That Winter, The Wind Blows Final Recap

Tessieroo: It’s the end! *sniffs* I’m really going to miss these characters.

Clockwatcher: I dragged my feet with this one. Part of me wanted it to end but another part wasn’t ready to let go of these characters.
MC dies

Tessieroo: Soo runs to the house, yelling Oh Young’s name. He finds her in the bathroom with her wrist cut, passed out against the bathtub.

Clockwatcher: Apparently, that’s not the right way to slash one’s wrist for a suicide so me thinks everything will be okay.

Tessieroo: And did you also notice she only cut one wrist? Moo Chul grabs the knife annoying kid tried to stab him with (gasp) and breaks his arm. WOOT! He tells annoying kid to go home. So he did that on purpose to keep annoying kid from a life of crime? *sniff* I love Moo Chul.

Clockwatcher: Looking out for others till the very end. But ouch, that had to hurt!

Tessieroo: Jin Sung appears as Moo Chul spits up blood and passes out on the street. Doctor/Noona is seen running out of the hospital. Jin Sung runs, carrying Moo Chul on his back and telling him to hold on – they’re almost at the hospital. Suddenly Moo Chul’s arms fall away from Jin Sung’s shoulders. He’s dead. Jin Sung falls to his knees, crying “Moo Chul hyung”.  So sad! *sobs*
MC morgueClockwatcher: On the bright side, he died while receiving a piggy back ride. But on a more serious note, I was glad to see that he didn’t die alone.

Tessieroo: Doctor/Noona attends to Oh Young, saying she needs to sleep. Attorney Jang looks so heartbroken, I knew this would crush the old guy.  Doctor/Noona tells Soo that Oh Young will be fine and then tells him Moo Chul is dead. He was sick for a long time. Jin Sung called her on her way there and told her. After living like a dog, Moo Chul died like one. Soo looks stunned and grabs her hand but she pulls away.

Clockwatcher: I should have been crying but I was mesmerized by her Harry Potter glasses.

Tessieroo: Jin Sung and Hee Sun cry seeing Moo Chul in the morgue.  Oh Young wakes up the next morning, asking if Soo is there?

Clockwatcher: She can recognize that smell anywhere.

Tessieroo: I’m actually dying to smell that cologne, what’s it called? Something that starts with an “H”. He shakes his wrist so she hears the bell on his bracelet. He tells her to sleep more. Attorney Jang asks Evil Wang to come back to the house. She says she’s the one who made Oh Young the way she is, how can she?

Tessieroo: Moo Chul’s sidekick has one of the gangsters brought before Jin Sung and tells him the money given to him was a set up by Boss Kim. Jin Sung hits the gangster. He tells Jin Sung to be careful of Boss Kim. The nurse tells Oh Young she’s leaving since her brother is here. Obviously this lady hasn’t been informed of the plot twist – he’s NOT her brother. And we’re still waiting for proper kisses.

iloveyou hugClockwatcher: lol. I know, right? Maybe she had the week off.

Tessieroo: Seriously? She touches his face while he’s sleeping again? *sigh* I need to take over the script so that both of them are awake when any touching happens. She remembers Soo telling her to listen to his video, he still has things to say to her even if she doesn’t want to hear it. She goes to the greenhouse.

Clockwatcher: Perhaps she should have done this before trying to end her life.

Tessieroo: She finds the letter he wrote in braille. On the tape, he tells her for the first time, his trashy life wasn’t sad – because of her.  He wants to meet again someday to tell her all of the things he hasn’t been able to yet: his first impression of her, when he started loving her, how pretty she is and all his sins. He also wants to tell her how much her real brother loved her. She cries and shuts off the tape. Soo calls out her name, he must have woken up and panicked that she was gone. He sees her coming in and sits down on the stairs in relief. She tells him she’s hungry. He says she needs to be where he can see her to feel secure so he carries her. *swoon* What is it about being picked up and carried by a man that makes (some – ME) women swoon? *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: I’ll tell you when it happens to me.

Tessieroo: He watches her eat the potato soup he made and tells her he’s really thinking of becoming a chef. When he cooks, Jin Sung and Hee Sun both say it’s good.

Clockwatcher: Springing up a new plot in the final episode? The whole time he was pretending to be an Italian chef, how come he never whipped up Italian dishes for them?
tears kissTessieroo: After eating, he brings her tea and tells her Attorney Jang is on his way. He also tells her Jin Sung and Hee Sun left for the country and will probably get married. She interrupts him to say when Jang returns, he should leave. She still can’t forgive him. Great, she’s being all cold again?

