Monstar Episode 2 Recap: Seol Chan Is Such A Goner

Dude has it bad, doesn’t he? So all I need to do to steal a celeb’s heart is ignore him and pretend he soooooo doesn’t impress me? Who has Won Bin’s number?

A pretty long episode but it was enjoyable and the plot is moving quickly.

So what happened this week?


The episode begins with Seol Chan and his group members getting ready for the day. We watch them practice, provide fanservice to the teen girls via their naked bodies but while the boys are getting ready for work, Seol Chan is going to school.

We get to see why he picked Min Se Yi as his partner – his manager suggested he find someone who’s neither a fan nor an anti-fan so he asked her. The next thing we see, he’s sitting next to the gangster girl. Their homeroom teacher comes in to tell them to take care of him and get ready for their music evaluation the next week and after she leaves, Gangster Girl promptly tells him to get lost.  His getting dissed is all over Twitter and he has no choice but to sit next to Se Yi who reminds him that she’d already refused his request to be his seatmate. He tells her to cut him some slack seeing as she probably got dissed too as a transfer student wouldn’t be asked to sit alone.  She angrily gets up and takes the seat next to Gangster Girl but ol’ girl is so not here for it and sends her back.

Then for some reason, despite seeing that everyone is recording their every move, she starts to yell at him to return her cell phone and mentions that she saw him kissing Ari. He quickly covers her mouth and she fights him off. The fangirls turn nuts so he grabs her hand and drags her out of the school and into his van. He’s taken her there to talk and his president has already heard that he kidnapped her.

Back in the classroom, Seon Woo looks at Se Yi’s desk which is now covered with nasty messages by fangirls. Meanwhile, Radio gets called outside. Jae Rok’s thug, Do Nam, beats the hell out of him. Now we know why he always sings when asked. This is punishment for his defiance the other day. Ugh. He needs to get with Gangster Girl for protection. Jae Rok warns him to remember his place, calling him a worthless piece of shit and after he’s done, Radio looks up to Do Nam, as if for mercy. It appears they were once friends. Do Nam tells him to remember that he has a right to treat him like shit. I wonder what Radio did to him.

Seol Chan’s manager leaves the van so they can speak. She thinks he’s after her because she witnessed his kiss but he demonstrates how placing your face next to another’s doesn’t constitute kissing. Fanservice for the SeolYi shippers? I’m so not complaining. He explains that he has no plans to blackmail her since he’s got nothing to hide and just wants her to be his seatmate because she doesn’t know him. She stays quiet so he goes into “star mode” and reminds her that he doesn’t beg people everyday. That, of course, earns him a rejection. He returns her phone and after she leaves, his manager notes that she’s definitely an anti-fan.

Se Yi returns to class, sees it’s in session and decides against walking in. Instead, she goes to the rooftop and thinks back to how Seol Chan scared her so much that she called out for her most hated mother.

She pulls out her phone and sees that Seol Chan has uploaded some of his songs. All artists are egomaniacs, aye? She sees a crumbled piece of paper on the ground with a face drawn on it and finds Radio also on the roof. She goes over to him and from the drawings in his hands, it’s clear he’s the owner.

He’s nervous and she guesses that he’d drawn Jae Rok and mentions that it wouldn’t hurt him – poisoning his drink would be more effective. It’s a joke that leads to conversation and he thanks her for helping him out the other day. He confesses that he’d drawn himself and seeing that he needs a friend, she offers to share her music with him.

It’s Seol Chan’s song and Radio declares himself a fan. He’s envious of Seol Chan’s life because he’s well-loved but Se Yi thinks back to all the chaos she’d witnessed. Radio goes on to say he hates himself and Se Yi says she hates herself in solidarity. I like this chick.

Back in class, everyone is wondering where Se Yi is especially as Seol Chan is back so Seon Woo calls him outside. Apparently, he got Seol Chan’s number from his mother. I want to know their history. Seon Woo asks him to switch seats then starts grilling him on his relationship with Se Yi. Seol Chan is not impressed and asks why he’s acting like her husband. These two were obviously friends and I want them to end the show as friends again but why do we always need to have friends or brothers fighting over a girl?

They both agree that the other hasn’t changed – Seol Chan is still a brat and Seon Woo still pretends to be nice. They part and Seol Chan searches the school grounds for Se Yi while Seon Woo returns to class where she already is.

