When A Man Loves Recap Fourth Week

I got my wish from last week – we were shown a lot of cute moments with our OTP. Tae Sang continues to be ADORABLE and Mi Do finally made herself very clear (to me) who she likes – I have zero doubts anymore. It remains to be seen how far our second leads are willing to go to break them apart.
Ring happyJae Hee comments that Sung Joo and Tae Sang have matching clothes, they look good together. Sung Joo gloats and says they always look good together. *yawn* Both Tae Sang and Mi Do look uncomfortable. Jae Hee discusses the CCTV footage with Tae Sang – the PR Department will handle this. Sung Joo comments that Mi Do and Jae Hee also look like a couple.

Tae Sang asks her not to say anything about Chang Hee in front of Jae Hee. Sung Joo says she won’t – IF Tae Sang will remove his couple ring. She then goes and buys the female copy of Tae Sang’s couple ring. Okay, now she’s just getting boring. And that’s a pretty crappy thing to do to someone she calls a “friend”. It’s obvious she doesn’t care how Tae Sang feels at all.
SJ ringJae Hee pulls up the CCTV footage and goes through it with co-workers. He’s distributed the full footage to a PR team and will contact the media himself to see that things don’t get out of hand – this new footage should clear everything up. He learns from Mi Do that Tae Sang’s “right hand man” is to blame but Mi Do doesn’t know his name. Jae Hee seems to suspect she’s talking about Chang Hee.

Jae Hee finally asks Tae Sang why his brother went to prison. Tae Sang tells him the truth – Chang Hee killed his old boss, trying to save Tae Sang. His old boss tried to kill him and Chang Hee saved him, it was an accident. Jae Hee thinks this is why Tae Sang paid for his education but Tae Sang corrects him: Chang Hee is his family which makes Jae Hee his family too.
TS tells CHChang Hee confronts Yong Kab, who threatens to tell Jae Hee about everything: that his brother became a murderer because of Tae Sang. This is all pointless since Jae Hee knows the truth but I suppose Yong Kab could twist the story so Jae Hee blames Tae Sang. I doubt Chang Hee will let that happen though. I was very annoyed that Chang Hee listened to this worm and fell to his knees to beg him to leave Jae Hee alone. Dude – you just clarified for him what your weakness is.

Sang Joo meets with head beotch (who dumped her drink on Mi Do) and tries to set her up with Jae Hee. (WTF?) Does she dislike Jae Hee? She knows that girl is a horrible human being! Mi Do and Tae Sang meet secretly at work (ADORABLE) and discuss having dinner with Jae Hee. Mi Do makes it clear he can tell Jae Hee about her but Tae Sang wants to follow her original wishes to keep their relationship a secret.
hidingJae Hee tells Chang Hee that Tae Sang was wearing a couple ring and he asks if Tae Sang is dating Sung Joo? When Tae Sang arrives, Jae Hee takes him on a tour. Tae Sang notices the teddy bear in Jae Hee’s room, Jae Hee tells him he stole it. He then asks Tae Sang about his couple ring but Tae Sang won’t tell him anything. These guys have no idea they’re talking about the same woman.

Tae Sang goes by the bookstore to see Mi Do on his way home and remarks that Jae Hee lives with his brother. (He didn’t say him name though) He puts Mi Do’s hand on his heart – can she feel how fast its beating? It’s never beat this fast before. She pats his hair and tells him from now on, she’ll be more affectionate. He asks why she’s so pretty and she remarks that he never grew past 17.
heartbeatWhen he complains about her calling him “Director” and bringing up age, she wonders what to call him? He cutely leans close and says “Oppa?” *kekekek* She says she’ll come up with something to call him. He pretends she has something on her face but kisses her and runs.

Jae Hee continues to stalk Mi Do at work but she firmly reminds him he was rejected and walks away. *fist pump* How much clearer does she need to be? Sung Joo invites Jae Hee to lunch to introduce the head beotch to him. (Again, for what purpose?) He notices the couple ring on her finger but she asks him not to tell Tae Sang. She notices him staring at Mi Do, who passes by outside.
JH head beotchSung Joo goes to Tae Sang’s Mom’s restaurant again but it’s closed. Cops pull up but don’t really answer her about why they’re there. I’m guessing “uncle” in green is in trouble and gave her name as his relative. Tae Sang and Mi Do wink at each other at work – more cuteness.