Clockwatcher: To be quite honest, I don’t know what is happening.

Tessieroo: Soo closes his eyes as she continues: Even if he didn’t take the money, things can’t be like they used to be. But then she tells him if she’s alive after the surgery, they can meet. Oh, so …first she smacks him down and then offers a reprieve? YA! PRINCESS! He just saved your life!

Clockwatcher: To be fair, she was taking her own life. So should she be happy or sad that he saved her?

Tessieroo: When they meet again, she will demand truthful answers to all her questions – especially where her brother was buried or where his ashes are scattered? *sobs* I still miss the real Oh Soo and wish she had met him at least once. She then tells him even when she tried to end it, a part of her wanted him to come to her. Soo buries his face in his hands and cries on hearing this. She pulls his hands away from his face and tells him it’s not over between them, they can talk when her surgery is over. He pulls her close and kisses her. She wipes the tears from his cheeks and tells him not to cry. She loves him very much. He pulls her into his arms and cries harder, saying “I love you” over and over. *runs for more tissues*

Clockwatcher: Did I miss something? She just tried to kill herself. Is she going to explain why? She’s suddenly up for having surgery and not dying. WHY? What made her change her mind? We are getting all this lovey-dovey scenes and I don’t even know how the story got here.

Tessieroo: Soo tucks her into bed and wraps the string around her wrist.
chimesClockwatcher: How does she not keep the entire house awake with the bell when she tosses and turns while sleeping?

Tessieroo: She rings the bell and smiles. He tells her he’s leaving and then kisses her forehead, her eyes and her cheek. He grabs her hands and tells her that he hopes that she likes him when she sees him

Clockwatcher: Imagine if she regains her sight and discovers she prefers Myung Ho?

Tessieroo: You are evil – and must be destroyed. (LOL) Soo calls Evil Wang on his way out and tells her he was wrong. He asks her to stay with Oh Young, she is the only one he can leave Oh Young with. Evil Wang looks touched. (Maybe? I dunno, her face is hard to read.)

Clockwatcher: This thing doesn’t make a lick of sense but let’s pretend it does. It’s a Kumbaya concert for all.

Tessieroo: Attorney Jang tells Soo that Oh Young is worried he didn’t take the money and he heard Moo Chul died. Does that mean everything is over? Soo lies that he doesn’t need the money everything is over. He looks up to see Oh Young standing at her window. Jang tells him he will call him when she goes into surgery.

Tessieroo: As Soo walks away, Oh Young rings the bell from her window. He smiles, turns around and shakes the tiny bell on his bracelet. MORE! I want MORE cute moments!

Clockwatcher: I’m not feeling this. After such a dramatic cliffhanger, their reunion has been rather anti-climactic. There should have been more passion, screaming or something. UGH! I mean, the bell thing is cute but still…
happy familyTessieroo: The next morning when Oh Young sits down for breakfast, Evil Wang is there and recites the dishes as she normally would. She places her hand on Oh Young’s shoulder who covers it with her own. I guess all is forgiven now? Oh Young tears up.

Clockwatcher: I thought you’re not supposed to eat before surgery.

Tessieroo: That was the first thing I thought of too! LMAO! Soo helps Jin Sung’s family pack up the restaurant. Oh Young meets with Doctor/Noona and admits she’s been really happy in her life but she is hoping to wake up after the surgery. (Well, yea – that would be good.)

Clockwatcher: Do we have a different writer for this episode? The psycho, moody doctor who’s always insisted the surgery only had a 10% chance suddenly says it’s now 50% because of Oh Young’s attitude. How come she never could say one encouraging word in the past? Her brother dies and now she’s a ball of sunshine? Well at least now I know why she had breakfast – there’s still one more day before surgery.

Tessieroo: Evil Wang finally apologizes for Oh Young being blind. She still doesn’t really give a reason for doing it though, I knew I wouldn’t get an explanation. *sigh* They hug. I’m so annoyed.

Clockwatcher: There’s no reasonable explanation and she shouldn’t be forgiven but they want us to accept Evil Wang and find this display of emotion touching so here we are. I love how what she did was just her being  “terrible at displaying her love.” Hilarious. This is the same woman that kept her from meeting her real brother by hiding those letters.
forgivenTessieroo: Soo readies for his big game with the other gamblers.

