When A Man Loves – Recap Third Week

The misunderstandings and non-communications have begun. *sigh* And Tae Sang is facing threats from his past which will inevitably interfere in his budding relationship with Mi Do. I feel like I know exactly where this is going but I still can’t pull my eyes from the screen. It’s too soon, I need more cute couple time!

after kiss 1Mi Do’s Mom (I love her) gives Tae Sang some advice: Mi Do like guys who play the piano. So I’m guessing he’ll be taking lessons? (LMAO) Cute. Even though Mi Do continues to insist she didn’t write the quote, Jae Hee doesn’t believe her and kisses her cheek. (She shoulda smacked him) Mi Joon, who sees this, rushes up to ask if Mi Do is okay. She shoos Jae Hee away and Mi Joon asks if that guy is her ex-boyfriend? When Mi Do denies it, Mi Joon scolds her saying she shouldn’t have let him kiss her. Tae Sang hears all of this from inside.

When Mom tells Mi Do that Tae Sang is downstairs, Mi Do looks a bit guilty. Or maybe she’s just worried that he saw the kiss? She gives him a gift of aftershave and tells him from now on, she will take care of these things. (Instead of SJ) The look on Tae Sang’s face is so adorable, I can’t stand it. She tells him there are also face-masks, lots of men use those products. When he balks, she reminds him how old his skin is. *hee* She wants a picture of him using it. He tells her he’s the one who wrote the quote on the chalkboard.
skin care 1Sung Joo goes to Tae Sang’s Mom’s restaurant to eat but really just to check her out. I KNEW she knew where his Mom was. And the fact that she hasn’t told him is just so wrong. *sigh* I wanted to like her but …that’s just cruel. She tells Tae Sang’s Mom that she should have a daughter-in-law to help her out. She calls Tae Sang to remind her he said they could have dinner together. He again looks annoyed. Mi Do writes something new on the chalkboard. (I hope it’s “Don’t bother me anymore, Jae Hee.”)

Chang Hee is released from prison (YAY!) and Tae Sang takes him to eat and tells him to buy new clothes. Jae Hee again bombards Mi Do with pictures of their time in Guam. He goes to the bookstore, erases what she wrote and writes something new. Mi Do’s Father sees him and invites him in for coffee. Oh great, Papa likes Jae Hee. *bangs head on desk* I’m going to end up really frustrated today, I can tell.
SH cute MDMi Do texts Jae Hee to ask him for a certain picture from Guam. Once he sends it, he texts her back demanding lunch. On her way out to meet him, she runs into Tae Sang. She cutely asks why he hasn’t sent a picture with the face-pack yet? He pretends he sent it, something must be wrong with his phone? He quickly walks away while Mi Do laughs. SO CUTE. I wish everyone would just leave them alone. Seriously.

Jae Hee packed lunch, Mi Do was under the impression she was to buy lunch? She says the person she likes was there last night and she doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She tells him to not come like that again. Jae Hee wants her to tell that person she met someone she likes more but she says SHE DOESN’T WANT TO. (Okay, so we’re clear – she told him no) Jae Hee acknowledges that he’s being rejected and says he won’t call her again.
rejectChang Hee gets into a fight with Yong Kab, who provokes him by mentioning that Jae Hee. Police officers show up at Tae Sang’s office to arrest him and it’s all been caught on tape. I knew Yong Kab would start harassing Chang Hee when he got out of prison. Sung Joo tries to bribe Yong Kab into dropping the charges by…kissing him? BLECH! It doesn’t work anyway so I don’t know why she bothered. She’s making things worse.

