When A Man Loves – Thoughts Of Week 8

I decided not to do a detailed recap for this week since nothing really happened – we’re going around in circles. We did learn one new thing but I believe it might be a red herring thrown out there to make us think Jae Hee is Tae Sang’s little brother. I’ll just give a quick summary and add my thoughts.
JH outMi Do wakes up in the hospital and reaches for Tae Sang’s hand. Jae Hee isn’t happy, Mi Do’s Dad isn’t happy and Mi Do’s Mom yells at Jae Hee for interfering in the relationship between Tae Sang and Mi Do. Jae Hee attempts to trigger Mi Do’s memory but Mi Do begs Tae Sang to not let “that person” visit her anymore. So the only one she doesn’t remember is Jae Hee? LMAO,  how obvious that she’s lying.

Jae Hee, Mi Joon and Mi Do’s friend advertise for public help, asking if anyone saw the accident. They find a witness who says he saw a black or dark grey car driving away. Mi Do discovers she can’t walk. (and everyone at Soompi celebrates) Chang Hee writes a letter to Tae Sang that Jae Hee is not his real brother and hides it behind a picture frame.
paralyzedMi Do messes with both Tae Sang and Chang Hee – asking leading questions. Jae Hee accuses Tae Sang of having something to do with the accident. (Whoa, this little…he sure has some nerve) Chang Hee admits to Tae Sang that he did run her over and Tae Sang is heartbroken and angry. (You can see the crazy in Chang Hee’s eyes) Jae Hee meets with Sung Joo who finally tells him about her suspicions that Chairman Chang Ji Min’s son is Tae Min. I don’t know why this was revealed to a person who could care less. Jae Hee has zero interest in Tae Sang, his background, or his possible family.

Sung Joo visits Mi Do and when Tae Sang walks her out, she accuses him of causing Mi Do’s accident too – which Mi Do’s Dad happens to overhear. (Of course) Tae Sang takes Mi Do home. Chang Hee discovers Bong Goo has embezzled company funds from Golden Tree and threatens to tell Tae Sang. So we add yet another ungrateful, greedy person to the list. It’s really overkill, writer-Nim.
TS confronts CHTae Sang takes Mi Do, Mi Joon and her friend to stay at the resort. Chang Hee threatens Mi Do again, she falls down a mountain side in the rain. Tae Sang finds her and suspects her memory has come back. Jae Hee learns Mi Do is faking her amnesia. Mi Do’s temporary paralysis ends and she can walk but hides it from everyone except for Jae Hee. She secretly meets him again. (much to my disgust)
creepy CHChang Hee tells Tae Sang if anything happens to him, he left a letter. He thinks the police will be coming for him soon.  Sung Joo buys the bookstore but for what purpose, I don’t know. If she kicks Mi Do and her entire family out onto the street, I’m all for it. Ahahaha.

Tae Sang discovers Mi Do is lying and can walk by watching CCTV footage. He confronts her, she cries and begs him not to hurt Jae Hee or her family – she will stay with him even though she loves someone else. Tae Sang tells her to just go be with the man she loves. The look in his eyes shows his disappointment and/or disgust that she would believe he’s this type of man.

Jae Hee blows the investment deal with Tae Min. Bong Goo borrows money from Yong Kab to replace what he stole from Golden Tree. He fights with Chang Hee and Chang Hee falls to his death. Tae Sang finds him, lying in a puddle of blood.
CH diesThoughts:

There are hints that Jae Hee might be Tae Sang’s brother but I don’t think so. The picture Jae Hee saw in Tae Min’s bedroom was the same young child as the one in the picture Sung Joo has. (Not to mention that the actor playing him is listed as “Tae Min” in all the cast lists) But I’ve been wrong before so who knows! If that’s the way it turns out, I’ll be extremely disappointed.
TM picsThe whole amnesia plot was a fake but I guess we can all be glad it only lasted through this week. Mi Do was lying to everyone however, the temporary paralysis of her legs was real. She just chose to hide it when she got feeling back into her legs and could walk again. Why, I don’t know. I don’t quite understand where the writer is going. I think the whole drama has been about grinding Tae Sang into the dirt as much as possible but I don’t understand why. This certainly doesn’t show anything about what happens When A Man Loves unless we’re supposed to believe he’s stupid and blind.
CH MD 1There have been comments at Soompi about not understanding why Tae Sang loves Mi Do since there is nothing lovable about her at all. I could go into the whole “love is blind” thing but I don’t believe that about Tae Sang. He’s pretty smart even if he’s naive about women and relationships. I think he fell in love with her from the moment he saw her fighting his thugs in defense of her family – it reminded him of himself. From that moment forward, he believed she had the same kind, warm heart he does but Mi Do is nothing like him. I think he finally realized this in this weeks episode, much to everyone’s relief.