Clockwatcher: Hee Sun asks him to hug her and he says something about her boyfriend being there. As long as he doesn’t grab her ass, I think he’s fine.

Tessieroo: I dunno, that red suit doesn’t really scream “grab my ass, baby” to me. If it was this easy to begin with, why all the shenanigans with trying to steal money from Oh Young? This plot just went sideways on me.

Clockwatcher: Only just now?

Tessieroo: Jin Sung drops Soo off, seeming to leave after but then sneaks in the back while Soo goes in the front. Moo Chul’s side-kick nods to Jin Sung on his way in. Good to know that guy is there, looking out for them. Boss Kim explains the rules to all the gamblers. Zzzzzzzz.

Clockwatcher: Can you move a little to the side? I need to sleep too.

Tessieroo: Sorry, lemme grab my Jo In Sung pillow. Boss Kim tells Soo to play with Jin Sung. Soo is pissed because he told Jin Sung to stay out of it but he reluctantly agrees.

Clockwatcher: Jo In Sung’s crazy eyes when Oh Soo is pissed crack me up.
fight w JSTessieroo: Jin Sung tells him he can beat him until he’s dead – once they win. LMAO. Jin Sung’s family and Hee Sun pack up a truck to head to the country while some guy watches them. Is he one of Boss Kim’s creepy minions? Soo starts losing on purpose, folding several winning hands while Jin Sung looks at him like he’s a crazy man. Finally getting pissed, Jin Sung calls Soo out to the hall to talk. Are our boys fighting now? This plot really gonna go that sideways? Ah, it was a plan to draw Boss Kim in further. Soo even teases him that So Ra took his money and ran off. Whatever, I’m not really interested. This whole big gambling game makes me feel like we all wasted our time getting invested in the con at the beginning.

Clockwatcher: The final episode is supposed to be about the OTP not some stupid con we don’t care about. Fine, they want to show us how he gets out of it without stealing her money but if this option existed, why didn’t he do it in the first place? And now it’s got me missing the fauxmantic scenes of one person touching the other while they are sleeping.

Tessieroo: Jin Sung calls Moo Chul’s side-kick who has taken control of the CTTV room so Boss Kim can’t cheat. Ah, so that’s why side-kick guy is there. Okay, I get it. If Boss Kim tries anything or tries to stop Soo’s team or the other team from leaving, the police will be called.

Clockwatcher: The same police who threw Oh Soo in jail with fake evidence?
S losingTessieroo: Oh Young gets wheeled into surgery as Soo checks his watch. Boss Kim starts laughing, thinking he won the final hand. But Soo has a Straight Flush. He leaves the room to call Mi Ra and find out about Oh Young. So that’s it? It’s all over? It was that easy to pay this guy his money back?

Clockwatcher: Apparently, he thought conning a blind girl for 100 days would be easier.

Tessieroo: Nope, not over. Boss Kim calls one of his flunky’s who is following Jin Sung’s family and mentions the intersection they’re at. Jin Sung calls Hee Sun and finds out they are indeed at that very intersection. Boss Kim gives him a knife, the implication clear: he either kills Soo or his whole family will die.

Clockwatcher: What exactly is Kim’s motivation? So Ra of all people? And why is it so hard for him to kill Oh Soo since it’s apparently his greatest life’s wish?

Tessieroo: Soo hears from Mira that Oh Young went into surgery smiling and Wang is there. He smiles while chatting on the phone. As he turns, he is stabbed. *big huge sigh* Tell me we did not just go there. Soo falls to the ground.  He finally manages to pull himself up against the person who stabbed him. It’s Jin Sung.

Clockwatcher: Silly twist that makes no sense. It was just too rushed to have any impact. This is the same Jin Sung who fought tooth and nail to save Oh Soo and didn’t heed any of his warnings. The Jin Sung I know would have told Oh Soo and they would have come up with a plan.

Tessieroo: Soo cups Jin Sung’s face in his hands, asking “Why?” Jin Sung pulls him arm back as if to stab Soo again but he can’t do it. He drops the knife.
JS stabs SClockwatcher: The Jin Sung I know would have stabbed himself before stabbing his hyung. Or at least, stabbed himself after out of shame. Sorry, not buying it!