Seon Woo walks over to her desk, covers the nasty messages and asks where she’s been. Seol Chan returns, peeks into the classroom and seethes in jealousy when he sees her smiling at him. They are talking about the performance evaluation when he returns to his desk. Seon Woo suggests she play the guitar and asks for her hand. He holds on to it, caresses her fingers and says he can tell she plays the guitar a lot. Seol Chan can’t believe what he’s seeing. LOL

They decide to do the performance evaluation together and Seol Chan watches them arrange a practice date for 7pm at the park.

Joon Hee refuses the principal’s request to perform at the event because it’s not prestigious enough. As he walks with Jae Rok, they catch Do Nam staring longingly into a judo class. Apparently, he had to quit (maybe it’s related to Radio?) but unless his story is really touching, I don’t think I can find him sympathetic. As for Jae Rok, I bet I will always hate him.

Eun Ha and Se Yi walk together and she tells her that Seon Woo’s interest in her is strange as he doesn’t act like that with anybody else.

Seol Chan’s manager drives him from school and they stop next to Se Yi’s bus. They do that thing where they stare at each other even though his van is tinted and she can only see her reflection. Are we getting one of these in every episode? He thinks it’s unfair that he can look at her and she can’t see him as it feels like he’s the only one making the connection… the only one who cares.

It’s 7pm and Seol Chan is restless. His manager has canceled all his professional engagements so he has way more time to think of Se Yi and the nasty things she might be doing with Seon Woo. Seon Woo is on his way to the meeting when he gets a distress call from his younger sister. He tries to call Se Yi to reschedule but unfortunately can’t because he doesn’t have her number. Her aunt is of no help because she isn’t picking up her phone.

Seol Chan goes to the park and on his way, tries to come up with a plausible explanation for his appearance. As she waits, Se Yi watches a father playing with his young daughter and starts to play a song which catches the attention of someone who looks like Adam. Due to his rivalry with Seon Woo, Seol Chan isn’t too surprised to find him absent when he arrives and is also mesmerized by the song Se Yi plays. Man and boy watch her.

Se Yi stops when she notices “Adam.” She quickly packs her things and he approaches her. She’s freaking out but before he can touch her, Seol Chan saves the day. It’s clear there’ a misunderstanding but since the youngsters thinks he’s a pervert, they quickly get away from him.

The man asks where she heard the song, intriguing her, but because Seol Chan is too wrapped up in playing hero to notice, he drags her away.

After a few minutes of walking, Se Yi thanks him and starts to leave but Seol Chan drags her back. He reminds her that unlike Seon Woo who stood her up, he came to her rescue so she should buy him milk as a thank you. She does.

At the cafe, she’s distracted by thoughts of “Adam” but Seol Chan forces her out of it. Her milk leaves a moustache and he scoffs that she’s been watching too many dramas (Secret Garden scene). When he reaches out to wipe it, she licks it off with her tongue and he sees it as the sexiest thing ever. He start to imagine her giving him flirty looks like she’s in some erotic video.

He jumps out of his seat and runs out, leaving his sunglasses. She joins him outside and asks if he’s really not going to do the performance evaluation with her (her teacher suggested she do it with both boys). He’s happy she asked and puts on a front saying that since she hates him and he hates Seon Woo, it’ll be pointless. She quickly apologizes and while he’s responding, she interrupts him by saying goodbye and leaving. What in the world? She doesn’t even care to listen to what he’s saying? He’s a star for goodness sake, a star! He should be the one leaving abruptly and not her!

On her way home, Se Yi receives a call from Seon Woo apologizing for his absence. She goes in and after her bedroom light is turned on, we see Seon Woo outside, looking at her window. He notes that she didn’t move and something now makes sense. Last week, when they went to a cafe after he saved her from Star Chan, he’d mentioned that she doesn’t recognize people. I had no idea what that meant and concluded that he was referring to Seol Chan but now it looks like he must know her from childhood. So it wasn’t love at first sight but recognition. I love how in Korean dramas, even when the characters are teenagers, they still find a way to weave in a first love story. And why am I suddenly more interested in this couple?

I don’t know why I didn’t notice last week but is this guy really cute or what?

