When A Man Loves Recap Week 7

Frustration continues to mount but I can’t seem to look away, no matter how angry I get. The writer has made  this drama interesting in that it’s not a story about the typical “candy” girl nor is the love-triangle typical so I have to give her that. I just pray the ending won’t be one that we all consider pointless.
MD TS knowsJae Hee leaves quickly after Tae Sang comes home. He texts Mi Do as he walks away – is she okay? She tells him she can’t come out. Tae Sang sits in his room – it’s clear he can sense something is off but it’s not until he finds Jae Hee’s shirt that he puts everything together.

Unfortunately, he decides to pretend nothing happened and instead of confronting Mi Do, he tells her he’s knows she’s unhappy. I know communication is a huge problem in K-dramas but come on! Mi Do remembers the police implying Tae Sang knows the man his Mom left home with and that man is missing. So now she thinks Tae Sang killed him?
TM appearsJae Hee leaves for Hong Kong, looking around at the airport like he expects Mi Do to show up. Chang Hee tells him to focus on his work. Mi Do reads the poem from the picture Jae Hee brought and Mi Joon tells her he prefers her with Jae Hee. She should be grateful to Tae Sang but she needs to follow her heart. Okay, whatever – idol wannabeboy. (By the way, your dancing sucks) He leaves a message on the chalkboard for Jae Hee, encouraging him with Mi Do. BLECH.

Jae Hee meets with a new possible investor for Golden Tree. This guy seems to know a lot about Tae Sang so I’m guessing he’s Tae Min? Jae Hee calls the office and talks to Mi Do, Tae Sang overhears although they don’t say much. Jae Hee receives his torn shirt from Tae Sang. LMAO! He’s scared. *teehee* Chang Hee irons  at home and finds one of Tae Sang’s shirts.
JH afraidSung Joo gets more jealous and also shows interest in buying Mi Do’s family bookstore building. Okay, I’m done with her too. And I thought creepy pink-hair already bought the building? Tae Sang shows up at work and gifts Mi Do with a car. (WAE?) He takes her to try on wedding dresses. My frustration level is over-the-top. Jae Hee texts Mi Do that Tae Sang knows, he sent his shirt to him.

Both Chang Hee and Yong Kab show up at Tae Sang’s Mom’s restaurant. They accuse the other of killing the man his Mom left with. (Huh?) I’m lost. It’s also amazing to me that none of these people seem to have anything better to do than try to make Tae Sang’s life hell. Unbelievable. Chang Hee learns from leprechaun uncle that Tae Sang’s Mom doesn’t know where Tae Min is. Hmmm.
MD carThe police show up to question Tae Sang about the man his Mom left with. They won’t tell him who reported his name so he asks them to leave. (I’m guessing Yong Kab or Sung Joo) Tae Sang confronts Jae Hee about Mi Do – is she the girl Jae Hee likes? Jae Hee admits it and admits they met in Guam too. It’s funny to me that Jae Hee says he can’t let her go but then asks Tae Sang to do exactly that: let her go.

Jae Hee implies Mi Do is only with Tae Sang due to the debt she owes. Oh, shut the hell up, you scumbag. They both break their glasses because it’s a manly thing to do. *shrugs* Mi Do goes home  (Why the hell is she still staying at Tae Sang’s house?) and runs into Jae Hee. He tells her he confronted Tae Sang.
wedding dress 1Mi Do begs him to stop making her “stumble” and that she doesn’t want him to become someone who betrays his friend. Jae Hee is convinced Tae Sang helped him because of some deal he made with his brother and that Tae Sang is a murderer who used his brother. Tae Sang shows up and Jae Hee hides upstairs in the dark.  Tae Sang catches them in an embrace and hits Jae Hee. He drags Mi Do out. She tries to tell him something but he yells at her later.

She tells him she likes Jae Hee. He asks her to stay with him and not make him a monster. *yanks out more hair* Please just let her go – she’s not worth your time. Jae Hee tells Chang Hee that he admitted he loves Mi Do. Chang Hee is angry but then asks what Mi Do said, calling her a bitch. Jae Hee yells at him not to talk about her like that. LMAO, I guess the truth hurts. Chang Hee breaks down crying and says he’s paying for his crime. What crime is he talking about here?
TS gangsterJae Hee shows up at work with everyone congratulating him. He asks Dong Goo about why his brother went to prison. Dong Goo tells him the only people who were there were Tae Sang, Yong Kab and his brother. He thinks Sung Joo was the first to show up afterwards. Noooo! Tae Sang records a Birthday wish for Mi Do, which makes me sick to my stomach. Tae Sang leaves the recorder on!