Tessieroo: They both fall to their knees, Soo says Oh Young is waiting for him. I’m sort of staring at my screen with interest in the acting but zero interest in what just happened. Phenomenal acting by Jo In Sung. Soo manages to make it to his feet but eventually falls again and the scene fades on his blank, staring eyes.

Clockwatcher: Why is Jin Sung wailing like a professional mourner? He should kill himself.

Tessieroo: There’s a time jump: one year later in Spring. Oh Young is with a bus of both blind students and their families/friends. Attorney Jang, Wang and Myung Ho are there, blind-folded. They go to the cafe for a book reading. Oh Young reaches over and grabs the hand of the young, blind man next to her and looks directly at him. She can see?

Clockwatcher: Myung Ho looks hot with that mask on. And I’m not being sarcastic.
blind teachTessieroo: Next, Oh Young is in a taxi and rolls down the window. She glances up at the trees passing by. She asks the taxi driver to let her out among rows of cherry blossom trees. When she gets out, she opens her walking stick. So …she can’t see that well, maybe?  She hears a bell chime and a man wearing a bracelet just like the one Soo has rides by on his bike. He stops a few feet ahead of her and looks back but then rides on. He’s all blurry – are we seeing what Oh Young can see? She smiles.

Tessieroo: Hee Sun rides up on the back of another guy’s motorcycle and Jin Sung asks that guy if he knows he slept with Hee Sun? The guy asks Hee Sun if that’s true and when she says yes, he tells her to get off. (LMAO) He tells her that’s the 3rd one, can she just stop it now? She laughs that he’s jealous.

Clockwatcher: After witnessing their “passionate” kisses, I don’t want to imagine what their sex life is like.

Tessieroo: I know, I wonder if Kim Bum will ever do a proper kiss in a drama. She asks what flowers they should bring when they go see Soo tomorrow. Jin Sung says Lambs Ear.
jealous 1Tessieroo: Oh Young enters a restaurant where apparently she’s a regular. A waitress nods to someone off to the side and tells her they saved a table for her. A man wearing Soo’s bracelet serves her herbal tea, hands the tray to the waitress and steps to the side. She seems to know he’s there as she asks him about the weather. He asks if she can’t see? She asks if he’s never seen a blind person before? He says no, there was a girl he truly loved. Oh Young comments that must have been hard but he tells her it always felt like that girl saw him – with all of her heart and body.

Tessieroo: He asks if she can see nothing at all? She says no and then turns to look directly at him, with a lovely smile on her face. *squee* We see his blurry image that slowly comes into focus: it’s the real Soo. He smiles at her. She says she can see enough to tell that he’s very good-looking.

Clockwatcher: To be fair, everyone looks good with a little blur.
bike bellTessieroo: He asks how long she’s known and she tells him 20 days – Wang told her as soon as her chemo ended. Plus the bell she heard from his wrist sounded familiar every time she came there. He never showed her his face, he only brought her tea. Wang told her that he had been there for 6 months but he told Wang not to tell her. She waited a long time for him to talk to her.

Tessieroo: He says he was afraid that she wouldn’t like him if she saw him. She says no way. He comes closer to her table and asks if that means she likes him? She drinks her tea, not answering him so he asks if they can see each other again? She’s not sure but she smiles – a big, beautiful smile. He smiles back and kisses her.

Tessieroo: They kiss again under the cherry blossom trees, with flowers falling all around them.

Clockwatcher: The final shot of them looking into each other’s eyes makes devoting 16 hours of my life to this drama worth it.
Soo OY cuteThoughts-

Tessieroo: Lovely ending but …WTF is with that sideways turn in the plot at the last episode? I do realize we’ve been given hints all along that something might happen to Jin Sung but I expected him to be in mortal danger. I didn’t think he would ever harm Soo since he spent the entire 15 episodes trying to save Soo’s life, even over his own. I also realized why he did it – Boss Kim threatened his family. And to say he could have just stabbed Boss Kim doesn’t get rid of the other minion out there who might go ahead and kill his family if Boss Kim is dead. It just seemed off, given his extreme loyalty to Soo through the whole drama.

Clockwatcher: Cheap writing all for the sake of a twist. All the bad people were good in the end and the good one did a bad thing. We should just be grateful that they didn’t make Lawyer Jang a killer in the end.

