All About My Romance Week 4 Recap: Just Admit You Love Me

So what happened in Episodes 6 and 7? One thing we know is that Min Young loves his smile. The other is that election results were released.


I think it is appropriate that real-life Korean elections were going on while this show was airing and we were kept informed with cute graphics!.

So Episode 6 starts with Soo saying that Min’s behaving differently because she’s running from her feelings for him. She loses her balance for a second then tells him to back off.  She says he’s dreaming and misunderstanding the situation.  He counters that it’s a free country so he can misunderstand what he wants. Besides, as a liberal, she should be open-minded and open her heart to him. She tells him that if there’s one woman in the world who can resist his charms, it is her… which in TVland means they’ll be getting together really soon. And that he should stay out of her sight.

She walks off while he stays behind, depressed. She goes back when she realizes she’s forgotten her groceries but unfortunately, I can’t tell you want she sees.

Meanwhile, the FE couple is trending on twitter  because of the egging incident so the usual suspects are panicking, including Sang Soo and Min Young’s aide who he’d kidnapped as per his boss’s wishes. Soo takes a sad cab ride home but he’s learned something new from Min Young – the citizens are king. He relays this to the cab driver who sees it as an opportunity to lodge all his complaints with him but Soo foists him on Rep Moon.

Reporter Ahn is angry about the twitter trend. She sees Soo and after trying to get his attention, he finally asks her to dinner and she accepts, even though she knows it’s out of pity. I wonder how long it will take her to find some shame.

Soo goes to his office and collapses in his chair, dropping Min’s groceries. He wonders if she really hates him.  Min returns home just as Joon Ha arrives. She looks dead too. He’d been unable to contact her but seeing how she looks, he touches her head and confirms that she’s got a fever so he tucks her in bed.

After spending the whole day staring at the groceries, Soo finally drops them at her door and texts her to come out and get them. She does, but  doesn’t pick the bag up carefully and spills its content. When she chases after her rolling potatoes, Soo emerges from the darkness.

He can also see that she’s sick and concludes that she must be feeling guilty. He addresses her request for him to stay out of her sight. Well, since he’s not retiring, that’s going to be impossible. So he comes up with a compromise – he’s going to try to get over her but if he can’t, he’ll confess to her two more times and she can reject him then. He’s giving her a chance to reconsider. She points out that’s he basically asking for another chance.

The next morning, Min and Soo and their crews meet in front of the elevators. While in it, Joon Ha shows Soo how close he is to Min by fixing her collar. Later, the fatherly aide tells Soo to not give up so easily and as a politician, he needs to strategize. Dirty tricks are beneath Soo but the fatherly dude tells him to wake up and smell the coffee.

Joon Ha asks to meet with Soo and is a controlling irritant who forces him to drink juice instead of coffee because it’s better for him (Soo puts money into the vending machine and Joon Ha jumps in and presses the button). His all-knowing personality rubs me the wrong way. He reminds him to stay away from Min because he’s bad luck – every time they are together, something bad happens. Soo protests that she’s not exactly his good luck charm which Joon Ha points out is even more reason for him to stay away. He got you there, Bro.

Now, it’s time for the fatherly aide to get to work. He makes sure Min Young overhears him say that Soo suffers from lovesickness-induced starvation and when he sees her at a restaurant, stops Soo from eating. Min falls for it.

Back at his office, Rep Moon is ranting about how Rep Go put him through the worst hell of his life and doesn’t even remember it. What exactly? Back in college, he’d confessed his love to her and she’d told him that he was a kid and should return after he matured. The funny thing is that while the styling made her look younger, he looked far from anything ever described as a kid. lol There’s only so much that a demin outfit can do.

In the evening, while Min is distracted from her work with Joon Ha, wondering if Soo is eating, he’s sharing a meal with Reporter Ahn. After dinner, they share an elevator ride down where she tries to kiss him. From her behavior, he can tell that eating with her was a mistake and he apologizes for being unable to accept her heart. The elevator ride seems endless and I wonder if they’d had dinner in Heaven.

Min can’t stop thinking about Soo’s supposed starvation so on her drive home, at a red light, she writes a text asking him to eat. She changes her mind and starts deleting it when the light turns green, other drivers get impatient and their loud honking startles her and she mistakenly sends an incomplete text. All it says is “eat.”  Soo is confused by it and calls her. She explains it was a mistake but asks him if he’s been eating. He thinks back to the fatherly aide’s advice to pretend to not have eaten and goes along with it. In the end, he gets her to take him to dinner.

Reporter Ahn takes her broken heart to Joon Ha’s doorstep. She’s in tears. She doesn’t understand why she only likes people who don’t like her. It happened with Joon Ha in the past and now it’s happening with Soo Young. She ends up falling asleep on his sofa.