Kim Na Na (Gangster Girl) doesn’t show up to class and it looks like she works at a club. Because of All For One’s refusal, Se Yi’s aunt is in a bind but despite begging Joon Hee to reconsider, he refuses.

Seon Woo and Se Yi start to practice together and Star Chan oozes jealousy every time he sees them. One day, he take his synthesizer to them, lying that he needs to join the group because netizens are criticizing him over his lack of school activities. They accept him, he directs them on what to do and they perform Troublemaker.

Se Yi doesn’t read the music sheet and appears to know all the lyrics. Does that mean that we conclude that she listened to some recent K-pop on the sheep farm? After the performance, Seon Woo tries to make nice with Star Chan but he’s not having it. His response to Seon Woo saying he’s happy he’s back is to tell him he shouldn’t be.

All For One walk into the practice room and tell Se Yi who’s there alone to take her trashy instruments out with her. The main culprit is a freshman who looks like Gong Hyo Jin. Joon Hee explains that after school, the room is theirs and average students aren’t allowed in there. Se Yi laughs at the childishness of stratifying their schoolmates. It reminds her of how there are different grades of meat yet they all get digested and turned into poop.

The girl gets incensed at being compared to poop and shoves her when Seol Chan walks in and reminds her that she’s only a freshman and should know her place. He then defends Se Yi by agreeing that all meat gets turned into poop, even star meat.

School president Joon Hee does his usual fake politeness and tries to be nice to Star Chan by introducing himself but he responds by calling him president meat. Jae Rok gets crazy as usual but Seon Woo shows up and stops him.

Outside, Star Chan asks Se Yi why she baited them and she smiles, saying it was fun. He’s completely stunned that she smiled at him. He offers her a ride but she refuses. From their interaction, his manager can tell that he likes her and teases him when he smiles at her when they drive past her. He denies it as expected.

It’s the next day at school and the evaluations will be taking place shortly. Se Yi receives a text message from her mom and after reading, promptly deletes it. Then she checks her missed calls and sees that Seol Chan answered her phone. Then behaving like someone who was really raised by animals, she starts to yell at him right there. Girl, you’ve never heard of discretion?

All their classmates turn their phones around and start to record them. Star Chan quickly takes her hand and drags her to his van. It’s funny how she allowed herself to be dragged all the way there.

They fight in the car and she tells him he’s a nosy bastard who uploaded his music, looked at her photos and answered her calls (I would be mad too). She tells him that he’s a coddled brat who lacks empathy and only does what he wants. This hurts because he likes her and she’s calling him a terrible person.

Before she leaves the van, he yells at her to call her mom. How about you mind your business, Star?

His manager returns to the car and tells him the company president has moved all his things back to his family home. He’d previously rejected the idea even though they said it would improve his image. He immediately goes to his company and curses the president out. He yells at him for always doing things as he pleased without considering his feelings, which is the same crime Se Yi had accused him off. Then he goes to the roof of the building, thinks back to what Se Yi said and broods.

Music evaluations begin and most are lame. Se Yi apologizes to Seon Woo for messing things up with Seol Chan and screwing up their performance since it looks like he won’t be coming back.

The first great performance is Joon Hee on the piano and he loves the sound of the applause after it. They take a break and Se Yi’s aunt tells our duo that she’ll help them out by calling them last. Se Yi feels bad about what she did and both of them are stressed about their performance. They now have to perform a different song.

Go Soon (Se Yi’s aunt), runs after Joon Hee to beg him to perform at the event but he doesn’t even let her finish. No means no. Go Soon’s nemesis teases her as always (I think he’s her stalker because he appears every single time) and she suddenly stops acting timid and becomes fierce and bad ass. He’s delighted and hugs her, happy to see her old self again.

Star Chan is still brooding when he receives a text message from Se Yi with two words: I’m sorry. But since he’s so gone for her, it sounds like: I love you and want to have all your babies. So he rushes down the stairs and gets his manager to take him back to school.

Jae Rok does his evaluation and as one would expect from a bully, he’s untalented and can’t even hit the cymbals properly. His thug, Do Nam, is no better.

Seol Chan tells his manager to hit the gas pedal and not worry about speeding tickets – he must make it back to school in time!