If the writing this week was meant to build sympathy for Mi Do and/or Jae Hee, it failed miserably. The amount of hatred for both these characters is off the charts and the myriad number of ways posters at Soompi have come up with killing both of them is hilarious. They are more hated than even the creepy pink-haired gangster who is a cold blooded murderer! So there is zero sympathy for either character.
MD rainChang Hee dying completes the vision of Tae Sang being completely alone – without anyone who cares about him or anyone who will believe him. Every single person in this drama has been out “to get” Tae Sang (yes, even Sung Joo, who says she loves him) Without Chang Hee, Tae Sang is screwed. He will probably be accused of murdering Chang Hee and the attempted murder of Mi Do. Plus there is still the issue of what happened to his Mom’s lover and the police have been sniffing around him regarding that issue. So it’s not a stretch to think he’s going to end up being blamed for all of those crimes.

I feel like it’s too much – too many mis-understandings and too much hated/blame is being dumped on Tae Sang. The best “revenge” type dramas have a bit of back & forth which makes things more interesting but there has been none of that here. I also feel like the writer has no idea where to go and since I heard the script for EP 16 was only finished this week, that confirms my feeling. With only 4 episodes left, it doesn’t seem there is any way out for Tae Sang. I no longer care what happens to any of the other characters at all, I only care what happens to Tae Sang.
JH carIf anyone were to ask me in the future if this drama was any good or if they should give it a try? My answer will be it’s extremely frustrating (not in an entertaining way) and the OTP does not involve the lead actor.  Plus there is not one single redeemable, likable character in this whole drama beyond Tae Sang, they are all horribly selfish, disgusting people. I’m going to hang on until the end though, I’ve come too far to drop it. So see you next week!

TS hurt



  • jomo143 says:

    LOL So true about the drama, but I am also watching till the bitter end.

    Does the math work out for TS and JH to be brothers?
    I am still confused about that.
    Or is JH TS’s brother from another mother but same father?

    Molla! I guess they will tell me eventually what’s behind the curtain, er, photo.

  • soobin says:

    wahhhhh! now i’m beginning to ask myself what has enticed me to watch this God-forsaken drama. only 2 answers. my unfortunate PSH is on a forced leave and swaggy SSH is the major reason. but as his character Tae Sang is getting dumped into chaos of unbelievable misfortunes, he seems nowhere to go that i’m now so hating all the other important characters especially Mi Do and Jae Hee. dear writer, please!!! let these two shameless characters end up in the Han River and vanish forever.
    Tae Sang and Jae Hee are brothers?! what insanity is this?!!!WTF?!!! there are still other juicier twists that can be used in a drama than this overly used one! pleaseeeee and dear writer, don’t ever think of ending this like that of East of Eden where everything is ok until the ending that goes pffffff. i would be joyous if the ending is disastrous for Mido and Jae Hee. i’m sure that i share this feeling with 90% of the viewership.LOL
    another point, please let Shin Se Kyung take
    acting lessons. Her facial expressions are
    being under control by Botox which i’m sure that she hasn’t had yet because she’s too young. simply, she needs to act and emote.
    overall impression is that this drama can be entertaining and annoying depending on the watcher’s mood. LOL i’m just hoping that Tae Sang ably portrayed by the enigmatic and handsome SSH gets vindicated in the
    end after all the blows that he has been getting. PLEASE

    • beverly ramel says:

      i hope that tae sang will be vindicated in the end. hope he gets to be happy. yes i agree that jae hee and mido are shameless!!! selfish!!! kill these two characters please. it seems to me that the writer is trying so hard to make these two people make their love affair right but it’s so wrong. remember, mido has already accepted taesang to be her fiance and here comes jae hee spoiling the scene. it’s so unfair for tae sang to be getting this kind of treatment from these shameless people. why did chang hee die? at least he is a true friend in the end. i disagree about insinuations that jae hee is maybe the brother of tae sang? hello! no way! please vindicate tae sang in the end and make him rise above the problems created by shameless characters, at least mido’s ma is acceptable. and the other lady character who has been ruining tae sang’s reputation should get what she deserves, she should also die with the man with the red hair. hahaha!!!i Tae Sang deserves to be vindicated in the end. Please! if Mido will have a change of heart and choose tae sang instead, and have a happy ending, that’s good. but i think that’s not possible, what with the numerous infidelities that she committed against tae sang. there’s a way out though – she should die with jae hee!!!

  • trixicopper says:

    Why am I still watching this show? Because it’s crack! That’s why. I didn’t say it was GOOD crack! 🙂

    I can’t remember the last time I hated almost all the characters in a drama.

    If JH turns out to be TS’ brother, I swear I’m gonna take a hostage! Gah!

    My prefered ending to this hot mess would be for MD to find out what an idiot she has been about TS all along and for her to chase after him . And for him to turn her down flat. After which she, her entire family, JH, SJ, Rainbow Gangster, Uncle Leprechan and DG can all drop dead. While TS, his brother and mother all live happily ever after. With their beansprout soup/investment co./reading room.