Min Young has a dirty dream about Soo Young and to get past it, she spends the night reciting all the laws she knows. lol. The next morning, Soo is jogging when he runs into Min’s aunt. He remembers that she’d once said the way to her heart was through her family so he plays nice and offers to take the spring water she’s carrying off her hands. He charms her on the walk home and she invites him in for a drink. She leaves him to go to the bathroom and while she’s gone, Min Young wakes up and steps out the room grumbling about dreaming about Soo Young.

She turns around and sees him. She yells at her aunt for bringing him, Bo Ri wakes up with all the commotion and Soo makes his getaway, happy he’s appeared in her dream.

Min can’t figure out why she dreamed of him and blames it on his photos. Her iPad is at Joon Ha’s so she goes over to get it. No one answers the door after she rings the doorbell several times so she uses his passcode to let herself in. And she’s stunned to find Ahn there. Neither girl understands the other’s presence and they get into their usual war of words with both stating they dislike the other.  Min leaves when Joon Ha returns.

On the ride from his house, Min wishes Joon Ha had picked anyone but Ahn. We get a flashback of Min’s sister and brother-in-law first announcing their marriage to her and Joon Ha. Min had hidden and cried because she was in love with Joon Ha and her sister marrying his brother put an end to it.

At work, thoughts of the two men in her life distract her so she goes on a walk with Rep Go. Soo sees them and stares at Min like a lovesick fool. She bends down to do something right at the moment Sang Soo shows up and now he thinks Soo Young is in love with Rep Go.

Rep Moon steals the Green Party’s bill so Rep Go barges into his office to give him a piece of her mind. Realizing that Min must be upset,  Soo catches up with her and suggests that they talk. They go to the rooftop. He immediately apologizes, saying he must have done something wrong when he was helping her with the signatures. She absolves him of all wrongdoing and he doesn’t understand why she’s so calm. She says she doesn’t care who gets the bill passed, all that matters is the content. He still doesn’t understand why she isn’t mad because she should be. And now she starts to get mad, saying that it’s none of his business either way. If he wants to be of help, he should just leave her alone because she’s about to explode! He’s provoking and distracting her and she’s all screwed up in the head because of him! And seeing as this is drama, he takes this as an invitation to kiss her.

They kiss and while it’s not one of those statue kisses, it’s also not a passionate one.  It’s like they are acting like it’s more passionate than it really is. They should have put more body into it and she should have parted her lips. The kiss ends and she leans forward to kiss him some more then as if an alarm suddenly goes off, she opens her eyes and breaks away from him.

She quickly regains her composure and hilariously goes back to talking about the bill. He gives her a quick peck and she tells him that he doesn’t need to keep doing that and continues talking about the bill. He tells her that she doesn’t have to be so cool about it and when she continues to talk about the bill, he clarifies that’s not what he was referring to. Oh, he wants to talk about the kiss? Well, the kiss was alright. He’s not about to make a big deal about a simple kiss between two consenting adults, is he? He’s rendered speechless and she tells him that since he might not be able to control his emotions, he should stay away from her for the rest of the day. lol. Then she leaves.

She’s flustered when she arrives at the elevator. She congratulates herself on her Oscar-worthy performance and impatiently waits for the elevator. She doesn’t want to run into him so she opts to take the stairs (more like an indoor ramp that’s wheelchair accessible).  She’s freaking out and he gets in the elevator and is confused by her actions. They emerge at the same time and he catches her looking flushed. And now he knows it was an act.

They run into the GKP president and while they are talking, Min Young notices lipstick on his lip and quickly drags him into the stairwell. She wipes it off and tries to act cool but when she walks away, her knees buckle. There’s no hiding now so she crouches down in humiliation.

Go has a go (pun intended) at Rep Moon in his office and they start to fight. He says that the only reason he doesn’t have a bill to his name is unlike others, he hasn’t stolen bills written by retiring reps and now all he has to show for it is the the dishonor of never having a bill to his name. Bro, so the only way to get one is to steal it? They continue to fight and he says the years haven’t been kind to her. She counters that despite aging, he’s still a kid who hasn’t matured. He’s stunned to discover that she still remembers his confession.

She hits him then leaves and to get back at her, he pulls out the wedding invitation from her ex-husband and catches up with her. He yells that she never had the guts to stand up to her husband, even clinging to him after he’d cheated on her so why does she treat him differently? Maybe because you’re two different people? She looks hurt and doesn’t fight back like he’d expected and he realizes that he’d gone too far.