It’s Triple S’s turn and Seol Chan is still a no-show so Se Yi apologizes to Seon Woo for making him fail. He tells her not to worry because he’s never failed anything in his life. Sorry to break this to you but sadly, you’ll be failing in this love triangle. *tears*

At his home, “Adam” a.k.a. The Man Who Is Probably Se Yi’s Daddy, pulls out a CD from a drawer and puts it in a disc player. Double S start to perform.

Seol Chan arrives at the school and runs to the hall. He catches them in mid-performance and in his love-tinted eyes, Se Yi looks like a sultry lounge singer at a Havana club.

And when she smiles at Seon Woo, he sees a look of love.

The room erupts in applause and Go Soon is happy – she’s found a replacement for All For One.


A pretty solid episode even though I found the first episode stronger. I didn’t expect Seol Chan to fall this hard so quickly but it is hilarious watching him have it so bad for someone who can’t stand him. This dynamic is always fun. Having said that, the girl needs to calm down quite a bit. She’s too much sometimes.

Last week, I said I was firmly on the Seol Chan/Se Yi team but I have to say that I’m now also on the Seon Woo/Se Yi team. They are so cute together, aren’t they? Plus he seems so level-headed and caring. I want her to date Seol Chan through college then marry Seon Woo. lol. Or the other way around – I can except either combination. Although I prefer the first option. But choosing only one of them forever? Nope. I can’t accept that.

I was really glad to not have to watch Radio getting humiliated in class again. So next week, Triple (or Double) S will be All For One’s rivals. How will Seon Woo handle it? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Till then!

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  • marinai says:

    I really appreciate all the characters of this drama! My favorite is Seol Chan though!
    I really love his innocence and I can’t wait to discover more of his background!
    I could even do without the love story!
    Min Seyi is a tough girl and when she’s with Sun Woo she totally calms down and acts quite lady like, normal girl!
    Her blood totally boils with Seol Chan because unknowingly they push each other buttons and that gets personal!
    Their mom issue is quite similar! When Seyi friend asked her if the sight of Seolchan did nothing to her! I was expecting from our ice princess to say a categoric ” Not at all” sh said “Idon’t know”! That was pretty revealing!
    Anyway I can’t wait to see how SeolChan and SunWoo know each other! I am a sucker for bromance!

  • ssen68 says:

    <3 your recaps Ms Clockwatcher<3

  • wits says:

    Thank you for recapping this wonderful show, which has now become my favourite.

    I love the three leads, and both OTPs (just like you – I can’t choose; love both pairs!). BUT even if I like the characters, I did notice how super cute and hot Seon Woo is. The actor – I think his name’s Kang Ha Neul(?) was last seen in You’re Beautiful – a shallow, cutesy show. While his character was not that big, KHN did make an unforgettable impact. From what I’ve seen, he has charisma, emotes right on point, (YB also gave us some fanservice, showing his impressive abs), cute AND has a nice singing voice. I wonder if he also plays the cello and guitar personally? BAM! I’m dead. Need more of this guy… moar!

  • nonski says:

    thanks so much for the recaps ms clock 🙂

  • wormsoup says:

    Thanks so much for recapping this little cable drama! Loving it so far. Although I’m more attracted to Seon Woo than Seol Chan so far. 😛 think part of the reason Seol chan is so gone on Se Yi is cos he got a glimpse into her complicated family life and empathizes with her? Loving the group name you gave them btw, triple S…how apt!

  • Daisy says:

    I don’t think that “Adam” guy is Se Yi’s Dad… Cause i think it’s been mentioned already that he is dead and her mother was indirectly the cause or something?
    I think “Adam” knows Se Yi’s Dad or mother

  • NanZ says:

    thanks so much for the recap…

  • BAR says:

    I started to watch the series for my bias Dahee (OMG SO EVIL AND BADASS AND DOESN’T GAF), and I stayed for the delightful sense of humor. My favorite character has come to be Radio, since I see a lot of myself in him and being bullied in the past.

    But seriously, this series needs a cubic assload of trigger warnings, especially with Seolchan’s behavior. Kidnapping is not a healthy way to start ANY relationship, and basically acting like a stalker rapist will push the other side further and further away. (Guess which team I’m on?)

  • Hina says:

    Can you tell me the song when Si Ye and Seon Woo are playing/singing together? ><

  • saks says:

    can u tell me the song that was played by maa joon hee on piano…. im seriously craving for that song…

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