That Winter, The Wind Blows Recap EP 14

Tessieroo: The inevitable breakup. *sobs* Knew it was coming but still cried like a baby.
understandTessieroo: After the kiss, Oh Young says “Now it’s really over, right?” This time, I did notice she kind of kissed him back. And I also noticed those sighing noises she was making. *kekeke* I’m sure he noticed them too.

Clockwatcher: This time the tear came after the kiss.

Tessieroo: She sits outside by the fire and Soo tells her to come inside. She tells him to call Attorney Jang right now but he shuts off the phone and says they’re going to be together tonight. (OMO!) He says they’ll go back tomorrow. Oh Young asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing?

Clockwatcher: Girl, I can’t date this kind of man at all. He can’t even let the girl have her tantrum in peace.

Tessieroo: I know, men always want to “fix” things. Soo tells her it’s okay to get angry.

Clockwatcher: UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Dude, you screwed her over and now you’re trying to be understanding? Are you kidding me right now? If I were her, I would stab him in his sleep and tell the police I mistook him for the rabbit we caught that night.
sleepingTessieroo: She coldly says it’s fine – she had fun after she met him so she’s being understanding. She blames herself because the moment she met him, her heart fluttered.

Clockwatcher: His smell must really be amazing.

Tessieroo: She’s being very understanding of him, right? He can’t begin to understand her pain – the person she ended up loving, believing he was her brother, was a con man. She tells him to stop and throws her mug. His final words are that his love for her is sincere.

Clockwatcher: Is it just me or is he being extremely irritating right now? You’ve been found out, Con man, at least pretend to be slightly ashamed. UGHHH!!!! I want to strangle him with his red pants.

Tessieroo: He ends up sitting up beside her and she tells him to go in the other room. He refuses, she is his responsibility until he takes her home. Well, that’s not romantic at all.

Clockwatcher: She says that it’s sad that he’s her guardian even at that moment and I really felt her pain. That would make anybody hate their life.
touch OSTessieroo: She turns her back and falls asleep. He watches her sleeping. Will he kiss her again?

Clockwatcher: Please, no! This is one time I’ll beg him to keep his lips to himself.

Tessieroo: Sometime later, Oh Young wakes up and starts to leave the room when she bumps into his long legs. She covers him with the blanket and then touches his face again. What the…what is with these two? Why can’t they kiss and/or touch each other while both of them are AWAKE? *screams in frustration*

Clockwatcher: I really don’t think they should be playing kissy-face at this moment. It just shows how starved for sincere affection she is because a regular person won’t be coping a feel so shortly after learning someone pretended to be her dead brother to con her out of millions. I mean, really?

Tessieroo: How awesome would it have been if he woke up right when she was touching his lips again and grabbed her hand? Then he could have touched her lips too and … I should have written this scene.

Clockwatcher: lol. I thought she fell asleep. Yours sounds better.

Tessieroo: Moo Chul, his side kick and the annoying kid he refused to hire are eating in Jin Sung’s family restaurant. Jin Sung’s family looks uncomfortable and wants them to leave. The annoying kid asks Moo Chul why he can’t kill Soo, is he scared? Moo Chul says he came to eat her food because it reminds him of his Mom.
MC JSClockwatcher: Moo Chul is the classic case of “Do as I say, not as  I do” so I wonder why he constantly wastes his breath “advising” people to not be like him. He’s probably the most self-loathing person in this drama.  I do love how Jin Sung punched him knowing Moo Chul could easily destroy him if he chose to fight back – but then again, he’ll heal in an episode which is probably why he doesn’t mind getting punched all the time.

Tessieroo: Soo carries Oh Young piggy-back down the hill to the car, telling her to hold on tight. She wants him to call Attorney Jang but he tells her no – he told her they would go back in the evening.