Ahn meets with Joon Ha to tell him that she thinks Min Young was jealous when she saw her at his place but he dismisses it. Min and Soo continue to talk in the stairwell and he asks her to just acknowledge her feelings since her body has already given her away. She counters that her heart isn’t ready. He’s ready to take the leap but she reminds him that in their world, a liberal can’t fraternize with a conservative.

She leaves, saying he should wait a minute before coming out so they aren’t seen together. She walks out to find Ahn and Joon Ha together, only reinforcing her belief that they are sleeping together.

Joon Ha and Min walk together and he asks if he needs to clarify the situation with Ahn to her. She says he doesn’t have to and she’s just glad that he’s not living like a monk . Her only issue is why Reporter Ahn of all people?  But she knows it’s not her place to say such things. He tells her he’s making it her place.

Soo updates the fatherly aide that there’s been progress in his relationship with Min but he’s still a little confused. The old guy has been reading “The Dating Bible” and has still got more tricks up his sleeve.

Min and her team have dinner at her aunt’s place. They talk about the issues with the bill and congratulate Min for being rational this time and not going off the rails at GKP like she normally does. They recount all the other times she attacked them and they wonder if her feelings for them have changed. She insists that they haven’t and that she hates them even more now. At that moment, Soo walks in with his team.

After what she just said, she can’t sit quietly now. Especially with Soo greeting her aunt and making it clear that he knows her. The fatherly aide claims he learned about the restaurant online. Sure, Gramps. So Min Young stands up and yells at Soo and his group. Apparently, the place is off-limits to monsters like GKP. Everyone but her aunt (who thinks she’s finally gone insane) is stunned into silence.

Soo and his friends sit to eat and Min’s team say that while she’d overreacted, she made them feel better. They say they are better off not breathing the same air as GKP and make plans to leave. Soo can’t take it anymore. He starts to rant about how it’s not right for them to be mortal enemies just because they are from different parties. When he starts talking about Romeo and Juliet, Min tells him to shut up.

Soo and Min return home frustrated. A flashback reveals that they’d had a brief, private conversation at the restaurant where he expressed his displeasure at her behavior and she said that there was no other way to behave in front of her party members. She says the evening made it clear to her that they can never work. They both spend the night thinking about the impossibility of their relationship.

Ahn comes through for Joon Ha and writes an article about Moon stealing the bill. Moon holds a press conference to clear his name but instead, makes things worse by mistakenly saying the word “porn” which sounds similar to “opposing party.” Now he looks like an even bigger buffoon.

Ahn shows up and when she sees Joon Ha with Min, mentions that they’d spoken that morning. Both he and Min look uncomfortable and he asks to speak to her in private.

She explains that she’s just trying to get him and Min together and if the side effect is that Soo gets jealous, it’s even better. But most importantly, she can’t have Min and Soo together. If only she realized that nothing she does will make Soo love her.

Soo and Min continue to fight and she tells him that instead of being excited by him, she’s angered by him. He also starts to see her and Joon Ha together and isn’t happy about it. During another parliamentary meeting, he texts Sang Soo – who’s waiting outside –  to get rid of Min’s aide like he’d previously done.

Min’s aide starts to think that Sang Soo likes her so when she tries to brush him off by saying she’s already got someone, instead of acting upset, he wants in on the gossip. lol.

With their aides gone, Soo takes her to the park to see the cherry blossoms. She’s worried they may be recognized and he tells her to chill out and that she’s annoying. She returns the compliment so he kisses her on the forehead to commemorate annoying each other. Then he takes cute photos of her.

Joon Ha’s phone call interrupts the fun. He asks her where she is and she lies that she’s with a friend who recently had a baby.

She feels bad for lying to Joon Ha and blames Min. He’s thinks lying is essential but hates the way her voice changes whenever she’s talking to Joon Ha. He tries to get to the bottom of their relationship but she has to go home to Bo Ri.

Soo is called in to a private meeting with the head of his party. He wants him to assume a bigger role because he sees him as his successor. Soo doesn’t understand why he’s the chosen one and the leader says it’s because he has his own voice. However, he needs tone it down and still tow the party line. Once upon a time, the leader was young and idealistic like Soo, but he was also powerless. He tells him he needs power to make change so he should consider his offer carefully. He finally warns him to be careful of the company he keeps and Soo quips that’s exactly why he doesn’t hang out with him often. Is it just me or was Kim Soo Young looking hotter than usual in that car?

The minority leader runs into Soo and asks him to dinner. I suspect this guy is slimy too. Probably worse than the GKP leader.

Ahn interviews Min but it’s really just an excuse to set her plan into motion. She plants stuff in her head, asking if Joon Ha and her are really only family.

