That Winter, The Wind Blows Recap EP 8

Clockwatcher is busy this week so she left me on my own. *sniff* I feel like I’ve been abandoned under a tree. (LOL) Both episodes this week were really good but I did end up with some questions that maybe you all can help with. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

losersEpisode 8 begins with Oh Soo doing a princess carry of Oh Young and walking right past So Ra. So Ra turns as if to follow him but is stopped when Myung Ho calls her name. Hee Sun notices So Ra and calls Jin Sung. Oh Young is taken to the hospital via ambulance while Oh Soo follows behind in his car. He ignores a phone call from Evil Wang who has a hissy fit and throws her phone. A maid chimes in on what a horrible brother Oh Soo is. Jin Sung calls Oh Soo to inform him So Ra is now meeting with Myung Ho. Oh Soo tells him what to do but we don’t get to hear it. How cute is Bummie’s perfect English? “Okay. Okay.” *fangirl moment for Bummie*

Myung Ho shows So Ra the picture of the 3 guys and asks if she knows them. When she answers in the affirmative, he pompously says something about a scandal and cancelling her contract. What a tool. He points to brother Oh Soo and asks if this is the man she was dating? So Ra tells him that Oh Soo is dead. (OMO!) She was dating the one next to him. Right then, she gets a call from Jin Sung who tells her Oh Soo is depending on her to handle this. She tries getting Oh Soo’s phone number out of Jin Sung.
hwakSo Ra lies to Myung Ho that she dated that Oh Soo who is the only son of PL Group. Myung Ho again acts holier-than-thou and tells her even if it’s in the past – this scandal is too big. He will send over the contract cancellation. So she’s fired for dating in the past? LMAO! Like, OMG, people are DATING! The absolute horror. And this from the tool who was 3-timing. *rolls eyes*

At the hospital, Oh Soo speaks with the doctor who informs him Oh Young refused any further treatment. Oh Soo tries urging her to get tested to see if the brain tumor is recurring but she refuses. Evil Wang panics every time she has a cold or a headache, thinking it’s the brain tumor and locks her in the hospital for days. She wonders if Oh Soo is now taking Wang’s place? This is heartbreaking – does he “take her side” and let it go or does he seemingly “take Wang’s side” and  ask her to get treated? ARRGGG!
frictionShe promises that if she has more pain, she will get tested. (Yea…riiiight) She convinces him to attend the company party with her so she can show off her brother. When he hesitates, she slyly tells him if she gets sick at the party, she won’t tell him. He calls her  fox with nine tails. Well, that was easy. She totally just manipulated him into doing what she wanted him to. *kekeke*

Oh Young informs Evil Wang her brother is escorting her to the party even if Wang doesn’t like it. Oh, and by the way she’s also not wearing the dress Evil Wang wanted her to – she’s going to wear the dress her brother bought for her. Again, I fully expected her to stomp her feet like a rebellious teen. While I love her spunk with Evil Wang, it never seems to amount to much of anything.
cake bakingJin Sung shows Soo a video Team Oh Soo captured of Myung Ho with his secretary. While they do have photos of her kissing him, the video actually shows him dumping her so it’s useless. Soo tells him to keep following Myung Ho plus he’s having Wang investigated so they should wait to see what comes of that. Evil Wang tells Myung Ho to invite So Ra to the party in hopes that they can catch Soo doing …what exactly? Dating the model they hired? He’s not allowed to date? I realize Wang just want to get rid of Soo by any means possible but this seemed silly and just confused me.