Sung Joo meets with Jae Hee and invites Yong Kab. She lies to Jae Hee that Tae Sang murdered the old boss. What a waste of air Sung Joo has turned out to be and so much for her professing her love of Tae Sang. She just accused him of being a liar and a murderer. Yea, that’s true love there, sweetie. *rolls eyes* This delusional woman doesn’t deserve Tae Sang either, she’s horrible.
CH JH cryMi Do meets with Jae Hee again and tells him Tae Sang won’t give up on her until she’s dead. Yes he will, Princess. Trust me – he’ll come to realize you’re a piece of trash. Sung Joo stalks Tae Sang at a bar and watches him getting drunk while she cries. Ahahaha, what a psycho. Is this supposed to make us feel sorry for her or understand? Pffftttt, that’s not working at all.

Tae Sang arrives home to find the camera recorded a conversation between Mi Do and Jae Hee. He watches Mi Do tell Jae Hee he could be in danger. He throws the ceramic dolls in anger, breaking them all over the floor which wakes up Mi Do. She pretends to be sleeping when Tae Sang enters her room. He leaves and Mi Do goes out to see the broken dolls on the floor.
TS tapeAs Tae Sang is driving, a tire blows and he almost gets into an accident. Was that truly an accident or did someone try to kill him? Mi Do tries to get her Mom to move out of Tae Sang’s house but her Mom wants to meet the man who is making her an evil, unfaithful woman. *kekeke* Yes, please meet with Jae Hee and beat the crap outta him. Tae Sang doesn’t show up for work the next morning.

Chang Hee calls Mi Do to meet with him. She shows up wearing the pink shoes Jae Hee gave her. (Whoa, what a bitch) Chang Hee addresses her not as Jae Hee’s girlfriend but as Tae Sang’s future wife. (HA!) He chews her out for dragging Jae Hee into this mess. She attempts to leave but he’s not done yet. (OMG, I love Chang Hee!) He tells her he will make Jae Hee give up. She tries to tell him she never played with Tae Sang? HAHAHA! This chick never stops with the lies, does she?
CH MD fightTae Sang arrives at another home and takes off his couple ring. *dances around the room* Chang Hee goes home and informs Jae Hee that Tae Sang is missing. Jae Hee tells him he’s going to quit Golden Tree as soon as this last investment deal goes through. Sung Joo calls to ask if Chang Hee knows where Tae Sang is? Oh, stop pretending you care if his life falls into hell – since you’re helping that along.

Mi Do’s Mom calls Tae Sang to arrange a family dinner that night. The two cheaters meet up to try to rationalize their cheating but I don’t even care what they’re saying. Chang Hee arrives at Tae Sang’s other house. When Tae Sang goes to wash up, Chang Hee finds the camera and watches the recording of Tae Sang wishing Mi Do a Happy Birthday. He then sees Mi Do and Jae Hee meeting again.
break up 1Yong Kab takes a fake Tae Min to the Mom’s restaurant. Sung Joo finds out the real Tae Min was adopted twice. I have no idea what these two are up to but it can’t be good for Tae Sang. It’s amazing how much effort both of these people are spending to make Tae Sang miserable. At the family dinner, Mi Do notices Tae Sang is not wearing his couple ring.

She brings up that she’s been offered a position and Tae Sang tells her he will handle her resignation. (YES!) He leaves and Mi Do chases him out…to give back the wedding rings. (I hate this woman with all my being) Tae Sang tells her to keep them and sell them for money. (LMAO) He kisses her but the only thing she’s interested in is making sure he means to leave her alone. She’s scared he’s going to have her killed. This Princess sure thinks she’s worth all that, doesn’t she?
JH crazy CHChang Hee shows the video tape to Jae Hee, letting him know Tae Sang recorded a message for Mi Do and caught them by chance. He tells Jae Hee about Tae Sang’s flat tire – inferring that Mi Do did it. Jae Hee claims it’s a mis-understanding but Chang Hee says the ‘bitch has gotten to you too”. Jae Hee yells at him to watch his mouth. (I adore Chang Hee)

Tae Sang is alone in his other house and starts hearing voices. Oh, great – he’s losing his marbles? Chang Hee seems to recognize the company Jae Hee is trying to talk into investing in Golden Tree. (Chang Hee has a lot of secrets!) Jae Hee meets with Sung Joo who questions him about Chairman Chang Ji Myung’s son, the guy he’s been meeting with. (She knows it’s Tae Min?)
JH insults SJChang Hee digs through Jae Hee’s childhood things at home and finds Chang Ji Min’s business card he hid in the back of a picture. Ahahaha, I’m really confused right now. Mi Do sees Jae Hee off at the airport, telling him she’s quitting Golden Tree. Chang Hee shows up to comfort Tae Sang. Tae Sang asks him if he can kill the woman his brother loves? (OMG, tell me he’s asking a rhetorical question!)

