When A Man Loves Recap Week 6

I was completely surprised this week and that doesn’t happen very often. You know, when you’re watching a movie that you’ve got all figured out and BAM – something happens you didn’t see coming at all. That’s pretty rare so I have to give props to the writer for shocking the hell outta me.
TS MD buMi Do breaks down crying while trying to explain to Tae Sang why she so desperately wants to accept the job in London. Does he not understand her, even a little bit? He asks the same of her – does she not understand him at all? She cries at how differently they think. He now believes she never liked him, not once and he walks away. She continues crying and he breaks down in a stairwell once he’ s alone.

In a company meeting, Tae Sang explains Sung Joo will no longer be working with Golden Tree investors. Both Mi Do and Jae Hee look shocked by this. When Jae Hee asks why, Tae Sang tells him it was just a business decision. Mi Do knows better and remembers Tae Sang told her he took care of that.
SJ TMSung Joo finds out that someone called the orphanage and said Tae Min was dead. It was a man who spoke English. (OMO, did Tae Min himself call?) She recalls fighting with Tae Sang about family and gets into a car accident. She calls Yong Kab and he comes to pick her up. Why on earth would she call him?

At home, Mi Do’s parents fight over her breaking up with Tae Sang – Mom is angry and Dad is happy. Chang Hee tells Tae Sang leprechaun uncle lied about his Mom being sick and probably knows where she is. He wants money in exchange for that information. Tae Sang says he will pay it but he’s only interested in finding his brother, Tae Min. He experiences more severe pain in his shoulder.
TM 3Tae Sang visits the bookstore late at night, imagining how things would have turned out if he had encouraged Mi Do to go to London. He writes a message on the chalkboard that he will miss her. In other words, he’s finally supporting her decision and telling her he will wait. *sniffles*

Yong Kab takes Sung Joo home and she invites him to stay over. What the…did I miss something? I don’t get it. He turns her down but cleans her house and finds a picture of Tae Sang with his little brother. He wants to team up to find Tae Min, even if they have to invent a fake brother since the real Tae Min might be dead. Sung Joo doesn’t agree but then tells him not to mess with Tae Sang’s Mom.
TS poemMi Do drops off her paperwork at Stage Plus. (thank you, @alobaro!) As she drives away in a taxi, she sees Tae Sang going inside. Chang Hee pays leprechaun uncle but has to threaten him to find Tae Sang’s Mom is. He takes Chang Hee to her restaurant. Chang Hee knows it’s really Tae Sang’s Mom.

Mi Do gives Jae Hee the cold shoulder when he asks if he can visit her in London. (HA!) *whistles happily* Dong Goo asks Chang Hee about the man Tae Sang’s Mom left with, does he know who Kim Sung Joo is? Chang Hee looks stunned and then dismisses it – telling him not to talk to Tae Sang about it. Hmmm, Chang Hee knows something about that man! The police show up at Tae Min’s Mom’s restaurant, asking if she knows where that man is. He’s disappeared.
proposal 1Mi Do finally sees what Tae Sang wrote on the chalkboard and tears up. Her Dad thinks Jae Hee wrote it but she corrects him. He gets angry and erases it after telling her Tae Sang is not the man for her. She calls Tae Sang and he tells her to meet him. He proposes with a huge diamond and tells her he will wait for her. They kiss. Awwww…I love Tae Sang. *silly fangirl giggle*

Mi Do’s Mom slips the pink shoes Jae Hee bought for her inside her bag as she’s leaving for the business trip. (Seriously?) Dong Goo is bragging about how smart Tae Sang at work which annoys Jae Hee. (Ahahaha!) The 3 of them board a train. Jae Hee gets angrier when Mi Do won’t accept his offer to sit by the window. Sang Joo finds out Tae Sang proposed to Mi Do.
proposal 2Jae Hee catches Tae Sang kissing Mi Do on the train. Tae Sang admits they’re dating and Jae Hee pretends he knew nothing about that. Tae Sang asks him to keep it a secret for a while. At the hotel, Jae Hee snarkily asks why they have 3 rooms. (OMG, what an ass) Tae Sang is as cordial and respectful as ever, leaving Mi Do alone to do her own thing. I love that he never pushes or stalks her.