Oh Young takes Soo to a hotel where she’s prepared ingredients to bake a cake. Soo keeps reminding Oh Young he’s leaving for Italy no matter what. She tells him she learned as a sick child not to have hope because she would only end up hurt. That’s so depressing. The cake baking scene is so cute, I replayed it over and over. Who knew cutting cherries was so erotic? Or playing in frosting? I’m now refusing to bake unless I have a tall, handsome man behind me to have a frosting fight with. This is the first time I want to act out a scene from a drama. (LMAO) Of course, he was whispering in her ear so…*clears throat* Moving on! After washing up, Soo finds her frantically searching her suitcase for the bell. He sees it and puts it on top so she can find it. He looks stunned that the bell would mean so much to her that it would cause her to panic.
whispersSoo decides to take her on the ski lift to the top of the mountain. He scolds her for only wearing one pair of socks (it IS freezing riding those lifts) and puts another pair on her, commenting on her tiny feet. It looked like her foot fit into the palm of his hand. *kekeke* Some bodyguards show up to insist it’s dangerous and Evil Wang wouldn’t like it nor would the company shareholders. Soo tells them to make sure no one finds out then. He further says they are not pieces of furniture to sit inside a room. Oh Young cutely mimics everything he says.

After a piggy-back ride to the top of the mountain, Soo takes off her earmuffs so she can hear the sound of frozen, icy branches hitting against each other which sound like chimes. He back hugs her while explaining even when he’s gone, when the winter wind blows, the trees will make this sound. *tears up* He wishes she could see it but what he really wishes she could see is herself because she’s beautiful and amazing. She tears up and turns around to kiss his cheek. He pulls her into a close hug. Breathtakingly beautiful.
cake warsLater she tries the “what if I get sick again?” line to ask if she can sleep in the same room with him. (and he totally falls for it because he wants to sleep with her too, right?) He reads her to sleep and then watches her sleeping while she’s clutching the bell. He again almost kisses her. This time, I’m pretty sure their lips touched. She stirs so he pulls away.

The next morning, Oh Young gets coffee ready and pulls the cake out. Very cute the way she keeps stopping to make sure she’s not waking him. She spills coffee pouring it into a cup. She leaves and then calls him to sing Happy Birthday. She also gifted him a bracelet with a bell attached so that he too could hear it and think of her once he’s gone. As he eats the cake, in voice-over he says to himself that he heard a warning in his heart not to continue. For the first time, he knew that he would be the one getting hurt. From the look on his face, I think he’s just now realizing how deeply in love he is and that this won’t end well.
playarSoo goes to the event room where Oh Young is learning her part in the program, counting how many steps to the podium. He shakes his wrist so the bell rings and she looks up. Why do I feel like this bracelet will be really important later? Moo Chul and So Ra discuss her going to the party and being careful that Boss Kim doesn’t find out. It’s clear to me he doesn’t want the money – he just wants to mess up Soo’s life as much as he can. It turns out the female doctor Soo tried to see is Moo Chul’s sister. So my earlier question is answered: YES, all these people know each other. *snicker snort*

Moo Chul tells his sister he only has two months to live so she should leave him alone. My next question: how many people in this drama are sick and/or dying? YEESH. I’m guessing this sister abandoned her family in her pursuit to become a doctor so Moo Chul blames her for his becoming a gangster. Because he had to take care of all their siblings. And being a gangster is the only way to earn money, ya know.
lostHee Sun flirts with Jin Sung (FINALLY) as they follow Myung Ho. Evil Wang and Myung Ho greet guests coming to the company party. Attorney Jang is on the phone with the cafe owner who sent him a picture of Soo with So Ra. (Again, so what?) He tells Jang that Soo is not an Italian Chef but an illegal gambler. So Ra arrives at the party. Oh Young fiddles with Soo’s tie and tells him the board will most likely replace her since she’s handicapped but if they see she has her big, strong brother beside her – they’ll know she’s not alone. Oh Young appears to be in pain again as Soo comments that her hands are really sweaty.