Clockwatcher: I think I know why Oh Soo is pissing me off big time right now. He reminds me of one older dude I dated who thought he was my daddy and everything I said fell on deaf ears because his ideas/thoughts/beliefs/whatever were always better. Dude, if she tells you she wants to leave, let her leave. Unless you know a missile will be sent to her home between the hours of 1pm and 5pm, I suggest you call Lawyer Jang right now! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Tessieroo: LMAO at you getting all frustrated – I’m usually the one screaming. She wants to know what makes him so confident? He says he just doesn’t want to be pathetic. She tells him it worked, he sounds shameless.  She looks like her face is made of stone in this scene.
stone faceClockwatcher: If that were me, my face would be made of fire.

Tessieroo: He drives them to an open market and she demands the phone. He dials Attorney Jang and tells her to say they will be back in the evening. If she doesn’t, he’ll take her farther away.

Clockwatcher: No comment to avoid sounding like a scratched CD.

Tessieroo: Attorney Jang answers the phone, frantic to know where she is. She tells him she will be home that night. He tells them Oh Young said Soo is leaving and Evil Wang needs to pack too. *uncontrollable fit of giggles* Evil Wang sits staring into space and Myung Ho is wondering what the hell is going on. (HA!)

Clockwatcher: Myung Ho has really been underutilized in this drama. I feel like they forgot about him. Instead, it’s all about gangsters and stuff.

Tessieroo:  Soo and Oh Young walk around the market and Soo talks about the orphanage. Oh Young is mostly silent but does snipe about being anxious, just like she did when she became blind and thought someone was messing with her. Ouch but I get it.

Clockwatcher: Soo must spend time with her as himself whether she likes it or not. And be forced to hear his stories.
red beansTessieroo: When she complains she doesn’t know why he’s doing this, he admits he wanted to stay with her just a little longer. They sit down to eat red-bean soup but she won’t eat so he gives hers to the young boy sitting beside them. The only thing I liked about this whole market scene was Soo talking to this boy. Adorable.

Clockwatcher: For me, I’m wondering why the mom allowed her son to go over to him and let him whisper in his ear and touch him.

Tessieroo: OMG, cows! Where is Jin Sung’s Dad? He should be here for this.

Clockwatcher: Good thing he’s not here because the excitement would kill him.

Tessieroo: Soo doesn’t know how to say goodbye – he’s never done it before. He didn’t say goodbye to his Mom or Hee Joo. She says “goodbye” and walks away. Okay, we get it: she’s angry and unforgiving right now.

Clockwatcher: I’m on her side. He’s the culprit here but he must have his way and say goodbye because he’s never done it before. What about her? What if she doesn’t want his goodbye? But because he’s selfish, he must have his way.

Tessieroo: Soo gets a reminder text from Moo Chul that his death day is almost here. Jin Sung is trying to reason with Boss Kim that Soo is more useful to him alive. Do any of these people know Boss Kim just wants Soo dead, no matter what? It’s not about the money! I’m so tired of them all talking about this money!

Clockwatcher: I don’t think they know Kim just wants him dead and knows So Ra really stole the money. So Jin Sung is just trying to save his hyung’s life.
moneyTessieroo: They finally get home and Oh Young says that those who are leaving should pack now. She meets with Myung Ho and apologizes for calling off the wedding. She’s made Jang her new power-of-attorney in place of Evil Wang (HA!) and wants Myung Ho to run for Chairman in her place, but she will not marry him. 

Clockwatcher: That’s all he ever wanted, right? He should be happy.

Tessieroo: Soo is given a suitcase full of money by Jang (7.8 million probably?) and told that Oh Young requested he be given this money. Soo tells Jang he’s glad that he’s there to look out for Oh Young and then tells Evil Wang goodbye. He picks up the suitcase and walks away.

Clockwatcher: She gives him what he wanted.

Tessieroo: Evil Wang is told she gets to keep company shares but she’s been stripped of her duties as legal guardian. Jang tells her Oh Young won’t file formal charges against her for embezzling money nor will she bring up her purposely withholding medical treatment – that’s all in the past. Evil Wang throws a tantrum and Oh Young calls her in for a chat.