Tessieroo: I’m still not happy with that lame apology we got from Wang – I wanted a reason behind it. What would drive this woman to physically harm Oh Young and let her go blind? I can make all the guesses I want but it’s a huge hole to me that Writer Noh chose not to fill and that leaves me disappointed. We got a better reason why Mi Ra did it than we did with Wang.
final kissClockwatcher: There’s no justification – that’s why. We are supposed to be convinced that Wang loved her despite blinding her and then not even letting her meet her brother. I’m not even sure what her arc is supposed to be.

Tessieroo: So much discussion about the ending! Here’s my take: Yes, Soo lived after Jin Sung stabbed him. Moo Chul’s side-kick more than likely rushed Soo to the hospital. But in order to continue protection for Jin Sung and his family, they may have passed around the idea that Soo died. (So that Boss Kim would leave everyone alone) Soo recovers and then takes a job close to the center that Oh Young frequents. Wang must have seen him there but kept it from Oh Young as Soo wished until he was ready to approach her himself.

Clockwatcher: Soo is obviously alive otherwise, the entire conversation at the cafe makes no sense. I found out 20 days ago that you’ve been here for 6 months. I was waiting for you to talk to me blah blah blah. That entire conversation with a ghost?
more kissesTessieroo: The blurriness? Oh Young’s eyesight will probably never be 100%, it may be like that the rest of her life – fading in and out. As for the flowers mentioned by Hee Sun, they could have been for Oh Young’s real brother. I recall Oh Young told Soo she would ask him where her brother was buried so they may have been planning a trip to his burial site and taking flowers, that wouldn’t surprise me at all. As for why Jin Sung looked a bit miserable? I’m sure the guilt for stabbing Soo (as he was on his way to the love of his life, who might have died in surgery) is something he will face for a long time.

Clockwatcher: It’s for the real Oh Soo and why Oh Young would take Lamb’s ear to her brother.

Tessieroo: All in all, this was  a really good melo compared to the past ones I’ve seen. A few holes here and there, a lot of cliché’s, some stupid nonsensical stuff (the suicide attempt and that last stabbing) but I’m happy I watched and don’t feel like I wasted my time at all. I’d like to personally thank Clockwatcher for joining me in this one – it sure made it a lot more enjoyable.
let goClockwatcher: I love my drama and they made the final episode rather anti-climactic. Way too much time was spent on their relationship as siblings and not enough was built after it. Their chemistry in that first scene they met was absolutely sizzling and I don’t think it was exploited to its full potential. I like my melos with a bit of darkness and I felt it ended a tad too happily. Why must everyone be one big happy family? Such a jdrama.

Having said that, I had fun with this one and it my easiest to recap because Tess did all the heavy lifting! Thank you, Tess. Wanna do all my recaps like this going forward?

And thanks to the readers and commenters. It was great going on this journey with you.

Till next time!

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  • Mira says:

    Hi, fellows. 🙂 tessieroo and clockwatcher. I do enjoy reading your reviews 🙂 to be honest, i never go to softy’s *this is for real* look at me, i end up here 😀 …
    I so agree with you overall 🙂 i’m giving attention to Sec. Wang. Until the end of the episodes I still cant find solid excuse why I should forgive her. OY is such kind hearted btw. It’s just ridiculous (at least for me) to let go off the memories how she intentionally ignored the alarm from OY’s father room. The point is she let OY’s father die. And the search of Sec wang’s sister and her family background was just useless scenes btw. idk but I feel that way. 🙂
    I am so in love with episode 16. Love love love. When I’m able to go to Korea,someday, I definitely go there. Jinhae Cherry Blossoms Festival. 🙂

    Tess, it’s a great idea to mix the reviews from both of you. Brilliant. I know it’s tough, though. You two are great duo haha. lol.

    Did I just tell you that my real name is Mira ? I’m so blessed JIS and SHG “called my name” several times in this drama. lol. What a coincidence. That’s why I love this drama >.<

    see you soon @soompi ….


    ohayyo a.k.a Mira

    • tessieroo says:

      @ohayyo! *HUGZ* Thanks for stopping by. I also go to Softy’s a lot – I love reading her thoughts plus she usually has her live recap posted within 10 minutes of a live show. I’m not finding it easy to let go of these characters. Thanks for the comment and yes – I’ll see you at Soompi! 🙂

  • milktea says:

    Thank you for the final recap, ladies! It helps me a lot in understanding the ending and I’ll go with your point of view 😀 I’m glad I watched this drama. Despite my first reason to watch it was for the breathtaking cinematography but look, here I am ended up caring more for the OTP.