Chang Hee buys a used car and different license plates. Is he planning to kill Mi Do for real? Sung Joo continues her stalking and crying but it’s still not working – she does not love Tae Sang. Chang Hee sends the video to Mi Do and then calls her to say that Tae Sang is sick so she should come explain to him about the video.  OMO, he’s really going to do this?
CH comfortsJae Hee meets with Tae Min (I’m going to call him Tae Min although it hasn’t been confirmed yet) Tae Min asks lots of questions about Tae Sang. Mi Do arrives and walks down a dirt road by herself. Chang Hee runs into her. *gasp* He really did it! Tae Sang calls Mi Do’s phone and finds out she’s at the hospital. He calls her family. When they arrive, her Mom asks where Mi Do is. Her Father slaps Tae Sang, accusing him of doing this to her because she broke up with him.

Golden Tree employees inform Jae Hee that Mi Do was injured in a hit-and-run. Tae Sang remembers his conversation with Chang Hee, I think he’s figured out Chang Hee did this.
MD hospital

I sat and stared at this empty space trying to think of what to say – first time that’s ever happened! I’m not sure how I feel or what to think anymore. It’s not that I think this drama sucks because I don’t, I’m intrigued at how much effort the writer has put into these characters. The amount of time that I have spent trying to understand them is crazy.

I’m kinda bummed since there are only 2 likable characters and the writer just chose to make one of them a psychopathic killer. We know from the flashback that Tae Sang didn’t mean for Chang Hee to kill Mi Do literally but…that’s how he took it. Adding one more huge mis-understanding between Mi Do and Tae Sang infuriates me – we don’t have many episodes left to clear them all up.
HB to MDI’m very disappointed that Sung Joo’s character turned out to be a waste of space and by that I mean she’s the typical, cliched, psycho K-drama second lead who will do whatever it takes to make the lead man love her. *yawn* It’s interesting that she’s not attacking Mi Do (yet) but instead trying to ruin the life of the very person she professes to love. I have started fast-forwarding through her scenes, which is never good. Since we only see her working out, scheming or crying over how sorry she is to Tae Sang – I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing.

My blood boils whenever Mi Do and Jae Hee are on the screen together and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It is nice that she finally opened her mouth and was honest with Tae Sang but for me, it comes too late – her character is so un-likable and un-redeemable in my eyes that what I said last week is still true: if she ends up with Tae Sang, I’ll cry foul.
matchWe have the mystery surrounding Tae Min and Tae Sang’s Mom to deal with and I’m all for moving things away from Mi Do and Jae Hee since their scenes make me sick. *hee* So far, Tae Min doesn’t seem to be a very likeable character either – is he out to destroy Tae Sang also? If so, why? Does he somehow believe Tae Sang abandoned him? Do they all think everything in their lives is Tae Sang’s fault? Unbelievable. I’ve never met so many disgusting characters in one drama.

The preview shows Mi Do waking up in the hospital and reaching for Tae Sang’s hand…but I’m guessing she’s pretending in order to keep herself and Jae Hee safe – from what she believes is Tae Sang’s vengence. So now it’s fake amnesia? Only 6 episodes left! See you next week.

TS drinks



  • Mara says:

    Wow! I can’t believe only 6 eps. are left. My money is on MD ending up alone.
    After all, CH is JH’s bro and her attempted murderer and TS instigated the
    whole incident by mentioning it to CH. Even if CH ends up being a common
    murderer, I still enjoyed him as Mr. Mom/Housewife/Big Bro/Best Friend.
    Gosh, with those beautiful amber eyes you’d think they would have given him
    a love interest to keep him out of trouble. Now that is one fine specimen of a
    man and I think the hottest guy in the drama. TS is too much of a wuss for me
    (step on me. I’m a doormat) and Jae Hee has taken puppy love to new heights.

    • total_newbie_to_k says:

      Your praise of Kim Seung-oh makes me delurke in this blog. Hi everybody!
      KSO is so easy on the eyes and I hope someone will cast him as a romantic lead soon. He caught my eye as the villain in Ahjussi and now I’m searching for the roles he played. Love him. What a face. *drool*

      About WAML – yep, it’s the show I love to hate. Mi Do is so unappealing I’m constantly confused what the guys see in her.

      • liz says:

        KSO is on Sign (cameo) on episodes 15 foward?, he have a small role on secret garden,

        he has a role on bangage movie, He has a role on My Ps. partner and etc :))

  • bishbash says:

    Hey there, first time here coz I was looking for somewhere with WAML recaps. I know it’s unintentional, but I just keep lol-ing at the development of this drama.

    Perhaps everyone who watches WAML can now complete the sentence when a man loves, in relation to what has happened so far in the drama 😉

    • total_newbie_to_k says:

      When a man loves, viewers have problems to believe that a 39 yrs old ex-gangster is a chaste virgin. 😛

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