She gets a phone call from Stage Plus that they’re rescinding their offer to hire her. When she asks why, they claim it was just a mistake. She remembers seeing Tae Sang going into the building. She presses for an answer, asking if someone urged them to cancel hiring her? The woman answers that she cannot confirm that. (which pretty much confirms it) Mi Do breaks down sobbing and Jae Hee sees this.
golfJae Hee meets Tae Sang and attempts to lecture him to let Mi Do go to London. Tae Sang is surprised they’re so close, is Jae Hee more worried about Mi Do than he is? Mi Do cries, alone in her room. Jae Hee shows up with flowers, she opens the door. He tells her not to cry. Right before the door closes, he forces his way inside and kisses her aggressively. She pushes him away…as Tae Sang knocks on her door.

Tae Sang goes back to his room and calls Jae Hee, who lies that he’s in his own room. Mi Do then calls Tae Sang who agrees to meet in her room. As he walks towards her door, it opens and Jae Hee emerges. Tae Sang stares at him in shock. He calls out to Jae Hee, asking why he’s coming out of Mi Do’s room? Jae Hee quickly lies that there aren’t enough wine glasses. Tae Sang seems to buy this lame excuse.
TS catches JHTae Sang asks why Mi Do didn’t hear his call? She says she was in the shower. He asks if she’s heard from Stage Plus and she lies about that too. She obviously believes Tae Sang had something to do with her suddenly being rejected as a new hire. That makes mis-understanding number 385?

The next morning, Tae Sang notices Mi Do’s shoes are stained and makes her wear the pink heels. *sigh* Jae Hee notices and comments on how nice they look on her. Sung Joo meets with all the investors and steals them away from Tae Sang’s company. When Jae Hee calls to ask what’s going on and why they didn’t show up, she says since she’s no longer part of Golden Tree – she’s now a competitor.
cute morningJae Hee insults Tae Sang by saying he used Sung Joo, she’s angry and that’s why she’s doing this now. After Tae Sang tells him he shouldn’t be talking like that, he gets up and leaves. Jae Hee asks Mi Do what happened with her new job? When she won’t talk about it, he asks if she loves Tae Sang? He proceeds to tell Mi Do that he doesn’t think Tae Sang is a good match for her. (and…who asked you?)

Mi Do reminds him Tae Sang has helped him too. Jae Hee agrees that Tae Sang is a good man but not a good match for her. Mi Do tells him that’s for her to decide so he tells her what happened yesterday was not a mistake – he meant it. (Oh, you mean forcing yourself on her?) What a great guy you are! *vomits* He admits he knew about her relationship earlier but he can’t give up.
SJ goes evilMi Do asks Tae Sang if he went to Stage Plus? He tries to explain but she says it worked out the way he wanted. He offers to go talk to them again, she says it’s too late. She also pretty much insults him by claiming he’s making her stay with him and that whenever they get married, it doesn’t matter to her. So she doesn’t even listen to anything he says. *bangs head on desk*

On the train home, Tae Sang feigns sleep but opens his eyes when he feels Mi Do and Jae Hee staring at each other. (Well, that was creepy) Chang Hee finds the pictures of Jae Hee and Mi Do in Guam. So now he knows his little brother likes the same woman. He goes to Golden Tree to drop off something and sees Mi Do wearing the pink shoes. He knows Jae Hee bought those shoes.
TS JH argueJae Hee meets Sung Joo to find out why she’s doing this. When she claims she just didn’t want to help a man who loves someone else, he asks if she was loved before that? (Ohhh, burn!) *kekeke* She gets angry and lies that Tae Sang killed the old Boss (her lover) and made a deal with Chang Hee to take the blame. She weeps that it’s Tae Sang’s fault she’s acting this way. Pffftttt. No, you’re just jealous.

Tae Sang arrives at Mi Do’s house to find the ceiling falling, the building needs repaired but the landlord still can’t be reached. (Wait, doesn’t Yong Kab own the building now?) Tae Sang offers to let them all stay at his house but Dad refuses. (Jerk) Dad then makes it clear to Tae Sang that he will never forgive him for what happened years ago. Mi Do, her Mom and Mi Joon go to Tae Sang’s house.
brothers fightChang Hee confronts Jae Hee about Mi Do and finds out that Jae Hee knew she was Tae Sang’s girl. Jae Hee brings up the lie Sung Joo told him, what kind of deal did he make with Tae Sang to go to prison? Chang Hee tells him to snap out of it, Tae Sang isn’t like that. Jae Hee smarts off so Chang Hee slaps him. (YAY!) He begs Jae Hee to not do this, not this girl.

