting familiar with him and he tells her straight up that he’s not interested in her because he likes someone else and walks off. As he walks, it occurs to him that she’s called him “Jae Won” several times, cluing him to the fact that she might know him from his past.

Back on their special road, Birdie drops her facade as is mean to Dok Mi, cluing Enrique in on her real personality. How I wish both guys would send her back to the coop.

So it’s the next day and time for Robodoc to leave. As Enrique says goodbye to his dog, he thinks of something. So he takes the dog to Dok Mi for a final goodbye. I  have to say that it was very sweet of him. The doc comes to get his dog which is when Seo Young shows up  for some angst given that there are like five minutes left in the episode.

So what cliffhanger bomb is she going to drop on us this week? She saw those pictures and it made her realize that he’d felt the pain of rejection as acutely as she’s felt it from Tae Joon. So she logged in on Travelocity, bought some tickets and apparently, they need to leave for Spain immediately. This makes absolutely no sense for reasons I can’t be bothered to go into but hey, it is what it is, and leaves both Enrique and Dok Mi looking very angsty. Mission accomplished!


What can I say? I need more stuff to happen. It progresses slowly 25% of time and goes around in circles the rest of the time. All I know is that Tae Joon had better have like one month to live so he’s rejecting Seo Young to spare her the pain otherwise his entire character is pointless.

The best thing about this episode is the preview because it looks like the show is finally getting interesting. Thank you!  I need those heart-wrenching moments brought about by love denied or lost. So let’s get to it.

Till next time!


  • haha says:

    I usually like your recap, but I think you went too far this time. This is a ‘slice of life’ drama. If you don’t know how to appreciate the beauty of it or just like the usual romcoms, I suggest you drop this rather than half-ass and kinda rude like this. Thanks

  • haha says:

    What it means is they live their normal life like us and don’t need to have dramatic things happen ( like killing, betray or revenge) but you can see how much the characters have grown in a few episodes (Dokmi especially) I think this is one of the best dramas out there but you just really like too insult it too much, for the beauty of it, especially… So please so yourself and myself a favor and stop… Sorry I just have to say it…

    • haha says:

      What it means is they live their normal lives like us and don’t need to have dramatic things happen ( like killing, betray or revenge) but you can see how much the characters have grown in a few episodes (Dokmi especially) I think this is one of the best dramas out there but you just really like to insult it too much, for the beauty of it, especially… So please do yourself and myself a favor and stop… Sorry I just have to say it…

      • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

        lol. Thanks for the three comments! I don’t mind a slice of life drama if the characters are doing many funny things that make me laugh. Or things I find more engaging. What we have here are long conversations.
        I actually liked last week’s episodes a lot more but what happened this week? Not much which is why I have this title. It’s like a variation of stuff that has already happened which is why it seems we are going in circles,
        I won’t hesitate to stop recapping a drama if I get to the point where I no longer like it. I haven’t reached that point here and I don’t think I will but thanks for the advice, though.

  • shirin-noona says:

    Wow!That was pretty harsh!I absolutely love this little drama,I love the characters and the story especially since it’s not like all the other kdramas where people fall in love in a second and immediately start acting angsty and sad and …Here we can see how this beautiful and unlikely friendship can slowly turn into something more than that and I find it quite enjoyable.
    I get it that you don’t like this drama but I wish you had used a softer and a less insulting tone…
    Anyways,have a good day!

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Hi Shirin,
      I don’t dislike this drama and I actually prefer romcoms to melo but it’s halfway and I haven’t yet gotten that feeling where I can’t wait to find out what happens next week or can’t wait for the couple to get together!

      If you think this is harsh, try my Midas recap.

      Thanks for your comment and have a nice day 🙂

  • lol says:

    ok.. don’t really get you after reading your recap..
    are you trying to be edgy or trying to be funny??
    well, apperently, doesnt work as you said you just start watching k- drama few months ,am i right?

    i think you need to stop watching this drama and maybe go watch some magjang like my mother does.. it full of events birth secret, betrayal angst evrybody in love with everybody.. criminal past come back to haunt them .,etc

    try watch yawang (sooae plays in that) might suit your tastebud better than this drama—

    i just in aw that you said it is uneventful- when all the things that is going on the fbnd is equal like 2 weeks in reality … do you really expecting the lead to be angsty already???

    kdrama 201 from me — in romcom if otp get together before episode 11-12 the drama is heading way too fast and it will end up dragging like nobody business..

    so yes, i disagree.. i really like the pace in this drama and happy about it and doesnt get your snappy points about this drama at all… and no your recap is not funny..

    thank you for you time though..

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Thanks. However, I’ve been watching Korean dramas for almost a decade. lol. Thanks for the advice, though 😉

  • seara says:

    First, I think we should give thanks to msclockwatcher for making FBND recap. And we must respect point views of msclockwatcher, not everyone has the same preferences anyway 🙂

    However, my opinion is almost same as the opinion “haha”, this drama portrays real situation, without having dramatic scene. This is what make me addicted to watch FBND every week despite having to watch without subtitles, and camping in softy blog every monday and tuesday. For me, FBND is awesome! FBND jjang!