Clockwatcher: She’s upset but she also gets to keep all her stolen money and her shares. The characters in this drama are all irritating. Doesn’t this bitch know how to be humble after all she did? They all act entitled for some reason.
begs 1Tessieroo: Evil Wang begins by saying Oh Young knew from the beginning that she ruined her eyes. Why did she never say anything? Oh Young replies she needed someone to run the company. Evil Wang then asks  why she never said anything about the embezzlement? Oh Young replies that her Father told her the only way to keep people around was to let them steal a little bit.

Tessieroo: Evil Wang asks if she believes she killed the Chairman? She tells her he signed a DNR order which means no life-saving measures will be taken. She blabbers on about taking money from the Chairman because she hated him. I see her mouth moving but I’m not listening/caring/understanding anything she’s saying.

Clockwatcher: Is this supposed to be some kind of twist? The witch didn’t even look conflicted when she let the Chairman die. She was the reason her parents divorced but she hated him so she stole from him? So why didn’t she freaking leave? She was already so in love with Oh Young that she couldn’t? And blinded her out of love of what is this twisted woman even talking about? She needs to take several seats.

Tessieroo: She just wants to stay by Oh Young’s side, and insists that Oh Young is her daughter.

Clockwatcher: I’m pissed they didn’t make Oh Soo her son. It’s because the source material is a Japanese drama. Otherwise, she would so be his mom. Writer-nim, why couldn’t you give me this little thing?

Tessieroo: Oh Young says “Goodbye” and “Thank you”. Evil Wang breaks down crying and says she will leave – because that’s what Mothers do: they lose to their children. Psycho. You are NOT her Mother. Just.Go.Away.
packsClockwatcher: Bitch, that’s not what mothers do. That’s what you do – you made Young’s mom lose her child. But I love Oh Young’s line – when I open my eyes, I don’t want to see you. Cold blooded.

Tessieroo: Oh Young says it’s fair. She lost her eyes and Evil Wang is losing her “daughter”. I don’t get that this woman thinks somewhere in her tiny little brain that Oh Young would forgive her for letting her go blind? Are ya kidding me?

Clockwatcher: It’s funny that she feels wronged and used when she’s a thief and a blinder. I’m not even sure about this whole mercy killing thing. This bitch can twist anything to sound like a hero. And as she was packing her clothes, all I can think is, “This woman loves white.”

Tessieroo: I noticed that too, tons of white blouses that all looked the same. Soo is leaving his room right when Oh Young approaches the top of the stairs. She stops and Soo wishes her luck with her surgery. She encourages him to forgive his Mother for abandoning him and forgive himself for what happened to Hee Joo.

Clockwatcher: After explaining that her father had mentally prepared her for everyone ripping her off, no wonder she’s not that mad at Oh Soo. I wish she could meet  someone who doesn’t start out trying to get money from her. For this, her story will always be tragic to me.
love youTessieroo: As he turns to leave, she tells him she loved him. But she doesn’t think she can keep him beside her and love him. He’s not guilty for conning her, it’s what he had to do to survive. She was happy while he was here. The only reason I’m tearing up is because Soo is tearing up.

Tessieroo: As he walks out, he stops and puts the suitcase full of money on a sofa. Jang sees this and grabs it, running out to stop him. Jang tells him to take the money but Soo holds up a little bit of it and tells Jang this is all he needs. Jang tells him he knows his life depends on this money so he should take it. Soo tells him to never leave Oh Young’s side. I love Jang, he’s concerned about Soo. What a sweetheart.

Clockwatcher: With the money, I feel it’s take it or leave it. I don’t think taking just a little bit makes him look that much better.

Tessieroo: Soo drives away with his hand out the window, feeling the wind and with memories shifting through his mind which make him smile. Oh Young is alone in her room and opens the window. She hears the bell chime. Soo must have hung it back up after digging it out of the trash.
memoriesClockwatcher: Once again, she must have that bell whether she likes it or not.

Tessieroo: Soo pays off Jin Sung’s debt with the little bit of money he took and when Moo Chul asks about his own debt, Soo just smiles and walks away. MEH – we’re talking about the stupid money again. I’m so over it. Soo then sells his car and gives that money to Jin Sung’s Dad, telling him to move to the country.