Bae Choon (uncle in green) shows up at the office and asks if Tae Sang has tried to find his Mother? He offers to find her – if Tae Sang will give him some money. I knew this guy was only after money. Tae Sang yells at him to get out and Bae Choon yells back he’s going to tell Tae Sang’s Mom when he finds her. (LMAO) Mi Do hears all of this, as does everyone else in the office.
at workMi Do tries to cheer him up by taking him to an amusement park for a date. She teases him about being scared of the rides, he throws up after riding a roller-coaster. (Wimp) They take cute pictures together and draw dolls of each other. Mi Do tells him she decided his nickname will be “TT”. Mi Do asks about Bae Choon and Tae Sang tells her he’s a trouble-maker who asked for money to find his Mom.

Mi Do’s parents fight over Tae Sang which results in Mom wanting to drink. (LOL) They go to a soju tent with Mi Do and Tae Sang and Mom gets drunk. Sung Joo goes to Tae Sang’s Mom’s restaurant again and asks why the police came? (Nosy, isn’t she?) Mi Joon carries Mom home, Mi Do teases Tae Sang about being scared at the amusement park. Tae Sang takes the dolls home and places them on the piano.
hwak 1Yong Kab holds a meeting to talk investors out of investing in Tae Sang’s company. Jae Hee also continues harassing (yes, I think he’s harassing her) Mi Do at work. He’s really as annoying as Sung Joo is. I don’t understand either of them – what kind of person chases someone who is seeing someone else? Someone with zero self-esteem or an over-inflated ego? MEH.

Chang Hee arrives at Golden Tree to see Tae Sang.  Mi Do, Jae Hee and other co-workers see him and Mi Do remarks that she’s scared he’s working there. When Jae Hee asks why, she tells him that guy killed someone. Jae Hee looks heartbroken. Guess he won’t be giving her that pair of shoes he just bought?
No 42Mi Do goes another date with Tae Sang – they stop to listen to a singer. He covers her shoulders with his jacket and she finds a list in his pocket. It’s a list he downloaded from the Internet: “50 Ways To Be A Good Boyfriend” Ahahaha! He crumples it up in embarrassment but she asks him to do #42 for her. He looks it up, #42 is a backhug, which he does. She tells him to only do the ones she circles. *hee*
kiss 1Upon learning he doesn’t have any special Christmas memories, Mi Do decorates the bookstore with lights and a tree. They share a glass of wine and he reads to her, while she rests her head on his shoulder. I think she’s trying to create some nice memories for him. Mi Do asks Tae Sang to read more but he tells her to close her eyes and then kisses her. Jae Hee sees them through the window.
JS losesJae Hee pouts his way home, walking slowly and passing a river. (I thought he might jump) He remembers back to the good-bye Mi Do sent him when she left Guam. (Yes, you should have realized she meant it) At home, he asks Chang Hee why he’s so devoted to Tae Sang. Chang Hee tells him the truth, that he was a gangster and Tae Sang protected/befriended him. Jae Hee argues that Tae Sang is scary, he’s the type who will turn his back on you. Feeling bitter that Tae Sang is a good guy, are we?

