That Winter, The Wind Blows Recap EP 7

safe Tessieroo: Episode 7 begins with Oh Young asking Evil Wang if her brother came? Seems she smells his scent in her room. Wang lies that he’s not and then holds up a message for Oh Soo to leave the room once she turns on some music so Oh Young won’t hear him.

Evil Wang then inspects the crooked painting and sees a fingerprint on the glass. Ah, crap. She can use that to find out about his criminal record. Blackmail is most likely coming, right?

Clockwatcher: Even the dumbest burglar knows he should wear gloves. Oh Soo is getting really sloppy.

Tessieroo: Jin Sung and Hee Sun are frantically packing and running out when Jin Sung gets a text from Oh Soo that he was caught and tells them not to call.

Oh Soo turns it around by lying that he was looking for Oh Young’s diary. Was it not possible to fix Oh Young’s eyes? (Ohhh, he’s good!) This wipes the smug smile off her face for a moment. He says they could have gone to America or Japan, PL Group has enough money.  Why did she not do that?

Clockwatcher: Because she’s an Evil Wang.

Tessieroo: Evil Wang counters that she heard he needs money. If she gives him that money and makes him leave Oh Young, what would his choice be? Wow. Again, I’m kind of shocked at how evil Evil Wang is.

Clockwatcher: This woman killed an old man in like the first episode. Why do you still get shocked by her evilness?

Tessieroo: I keep thinking I should give her the benefit of the doubt for those little moments when it seems she does truly care for Oh Young. *sigh* Oh Young busts into Oh Soo’s room and searches for the “death” pill. She seems shaken, sweaty and maybe in pain? She’s also seeing bright lights in front of her eyes again. She finds the pill and holds it close. Just holding it seems to calm her down and her heavy breathing lessens. (BTW, how did they not hear all that banging around downstairs? LOL)
enemies 1Clockwatcher: lmao. They probably got tired of waiting for it to stop to film.

Tessieroo: Evil Wang and Oh Soo continue their “I dare you – No, I dare YOU” game downstairs. Oh Soo tells Wang she made a mistake offering him money as he now suspects her even more. Upstairs, Oh Young is asleep and we see the pill bottle on the night stand but it’s empty. Did she take it?

Clockwatcher: Is only episode 7 so the answer is no.

Tessieroo: Jin Sung is pissed that Oh Soo didn’t take the money but Hee Sun smacks him. They decide to switch tactics and blackmail Evil Wang instead. She didn’t get Oh Young’s eyes fixed when she was young, she spends PL Group money like it’s her own and she choose Myung Ho as the fiancée for nefarious reasons. That should be enough to bury her but they need to hurry before she finds out Soo’s real identity.

Clockwatcher: Hee Sun thinks she’s smart but Evil Wang didn’t just start being evil last week. In a death match, I put my money on Evil Wang. She will wipe the floor with Hee Sun.

Tessieroo: This is true but So Ra hasn’t really chimed in yet. I think So Ra would demolish Wang in an instant so my moneys on her. Hee Sun is up to something but I don’t even care anymore. She’s annoying, that’s all.

Clockwatcher: lol, she’s not planning anything. She’s just noting how distracted Oh Soo is.

Tessieroo: I’m suddenly so annoyed when she’s on my screen. And when is she going to notice that gorgeous, sweet man beside her? BUMMIE!
OYOS eyesClockwatcher: She has already noticed our baby-faced gangster. She kissed him, remember? Maybe he needs to play a little hard to get or something.

Tessieroo: The contents of the safe in Oh Young’s room are itemized and Evil Wang removes the glass from the painting. She does all this in plain view of Oh Soo as if to taunt him. Beotch.

Clockwatcher:  lol. I enjoyed it. Taunt him more. She makes a good adversary.

Tessieroo: Attorney Jang is the one to inform Oh Young that they’re moving the contents of the safe to the bank. Oh Young is smart enough to realize Wang suspects her brother.

