When A Man Loves Recap Week Five

This week was extremely frustrating for TS/MD shippers. The writer is purposely making Mi Do’s character ambiguous so we have no idea which guy she really likes. I’m not totally hating on her yet but it’s getting uncomfortably close. And Tae Sang’s character is creeping towards an evil side that is exciting but disturbing. Is he still the good guy I think he is? Or is he gonna go evil?
cherry 2Walking among the cherry blossoms, Tae Sang tries hard to be romantic and steer the conversation to a long, happy relationship with Mi Do. She, however, is more concerned with getting home and seeing her friend. (UGH) She ignores him in the car, laughing while texting as he again tries to get her attention.

Sung Joo is hanging out with the boys and trying to worm information out of them. (UGH again) She tries to tell Jae Hee that mean girl likes him and she’s rich, but he’s not interested at all. Just like none of these guys are interested to hear that Sung Joo likes Tae Sang. Nor do any of them want to go eat with her. (LOL) Well, I guess creepy pink-hair does. I think she should give him a chance. *evil snicker*
YK SJWe find out Dong Goo is jealous of Chang Hee’s “position” with Tae Sang. He wishes he had killed the old boss so that Tae Sang would buy him an apartment and send his siblings to school…he’s broke and Tae Sang doesn’t seem to pay him as much as he does Jae Hee. Is everyone after Tae Sang’s money?

Mi Do arrives home to find a poster of her idol hanging up outside and finds out Jae Hee put it up. Her idol is a woman who rose from poverty to become a rich, successful business woman with her own company. Sung Joo brings Tae Sang food from his Mom’s restaurant but of course, doesn’t tell him that. She just snoops around and gets snarky that he’s preparing for a “guest”. When Mi Do calls to confirm lunch, Sung Joo calls out loud enough for Mi Do to hear and be aware that Sung Joo is at his house.
TS cooksDuring lunch, Mi Do helps Tae Sang prepare the meal and we have more cute scenes – with Mi Do again teasing him about his inability to eat hot, spicy foods. He gulps down milk after eating a pepper, getting his shirt all wet. *eyes glaze over at his wet shirt* Just as he starts to remove it, the doorbell rings. It’s Sung Joo – she lost her bracelet. Can he check if it’s in his bathroom? Dude, just say no.

Tae Sang finds it and gives it to her. She glares at Mi Do, notices Tae Sang’s wet shirt and then gets even more pissy when Mi Do invites her in. (LMAO – smart thinking, Mi Do) She leaves but it seems to have ruined the atmosphere. Mi Do does make herself very clear – she’s jealous and insecure about Sung Joo. (which pleases Tae Sang) They watch a movie and Tae Sang falls asleep. *pulls out hair*
jeelus MDYong Kab calls Sung Joo with mysterious questions about the man who Tae Sang’s Mom left home for. Sung Joo is angry and upset by what she just saw so she throws her phone in frustration. HA! Chang Hee makes food for Tae Sang and makes Jae Hee call him. When Mi Do sees Jae Hee is calling Tae Sang’s phone, she leaves quickly while he’s sleeping.

Upon arriving home, she sees Jae Hee writing something on the chalkboard and leaving a bag. Inside the bag, she finds the pink shoes he purchased and smiles. *pulls out more hair* The next day, she sees Tae Sang having coffee and laughing with Sung Joo. Jae Hee sets Mi Do up for a lecture and meeting with her idol. Before she leaves, she meets with Tae Sang in a stairwell and he apologizes for falling asleep.
old manMi Do accuses him of “playing” with Sung Joo, is she useful to his business so he’s using her? Tae Sang is shocked (as am I) and when Mi Do starts to leave, he yells that he’s not done talking yet. He then blasts into her for taking him for granted, is that why she can so easily say things like that to him? She brings up how much money she still owes him and he loses his cool. She knows how he feels about her, she should speak to him that way again. Jae Hee is on the stairwell above and hears this entire conversation.

The leprechaun (Bae Choon) shows up at Tae Sang’s office again, claiming that Tae Sang’s Mom needs surgery. Tae Sang knows he’s only there for money and has him thrown out in front of Jae Hee. All these encounters that Jae Hee is witnessing is going to make him believe Tae Sang is evil.
first fight 1Mi Do attends the lecture and gets an autograph but accidentally leaves her diary on the bus. She goes back to work and runs into Jae Hee. (naturally) She searches for her diary to show him the autograph and realizes she lost it on the bus. When she arrives home, Tae Sang is there to apologize yet again. She’s more upset that she lost her diary (WTH?) so she pretty much ignores him and goes inside.

