When A Man Loves – Recap Second Week

Finally, it’s here! I was freaking out for a whole week – does she turn him down? I think she will, it’s too soon for these two to get together. And how hot is he? When he said “Let’s live together”, I tried to jump through my screen. I know a bunch of you did too. *crosses arms* Don’t lie.

7 yearsMi Do thinks Tae Sang is saying he wants to “buy her”.  He counters that men don’t offer marriage to women they can “buy”. She tells him if she married him, it’s 100% because of money. OUCH! Okay, I guess I get it. This guy was a gangster who threatened her family. His thugs roughed her up and shoved both her parents to the ground. Even if he’s helped her since, those memories might be the only thing she sees when she looks at him. So sad the way he begs her to tell him what to say – he has no real experience in love. I’m totally on his side right now but I do understand her.

She turns him down flat the next day but he doesn’t bat an eye, telling her to let him know if she changes her mind. I think his calm, accepting manner of her decision is off-putting, she seems a bit taken aback. He’s sending her on a business trip to check out the resort his company just purchased. During lunch, everyone gathers to watch him arm-wrestle with high-school students. He then gives a speech to those students, telling them about being abandoned as a young kid, losing his home to gangsters and working for those gangsters. Mi Do watches and listens, maybe seeing him with new eyes? Cute.
MD laughs TSYang Kab sees a picture of Tae Sang in the newspaper and rips it in half. I’m guessing he hates Tae Sang because Sung Joo likes him and he’s jealous. Great. We see a flashback for Sung Joo where she learned about Tae Sang’s younger brother, Tae Min. She’s been actively searching for Tae Sang’s Mom & brother herself. Sweet but I hope she’s not doing it to “win” Tae Sang.

Tae Sang goes to the bookstore after work. Mi Do comes in later and coyly says she’s going to order noodles, he wants his plain. But the place she’s ordering from serves really spicy food. Ahhh…she’s messing with him. He gulps down milk, sweating because the food is so hot/spicy and she laughs at him. Well, they do appear to be getting along now. Very cute! Chang Hee notices how happy Tae Sang looks when he visits him in prison. Tae Sang lets him know that Jae Hee is coming to work at Golden Tree.
SJ games MDMi Do arrives at the resort to a room full gifts. Tae Sang also sends her some fancy clothes (on the pretext that she’s representing the company) and tells her to not worry about money. Where can I find one exactly like him? *hee* Strangely enough (she says, sarcastically) Jae Hee is also at this resort. Time for second lead to get closer to Mi Do? Tae Sang spends most of the day checking his phone, waiting for her call.

When his phone does ring, it’s Sung Joo. She arrives at his office with wine, it’s obvious he’s not happy nor does he want any wine. She teases him, until he gets frustrated and tells her he has work to do. She gets hissy when he doesn’t return her excitement over…whatever it is. (Did she find his family? Then she’s a huge bitch for not telling him) He (OF COURSE) leaves his phone, which Sung Joo answers. I’m so pulling out my hair right now. Clichéd second lead turns bitchy, drunk liar. At least she tells Tae Sang what she did, I’ll give her that. People like this are so tiring, it’s exhausting dealing with their jealousies and games.
SIGHMi Do finally realizes that Jae Hee is the young man who helped her carry the rice. And he knows it too – I’m glad we’re not going to spend multiple episodes trying to figure that out. They agree to meet the next morning. They spend the whole day together, sight-seeing, eating, dancing and running from the rain…romantic. Mi Do finds out that Jae Hee went overseas to study because a “nice person” helped him. (Wait until she finds out that person was Tae Sang)

Tae Sang arrives at the resort and plays a round of golf before heading to the hotel to see Mi Do. (I wonder if this is why Sung Joo took up golf?) He finds Mi Do just as she’s coming in from the rain and quickly explains he wanted to clear up any misunderstanding with his phone. She turns down his invitation to dinner claiming she met a friend. He realizes she’s sick so sends her off. Again, he’s seems okay with whatever she’s happy doing and he’s not forcing anything. I like that.
TS calls MDSung Joo arrives at the resort as well. Well, this is just one big party. She gets flowers with Tae Sang’s name on it but when she opens the card, it’s from Yang Kab. She calls to thank him for giving her butterflies for a moment. Ahahaha! He looks PISSED OFF when she hangs up, which could be dangerous? I love how strong and fearless she seemed right then, I wish she would stay that way. Yang Kab goes to visit Chang Hee in prison and tries to intimidate him but Chang Hee is aware he’s jealous of Tae Sang.

