Flower Boy Next Door Week Six: I Hallucinate Therefore I Love!


So the episode begins with Enrique’s fanmeeting. He’s doing that thing where he puts on a happy face to hide his inner turmoil. What’s bugging him this time? He’d overheard Dok Mi ask Jin Rak to the museum and let’s just say this might be the last time he eavesdrops on anyone.

Back at home, Jin Rak is giddy beyond description. Why? Because he’s got a date with his dream girl! Aww, poor sod forgot he’s the second lead in this drama. Bro, enjoy it while it lasts.

As Enrique walks home, he’s followed by his multigenerational stalkers. The crazy halmoni pushes him on the ground and because this is now a paranormal romance, Dok Mi gets a paper cut at the same time. The teen stalker comes to his rescue but since we’ve gotten to the super-love portion of the drama, Enrique sees Dok Mi’s face instead and wonders why she’s not with Jin Rak. Aww, my sweet prince, she IS with Jin Rak. But you’ll be alright.

Dok Mi and Jin Rak are on their date and seeing her walk around so freely, I can’t help but remember when she was stressed about going out for groceries. She gets lost in the paintings so Jin Rak shoos everyone away to give her space. Little does he know that she’s imagining she’s there with Enrique. Damn.

Enrique’s body is rushed into the hospital and while his fans are crazy with worry, all I can think is, I wonder if the doctor will say it was “exhaustion.”  Anyway, from twitter, everyone else finds out about him and this is when Disco Barbie learns of the RakMi date. I must say it was nice not seeing her too much last week.

Back at what will probably win a “Korean Drama’s Worst First Date” poll, Dok Mi starts to talk about Enrique and his love for Van Gogh. Girl, just shoot him in the head instead – it might hurt less. Isn’t it time for Jin Rak to feign a tummy ache and end the pain? He asks to sit and tells her that he’s just like her. She starts to tell him that in the three years they’d been neighbors, there’d been no discomfort and she didn’t know he’d been drawing those little cartoons for her. He sees this as a good thing which sucks because it’s just her way of telling him that it’s time to crush his crush on her.  But he’s not surprised. All his life, everything great has been followed by something bad so when she asked him out, he already knew it wouldn’t end well.

Jin Rak gets a text from Dong Hoon with Enrique’s news so they rush to the hospital.

Dok Mi manages to get in to see him and as she watches the doctors wipe blood off a patient, she remembers their sad times and just as anyone who’s watched a kdrama would expect, the real Enrique emerges from behind the curtains with barely a scratch on him. Shocker!

Dok Mi is so relieved that she almost faints but who’s the hurt patient? The crazy halmoni. It turns out that she hates Enrique because her son is a gaming addict and it’s taken over his life. Oh boy. That would be like my parents going to Korea and trying to blow up KBS, SBS, MBC and tvN.

Anyway, the son shows up and  Enrique tells her to try to play his game because love is understanding the other person’s feelings. But I thought love was never having to say you’re sorry. It’s cute especially as Dok Mi had also gone to see the woman to help her understand Enrique better. How sweet because if I were Dok Mi, I would have called the police on her ass.

Jin Rak returns to the apartment complex where Barbie has prepared a meal for him. He leaves when he sees her and she chases after him, wanting to explain the teacher debacle with more lies. He stops her and says that she’s simply not his style. Ouch. She thinks he’s being a bit much but we all know she deserves it.  However, they’ve already begun to soften her a bit. So now, I expect him in two or three episodes to realize that he’s in love with her. I wonder if they’ll make her save his life or get him out of whatever mess he’s currently in. Or maybe all it’ll take is for her to take off her mask and be her real self with him.

The ride from the hospital in melancholy and Enrique is in a major funk. So now it’s time for us to see what Dok Mi brings into his life. She invites him into her place and tries to cheer him up and that’s when he sees that she’s packing up all her stuff.  She lies that she’s just tidying up. She blames herself for his injury saying that had he just returned to Spain, none of this would have happened. That’s hardly the most cheerful thing one can say which is helpful because Enrique is determined to wallow in self-pity a little longer. I would, too, if someone blamed me for all the pain in their life. He says he now understands why she’s a shut-in.