Tae Sang sits outside and sees her leaving in a cab. He follows her to the bus station where she searches for her diary. Jae Hee is there, he finds it and they walk out together…while Tae Sang ominously hides behind a bus, listening. Tae Sang leaves before they see him. He sits in his car and experiences more extreme pain from his stab wound while Mi Do drinks beer with Jae Hee and wipes his face. (UGH)
scary TSHe walks her home and then confesses that his older brother is the man she’s afraid of at work. His brother, who is uneducated and alone, saved Tae Sang’s life – and he would have done the same thing. But Chang Hee is really a good guy so she doesn’t need to be afraid of him. She apologizes and he leaves while Dad watches them out the window and smiles. Mi Do does call Tae Sang and tells him the truth: she went to the bus yard to find her notebook. But she doesn’t tell him about Jae Hee being with her.

That night, Tae Sang has nightmares and we see a flashback during the time Mi Do was at college. He showed up to see how she was and she accused him of setting up the stabbing incident to make himself look “cool”. WTF is wrong with this girl? He agreed to not bother her again until he saw her at the restaurant. So she had been mis-understanding him completely from the very beginning. *sigh*
TS painJae Hee arrives home to Chang Hee, who teases him about dating. Jae Hee wants to know why Tae Sang is so cold and Chang Hee rakes him over the coals – he knows nothing about how Tae Sang has had to live his life. Jae Hee tells him about the crazy uncle who showed up with information about Tae Sang’s Mom. Jae Hee tries to get Chang Hee to choose a side, who would he save – him or Tae Sang? Chang Hee chooses him because Tae Sang knows how to swim. LMAO! I love Chang Hee.

Tae Sang calls the leprechaun uncle, Bae Choon and tells him he can’t trust what he’s saying – did he really find his Mom? He’ll send Bae Choon money but he only wants news of his brother, Tae Min. He doesn’t want to hear about his Mom. Mom keeps having dreams about Tae Sang, waiting for her in an empty house. (Oh, cry me a river – why did you leave him then?) I’m frustrated with her too.  Chang Hee offers to find out everything from the leprechaun uncle.
ooopsMi Do and Jae Hee walk in on Sung Joo removing a patch from Tae Sang’s back. Yea, I’d be pissed too. Tae Sang informs a very cold Mi Do that the three of them will be going on a business trip together and no, Sung Joo isn’t coming. Both Mi Do and Jae Hee look uncomfortable. Sang Joo continues to suck up to Tae Sang’s Mom, buying her gifts and talking about getting married. *shivers* Creepy.

Jae Hee meets with mean girl, who will talk her Father into investing in his company IF he fires Mi Do. Jae Hee tells her to jump in a river and she throws water on him. Mi Do sees and hears this and tries to dump an entire pitcher of water on mean girl (LOL) but Jae Hee drags her out. He finds out Mi Do has an interview with her idol’s company and does what he can to send her on time, even lying about her not attending a meeting at Golden Tree. She makes it to the interview and gets offered a position. In London. Jae Hee encourages her to take it and follow her dreams.
time outWhen she goes home, Tae Sang is waiting for her. He bought her new diaries, one in every color. And he holds his arms up as punishment that he knows he did wrong. (Stop being so cute) Mi Do puts a new patch on his back and then tells him about the job offer and that it’s in London. After questioning if she really wants to go for the job and it’s not because of Sung Joo, he asks for time to think about it.

Tae Sang immediately heads to Sung Joo’s house, hugs her and tells her he can’t see her anymore – even as a friend or business partner. She cries, he’s going to be unhappy and he’s going to regret this. He does seem to be feeling bad about it but he firmly walks away. (YAY!) He thinks about his family. Mi Do chats with Jae Hee about the job offer and tells him she told her boyfriend. Jae Hee encourages her to go to London – even if she has to break up with her boyfriend. (Sneaky jerk!)
dumpedYong Kab gives money to Dong Goo in an attempt to win him to his side. Dong Goo finds out later that Tae Sang sent money to his Mom so he gives the money back . Our leprechaun uncle continues to try scamming money out of Chang Hee regarding Tae Sang’s Mom. Tae Sang meets with Mi Do and begs her not to go, he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He can give her anything she wants, what can she do in London – fetch coffee and make copies? Oh, HELL NO – he did not go there.