    • tessieroo says:

      We think alike! I want her to chase him and for him to say “Sorry, babe – I’m SO not interested anymore” *hehe* What a great ending that would be. Oh, and JH can’t find a job so ends up serving rice cakes at a stall. PLUS MD’s family ends up in a 1 bedroom apartment with the bathroom outside. Sung Joo ends up married to creepy pink-hair and has 8 children – which means she has no time to work out anymore.
      (I seriously wanna torture all these people) I just want TS happy with TM and his Mom – that’s it. 🙂

      • jomo143 says:


        Whatever issues TS has had not being able to un-hook from Mido, once he does – maybe with the help of a therapist – the world of willing women to be by his side will go from 1 crazy to millions of normal!!

  • total_newbie_to_k says:

    Yes, it is crack and I’ll finish it too. But I must contradict. Tae Sang isn’t the only likable character in this show. That’s Chang Hee. He is a tragic figure, that is blinded by faithful love for those two men. Growing up among gangsters he learned a certain behaviour pattern and loyalty system he never understood how to leave behind. Quite frankly he was a little too stupid to do that. Poor Chang Hee.

    Tae Sang started out creepy. He had stalkerish traits and his ‘love’ was borderline obsession. If he wouldn’t look the way he looks, he would have been labled a pervert. His obsession started when he was 30 and she was only 18. He followed her around for years (remember the visit at her college?). She repeatedly said, she wanted him to stop. He wouldn’t listen. And he, an ex-gangster close to 40, is supposed to be a virgin. He is totally unexperienced concerning women? Please?! Writer-nim created so many f**** up characters in this show it is beyond belief. When he asked Chang Hee, if he could kill the woman his brother loved, we later see, that he backed out, but he must have known what he triggered in Chang Hee’s simple mind! TS is not a nice person!

    Tae Hee otoh is fighting for his love. Did he do anything really back-stabbing? He dares to love (why? She is unappealing!) a woman he met first his friend/boss later started to love too. She reciprocates his feelings (Not that the viewers really feel it, but I guess we are supposed to. SSK – what a bad, bad, bad actress), so he feels he got the right to fight for her. And he was the one that cared for her wishes (going to London). I don’t like Tae Hee, mostly for his blind love for awful Mi Do, but I don’t get why he gets all the hate. He is the better match for Mi Do.

    Finally I must bash SSK a little more. What’s with her face? Did she dehumanize it by too much PS? She can’t express any emotion. She is like a white wall and I’m constantly puzzled what she tries to make us feel. And she got ugly feet. Ugh, those artificial toe nails. Now I said it and I feel a little bad, because I really hate to put someone down because of his looks, but she triggers something in me. Must be my dark side.

    • trixicopper says:

      Personally, I think TS has low self esteem, having been abandoned by his mother, and because of his past as a gangster & lack of formal education. He is always apologizing for not being good enough. I never saw him as a stalker,when he went to the college and saw MD she told him to get lost… he did. Until he saw her years later at the restaurant.

      For some reason, and God only knows why, he sees MD as being to good for himself. I never really thought he was a virgin, just that he had never dated. It’s not necissarily the same thing. But then again, maybe that’s why he’s so buff. had to use up that extera energy somehow. 🙂

      Why the hatefest on JH? Not because he started liking her (again God only knows why). but once she told him she was seeing someone, he should have backed off. Especially once he knew WHO she was seeing. While MD was never under any obligation (except in her own pea brain) to love TS, if JH wasn’t a total douche bag he wouldn’t have continued to persue her.

      As for bashing the actress who plays MD, your dark side can come over and sit by my dark side. I don’t care what she looks like, but I could go on and on about what I think about her lack of talent,charisma, facial expressions etc. etc. etc. This is the first show I’ve seen her in and I’m hoping she won’t be in any shows I want to watch in the future. 🙂

      • NJ says:

        Can my dark side join the bitchfest with you guys? I have never in my years of watching kdramas come across a more hateful character, including the villains!

        You should see her in the epic blunder called ‘Fashion King’ (after which you might need therapy), its funny how she was the same there, stringing the two guys till the end.

        By the end of this drama I might book tickets to Korea and try to sneak an axe through airport security.

        • total_newbie_to_k says:

          The more the merrier. 😉

          (I’m working my way through Deep Rooted Tree – never thought such a hyped saeguk would make it so difficult for me to love it – except Song Joong Ki, he can’t fail in my book – and to my utter horror she’s in it, too. Ugh. Not good, so not good.)

  • upclose says:

    I think CH wrote that JH is not his brother in the letter, and also hid all the evidence and information he had of TM (TS’s real brother) so that if anything were to happen to him, TS might assume JH is his real brother and take care of him. However, I don’t think JH is the real brother. I just hope TM doesn’t have anything in for TS… if not the writers are really just crazy, throwing so much sh*t at him.

  • geese says:

    thank you that it was the new guy which is han tae sang brother if its jae hee swear somethings terribly wrong with the script…they can not redeem the other characters anymore….i only read recap after the cycle of mido is being unfaithful…i stop watching the drama…i only watch it again after i saw the brother…i wanna know what happen to him…that’s the only part i’m interested in apart from that…the characters now i couldn’t even get what would be their supposed ending…its crucially painful watching the other except han tae sang and his brother..1st and foremost i watch it because of SSH he’s really good in acting other wise….not a chance of watching it…sigh sigh sigh…..

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