Attorney Jang tells her not to trust her brother but she asks who should she trust then? (which is right when her supposed friend Mira walks up) She can’t trust Wang, she can’t trust Attorney Jang because he’s in love with Wang and she can’t trust her friend Mira either. She knows Mira is being paid.

Clockwatcher: Mira was so dramatic like she doesn’t know she’s being paid. lol Isn’t it better this way?

Tessieroo: I know, the look on her face was hilarious. Like “I didn’t do anything, honestly” Pffffftttttt. Attorney Jang tries to tell her there is a reason Wang is suspicious of her brother but Oh Young says she knows. Not allowing her to have anyone by her side so that in the end, the only person she will depend on is Wang. She’s got her nicely cornered.
OY benchClockwatcher: Considering Oh Soo’s own friend told her that she’s being played, she should be suspicious too.

Tessieroo: The cafe owner approaches Attorney Jang and tells him there is something strange about Oh Soo. (Ah, cripes – I knew this guy would blab.) Keep reminding me why I want Soo to be exposed?

Clockwatcher: They can’t have hot non-icky sex if she thinks he’s her brother.

Tessieroo: *hehehe* Strong reason. Oh Young is sitting on a bench crying when Attorney Jang sees her. This poor girl…I cannot imagine what she’s going to feel when she finds out her real brother is dead. *sigh*

Clockwatcher: That was really awful of the scriptwriter. She doesn’t see her brother for 21 years and not only does he die on the same day as her dad, she unknowingly witnesses it. WTF?  She won’t even need to take the pill after she finds out.

Tessieroo: Oh Soo goes to Mom’s secret lair and starts going through the tapes, searching for information on Evil Wang. He listens to a tape of Oh Young saying the doctor said her blindness wasn’t due to a brain tumor but due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. (which is very curable) When she went back the next day with Evil Wang, the doctor told her she heard wrong.

Clockwatcher: She seems resourceful. Why couldn’t she find a way to get her eyes checked without the Evil Wang?

Tessieroo: I’m guessing Wang has her followed 24/7? Oh Soo looks very distressed as he listens to her say she knows Wang manipulated the whole thing. She claims she’s not alone, she has her brother. Oh Soo remembers her brother dying. *sobs* This is sad stuff. Oh Soo remembers her begging to be able to trust him. DUDE! Take her to a hospital right now! *screams at monitor*
eve walkClockwatcher: lol. You’re so dramatic. As long as neither of these people die at the end of this drama, I’m good.

Tessieroo: I’m constantly screaming at my monitor these days but that’s what I get for watching a melo.

Clockwatcher: This drama is actually pretty tame for a melo. There are actually a few happy, lighthearted scenes unlike in the standard melo where death would seem like a welcome comfort to most of the tortured characters. But you know you’re fully invested in a show when you start having conversations with your monitor.

Tessieroo: I talk to the characters all the time. I’m positive that Bummie can hear me. *keke*

Clockwatcher: If Jo In Sung could hear everything us girls said about him, how do you think he would feel? Really embarrassed or Really, really embarrassed?

Tessieroo: Oh Young calls Soo to meet her at the corner by the cafe. He follows her but then run ahead so he can be there when she arrives. He tells her he’s proud of her ability to walk by herself at night. She calls him an idiot, it’s all the same to her: day or night.

Clockwatcher: Why didn’t she hear his footsteps when he was walking behind her? Even I would have figured it out.

Tessieroo: Attorney Jang puts the glass with Soo’s fingerprint in his car and they discuss what to do. Wang wants to get DNA testing done immediately but Jang asks what if both fingerprints and DNA come back as the real brother? Wang says then they should chase him out. So…she doesn’t even care if he’s the real brother or not – she just wants him gone.
promiseClockwatcher: Yeah. Remember she’d been keeping Oh Soo’s letters away from Oh Young for years. Her plan is for Myung Ho to take over the business. I wonder why he’s the chosen one.