Mi Do tells him the next day that she still likes him and she still wants to pay back what she owes him. With a tear in her eye, she tells him she wants to break up.  He grabs her arm as she tries to walk away and looks furious. Oh, and Jae Hee was there (again) and overheard this.
ended 2Thoughts:

I saw that coming the minute he belittled her job, not a good move. The age barrier is becoming more and more clear and more of an obstacle for this couple than anything else. Tae Sang wants to get married, settle down and have babies. Mi Do is no where NEAR ready for that. He believes it’s because of Sung Joo, he doesn’t understand that Mi Do has dreams and goals of her own.
waitsIt’s not entirely his fault, she’s never bothered to share her goals with him at all. She tells Jae Hee but not her boyfriend so he’s clueless about what she wants from a career. (Or even that she wants a career at all!) Everyone else in Tae Sang’s life seems to only want money or “things” from him so why wouldn’t he believe Mi Do is the same, especially when she admitted she was materialistic? She’s giving him conflicting signs but that might also be because she herself is conflicted.

She had probably given up on her goals – not being able to continue college. Now she’s been given a golden opportunity that it too good to pass up. I get it and I understand her. It’s unfortunate that she can’t seem to make Tae Sang understand but I’m not sure he would, even if she tried. He seems pretty set on an immediate marriage and children. They are sooo far apart and it’s a shame. It’s also a shame Tae Sang has no confidence in himself to wait for her because I truly believe if he encouraged her, the relationship would get stronger.
save firstJae Hee is an annoying fly buzzing around but I don’t believe Mi Do feels anything for him beyond friendship. She might be confused herself since he is so supportive of her and she seems more herself with him. He’s like her own personal cheerleader even though he wants more. I don’t believe she does, nor do I think she’s going to now go to Jae Hee after breaking up with Tae Sang. I believe she likes Tae Sang and she isn’t that type of girl. That’s an opinion based on what I’m feeling though – I could be totally wrong. I continue to adore the brothers together and nothing better happen to Chang Hee or the writer will die by my hands.

No idea where we’re going now but, I’m buckled into my seat on this roller-coaster! See you next week.

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  • Wls says:

    Thanks for the recap. This week episodes killed my heart. I am thinking whether to continue watching cos my heart may not be able to take rhe ride! Arrrgh!

    • tessieroo says:

      I know, I’m barely hanging on too. I have a feeling we’re in for much more heartache for TS and that’s going to be hard to take. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  • Cup Cake says:

    I am glad that she breakup with TS. He needs to be with me instead…:-)

  • Marie says:

    Thanks for the recap. Your thoughts makes me think of the positive side of MD. I pity TS that he cannot get MD’s love even though he nearly die for her. I also pity MD that she needs to sacrifice her love to repay TS. After watching a few episodes, I find JH suits MD more in terms of interest and age. But after reading your thoughts, I think TS still has some hope with MD. I am comforted and really hope that MD will end up with TS 🙂

  • Arawn says:

    I do believe Mi Do is conflicted but I still dislike more than I have disliked ANY female drama lead. She mostly just mopes around looking sad and being victim without DOING anything to make situation better – except now breaking up with TS. I really don’t get any signs from her that she likes him at all. She’s always hesitant and uneasy at his presence, almost never smiles, always has these side glances like “what is he doing? What am I doing?” etc. She doesn’t even try to share things about her with him, doesn’t try to explain and learn to compromise, she says nothing until it’s practically too late. It’s really looks like she’s with him because of the money and as a payment for her dept for him.

    And yet she’s being so jealous of TS! I really don’t get WHY and most of all I don’t see how she has any RIGHT to be. Even if she really were in love with TS and wanted to be his girlfriend she still wouldn’t have any right to forbid him to meet his friends, female or male. And when she got angry because the Bitchy chick had visited TS’s place and left her watch there in mistake – what the hell?! How in earth is that a sign of anything? You cannot EVER have any female guests when you’re a taken man?

    This girl needs to get her head checked. And get as far away as TS as possible. TS should be dating Hazel eyes, he’s be much better companion for him. >:(

  • Chaminda says:

    name of the show pls

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