WEEK SEVEN: Flower Boy Next Door

It’s the week before the finale! Time flies more quickly nowadays.

Though I’m already writing with a broken heart for Jin Rak, I must continue on with the recap. What I’ve really come to love about this show, is knowing each character and embracing their warm hearts. I’m not just talking about the leads – I’ve come to love Dong Hoon too and his Editor!


So before I bid my farewell to this lovely show, here’s my last recap of it. Let’s savor this.

Episode 13 and 14;


Enrique prepared his panda antics to show-off his cuteness in the morning. Good thing though, Dok Mi wasn’t able to witness how ridiculous it is. So Que-Geum hurriedly went to see her only to read a dreadful message by her door. Creepy. Who would write such a thing? The boys were alarmed, worried about Dok Mi. Did she already read the message? Since she wasn’t responding when they knocked inside her apartment.

On the other hand, should we thank the one who wrote the message since it effectively drove the new renter out? Heh. At least the boys doesn’t need to whip of a plan to do it. Anyhow, Do Hwi showed up minutes later to give Dong Hoon his salary and a free brunch. She’s sweetly redeeming herself. But Jin Rak thinks otherwise, asking her blatantly if she wrote the message on Dok Mi’s door. Poor Do Hwi, being wrongly accused hurts the most. Sweetie Dong Hoon tried to run after her but stumbled upon the crazy stalker. The culprit has been caught, literally red handed. I like that we didn’t beat around the bush long enough to bore me.

Dok Mi has gone through worse scenarios to be threaten by a sprayed message. Our girl is really a tough shell to not crack easily. So she’s taking this with a grain of salt. Isn’t it lovely how her true persona is coming out more now?! Love it.


Enrique volunteered to spray paint and cover the message. When he arrived, Jin Rak was already starting to paint Dok Mi’s door, with the same color as his. Shoot, I’m sensing this scene will hurt him more. Drama, WAE?? *sigh* I’m right, it did just that. As Jin Rak confronts Enrique about his stalker fan, angrily pushing him through the wall, Dok Mi suddenly appear just in time to stop him. I hate that I’m Jin Rak bias, because I truly felt his pain here. The angle of the shot, is killing me..

Anyhoo. Enrique continued painting the door while Jin Rak took Dok Mi in his apartment, giving us another one of those heart to heart talk. Well I really thought at first that Dok Mi is more than what Jin Rak sees of her. I love that Dok Mi clarified that now, she isn’t exactly like the Rapunzel in Jin Rak’s story. Huge difference there, Jin Rak missed that despite the three year advantage.


I’m thinking that if only Enrique is not as sweet, it’s easier to just cling to Jin Rak and stick to him. What a relief that Enrique is not the typical lead character, making it difficult not to cheer for him. We can see how genuine his feelings and intentions are. I like that his jealousy doesn’t over ride his love for Dok Mi. Such a gem to have a hero that truly loves his heroine, the right way. But I’m going to deduct points when he thought girlfriends do change their man’s style to fit her own taste. Not all girls are the same, sweetheart. That aside, this two makes love the simplest best thing in this show.

In my opinion, bromance seemed to be the exact opposite.Why is Jin Rak and Dong Hoon bringing the angst here??


Jin Rak is such a complex character, it seems that his world is lonelier than Dok Mi. We learned that he’s the son of a chaebol who chose to aim for his dream. But unlike most chaebol, he was disinherited completely – and struggles living one day at a time. Good thing Dong Hoon is such a simple man, they really blend well and meant to be together. I love that they balance each other. Dong Hoon shows that his life isn’t rich – in monetary terms, but rich in the most important thing a person could ever have. Sad that Jin Rak lacks that. So drama, can you please make this guy the happiest when this show ends???


Dok Mi and Enrique finally had a date, as a couple this time. This is as usual as it gets – all things couple do. What I loved about this scene is them turning things they don’t like to something they do. Like Enrique’s traumatizing experience at the zoo while he was still a kid. Now that he’s with Dok Mi at the same place, he was able to enjoy it. Loving the good vibes, and that my friends what makes the couple uber adorable in my eyes. It’s really the way they turn things from bitter to better that flutters my heart.

However, things aren’t always as sweet too. We have to go to the common noble idiotic route. Heh. Without much push from the creepy stalker, Dok Mi told Enrique to go back to Spain and fulfill his dream there. Why is this thing being brought out after every date? Kdrama land always have room for this, even if time is running out. Hate that we get to see this now. Good thing though, they did not part right away. At least they delay it for just another episode.


The apartment where Dok Mi lives suddenly had a black out. Everyone is forced to stay the night elsewhere. Since Enrique’s place is conveniently near, they opt to stay there, much to Enrique’s delight. I want to just hug Jin Rak this time, not only because he lost all his drawings, but more so because he knows now that he could never have Dok Mi’s heart. He’s even willing to give up his happiness too, for her sake. Love is so unselfish..

Let’s take a breather and enjoy this for a while!



It was fun to see the boys suit up for a con that failed badly. Haha. Nothing is working for our Jin Rak. WAE!? Drama, WAEEE!?!

Anyhoo, creepy stalker gathered all her minions to protest in front of Enrique’s apartment. When he returned and saw his fans, he immediately thought of Dok Mi and rushed to his room. But she wasn’t there. Where could she be?

Dok Mi went to see Do Hwi to return their box full of memories. I love this confrontation they had. But I hate the fact that Jin Rak has to help Dok Mi get rid of Enrique through this. For a split second I thought Dok Mi had a change of heart, confessing she likes Jin Rak with conviction infront of Do Hwi. But sometimes timing is can be so perfect.. and before we know it, Enrique overheard what Dok Mi said. I don’t know if I’m hurting for Enrique or for Jin Rak at this point..


Drama, you hurt so bad!!

Personal Thoughts:


In the gene of kdrama lead, I guess it’s natural to have a noble idiotic blood running through their veins. Aigoo. Everyone is helping each other hurt each other?!? I therefore conclude, I’m hurting more for Jin Rak. Really. Can drama give him a break?

Well that said, I still  love FBND and  how straightforward this drama is. Concentrating only to its key component, and not making simple things complicated much. I appreciate that, a lot. Though I know we can’t get rid of Kdrama cliche, at least this show knows how to do it just right for my taste, at least. Angst are needed but I don’t know why everything is happening all at once.

I thought its about time for Do Hwi to redeem herself. In that scene where Dok Mi returned the box, Do Hwi was completely showing her true colors. She’s so afraid, and so weak compared to Dok Mi. She relies on other people, on what they have, and use it to her advantage. Liking Jin Rak was more of a superficial kind. Not just because he’s good looking, but because he’s wealthy. She looked for him because of this?? So lame, and so a waste of time.

Enrique is a very sincere person. And he shows that when it comes to loving Dok Mi. While she is being a noble idiot, I love that he screams the opposite. Like he can also read my mind, stopping Dok Mi or telling her to stay with him. Even for just a while..

I haven’t seen the finale week, as I’m writing this late. I also haven’t read any posts regarding FBND. I don’t know how this ends. But I just hope that show will just give everyone the happiness the characters deserve and not prolong their agony much.

I wish for just sunshine in Episode 16. Especially for Jin Rak. Let’s all end this with a smile!


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