Tae Sang and Jae Hee make plans to meet up for dinner, Jae Hee asks if he can bring his girlfriend. Mi Do turns Jae Hee down for dinner because she’s sick. Tae Sang sends her some hot tea and she changes her mind about dinner with him. Is she feeling guilty, or does she really want to see him?
dartBut of course, guess who shows up instead of Do Mi? Jae Hee meets Sung Joo and thinks she’s the woman Tae Sang was talking about. Tae Sang is again, very unhappy with Sung Joo and drags her out. Mi Do sees Tae Sang interacting with Sung Joo and doesn’t look happy. Tae Sang insists Sung Joo leave but Mi Do leaves too. Tae Sang sees her and chases her but she gets in an elevator. Yah, Tae Sang! This kind of stuff will continue to happen unless you tell Sung Joo to get lost and refuse to even be her “friend”. You might wanna move to another planet too. (He’s never seen a drama with an obsessed 2nd lead?)
MD spiesMi Do sees Tae Sang swimming (another shirtless scene for those keeping count) and sees the scar on his back. She remembers him being stabbed while helping her escape. She confronts him about having a girlfriend but Tae Sang makes it clear Sung Joo is only his friend. Guess who is watching this conversation? They should all just schedule a meeting. Mi Do stands up Jae Hee, sending him a text thanking him and then catches a flight home. Tae Sang is on the same flight. Tae Sang takes her home, trying to impress her with his driving skills.

At home, instead of working – Tae Sang spends time searching the internet for information about women. I’m dying here, he’s so cute. Meanwhile, Mi Do gets a text from Jae Hee and curls up in bed, smiling. (TRAITOR!) Sung Joo programs her number into Jae Hee’s phone and sees a photo of Mi Do. (It’s not clear if she recognized her) Jae Hee is met at the airport and taken to an apartment Tae Sang had ready for him.
datingKang Yab visits Sung Joo and threatens her – he will make her his. He throws in her face that Tae Sang is in love with someone else. Yea, I’m sure that’ll work, big guy. *shakes head* Tae Sang goes to Mi Do’s house to eat with the family. Mi Do’s Father doesn’t think they match but Mi Do tells him he doesn’t know anything about Tae Sang. (who starts choking) Is she sticking up for him now? I’m so confused. They take a walk after dinner and when he seems unable to gather the nerve to hold her hand, she grabs his. He seems stunned.

She gets offended, thinking he doesn’t want to hold hands. He pulls her into a hug, explaining he did, but stuff he read on the internet told him it wasn’t time yet. When they say goodnight, she comes close to his face (so he can kiss her?) and he looks terrified. HE closes his eyes and stands dead still. AHAHA! That’s it, I’m officially a goner for this sweetie-pie. Mi Do was just smelling his breath to see if he’s sober enough to drive yet. (Pretty sure that’s not how DUI works but I’ll go with it – the scene was cute)
soberTae Sang writes a quote from a book on the chalk board outside, completely unaware that it’s something Mi Do learned from Jae Hee. The next day, Sung Joo waltzes into Tae Sang’s office and sees Mi Do. She’s snarky and lets her claws/fangs show but Mi Do doesn’t seem bothered and holds her own. Sung Joo ends up looking foolish. Jae Hee sees the quote on the chalk board and believes Mi Do wrote it for him. And I’m all:  ”Oh, here we go!” Jae Hee has been waiting for her to write this on the chalk board.

Tae Sang is busy at work so he can’t meet Mi Do for the dinner they planned. She ends up meeting Jae Hee and eating with him, but she doesn’t seem happy to see him. She’s cold to him and leaves in a taxi. He beats her back to the book store and kisses her on the cheek. Just steps away, inside – is Tae Sang. Did he see them?
JH kissThoughts –

Okay, I love Sung Joo. I love what a strong woman she is and how she handles her business. BUT…how can she knowingly hurt Tae Sang? She saw, with her own two eyes, how happy he was that Mi Do called, there’s no way she could have missed that child-like joy written all over his face. That implies to me that she doesn’t truly love him. When you love someone, you want them to be happy – even if that means not with you. And if she found his family but she’s keeping that from him for some childish reason? I won’t be forgiving.
KY SJI’m a bit clueless on how Mi Do feels right now but my guess is she really likes Tae Sang. (Which is bad news for TS/JS shippers or JH/MD shippers) She initiated holding hands, she’s suddenly become clearer – at least in her actions. I do believe Tae Sang really loves her and would let her go if it turns out she’s in love with Jae Hee. Very different from the selfish love of Sung Joo. Mi Do’s thoughts remains a mystery – which frustrates me a bit. I had ugly flashbacks of FK where I spent many hours trying to figure out who the lead girl really liked. To this day, I’m not sure. I hope we’re clear this time who she’s in love with, I don’t wanna be guessing.
chalk boardI think our second leads are going to cause more problems  – either inadvertently (Jae Hee) or on purpose with malice and spite. (Sung Joo) And even if I’m rooting for them and love watching them get to know each other better, I figure it’s still too early for Tae Sang and Mi Do to be happy as we have a long way to go. So I’ll deal with the misunderstandings for now. See ya next week!


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