Tessieroo: What is the connection between Wang and Myung Ho? Thank GOD Jang tells her he won’t do anything without Oh Young’s permission. Well, at least so far – Jang is a good guy. He puts Wang in her place by telling her the Chairman asked him to find Oh Young’s brother so she wouldn’t be lonely.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, his priority is with the family and just because he loves her doesn’t mean he doesn’t know she’s evil – he just has really poor taste.

Tessieroo: Oh Soo finds out Oh Young has the “death” pill and demands she give it to him. She insists they share it, she would never take it without his permission. After telling Myung Ho on the phone they’ll reschedule the marriage meet (WAE?) Oh Soo asks her if her heart flutters when she meets him? She tells him if that’s the indicator that she likes someone, then she likes Oh Soo. (NOT brother/sister, NOT brother/sister)

Clockwatcher: Poor child. She’s thinks her romantic feelings for her brother are simply sibling feelings. That’s why she wants to sleep with him and touch all over his body. It’s because she’s so damn innocent, you see. So innocent that when she kisses him and starts feeling funny “down there” she will think that’s the difference between kissing one’s brother and kissing Myung Ho. Can’t wait?

Tessieroo: OMG, dying laughing here and it’s 1 in the morning. They decide to go on a vacation with Jin Sung and Hee Sun, sledding and having fun in the snow. Oh Soo kisses her on the forehead when they beat the other two down the hill. (which Hee Sun watches with jealous eyes) Soo takes photos of himself with Oh Young laying beside him.
snow funClockwatcher: lol. Even I made the same face Hee Sun did. Like, dude, remember she’s your sister. Don’t act like it’s the best date you’ve ever been on.

Tessieroo: Hee Sun snatches his phone to look at the pictures and when Oh Young asks how they came out, she snaps at her to look at them herself. What a rude bitch and what a nasty thing to say. I’m really over her now. I don’t even care what she says next.

Clockwatcher: Well, she never pretended to be anything but a bitch. lol

Tessieroo: That night, Oh Young asks Soo to tell her about the other Oh Soo. He explains that Soo’s name meant tree since he was abandoned beneath a tree and only saw his Mother once when she came to give him money. He also explains he got a girl pregnant, then dumped her and she died. He says that Oh Soo was trash from birth. How sad that he’s talking about himself.

Clockwatcher: At least they are filling her in on Oh Soo’s awful past so when she finally learns the truth, she can think back and sympathize with him. And forgive him.

Tessieroo: I really believe she knows, there have been so many little hints. Oh Young tells him that Oh Soo needed someone to comfort him. Like she did when she went blind. Instead of making her be brave and face it, she needed comfort. She thinks that Oh Soo also needed comfort. He cries listening to her. She tells him she’s very curious about that other Oh Soo now and goes off to bed. He continues crying.

Clockwatcher: This scene really can be read in different ways. I suppose she still thinks he’s her brother but one can also think she now knows he’s the fake Oh Soo like you think. Or maybe she’s just suspicious,.

Tessieroo:  Myung Ho and Evil Wang meet to discuss what evil plan to try next. They decide he should meet So Ra to find out if she dated that Oh Soo. I hope these two are casualties when So Ra begins her evil tricks. And then I hope So Ra is a casuality that the club owner will dispose of at the same time he takes care of Moo Chul. Is it okay that I want all these people to die?
OY OS sleepsClockwatcher: lol. So Ra is the funniest villain in history. I wonder what she’ll do next to protect her “love.” If she makes him blind to stop him from looking at other women, it’ll only drive him closer to Oh Young’s arms.

Tessieroo: Oh Soo goes to a hospital to ask a doctor-noona he knows about Oh Young’s condition but there must be a bad history between them as she calls him trash and tells him to get lost. *sigh* I was all excited about this scene but it turns out to be like this? Seriously? I want to know the truth about her eyes!

Clockwatcher: I think Oh Soo has caused a lot of people pain. Perhaps this nuna will be the one to help Oh Young. They’ve already established that she’s a woman of integrity  – she lost a position because she refused to operate on a gangster so Myung Ho and Evil Wang may be unable to bribe her.