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      That’s for the support, seara!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the drama, I’m also enjoying it too but that emotional connection is lacking so far for me. But next week looks like it might do the trick,

  • tessieroo says:

    Clock – NO, I want TJ to also be secretly crushing on DM! (LOL) Told you I want ALL the boys for DM. (Well, except maybe for Watanabe) No, on second thought: even him too. Do you think because Fluff Monster kissed JR, that means he’ll end up with her? That idea is so disgusting, I may send Ji Hoon a sympathy card. 🙂

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      lol. i don’t know if it’s because they kissed but since the first episode the show has been sending signals that the final couples will be TJ/SY, Fluff/JR and DM/Enrique. So far, her storyline (if you can call it that) has almost entirely been about him and of course, DM. But DM as it relates to JR. So if they don’t end up together, I don’t see why she needs to be in every episode.

      Poor Watanabe. There are so many characters on the show and imo, they are underutilized. I don’t know why we have so many if they aren’t adding much to the story unless scripts changed or something. So what about the security guard? Should he fall for DM too? lol

    • couch kimchi says:

      I’m okay if Tae Joon never develops a crush on Dok Mi, but I hope that later, it’ll be revealed that her spying was reciprocated by him 😉

      And if JR doesn’t wind up with Dok Mi, and I kind of doubt he will, I’m rooting for him and his editor 😉 LOL. It’s as likely to happen as my wish for Dok Mi and Watanabe to be together. LOL.

      But for now, I think you guys have left me fighting alone for Enrique and Dok Mi! Boo! 🙁 😉


      • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

        lol. You don’t need to fight in a battle you have already won. Right now, I can’t even say I really ship JR/DM that much. I just have my Kim Ji Hoon love. lol. But as for E/DM, I think the writers should show us how she’s changing his life.

        I would have liked to learn that TJ had secretly liked her or had known about the spying and all of that (it look all of one minute for Enrique to catch her) but they’ve not focused enough on TJ to make us care.

        I think many people would pick his editor over Do Hwi. At least their conversations are entertaining. I wouldn’t mind it either. If the Korean fans are rooting for them, it’s possible they might make it happen.

        • tessieroo says:

          Agree, we’ve seen how E is changing DM – she’s venturing out more & interacting with people. But we haven’t seen changes in E? We’ve seen JR become more pro-active too. I think they need to resolve the issues with the teacher/DM/Fluff Monster before we have any romance. Only IMO.

        • rynea says:

          I ship JR and editor too! I think it will be fun to let Jin Rak see his editor in a new light. I mean, let them meet somewhere aside from the office and then allow him to see her as a woman (minus the deadbeat eyes and dark circles).

  • Maris says:

    For me the beauty of the drama is in its subtlety. One is so invested in each character and their growth through their involvement with each other ….that at the end you realize how much the story and relationship has moved forward. Each of them with their problems that are coming out in the open through their interactions and forcing them to face them…….hopefully resolving them and in doing so making them lead a more fulfilling and enriched life….
    I think that from the next episodes we will see that happen at a faster pace because a very strong base into the characters, their lives and relationships have been made. For me it has been beautifully carried out until now.

  • rynea says:

    I kinda felt like something went wrong with this week and I couldn’t point it out, until I visited this site and read the ‘did anything happen this week?’

    I love this drama and no, I don’t believe it’ll fail me. But I agree that it needs to move forward. The slowness is okay for the first six episodes but the story should be halfway done by now. This week, I didn’t feel like anything really happened aside from well, just repeating the same points that they’ve been tackling for two weeks. I mean, Episode 7 can handle all the details but to just shove the same issues in Episode 8 is just kinda pointless. I understand that this is a slow drama, with slow character buildups, but then again, when the point is made head on, they should just move forward.

  • clairerosean says:

    @msclockwatcher I came across this site because i missed an episode of FBND, i wanted to review the recaps first before actually watching it, but somehow, after reading your ‘supposed to be recap’, i felt more of disappointment rather than being informed. I am not disappointed in the drama per se but from someone like you whom in my point of view, so careless and arrogant. You were saying that you like this drama but how you did your recaps? It is showing otherwise. Robodoc? Bird Barbie? I mean, what’s with the name calling anyway? People have different ideas about almost everything and I totally agree of being honest with your opinion but insulting is another, that’s bullying. As your writing (grammar-wise and all), you sound very smart, i just hope you’ll use your literacy more wisely and politely.

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      Thanks for your comment, clairerosean but that’s how all my recaps are. Maybe FBND fans are sensitive or just offended that I called Enrique an annoying gnat. But the truth is I do find his hyperactive personality very annoying and I’m going to keep using the names I like.

      It is also literally impossible to bully a fictional character.

      I did reread my recap to see if I was meaner than usual but I really don’t think I was. So I doubt the next one will be kinder. But feel free to not read any of the even-week recaps (week 2,4, 6 and 8). Leila writes the others and she’s much kinder.

      Take care!

      • mskololia says:

        An “annoying gnat”? It fits. LOL Seriously, he reminded me of a kid you see following behind his mother in the grocery store yelling—Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

        Have you seen Macklemore’s “thrift shop” video? I love DM and dig her style, but the song reminds me of her.