Mi Do goes into Tae Sang’s office to ask about that guy…what happened? Tae Sang snaps at her but then immediately regrets it when she walks out. He’s trying to keep her out of all this gangster stuff but shutting her out completely without an explanation is probably not the way to handle it. Mi Do goes home and finds out that Jae Hee came by and Dad likes him. (Of course) *pulls out more hair*
toyingSung Joo tells Tae Sang she handled things with Yong Kab. Chang Hee thinks Yong Kab will demand a lot of money. Tae Sang struggles with the face-mask Mi Do bought him. (LMAO, adorable) The next day, Yong Kab shows up at Golden Tree with all his gangsters and demands Tae Sang apologize, on his knees, in front of everyone. When Mi Do tries to intervene by calling the police, one of the thugs shoves her to the ground. Tae Sang loses it and a fight ensues. Yong Kab sits back and smiles, while taping the fight.
facemask 1Mi Do watches Tae Sang fighting and gets scared, having flashbacks. She screams for them to stop and runs out, terrified and shaking. After the fight, Tae Sang tells Chang Hee to go home. When Jae Hee arrives home, he sees a mans shoes by the door and runs in calling “hyung!”. He sees Chang Hee cooking and they embrace with Jae Hee sobbing, he thought his brother might be dead and was afraid to ask. Awwwww…*sobs* This is the side of Jae Hee that I love. Very touching reunion, almost the best scene in the whole series so far.
bro reunionTae Sang tends to his wounds alone while Mi Do experiences hellish nightmares of the gangsters. When Tae Sang texts her the next day, she doesn’t answer. At the office, Tae Sang brings out Jae Hee as the new hire who will be working with them. Jae Hee and Mi Do stare at each other. *snicker* They shake hands and pretend to not know each other in front of Tae Sang. (Bad move, that will come back to bite both of them in the bum)
work shock

Tae Sang brings Mi Do coffee but gets chewed out – she’s afraid co-workers will notice. Tae Sang says he understands but grabs the coffee away from her on his way out. Ahahaha! Sung Joo and Chang Hee are walking through a villa – it’s her job to buy to refurbish these and re-sell them. She offers Chang Hee a job. She actually wants to keep him around which will keep her close to Tae Sang. She’s nauseatingly confident Tae Sang will realize she’ the only woman who can handle him. (Excuse me while I go barf)

Jae Hee insists Mi Do accompany him to a construction site where they both end up getting wet. They head to a sauna (WAEEE?) to clean up since their clothing was ruined. Tae Sang shops for couples rings, which is made even sweeter by his lack of knowledge about rings – engagement rings, couples rings, wedding rings. He’s right – it’s complicated. (LMAO) He picks out couple rings. He needs to stop being so cute, my heart can’t take it.
wet 1Mi Do learns that Tae Sang helped Jae Hee – with school, with money, with everything. She admits Tae Sang also helped her. Jae Hee makes it clear he still has feelings for her and his heart hurts. (Get over it before I get really annoyed) They try on different vintage clothes and Jae Hee takes pictures. *sigh* He takes her home and she gives him one of the bears from Guam. (WAEEE?)

Tae Sang calls Sung Joo for dinner (WAEEE?) and she gets excited. He also invited Chang Hee and Dong Goo. (HA!) She announces she still likes Tae Sang and is waiting for him followed by an awkward silence. She finds the couple rings in Tae Sang’s car and actually asks if it’s for her? Ahahaha – No. She cries, like she’s the victim here. WTF? Why would he give her a couple ring if they’re just friends? (at her request) She must have forgotten who asked to be friends but he reminds her. He is being her friend.
SJ stupidHe tells her, straight to her face that he likes someone else. (Similar to what Mi Do told Jae Hee) She gets out of the car and he lets her go. (Thank God he didn’t chase her) A relative shows up at Hong Ja’s restaurant (Tae Sang’s Mom) asking if she recognizes him? She does but isn’t happy to see him. He tells her everyone thinks she’s dead.  She tries to pay him off but he brings up that Tae Sang is one of the richest men in the country.