At the office, Mi Do tells Jae Hee she and her family are staying with Tae Sang. Jae Hee is not happy to hear this and says Mi Do sounds like a different person. She says she’s comfortable there. (HA!) Sung Joo finds out from mean girl that she overheard Tae Sang at Stage Plus – he only went to find out where Mi Do would be staying and what she would be doing in London. Mean girl got pissed and had Mi Do’s job cancelled, threatening them that her Father would withdraw his money if they didn’t. (Ahhh…)
MD SJ fightSung Joo is pleased about this development and when she runs into Mi Do, she implies Tae Sang is the one who got the job cancelled. *sigh* The two women snipe at each other and Sung Joo asks if she thinks of Jae Hee when she’s with Tae Sang? Mi Do…why didn’t you dump water on her? (LMAO) Yong Kab goes to torture Tae Sang’s Mom with childhood pictures of Tae Sang and Tae Min. Chang Hee makes plans with Tae Sang to stop by with Jae Hee and meet Mi Do’s family.

When they arrive, both Mi Do and Jae Hee look extremely uncomfortable. Jae Hee sits at the piano and plays the keys “Mi” and “Do” over and over. (He’s an idiot) Tae Sang notices as does Mi Do. On the way home, Chang Hee tells Jae Hee this will all pass. Mi Do meets with Jo Kelly, who offers her a position in New York instead of London. She finds out that Jae Hee called continuously to get her hired.
sex TS ringMi Do stays home sick from work the next day but she’s just brooding over Jae Hee working so hard to get her hired. (BLECH) Policemen show up at Tae Sang’s door, asking her about the man his Mom lived with – that man has been missing for more than 10 years. She broods some more until Jae Hee shows up with flowers and a painting. Oh, no.

He tells her he came to say goodbye, he’s leaving to work in the Hong Kong office. He’s heartbroken but he’s glad he met her. (Okay! Bye! You can leave now!) He tells her not to send him a wedding invitation and not to think of him when she sees something funny written on the chalkboard at home. He shakes her hand but she seems reluctant to let it go. He grabs her and shoves her into the bedroom. They begin making out and ripping each others clothes off. (Wait, is this still MBC?)
MD JHSuddenly they hear the keys “Mi” and “Do” on the piano. *hehehe* Tae Sang calls out her name and they quickly dress. Mi Do comes out of TAE SANG’S BEDROOM (OMG, where they about to do it in HIS room?) and tells Tae Sang that Jae Hee brought a picture and she was going to have him hang it. Both Jae Hee and Mi Do are nervous and Jae Hee quickly leaves. He passes Mi Joon, who stares at him but denies knowing him when Tae Sang asks. So now Mi Do’s brother also knows she’s two-timing.

The next day as Tae Sang is picking out a shirt to wear, he notices one on the floor. When he picks it up, he sees Jae Hee’s initials. Jae Hee must have left his shirt on the floor and taken one of Tae Sang’s? Tae Sang quickly puts everything together. In flashback, he remembers all the times Mi Do and Jae Hee have been together and the lies they’ve told him. He rips the shirt in half with fury in his eyes.

When I’m wrong, I’ll be the first to admit it. I was totally wrong about Mi Do liking Tae Sang, it appears she’s in love with Jae Hee. *gasp* The writer got me good! I didn’t see that coming at all – I figured there would be a mis-understanding but that nothing would happen between Mi Do and Jae Hee. It might be the first time ever that I’ve watched a hot, make-out scene and ended up disgusted. *hee* My heart breaks for Tae Sang, he’s been played. At least he’s figured some of it out and I personally can’t wait for him to go all ninja assassin on everyone who has been messing with him.
LJHThat includes Sung Joo – I had my doubts that she truly loved Tae Sang but the way she let him go cleared the air for me. I thought “Ah, she truly does love this man” Nope, I no longer think that. Her petty revenge (hurting his business) and lying to Jae Hee about Tae Sang being a killer who basically framed Chang Hee to take the blame? I’m no longer sure what the hell she’s doing but I am sure that’s not love. If she teams up with creepy pink-hair to bring Tae Sang down, she’s off my radar as the only warm, honest person in the drama. (besides Tae Sang)
forcedI’m also super annoyed with Mi Do’s Dad – what an ungrateful loser. It’s not that I believe he should give Mi Do to Tae Sang in order to pay him back for all the things Tae Sang has done for their family. It’s that I expected him to see how Tae Sang had changed and how gentle he is with Mi Do. (and others) He only sees the old Tae Sang and refuses to give him a chance. Mom is also a bit annoying though – pushing Mi Do onto Tae Sang isn’t helping matters at all.
give upI have no idea where it goes from here (again) but if Mi Do ends up with Tae Sang, I will cry foul. I’m also a bit worried about Chang Hee. What will he do if Tae Sang messes with Jae Hee in any way? Of course, he will protect his baby brother! We also still have a huge mystery surround Tae Min – it appears to me that he called the orphanage to report himself dead but why? See you next week!