        Nice recap!

  • clairerosean says:

    @msclockwatcher: Oh, one more: Enrique is an annoying gnat? Common, that’s mean..! Please do better next time, jebal..

  • clairerosean says:

    @msclockwatcher: Again you missed the point, of course “It is literally impossible to bully a fictional character”, but it is not the fictional characters you are bullying, it is actually the people who happened to love the drama.

    Well, seems like this website isn’t the best place to hang out afterall… I detest impolite and careless people the most.. Ta-ta

    • couch kimchi says:

      While we respect your opinion, it’s definitely your prerogative to avoid this website.

      It’s unfortunate that you view msclockwatcher as impolite or careless because she and the rest of our authors are hardly those. Msclocwatcher is known to be frank with her opinions of the characters of a drama or a story—be it critical or favorable—but she has not, as far as I can tell, been insulting to any of our readers or the viewers of a show. There’s a difference between giving nicknames to a character and actually bullying a show’s fans. This is just a drama, after all.

      In fact, the views she expresses here are no different than how she, I, and others discuss the show and its characters on a forum like Soompi. It’s all in good fun.

      A person can still like a show and be frustrated by aspects of it, and so, if a post comes off harsh, then, well, we always welcome different comments, and we’re always game for agreeing to disagree. We realize some will be sensitive to facets of a discussion, but we are who we are. We don’t expect our readers to change their attitude and/or views, but we’ll maintain ours as well. We’re Kdrama loving viewers, who have as much right as other fans to express fondness for and frustration with a character or show—be it expressed in kindness or delivered with an acerbic wit.

      Again, it’s too bad you won’t stick around, but we respect your choice. We hope you’ll stumble upon a site that’s much kinder and more sensitive. Nice meeting you.


      • clairerosean says:

        @couch kimchi:

        Thanks for responding and i do appreciate your input. Yaay, please don’t misunderstood my sentiments, I can assure you that I am not being uber sensitive (like some sort of silly-fanatic-kinda sensitive) truthfully, I am blogging a lot, ranting is my favorite hobby, but one rule I always keep in mind: “Always Be Polite because Not everyone see things like I do”, Surely Bloggers can openly say their opinion (Freedom of Speech as most people say – which is unfortunately overly misused ). Somehow, bloggers must make sure that we don’t mislead, misdirect, misinform or insult our readers. Wit is different from sarcasm, you can be a witty-funny writer but at the same time if you are careless and thoughtless, your writing will be misconceived.

        Insult (of any form – wit or not): no matter how beautifully expressed is still a very negative word. Name-calling is another form of insult, that is my point. Msclockwatcher might be known for being outspoken or something but let say, me for one felt insulted as a reader (not a blogger) for her calling those fictional characters insulting names, is it still a fault from my side because I detest impolite people? Am I really being too-silly-sensitive just because I find name calling insulting? Her recap is almost accurately presented everything was covered scene by scene, as if I am watching it live but the way it was written just left me with distaste why? Because it is impolite.

        Anyways, I think I have to disable the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ if I want to have this issue closed… it is really nice talking to you and now I am totally calm. Peace!

  • leila8mae says:

    I loved episode 7 — a lot. I really felt the emotion of the leads. they made it so palpable. But episode 8 was a bit of a let down. Had to blame that kiss.. so I totally understand why you felt nothing happened clock.. because the transition wasn’t really as good.

    Good news, the following weeks are much better! I’m loving that we are recapping this together or else, I’d be insane!

  • Deiyeon says:

    wooh. what a…uhmm… angsty tone you used in your review. I actually loved this show and episodes 6-8 (the midpoint) of kdramas are usually the most boring. as I think. I would advice if you continued watching the show, and not pin it up on the blacklist yet.

    Oh and yes, Enrique IS kinda annoying with his aegyo but it is something unusual aint it? It leaves an impression, no matter if it is bad or good, it DOES make you think about it again, doesn’t it? We should think of it in another point, the directors are smart to have made him annoying so that he would stay on our minds. Korean girls like guys to have aegyo, other countries might hate it. I doubt that any other country would be neutral with those actions, so I guess the directors have taken a big step to putting him in an annoying role or an appealing role.

    Your ‘tone’ when writing this review was kinda impatient and sorta give this feeling where you really really really hate writing it. Something like : Just for the sake of it.
    I’m sorry to have said this but it really hurts me to see anti-s for this show. I personally think it’s a great show where it takes things really slowly, like in life. I hope that you could give your ultimate support to this show and anticipate the next few episodes. Cause I BET their bound to be much more interesting than this episode.

    Luv ya!

    • couch kimchi says:

      Hi, Deiyeon. Thanks so much for your incisive comment 🙂 You make some excellent points.

      I gotta say I don’t think clock is an anti of the show (actually, none of us are—especially me and tessieroo, who are obsessed with the show :)). She’s simply not feeling aspects of it, and I know some of our readers aren’t familiar with her writing style, but that’s just how she is—full of acerbic wit and sarcasm. She’s the same way on Soompi, too 🙂

      Her most recent review might sound less caustic, so, I encourage you to read it 🙂


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