We have a new home and an updated look!

First off, thank you for finding us and continuing to follow us. We are moved by the support you’ve given us, especially after our original blog was shut down. It has certainly pushed up our plan to upgrade to a new address and a fresh look, and now that we’re here, we are excited to start all over again. It’s not to say we’re not bummed out that 3 years of blogging, nearly 6 million hits, and over thousands of comments are probably lost, but in a crisis like this, staying positive is the only productive option. Also on the upside: msclockwatcher was able to recover a few of our most recent posts from our first site.

We’re still moving in, so, some pages and features aren’t available yet. We’ve asked so much of you, and we hope you’ll continue to afford us more of your patience. Stick around, as this site should be fully functioning within the next couple of weeks!

Please spread the word about our new location, and again, thank you for all the love!

CK Team





  • Kelinci Biru says:

    Hi! Welcome back!

    The site is pretty ^_^

  • Laila says:

    im excited for the new look =) thank you for the hardwork!!~

  • Goldie says:

    Thank you !!

    This website is much better !!

    Keep up Fighting @^^@

  • Yay! The new look looks great! We have already added your new url to our blogroll ^^ Way to stay strong ladies!!! Hwaiting!

    • I am sad to say…that the link from our blog to yours still goes to the old page with the WordPress message that your blog has been archived. I tried clearing the DNS…and all that…to no avail. I will try and figure it out…just so you know that maybe it’s not linking correctly everywhere. :/

      • goodange goodange says:

        Hi. Thanks for supporting us!

        Did you update the link to our blog to couch-kimchi.com? If you did, it shouldn’t actually take you to that page that says: “couchkimchi.wordpress.com is no longer avaialable.” If there is a mistake, it should take you to another page that says: “couch-kimchi.wordpress.com doesn’t exist.”

        I don’t know if flushing the DNS would be the solution this time. Maybe just delete us from the blogroll and then, add us on again with the new link couch-kimchi.com?

        Or maybe you can try putting in http://couch-kimchi.com? That might make a difference?

        We just visited one of the sites that links us, and we had no problem being directed to this new site.

        Anyway, we hope it works out 🙂 Thanks again for sticking with us! 😀 It’s very encouraging.


        • Yeah…I tried all that…several times :/ I will continue to work with it and see if I can’t figure it out.

          • goodange says:

            It’s okay. Thanks for trying anyway 🙂

            • I sent a message to google and now it’s working ^^

              • goodange says:

                Ah, you are awesome! Maybe we need to do that, too. Could you let me know where and how you contacted Google?


                • There is a tab on my layout page where it says “give feedback” – so I did. It might just be coincidental though that it worked after doing that. I am not sure. They never contacted me back. Maybe the Google forum is another place. Have you heard anything from WordPress at all?

                  • tessieroo says:

                    Nothing definitive and nothing encouraging. *sigh* I’d love to talk to a real person but we keep getting similar almost “automated” responses. Very discouraging.

                  • goodange goodange says:

                    Msclockwatcher has been more in touch with people from WordPress, though sadly, only volunteers. She has been doing some research, and some people have waited over a week to receive a response. There are those who actually pay for a service from WP, and only when they had threatened to cancel their account did WP respond. I hate to say anything bad about the WP staff, since we are using the WP.org software, but this is ridiculous.

                    Do you use wordpress or Google as a publishing platform?



                    • We use Google – but it doesn’t have the WordPress capability and flexibility. I just don’t really like blogging in WordPress. I think both platforms have issues.

                      Chin up! Hwaiting! You ladies are rockstars for getting back up with an even better looking site! Let’s hope you can recover your archive.

      • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

        Thanks so much!

  • Indigo says:

    Although it may be disheartening to start over again, I have to say I’m really liking this new look. Maybe you can turn a crisis to your advantage even 🙂 Anyways, good to have you back!

    • leila8mae leila8mae says:

      Thank you so much for all the continued support!!

      We will be here for the long haul so stick around as we try to improve the site. In the coming days, we are hoping to add more recaps. We are still hoping we can export our archive from our previous blog.

      — CK Team

    • goodange goodange says:

      Thanks, Indigo. We love the new look, too. We’ll try to stay positive, but cross your fingers we haven’t lost our old blog yet as others aren’t aware we’ve moved. 😉

      Thank you for having our back! It means A LOT!

  • NewKDramaAddict says:

    Welcome back. Yes, we love the new lookie!!

  • shelhass says:

    It’s all fresh and clean, but I like it, just because you’re back to bussiness!

    I just feel a little sad for all those old posts going lost forever. I was reading some of them, like, I was just going backwards looking for old pictorials, but there were so many different things that I started to read all of them. I got up to september 2011… ah, well, what to do, right?

    Here’s wishing you a glorious & safe blogging! ^.^

    • goodange goodange says:

      Yeah, we feel your sadness 🙁 We’re still hoping our old posts won’t be lost forever. Clock and Tessie are pursuing a response from a WP staff to help us retrieve our archive. We hope our request we’ll be granted.

      Anyway, we have to look ahead now. That’s really the only choice at this point, so, look forward to new offerings from us 🙂

      And thank you for your support and for enjoying our new home 🙂 Really, this kindness from you and everybody has been helping us to stay strong and carry on 🙂 So, thanks!

  • Raine says:

    Fighting ladies! I’m glad to see you up and running. Again, I will petition for you if need be!