The next day, he’s snarky and cold to Mi Do. During a company meeting, he glares at Tae Sang – who is staring at Mi Do and smiling. He glares at Mi Do, who smiles back at Tae Sang. He fumes when he hears Tae Sang went to an amusement park and guesses Mi Do went with him. He pretends he didn’t see Tae Sang kiss Mi Do in the hall after the meeting and goes outside to pout some more.
work kissMi Do goes out to thank him for sending her information about Art studies at American colleges and he encourages her to reclaim her dream. He then implies that her boyfriend won’t let her go? HE would cheer her on. Ummm, so would Tae Sang. This guy is being very petty and childish – like he needs to prove to himself that he’s a better man than Tae Sang. Yong Kab talks with a real-estate agent about buying Mi Do’s family bookstore building? Ruh, oh – this isn’t good.
JH kiss 1Head beotch sees Jae Hee leaving work  with the other employees and asks if she can tag along. Jae Hee tells her no, it’s only company employees and she looks pissed. (HA!) During this company meet up, the other employees push Jae Hee and Mi Do together. (Of course) He takes her home and does some more pouting in front of her. He looks like a huge dork with the pain patch on his head though…LMAO
headacheThe next day, bankers meet with Tae Sang and tell him they won’t be investing. Even if the second video shows Tae Sang was not at fault, it’s still unnerving to them that he beat someone up. Tae Sang goes to see Yong Kab and rattles his cage – he knows things the old Boss told him about Yong Kab. He also knows Yong Kab stole money from the old Boss, he needs to back off or Tae Sang will make that public. Jae Hee stares at Tae Sang, like he’s jealous at how cool he is. (Or he’s shocked at how ruthless he is?)
TS YK argueSong Joo also gets in her jabs with Mi Do, taunting her that Jae Hee seems to like Mi Do a lot. Whatever, I’m really bored with this girl. She finds out Tae Sang’s little brother is dead and cries. Yah, stop feeling sorry for yourself and tell Tae Sang what you’re up to behind his back. She’s so annoying…both her and Jae Hee. Maybe we can ship them off to an island together? Along with Yong Kab?
SJ snottyAt yet another company dinner, the other employees tease Tae Sang about dating and wonder who. Jae Hee actually has the nerve to bring up Sung Joo’s name – when is Tae Sang going to marry her? (Now he’s just being an ass) Tae Sang denies it and Mi Do quickly comes to his defense – Sung Joo has been his friend for a very long time but that’s all. Jae Hee looks pissed. (HA!) I love that she jumped in to show she’s not worried about Sung Joo at all – she trusts Tae Sang.
MD defends TSTae Sang takes Mi Do to see the Cherry Blossom trees and they play in the falling petals. He asks if she thinks he would make a good husband?
good appaThoughts –

I don’t feel like this week moved things forward much but instead, spent time showing us Mi Do and Tae Sang’s growing feelings for each other. We also had to sit through Jae Hee throwing tantrums and acting immature when the truth hit him upside his head: Yes, Mi Do does have a boyfriend. It’s like he forgot that or chose to ignore it and when he’s confronted with it, he stomped his little feet.
asleepHe seems to also have a twisted sense of what love is – he said he would help her reclaim her dreams (if he were her boyfriend) and not hold her back if that’s what makes her happy. But he seems to push aside the notion that another man makes her happy, like it’s not possible anyone can do that but him. If he loves her enough to help her pursue her dreams, he should also love her enough to let her be happy in her relationship with Tae Sang. He seems to think he knows what’s best for her – which is very similar to the way Sung Joo feels about Tae Sang. Sung Joo believes no one but she can handle Tae Sang.
JH CH fruitHis childish attempt to throw Tae Sang under the bus by bringing up Sung Joo back-fired on him. I was delighted that Mi Do made it clear she’s not worried about Sung Joo at all. It was her way of reminding Jae Hee she made her choice and it’s Tae Sang. I have no doubts which man Mi Do truly likes, I’m only worried about how far both Sung Joo and Jae Hee are willing to force their own desires on our lovely OTP. Will they conspire together to cheat our couple of happiness? Can’t wait for next week!

cherry blos

kiss 2


  • jomo143 says:

    I am so glad you are writing about this show!! After this, I need to go back and read the other weeks’ recaps.

    Totally agree with you on JH’s reaction of finding out MD has been telling the truth, HELLO!, about having a boyfriend, and proud of MD for sticking to her guns. Was he expecting his rival to be less of a threat than TS? Maybe now that he sees her with a real man, he reverts to being 12 and loses his confidence?
    Have to say, I didn’t expect the character JH would end up in clueless second lead territory – I was hoping for something more nuanced from him. The actor certainly can deliver.

    And who’d have thought THT could actually send shivers of fear with his dead-on impression of Lee Sung Min playing the big Boss? Holy moley, you can act, SSH. Maybe that is the trick he had been waiting for; he found a director who spends the time clearing away conditioning from years and years of 30-second CV acting. One who expects authentic performances of the script and NOT allowing him to play someone who is playing someone doing the things and saying the words. If SSH continues to be this convincing, I may have to go back and eat all of my mean words about Jin…well, maybe not ALL of them.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey jomo! SSH is strange – sometimes he’s SPOT on and sometimes, he misses the mark entirely. I love him here though and agree with you – he’s doing an excellent job. He even seem to be bringing out the best in SSK – she’s doing better than I’ve seen from her. Happy you’re here! 🙂

  • Mara says:

    Omo, omo! In defense of Jae Hee, did you forget the truth game where they both were outed for liking each other? How about the fact that Mi Do got jealous about the “bitch” girl? My money is on Tae Sang showing his ugly side (due to his sad upbringing, not at all his fault) and Mi Do running into Jae Hee’s arms. The synopsis reads that JH and MD become intimate and in order to protect him she pretends to have amnesia after an accident (caused by TS).