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  • soobin says:

    i wish that Tae Sang will get his day! soon!

  • Mara says:

    One minor comment: when TS gave MD the engagement ring he kissed her and she was stiff.

    When JH kissed her she was all into it and even kissing him when he was not initiating the kissing.
    Wow! It was a bit awkward though, ’cause JH is much taller than MD and at times I thought he had
    muscle spasms (hehehe) trying to find comfortable positions in that scene. I was impressed with his
    back, very sexy! SSK has gotten much better in her kiss scenes, though she’s no Kim Tae Hee or
    Yoon Eun Hye. Those girls should give Advanced Fake Kissing classes to newer actresses ’cause
    they’ve got It downpact.

  • PLuto says:

    Seriously I was annoyed. >_<.Poor TS ;_;

  • Cup Cake says:

    Tell me if I am wrong. A smart woman would fall in love with a guy that is tall, dark, handsome, & a HOT body. He also had a BIG bank account to go with. Plus he LOVE her. Proving that is not too smart so she deserve the JERK. TS can be with me. OPPA ! I will give you my Heart & Soul…:-)

  • PLuto says:

    No your not wrong a bit.Even for a while just forget about him being rich,handsome and tall.The fact that he sincerely loves her so much is whats killing me.

  • Sam says:

    Its just irritating that they tried to make out in Tae Sang’s clothing rooms. They have a lot more better times and places for it. Anyway, l’m just afraid that Tae Sang will go back to his original side, gangster form. Because now he believes that Mido and JaeHee could not be forgiven. Wonder what he’s going to do with them.

    At first l ship for Sung Joo and Tae Sang, but sori, both girls dont deserve him.

    l believe that in the end, one or two characters will die, perhaps Yoon Kap or Chang Hee or Sung Joo. But please dont make my Tae Sang die, it will be the most disgust and hate ending ever. Perhaps TS and Sung Joo die leaving Jae Hee and Mi Do that will never be together anymore as Mi Do keeps all the regrets for the man who loves her so much.

    Btw, Jae Hee’s back is sexy!!lol..

    • Cup Cake says:

      Haha…. I love Jae Hee. Love him since Ariang drama. But I hate him in his character here. He and MD drive me crazy.

  • liz says:

    Omg, OMG WAIT, WHAT? **Shocked**

    I hope Mi Do starts going out with JH, and see how ”great” he is, he’ll always be insecure and not trusting her with TS, he’ll always be controling her, he’ll always say how great he is for her and etc. And I hope she gets tired of it and wants TS back HAHAHAHA but too late bitch (sorry for these words LOL)

    Btw… the kind of second guys I hate the most is JH’s type.

    They always think they are the best option for the main girl and that they are the ones that can make them happy, and for this they do everything to get the girl, even if by force or even if this mean hurting her to get her. What the…

    This reminds me second guy from Goong. He cleary knew she liked Shin the main guy, but he thought he was the best option, and he was the one to make her happy, and did everything to get the main couple apart.

    At this point, it isn’t about HOW SHE FEELS but about HOW HE FEELS, and about his feelings… his happiness.

    He thinks he is a great guy but he is not

    TS is the great guy here. Even though he had so much to not trust MD and to suspect her, he didn’t and believed in all crap she said, and how she repays his trust and love? By not believing on him but believe others’ crap talk and by cheating him with other guy on TS’s room… MD and JH deserves each other and hope TS makes their life a hell. They sure don’t know how to be grateful… what you could be JH if TS didn’t help you? MD what would happen to you ungrateful father if not for TS’s money for his hospital bills?

    SMH. I hate everyone except for TS and JH’s brother.

  • liz says:

    SSK might not be the best actress and sometimes she seems stiff, but she isn’t stingy with kiss/love scenes at all… lol she kisses back, and is bold. The only thing worth Fashion king was her and YAI kiss scene.

  • tessieroo says:

    I agree with everyone here – I’m so annoyed. But I’m also betting I’ll be planted in front of my computer screen on Wednesday waiting for the next episode. LMAO! I do wanna see TS go all ninja on both MD and JH. *hehehe*

  • Hikary25 says:

    Thanks so much for the recap!!

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