    • goodange goodange says:

      Raine! Thanks for fighting for us 🙂 It’s really, truly, absolutely, positively appreciated.
      It really doesn’t seem like we’ll get our old blog reinstated, so, we’re just trying to stay positive and look ahead. It’s not going to be easy rebuilding, but we’re sure glad we’ve got you and other people’s encouragement 🙂

  • emmy says:

    Hi!! Am I glad to see you back! You go me very worried there for a while. I was having all sorts of theories as to why…was thinking the timing was awfully suspicious and all that. Would you tell me what had happened if you could? 🙂 And more importantly will you be starting the thread for us again here? Was it our thread that had caused any problem? Anyways welcome back. Missed you and all the familiar commentors and lurkers especially when we just have started to make connections. Hope qaz and oldsquealinggirl know that you are back up.


    • goodange goodange says:

      Hi, emmy. I’m so happy to be seeing your name here again :).

      We were blindsided by this. I was in the middle of publishing a post when we got deactivated. We received an email from a WP staff containing a DMCA Takedown Notice from Chilling Effects Clearinghouse. We were told to delete some Flower Boy Next Door posts. Now, think of Chilling Effects as this organization of copyright legal eagles. We don’t know which client of Chilling Effects filed the complaint, but they did so regarding our embedded RAWs of Flower Boy Next Door episodes. Mind you, we only received the notice a few days ago, more than a month since FBND finished.

      We replied to the email exactly 5 minutes after we received it. So, we were not given enough time to comply with the notice. They just deactivated us at the same time the email was sent to us.

      We don’t really understand the problem because we were only embedding a video. We didn’t upload the videos nor did we host them. We just embedded Dailymotion videos. Clock even found a legal clause that could basically challenge the complaint.

      Trying to get a proper response from a WP staff is very, very difficult. The first response was very glib. Just one line that didn’t make sense, saying our posts can’t be accessed, but we may delete the offending posts when we have the opportunity. LOL. Hard to do that when our blog’s been deactivated. We finally did hear back from them again yesterday, and it doesn’t look like our old blog will be reinstated. However, clock and tessieroo are still pursuing the WP staff to send us an xml file of our archive, so that we can populate our old posts onto this new site. When our blog was deactivated, we could still log into our account and view our dashboard. On the dashboard, we have a notice about our deactivation but also linking us to an export feature to download our archive. However, we’ve been trying, and we keep timing out. So, we’re doing it the hard way, chasing down a WP staff! LOL.

      Anyway, it wasn’t our JimDoo thread that caused the problem. So, don’t worry 🙂

      I’ve been trying to find a way to start it again, but I’m not sure how to introduce it.

      The great thing about being self-hosted is that we can set up a forum now. However, since we’re basically new again and not technologically savvy, we won’t execute that feature yet. We also don’t have time to moderate forum posts, and we’re afraid will provide illegal links, which can result in a DMCA notice.

      Anyway, welcome to our new home! I’ve also missed everyone and hope they’ll find us again.


  • emmy says:

    AND I’m offering my services to translate Korean to English or vice versa if you think you can use me. 🙂

    • goodange goodange says:

      Actually, I know we definitely can be of help! Do you have a soompi account? Maybe we can PM each other through there to discuss a possibility of working together 🙂

      Thanks so much emmy!

      • emmy says:

        Have to go to work but will get back to you asap. But no I do not have Soompi account…don’t know what it is but I will find out and get an account there. Will get back to you soon. Morela was worried that it might have been people who were not happy with Jimdoo relationship. I was too. I mean the thread was the most vocal and visible supporter of the two with photographic evidences to put Korean Dispatch to shame. 🙂 And also I suspect a lot of Jim’s loyal fans are getting desperate for any of Jim’s news because they do not have someone like his ex gf ( I believe) to tweet about their private life anymore.

        Anyways got to go.


  • emmy says:

    ANd High Cut ebook and some more photos are just up!

  • emmy says:

    And this thing has made you miss Korean Dispatch’s outing of Cho In Sung and Kim Min Hee!!!

  • keike says:

    oh thank goodness ! I thought you guys shut down or something haha.
    the new site looks beautiful and simple and somewhat more sophisticated =)

    • goodange goodange says:

      LOL, yeah, we did get shut down, but it finally pushed us to get our own host 😉 Just sadly, we didn’t have time to direct readers to our new site. Oh well. Anyway, we’re glad you love the updated look. It’s the same theme, but more features for us 🙂

  • nonski says:

    So happy to see your new site is up! love the new lay-out. 🙂

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Nonski, we’re happy to see you here! Thanks for the compliment on our upgraded look. Also, thank you for the header! We love it. Feel free to donate more if you’ve got the time 🙂

  • LY says:

    I’m glad you’re back!! ^^

  • kfangurl says:

    What a bummer about the old site, and yet, what a great new site this is!! Way to stay positive, ladies!! I’ve just updated your new url on my blogroll as well. HWAITING!! 😀

  • Lizeth26 says:

    Love the new home!! Very glad you guys decided to rough it through the difficulties and come back better than ever! Fighting! ^.^

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Lizeth26.

      Thank you for the moral support 🙂 We’ve truly needed it, and the encouragement of our CK friends is what keeps us running the site.

      Really awesome to find you here, too! Really, a profound thank you 😀


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