Clockwatcher: What’s so amazing about this countryside? I’m thinking of quitting my job and moving there just to see what the fuss is about.

Tessieroo: And cows. You must have some cows. The next morning, Evil Wang prepares a meal and then leaves. The most awkward meal ever happens while Evil Wang drives…no where. She calls her sister to find out her parents address cuz, ya know – she forgot it when she took over Oh Young’s life. Pffffffftttttt. Whatever. I know these scenes are made to inspire sympathy in the viewer but it’s certainly not working on me.

Clockwatcher: She abandoned her family to live in a mansion. Where’s the sympathy for her supposed to come from?

Get OUTTessieroo: Hee Sun tries to wake Soo, who has been sleeping for 24 hours. She chews him out for not taking the money. Soo tells Jin Sung he’s going to set up a new game. *sigh* We’re back to gambling? He tells Jin Sung to stay out of it. Crap, Crap, Crap – this makes me so nervous for Jin Sung.

Clockwatcher: I like that Jin Sung isn’t letting Oh Soo play his daddy role to him even if it ends with dire consequences.

Tessieroo: Soo meets with Boss Kim who is trying to come up with a plan that I don’t get.  He wants Soo dead so why not just kill him? He’s pretty insistent that Jin Sung be involved but Soo is equally insistent that he not be. He tells Soo if he wins this game, he’s free. Riiight. I’m really worried about Jin Sung though.

Clockwatcher: Why can’t he just leave cutie Jin Sung alone? I don’t understand Oh Soo’s clothes, though. He looks like he’s in 18th century Mexico.

Tessieroo: The wardrobe person needed to be fired the moment she put him in suspenders. Soo texts Moo Chul to be careful because Boss Kim will probably try to kill him.
bromanceClockwatcher: Soo and Moo Chul are perfect frenemies. I feel like they should be characters on Mean Girls.

Tessieroo: Sure enough, that annoying kid is stalking Moo Chul and playing with a knife. Lovely.

Clockwatcher: The poor dude can’t walk without feeling pain. They should just let nature take its course – he’ll be dying soon enough.

Tessieroo: Oh Young watches TV and remembers Soo. Soo hears the bell on his bracelet and remembers Oh Young. Both cry. I’m more moved by Soo’s tears for some reason. Heartbreaking.

Clockwatcher: Not me.
hits bothThoughts –

Tessieroo: I initially felt like nothing happened in this episode but when I sat down to write about it, I realized stuff happened. Wang and Soo were booted, wedding called off, Myung Ho put in charge of the company, Jang in charge of everything else. But all those things only took 15 minutes or so of screen time. The rest was talk about the damned money. URG.

Clockwatcher: lol. The money is what got the plot moving in the first place. But you were right initially. Very little happened – they just really stretched it out.

Tessieroo: Of course, we also got our OTP spending the proper amount of time missing each other and looking sad. This part always seems silly to me – just pick up the phone. It never works that way, it’s never that simple. But why not?
bell chimes
Clockwatcher: I’m not feeling the OTP much because I think Soo’s attitude stinks. I know he’s in pain but he should show some remorse and humility to Young, regardless of if he thinks not doing that is better for her. And he freaking needs to stop thinking he knows what’s right for everybody. UGH.

Tessieroo: I’m really disappointed we didn’t get any type of reason from Evil Wang about exactly why she did that to Oh Young’s eyes. She put it in the same category as embezzling money. Very disappointed.

Clockwatcher: Wang will always be a confusing and badly written character.

alone again


  • h0ns niech says:

    As usual.. What a fun recap you’re doing there, ladies. Thank you..

    It seems nothing happened in this ep, but something did happen like you mentioned, but that didnt took long. What I like about this ep is how the writer and director tell us how this two people live after the break up, like a normal story in reality (or my reality). We’re argueing but we move on..

    Ok, can’t wait for your next recap. Thanks again

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey @h0ns_niech – I didn’t think it was slow once I stopped to think about everything that happened. I guess initially I wanted more. (LMAO) I’m greedy.

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