While Dok Mi cares for Enrique, we get to see some cuteness from our favorite editor. I have to say that her storyline is becoming the cutest, most developed side-story in this drama. So Jin Rak goes to see her just as she’s finishing her raymun and after yelling at him for showing up at an inconvenient time, she tells him that while his webtoon is rating poorly, it’s making a lot of the female readers ask about love but how can she answer them when she knows nothing on the topic? Considering he only had his first kiss like last week, he’s hardly an expert but he says that the key to dating is smelling good and speaking quietly. Dong Hoon pops up  just in time for her to test that theory and what do you know? Our loser in love was right!

Jin Rak tells the editor that Dong Hoon has been drawing a lot so he deserves the credit. When he leaves, she tells Dong Hoon that his debt gives her nightmares and he says that whenever she has one, she should call him maybe. Awwww. The funniest part about this actress is that she looks very young but they try to age her with the fake dark circles.

Back at the love nest, Enrique overhears a conversation and learns that she really is moving out. So let’s just say he’s still not learned his lesson about eavesdropping.

He tells her off for running away and confesses that he’d hallucinated her when he had his accident. He’d thought that she’d liked him too but apparently, her leaving tells him the opposite. So he tells her to stay put because he’ll leave instead. And apologizes for all the pain he’s caused her. He wonders if he can go back to being the happy-go-lucky Enrique I don’t like (not that I like seeing him in a funk, either).

But luckily for him, Dok Mi likes that version. She confesses that she’d been very hurt when he said he was returning to Spain and that she didn’t know she could feel such pain again. She starts to cry and tells him that she’s liked him all this time and that he needs to forget everything and go back to his old self.

He turns around and walks up to her. And tells her that he’s begun to hear her heart again. Then he kisses her. Swoooooon! But hold up: he listened to her heart and it asked him to kiss her?

And it’s an amazingly passionate kiss. Or well, I think it is. Because while their bodies are rigid and their lips don’t move, it’s one of those super emotional kisses where the lovers cry. It’s so freaking emotional that the body doesn’t react. It’s totally invisible to the naked eye so you have to feel it to understand it, okay? And you know what? I’m pretty happy to never have experienced one.

Moving on… they kiss and break apart and the moment is interrupted by Jin Rak’s flip book cartoon which would really be an ominous sign if this were a real paranormal romance. Enrique tells her that he’s nothing like Jin Rak so he’ll take her to nice places and I guess this means they are officially dating. It’s amazing how she tells him she likes him, he snaps out of his funk and becomes this super-confident person. Like he could wrestle a bear and win. Or sing live at the inauguration.

So it’s episode 12 and they are officially together. So you know what that means? DRAMA AHEAD!

Love’s Loser and his previous apprentice speak and Dong Hoon thanks him for his kind gesture. However, it’s time to quit because being a starving artist is a luxury the eldest son of his family cannot afford. Jin Rak gives him a look and I just know he’s about to confess the thing I guessed from the very beginning – he’s the rich kid who left home to pursue his dream.  But Dong Hoon doesn’t believe him and starts telling him all the difficult things he’s done to earn money.

Meanwhile, at the Passion Palace, Enrique tries to convince Dok Mi to stay put. And he’s totally being his old self. She really likes this aegyo-filled dude, doesn’t she? There really is someone for everyone.

Speaking of which, Disco Barbie shows up to remind us that poor Jin Rak really is love’s biggest loser. Because not only does he not get the girl he wants, he’s going to end up with her. Oh God, please stop these tears from falling from my eyes.

Her drunk ass creates a ruckus in the hallway so the other residents show up. She wants to be honest so she’s gotten some liquid courage and insists Dok Mi come out. She doesn’t want to but our confident lover tells her that he’ll be by her side so she should hear her out.

