“Cloud Atlas” Co-Stars Jim Sturgess & Bae Doo Na Are Probably Dating

Two things that I found odd this morning: Our old post on Cloud Atlas is currently receiving a lot of hits, and the Sina gallery has a new portfolio devoted to the film’s stars, Bae Doo Na and Jim Sturgess.

The Sina gallery has included paparazzi shots of the two, walking arm in arm, which I have never seen before, and I’m surprised to find that LaineyGossip is the original source of those photos.

Yesterday, Lainey had broken the news that Jim and Doo Na are dating (and my pervy mind just wandered over to their steamy sex scene in Cloud Atlas), squashing any possibility of an intimate link to Kristen Stewart, with whom he’ll be starring in the film The Big Shoe.

I’m not hesitant to believe Lainey because she’s usually on the money with her gossip, even before her site became popular. Back in October, she also appeared to be the only one who reported that Jim and his longtime girlfriend Mickey O’Brien had broken up.

Enewsworld and other Korean outlets have now picked up the story, and while Doo Na’s agency, HMG Entertainment, has confirmed that she is in the United States, where Jim is shooting his current project Electric Slide, it is unaware of the actress’ private affairs.

Being a fan of Doo Na and Jim individually, I’m ecstatic about this news. Who knows if this will be a longterm hook-up, but Imma savor it while it’s still going on!

To read Lainey’s take on Jim and Doo Na’s fresh relationship and to see more of their walk on Venice Beach, go here.



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  • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

    Cute and awesome (if it’s true). I wish them happiness.

  • ToOok says:

    I love both of them they really nice and cute together ❤

  • Raine says:

    Love this pairing. I, of course, love her, and it’s so cool hearing her speak English. Weird, hearing her referred to as “Doona Bae” in English-speaking media tho…heh.

    • couch kimchi says:

      Yeah. It’s definitely weird when I hear or read Doona Bae, so, it was surprising that Lainey referred to her as Bae Doo Na. I re-read her post a couple of times just to check myself.


  • moca says:


    Sorry, but Jim is still with Mickey, he just said in a radio enterview in the promo of upside down film.

    • Emmy says:

      Hi, I’ve been following I believe most of Jim’s radio interviews for Upside down, but I don’t think I ever hear him saying anything about Mickey at all. Can you tell me which radio interview you heard him saying this?

    • couch kimchi says:

      Moca, could you provide a link to that radio interview? A couple of inquiring CK readers would like to hear it 😉 Thanks!


    • Morela says:

      No, he didn’t! he has never said he is still with Mickey. Why are you lying? Jim and Doona did NOT flirt while he was in a relationship with Mickey. That girl stating these false rumours is just pissed off that Jim is no longer with Mickey and that he is with a Korean girl. They broke off during the summer of 2012. Doona and Jim met first at TIFF in September 9, 2012. Don’t believe in those jealous girls spreading false shit about Jim and Doona. Someone actually posted on Mickey O’brien’s wikipedia that she had broken up with Jim because he had been unfaithful with co-star Doona. Such a pile of shit, because that’s not true at all!!!!

      • couch kimchi says:

        Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts, Morela!

        One part of me, just the part that likes to play detective, wants to track all these radio interviews and give them a listen. The other just feels let things be and not over think anymore.

        As for Wikipedia, it’s not always the best source of info anyway, as anybody can edit it, and we probably should edit that particular nonsense that was posted there. It’s unfair to Doo Na and Jim.


        • Stefany says:

          i really hope things get better for Jim and Mickey, they both look adorable, and they were couple so long that i dont think Jim is going to be so fast with other woman!, havent you even heard how he talked about love and relationships?, i really wish them luck (he has a interview in september 2012 in which said he is inlove with Mickey and she even wrote him a song!)

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