Soo escorts her to the podium and she introduces him as her brother. A moment of panic crosses both Myung Ho and Evil Wang’s faces as she says she’s always ready to give him the Chairmanship. She continues that he’s not interested though since he’s on his way to Italy to be a chef. So Ra laughs at this. Soo sees So Ra and she nods, indicating he should meet her outside. Myung Ho and Evil Wang watch as So Ra gets up to follow him out and Myung Ho calls someone to tail them. Hee Sun starts to follow until Jin Sung pulls her back into her seat: their part is to follow Myung Ho, let Soo handle So Ra.
fix tieMyung Ho’s secretary/girlfriend shows up but quickly leaves when he looks at her. At the podium, Oh Young is sweating like crazy but seems to be hiding it really well. So Ra tells Soo which room to meet her in. They ride the elevator up together, he borrows her phone as he calls her attention to the security cameras. Soo calls Boss Kim to tell him he should keep a closer eye on  his girlfriend. HA! I loved that part but it probably just pissed So Ra off so now she’ll go full on psycho. At least Soo was smart enough to know they were being followed. (As opposed to not wearing gloves to break into a safe)
pestThe board members are all happy and will vote for Oh Young in the next election which makes Myung Ho and Evil Wang happy. Myung Ho is praised for letting Oh Young be escorted by her brother. (Like he had any say in that – LOL) Myung Ho is informed his spy saw Soo with So Ra but didn’t hear what they were saying. Oh Young calls Soo from a taxi to let him know she’s going home. He notices her voice sounds strange but she assures him she’s fine. In reality, she’s in a lot of pain again. She tells him she’ll take some medicine once she gets home. He freaks out thinking she might be referring to the “death pill” and gives chase in his car.
OY outAttorney Jang calls a detective he knows to inquire about a gambler named Oh Soo. Soo arrives home in time to hear Oh Young drop a glass in the kitchen. He sees her slumped over the counter and the empty pill bottle.
emptyThoughts –

I loved all the cute, heartwarming moments in this episode but I have a feeling we’re now going to enter the angst. I was surprised the female doctor was Moo Chul’s sister. Exactly how many people in this drama have terminal illnesses? Does anyone besides me feel like Moo Chul dying was a curve ball that wasn’t needed? I do like seeing more of his background but was it necessary he also be ill? OR..will he die and then donate something to someone? *major hints to the writer* Ahahahaha.

I think Soo has been feeling guilty about this con for a while now but I also think he might not have fully thought of the consequences until he was eating the cake. It’s like he just realized he’s in love with her but he’s supposed to be her brother. Or like he finally thought of how unlikely it is that Oh Young would forgive him if/when she finds out what he’s been up to. Yes, he will be the one getting hurt. And for the first time, he can see it coming. Ottoke?
cute 1I really wish we could hear what Oh Young was thinking but maybe the second half of this will be all about her. I also wish I knew or understood how much pain she is in that makes her constantly wish to die. Is it all physical pain or is she also emotionally tired of everything? I don’t understand why she’s suicidal. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please fill me in.

I’ve also considered that because the story seems to be being told from Soo’s perspective, that Oh Young will die. That seems to be a favorite in Korean dramas that the story teller is the only one who survives. I’m desperately hoping that’s not the case here.

barely kiss
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  • kikay14 says:

    tessieroo, thanks so much for this wonderful recap though msclockwatcher is not joining you! it’s as always awesome!

  • utkim says:

    Thanks tessie for making time this recap. I really love this breathtakingly beautiful. Someone might think it slows down now, while i really appreciate the writer takes time to show us how deep and strong their relationship is. About why she’s suicidal, i think the loneliness and pains for all these years, separate from her mom and bro and her blindness, i think i somehow feel for her….sometimes i have contacts with few patients at the hospital, they want rather die than to endure all the pains..i think we are lucky and haven’t got through those pains, we might hardly get to understand for why, but i do feel for them, it could be unbearable at times.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey @utkim! So you think it’s both physical pain and loneliness that makes her suicidal? I haven’t figured out the physical pain part yet but my knowledge of brain tumors is severely lacking. (as well as my knowledge of pain levels for cancer patients) It’s something I know nothing about so thanks for your insights.
      I loved this episode too, my favorite so far. Soo finally thought of the consequences of his actions which I’m not sure he fully thought out before now. He’s in love. And she probably will never forgive him once she finds out about her real brother. IT’S SO GOOD! *hugz* Thanks for the comment.

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