    Thank you TWTWB for the ride and for introducing me to Jo In-sung.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey milktea! Your first Jo In Sung drama? I can recommend “A Frozen Flower” – he’s amazing in that one too. Beware: it has a few nude scenes but it’s REALLY good. Thanks for the comment, happy you enjoyed the ride too.

      • milktea says:

        It’s that movie he starred along with Song Ji Hyo, right? I.. kind of avoiding that one because I wish to keep my own point of view of Jihyo. LMAO.
        Thanks for the recommendation though, Tess! ^^

        • tessieroo says:

          *hee* Yea, it’s kind of raw. Very emotional with some extremely INTENSE scenes. (besides the sex stuff) Great movie for him though, he was incredible. So was the guy who played the King. Great acting overall.

  • TWTWB obsessed says:

    Enjoyed ts recap..made me smile a lot..
    Overall, loved ts drama n shall miss it n all these recaps ..
    Another hole in the plot…didnt she throw away the key to the greenhouse the last time she was did she get back in to view the video?break the lock huh!!
    Ya,n evil wang did hv a hand in the death of oy s dad.,by intentionally delaying raising the alarm didnt she wc might hv saved the man.,how n wy was she so easily forgiven n redeemed!!
    Despite the loose ends,ts was one of the loveliest most enjoyable dramas in recent times esp wth the perfect pairing of SHG n JIS.

    • tessieroo says:

      Yes, what happened with the key? LMAO. Ya know, I’m right there with you. Lots of holes and a few disappointments but I’m very satisfied with the ending and very glad I watched this one. Thanks so much for the comment!

  • Ahi says:

    Thank you for your hilarious recaps ladies! Loved reading them.

    Thought the ending couple of episodes were quite silly and found myself rolling my eyes at every other scene. But it was a beautiful watch with some pretty dialogues so I’m ok all in all.

    I think the flowers JS and HS talked about were for Soo for real, he seems to have kept them at that cafe for when Young comes and visits. You could see this huge arrangement with lamb’s ears and stuff on her table when they finally started talking.

    Thank you once again for the ride, it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without your recaps!

    • tessieroo says:

      Awww…thanks Ahi! For me, this ride wouldn’t have been enjoyable without clockwatcher’s sense of humor keeping me in check. *kekeke* Thanks for the comment.

  • Wicked88 says:

    Both of you are so hilarious, i can stop laughing when i read ur recaps. U guys seriously compliment each other and i love reading it especially Clockwatcher’s one liners.

    Furthermore, i agree with you this drama is not really that melo and more happy moments than sad, anyway cos it’s jo in sung and song hye kyo, so i am okay.

    beside all the flaws in this drama especially the last 2 episodes i still love this drama and the first melo drama i completely watched from the beginning until the last ..

    Please both of you make another recaps together, i will see that drama just because u guys recap it … not the other way around. LOL.

  • aoi says:

    thanks for the great recap! I needed some fellow-fangirl support for watching the derailing TWTWB train in the last 2 eps.

    I agree by the time Jinsung stabbed Soo, I was most interested in the awesome acting rather than the story.

    Hmmmm.. and I’d wish they’d managed to show us how Soo Young met after all that time, and how he used to serve her everyday. I foundthat really sweet <3

    Food for thought: Soo actually owns the bistro, instead of working there. He does have his revamped tree painting hung on the walls ^ ^

  • India Korea says:

    After reading this my doubts are clear though I didn’t understand why myoung ho was still with her when in second last episode maybe she told him to go but I guess when young also called back secretary Wang after that she did the same with him for the company also … I recently finished this series in about 3 days and I was also having the same thoughts that even if young is imagining soo but then why would she talk about such things which doesn’t even make any sense if still you are talking to an imaginary person … and about the real soon… frankly I couldn’t make my brain to think about that … you are seriously 👌👌👌 …. after watching the last one I was very disturbed because I was still confused with the ending but after reading this I’m really very glad …. I also read something on other site that in one interview of that winter the wind blows , someone asked song hye kyo that whether she was satisfied with the ending so she said that yes , in fact the good part was that she was able to look into the eyes soo … that claims that the ending was happy … thnx for this coz without it maybe I wouldn’t able to understand ..

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