    Please understand I am loving SSH in this drama as he is showing his vulnerable side which I loved, loved, loved in My Princess. I do think TS and SJ make a stunning couple and their history together checkmates his relationship with MD which is based on a teenage crush ’cause he is a teenager at heart. I find it hard to beleve he’s “never dated another woman”. He’s too fine for that to happen in this life. 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO – You are correct, I glossed over the “truth game” because I don’t consider those silly games real at all. (Not a big believer in fortune tellers either) I also didn’t think MD got jealous – I think she was concerned that her friend (JH) might get involved with that horrible girl, she knows what a horrible person that girl is.
      I haven’t read the synopsis because they’ve all been wrong or they keep changing. (One of them stated TS is a married man, who meets & falls in love with MD) I don’t really know what’s going to happen, I’m just holding on by my fingernails and along for the ride. I doubt TS ends up with SJ though – he doesn’t love her at all. Thanks so much for the comment, Mara! I hope you stick around with me for this one!

      • jomo143 says:

        I am the same as far as reading anything about dramas before they begin, especially since the writers can change their minds mid-series on how things end up. But one thing, Writers, ditch the amnesia if that really is a thing. That would take this show completely off the rails, and it is only hanging on right now because of chemistry rather than clever writing.

        I rewatched ep 8 to see if I could guess at any of the sadness to come. I also wanted to see if the writers firmly rooted our OTP — giving them the needed depth and fortitude to withstand the tornado of bad to come in the next 12 episodes, or if they didn’t. Are TS and MD the One True Pairing that reappears in the last episode whether the ending is happy or disastrous, or is it just TS’s pipe dream that lasts until the smoke dissipates and MD floats over to JH? What does FATE have in store for this trio? My conclusion is: No clue!! LOL I guess I’ll have to watch and find out!

      • Mara says:

        I will be here for the entirety since I love SSH’s vulnerability and I’m feeling residual love for YWJ from Arang and the Magistrate and his bromance with his brother just kills me, especially when they cried at seeing each other again. TS is in love with an ideal (remember teenage crushes/puppy love) but JH is more her equal and contemporary so this can go anyway for me. TS’s smile and dimples make me melt, yet I am aware of his dark side due to his abandonment at such a fragile age. His mom can never e excused for ruining his life and that of his long lost brother. She might feel justified but let’s see how this pans out ’cause lephrechaun uncle, or as I call him St. Patrick, is going to snitch soon I think. 🙂

        • tessieroo says:

          Did you guys notice how cute JH looked when he stuck that patch on his forehead? LMAO. Even though I’m on the TS/MD ship, he was super cute there. 🙂

          • Mara says:

            I think TS is handsomer, but his body is something he works on, while JH’s cuteness is natural (as is his height and slim body). I take nature over gym any day. 🙂

  • ails says:

    Very nice recaps (a great balance of summary and your reaction). I pretty much agree with you but wanted to discuss /provide a different perspective on baek soo. While she certainly doesn’t do much for my fairy tale world I do believe her role is very plausible perhaps one of the most in this series. In fact the writer’s could very well have had two major theme lines (when man loves and when woman loves) of course that would ruin the kdrama formula. I digress. Anyways as crazy or not as some of baek soo’s actions I totally think it’s plausible and fits in this plot of unacquitted love. In fact in k drama world I’d say this character plays one of the better unacquitted love. Since ep 10 aired I thought her scene with hts was one of the best (almost got me cheering for .. much more than smd character)

    Anyways enough rambling from me. Thought I say thank you to your post with a msg

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks so much for the comment! I have to agree, in the later episodes, I very nearly jumped ship for SJ – she’s awesome. But then the writer had to ruin her by making her all crazy. *sigh*

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