Tae Sang buys a piano. The relative, Bae Choon, shows up at Golden Tree to see Tae Sang, it’s very obvious this guy wants money. Tae Sang picks up Mi Do for their date and Mom rushes out with a basket, pretending Mi Do made it. (I love Mom) *heehee* He takes Mi Do on a trip down memory lane, showing her places from his youth. He opens up to her about his life back then and how happy he was, until he went home and his Mom and brother were gone. Chang Hee visits a grave out in the forest.
brothersTae Sang shows Mi Do a picture of his brother and tells her his Mom fell in love with his brother’s art teacher. His brother went missing shortly after his Mom broke up with that art teacher. Jae Hee calls while they’re having coffee. YAH – I thought this jerk wasn’t going to call her again? Is this work related? *quietly fumes* Tae Sang asks why she didn’t save Jae Hee’s name as “Director” on her phone. *eeek*

Tae Sang notices how quiet Mi Do is, she (Of course) says it’s nothing. Come on! Talk, people – TALK! He takes her home but wants to take a walk before she goes in. They climb to the top of the stairs across the street from the bookstore and he turns to face her. LMAO – he looks like he’s going to jump out of his skin – he’s so nervous. He pulls out the couple rings and tells her to try hers on. She says she doesn’t want to wear it and his face falls.
TS MD hurtShe asks why he won’t talk to her about that day? He explains it in simple terms: He didn’t want to kneel, she got hit so he hit the guy back. She admits she’s scared of him. At first, he says he’s understands but then yells out his hurt feelings: Why are girls so complicated? He was embarassed fighting in front of her, he knows they don’t match, he knows she’s only trying to like him. He says they should end it here. Mi Do tears up.

He apologizes for not apologizing to her for beating up some guy, he apologizes for loving her even though he’s a thug – he’s sorry for all of it. He puts on his couple ring, hands her the box and tells her to do whatever she wants with it. *sobs* She watches him walk, slump shouldered, back to his car and leave. Mi Do sits and remembers all the sweet things Tae Sang has said to her and done for her.
snarky SJThe next morning, Jae Hee arrives for his first day. Tae Sang is told by an assistant that his uncle, Bae Choon came by. He’s also informed the fight with Yong Kab’s thugs is all over the internet. He gathers everyone in the lounge and apologizes to his entire staff.  Mi Do notices he is wearing his couple ring. He notices she’s NOT wearing her couple ring. Jae Hee announces if they get the video footage from the CCTV in the building, it will look worse for Yong Kab since it clearly shows he arrived with many thugs in order to provoke a fight.

Sung Joo arrives and Tae Sang tells her not to go see Yong Kab – he will handle it himself. She notices he is wearing his couple ring. Mi Do walks in and Sung Joo notices she’s NOT wearing the matching ring, which sends her into fits of smirking. But hold up…Mi Do gives Tae Sang some documents and then pulls out a chain around her neck – with her couple ring on it. She smiles warmly, he sighs and smiles back.


I knew I’d be frustrated with this episode since the writer choose to show us how well matched our leads are with the second leads. (Jae Hee with Mi Do and Tae Sang with Sung Joo) Looking closer though, I don’t agree. Sung Joo sees Tae Sang as someone dark, damaged and scary – that only she can handle. She’s very wrong: Tae Sang’s life was broken but he is still optimistic, warm and caring. He’s also delightfully innocent in spite of the gangster, thug life he lead. He’s chosen to share that side of himself with Mi Do, not Sung Joo.
toastJae Hee is frustrating too but only because Mi Do isn’t being horribly mean to him in her rejection. (Yes, let’s not forget: she did reject him – just as Tae Sang has rejected Sung Joo) I don’t think either Mi Do or Tae Sang has it in them to be mean, which is a shame as it appears that might be the only way to convey the message of “I don’t want you” to our second leads. The misunderstandings to come are easy to see with second leads who don’t/won’t give up. This makes them equally annoying but so far, pretty harmless. Neither of them have resorted to dirty tricks, scheming, lies or manipulation. (YET)
TS ringI’d love to say I want a happy ending for all four leads but I’m really mostly concerned for Tae Sang. (I’m not going to lie) He’s endearing and lovely. I’m also very concerned for Chang Hee and Jae Hee. These two brothers break my heart, I adore their scenes together. It appears I love all the men in the drama and the women are…sketchy. And who’s grave was Chang Hee visiting in the middle of the forest? I seriously hope it’s not Tae Sang’s little brother buried there. See you next week!

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