Tessieroo: Moo Chul calls So Ra to tell her Oh Soo is conning a rich, pretty girl that he’s her brother. Oh great – he just had to put it that way. Now the monster has been unleashed. Maybe she and Hee Sun will beat each other to death in their jealousy over Oh Soo?

Clockwatcher: lol. You’re really pissed at this Hee Sun thing. For now, I’m ignoring it because they are still maintaining her love line with Jin Sung. If she pours acid on him to stop another woman from loving him then I’ll hate her too.
princessTessieroo: Yea, Hee Sun set me off. But it doesn’t seem to bother Soo at all so why is it making me so mad? (LOL) Oh Young collapses while shopping and one of the shop girls calls Oh Soo. He rushes to her side and picks her up, asking someone to call an ambulance. As he starts to carry Oh Young out, he sees So Ra standing there. Dun, Dun, DUH.

Clockwatcher: I think he’ll recover from his shock rather quickly and continue running.

Tessieroo: I’m so mad about the hospital scene. I was really hoping he would find out something about her eye condition but they had to throw in yet another woman who hates Soo’s guts and thinks he’s trash? *sigh*

Clockwatcher: As I said, I think she’ll eventually become his ally. I’m not that bothered by people thinking that he’s trash because from what we saw in episode 1, he didn’t live a respectable life so he definitely made his share of enemies along the way. I think it’s great that the drama isn’t glossing over that. At least there’s one woman (other than Wang) who doesn’t want to screw him. Watch me have egg on my face next week when we learn that the nuna wants a piece of Oh Soo’s skinny ass too.

Tessieroo: God, I hope not. I love the idea that she will become his ally – that Wang won’t be able to pay her off. So Ra is back and she looks exactly the same: obsessed with Oh Soo and determined to make him hers. I kind of like that the club owner is having her followed though? Maybe he knows she’s the one who stole the money and will gift her with cement shoes so she can swim with the fishes.

Clockwatcher: I think the club owner is some married idiot in love with her. I think he’s another one like Moo Chul who hates him because the woman he loves likes Oh Soo better.
Wang aloneAnyway, another week has gone by and the story is slowing down. I am getting a little tired of all their cute scenes that lead to nothing but blue balls. It looks like there will be lots of conflict next week and wouldn’t it be wonderful if So Ra actually does something nice for a change? She doesn’t really blow his cover and protects him? That would be a nice twist. Get on it, Writer!

Tessieroo: I’m more tired of Oh Young constantly asking Soo to kill her. Okay, we get it: you’re suicidal and don’t trust anyone. Maybe that’s why we keep getting cute, light moments, so she’ll discover she doesn’t really want to die? I don’t know but the “Come kill me” thing is getting old.

Clockwatcher: Yep, it’s tiring and it’s now a case of the ‘the boy who cried wolf.’ One day, she might meet the wrong person and he/she will really kill her at her behest. In other words, she’d better not ask Myung Ho or Evil Wang to kill her.


  • utkim says:

    Thanks Tessie and clockwatcher for awesome recap. I agree that ep 6 slow down a bit, but ep 7 is my def my fav..dun remember how many times i’ve rewatched it already. And i dun want to hear more of OY wanting to die…although i somehow understand her. Can’t wait for tomorrow..hopefully the writer will surprise us more stuffs..maybe so ra will help to speed up revealing this fake bro hehe…and i am all for it.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hi utkim! I know this week seemed to slow down some but I didn’t mind, it’s so GOOD! Have you watched at DramaFever? The subs are SO much clear, they’re really good. I enjoyed both 6 & 7 a lot more the third time around. (LMAO)
      Can’t wait for tomorrow! 🙂

  • kikay14 says:

    thanks again! You have the most entertaining and laugh out loud recaps for a melodrama! You are awesome!

  • couch kimchi says:

    “I am getting a little tired of all their cute scenes that lead to nothing but blue balls.”

    You guys crack me up!


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