Barbie starts to yell at her, saying that she needs to let it go. So what if she spread lies about her? She should have refuted them. She wasn’t the only one who suffered back then because she suffered too!  So she freaking needs to let it go! Dok Mi blows up and pretty much tells her to shut up and stuff it all up her ass.

Barbie cries and says that she wasn’t as strong as Dok Mi back then and couldn’t accept being in the losers club with her. She needed other friends too. Dok Mi regretfully says that she’d been content having only her as a friend.

At the end of the night, Dok Mi and Enrique play their own version of “hang up, no you hang up,” which involves Enrique reluctantly leaving and Dok Mi not really wanting him to leave.

The next day, the two guys get together to figure out how to keep Dok Mi from moving and since they think the older lady owns the complex, they try to butter her up. The one good thing about this scene is that it gives Watanabe something to do. But sadly, even in this group scene, the poor dude barely gets any lines. Heck, if it’s a language thing, they could have had him sing a Japanese song or something. Anything would do.

Anyway, Enrique hosts an event for gaming addicts and their parents and Dok Mi, Dong Hoon and Jin Rak attend. While the guys are playing, Enrique’s teen stalker walks over to Dok Mi and tells her that her new love isn’t human – he’s a fairy. Hold up. Is this turning into a paranormal romance for real…?

But when you watch a drama and someone starts talking about how awesome and magical a character is, it almost always means that he’s going to discover he has a brain tumor and die in the final episode. Is this what the CT scan will reveal?

After the event, our paranormal couple goes on a classic kdrama date which involves shopping and watching a movie. And as they have fun, the teen stalker fumes.

In the meantime, Love’s Greatest Loser goes over to meet his future wife. He tells her that he really doesn’t want to understand her but he respects her for coming clean. She tells him that she read the webtoon and it was hard for her to see how deep his feelings for Dok Mi are. He thanks her for loving him but begs her to kill her feelings.

While Dong Hoon is out doing his designated driver job, his editor shows up in some extremely shiny clothes. She’s taking him up on his offer to call him when she has nightmares but is being considerate and not calling so as not to clog up his phone. Then she cutely asks him to have a meal with her.

The next morning, there’s a note on Dok Mi’s milk carton asking her to read Jin Rak’s webtoon. And it’s clear that his feelings haven’t changed.

Shortly after, Enrique shows up to visit his new love and panics when he reads the message spray-painted on her door. It simply reads: die.


Okay, so the drama has begun and we all know the road to true love is never smooth. But didn’t this show improve 100% when they got rid of Robodoc and his girlfriend and started to humanize Disco Barbie? Took them long enough. I’m enjoying Dong Hoon and his editor  and they are almost a highlight at this point. I’ve lost all hope for Watanabe but at least the actor is getting paid, right? That has to count for something.

So who spray-painted Dok Mi’s door? Well, this show is full of stalkers so I expect it to be a 2-year old panda who’d escaped from a nearby zoo.

Till next week!


  • tessieroo says:

    LMAO! My Dad will be joining your parents to blow up all broadcast stations in Korea. I laughed so hard about the “super emotional kiss”. Totally agree, they were like 2 statues propped against one another.

  • mskololia says:

    “Paranormal romance”…LOL! It’s a good thing I was not drinking anything when I read that line.

    Well, it looks like I won’t be picking this one back up to watch. Poor JR….Ok, that read like a Dallas character so I will rewrite that to state, “poor Jin-Rak”.

  • agie says:

    LOL! im really entertained by your recaps…all those nicknames you’ve given to the characters,hahahaha..not to mention the “super emotional kiss”, lols..i guess they have some kind of idol policy for acting a passionate kiss

  • Konkybean says:

    I know I’m a bit late to the party but I only just started watching this drama. I was originally reading the recaps at Dramabeans before finding this one. I have to say, this is far better! I just love your ability to summarise in a very funny way, but underneath all that, there are some truly insightful observations.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

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