Joon Ha drives Min home and she expresses her displeasure with Reporter Ahn. She says she’s trying her best for his sake but she really can’t stand her. Joon Ha reminds her that he’d given her permission to interfere in his love life and her opposition is duly noted. However, does he have the same right to oppose anyone he dislikes? She says he does.

As soon as she gets home, Soo calls her out – he’s got something he needs to discuss with her. He arrives at her house and Joon Ha sees him walk up. Min and Joon Ha get to him at the same time. Joon Ha demands to know why he’s there but he tells him that it’s none of his business. Then Joon Ha tells Min that he’s evoking the right he was just granted and that she cannot be with Soo.


I have to say that a part of me still ships the idea of  Min Young/Joon Ha. Not really the characters in this drama but the storyline. The feelings were mutual and it was just bad timing so I would like to see them finally get it right. Sigh.  But in this drama, while Joon Ha annoys me, there are no proper boundaries in their relationship so something like this was bound to happen. With Min Young letting him give up his career for her, knowing his passcode, him coming to her place freely and of course, having Bo Ri in common. I bet at least one of them once fantasized about getting married and raising her like their child.  But I should move on because that’s not the story that will be told here.

As for the characters, it’s just a comedy so while Moon is a huge embarrassment at work, I root for him and his noona. Min Young and Soo Young are cute but I hope for a better kissing scene in the future.

So now Joon Ha has put his foot down. How will Min react? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • jomo143 says:

    Ahh! Thanks for the recap. These take a lot of time to put together and I appreciate the work.

    I loved the part where she accuses him of smiling like a toothpaste ad, so he makes it worse by smiling even more. His crinkly eyes are very pretty with the amazingly sincere smile.

    You know how you mentioned Mr. Darcy before? Well her response to him in the alley and his reaction to her was very close to the first Darcy/Elizabeth proposal.
    A little bit because he tells her he struggled when he first realized he had fallen for her:
    In vain I have struggled, it will not do…

    Then there was the part where she tells him even if it were his world, she wouldn’t go for him:
    I had not known you a month before I felt that you were the last man in the world whom I could ever be prevailed on to marry.

    And his very sad and surprised question “Are these your real feelings?”
    “And this,” cried Darcy, as he walked with quick steps across the room, “is your opinion of me! This is the estimation in which you hold me!

    Of course, Darcy had to endure a bit more rough waters before he won Elizabeth, but I think MY does like him like him now. They just have to figure out how to make it work IRL.

    Can’t wait to see SHK’s new haircut next week.

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      lol. Yes, the alley also reminded me of that scene and I wanted to embed it in this recap but I thought maybe I would be doing a little too much. lol. Glad you thought of it too.

  • Lizzy4e says:

    Thank you for recapping this drama. This is my favorite show right now.

    I, too, am sympathetic to Joon-ha’s plight. He and Min-young are in position to make a great family with their niece but Joon-ha has chosen the Noble Idiot route.

    I loved both Joon-ha’s and Soo-young’s reaction to hearing that Min-young dreams of sleeping with a man. Joon-ha’s was up on his knees at attention; Soo-young commented that as long as he was not the man in her dreams he was fine with it, but his facial expression said he saw her in a new light. Of course a few episodes later not only does be become the man in her dreams but he is happy to know that he is the man in her dreams.

    I think Soo-young is the illegitimate son of the head of his party; which would explain the snide comment that Soo-young made to the head of the party, that he is careful about the company he keeps by not seeing him too often.

    This drama is so sharp and fun. The whole cast is talented and the comic timing is good. I love the father-like aide, he is such a warm figure. I hope he is not scheming anything against Soo-young.

    Again, thank you for recapping this drama!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      That would be quite an interesting twist if Soo Young turned out to be his son. It never even occurred to me.

      Thanks for your comment and you’re welcome 🙂

      The fatherly aide is really nice, I hope his only role isn’t that of a match-maker. He should get with Min Young’s aunt. lol

    • jomo143 says:

      Hmmmm This gets closer to City Hall with the notion of him being his son.

      I love the smiley smart advisor matchmaker, too. He pretends to know it all but has a book!

  • Sisyphus says:

    Thanks for your recaps! CK recaps are always insightful and funny.

    The comparisons to Jane Austen are spot on. It really is a battle between Mr. Knightly and Mr. Darcy.

    I also think Soo Young is the illegitimate son of the GKP leader. SY always looks at the leader like a pissed off son. Not quite giving the respect (bowing) afforded to a majority leader. Whenever the GKP wants to punish SY, Leader Go convinces them that it wouldn’t be a good idea like a protective father. If he is the illegitimate son, it adds an interesting conflict for the OTP. As if it wasn’t bad enough for MY that SY is part of the GKP, what more dating the progeny of the leader.

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