Monstar Episode 3 Recap: This Band Stinks! Literally.

So I’m really shipping her with both guys. This is crazy. I don’t think this has happened to me. Even when I like both boys, I still lean towards one but here I’m pulling my hair out because she has chemistry with both guys and I don’t want to see either of them heartbroken in the end. Ottoke?


We start off at the evaluation right after Se Yi and Sun Woo’s duet with Seol Chan dying of jealousy. He acts betrayed but if I recall correctly, no one told him to go and hide on his company’s rooftop.

He’s banned from performing any of his songs so he picks an unknown song. Then he looks at Se Yi with an evil glint in his eye and starts to perform it on the piano. It’s the song he heard her sing at the park.

He does a lively K-pop version with a rap and everyone is loving it.  And I mean everyone. Even Sun Woo says he’s a good performer. Well, let’s say everyone but Se Yi who calls him a thief and makes a dramatic exit from the hall. Sun Woo notices this.

What I want to know is can’t the rest of the class notice the way he’s unabashedly looking at her? If I were them, I would be taking pics and posting them on Twitter.

Se Yi’s dad is at home listening to the original version of the song. No shade but he’s a better singer than Seol Chan.

Se Yi runs out of the school and meets Kim Na Na coming in. Still angry, she asks her if she can put her fighting skills to good use and beat someone as badly as she can without killing him. Kim Na Na is cool with it as long as, in exchange, Se Yi kills two people for her.  Se Yi realizes that this isn’t someone to trifle with and immediately takes it back. Na Na warns her to never make such a request to her again.

Seol Chan and Sun Woo meet in the stairwell and Sun Woo calls him a cheater who made a mockery of the song. He tells him that if he has something to say to Se Yi, he should just say it. Seol Chan retorts that he should stop interfering and Sun Woo lays the smackdown on him. He tells him that it’s obvious he’s been out of school for a while because he’s mixing his pronouns.  Seol Chan is all confused so Sun Woo simplifies it. Seol Chan had said, “Why do you keep interfering?” when he meant to say, “Why do I keep interfering?” Our poor Seol Chan doesn’t really get it till after he leaves. LOL

Se Yi returns to school and mouths “pervert” when she passes Seol Chan and he doesn’t understand why till he returns to his desk and discovers that she’d drawn sexy manga figures behind the photos he usually signed for fans. Now everyone thinks he’s a pervert.

The homeroom teacher tries to get her class to volunteer for the charity event but since there’s nothing in it for them, they all volunteer the class wang-ta, Kyu Dong. They find it funny but it really isn’t. After class, Kyu Dong approaches the teacher and without letting him speak, she lets him off the hook. The look on his face suggests it isn’t what he wanted.

After school, Seol Chan sees Se Yi’s dad lurking then he goes over to his manager and makes him take the fall for the drawings.

His manager is driving him home when he spots Se Yi walking ahead. He makes him pull over and ask her to talk to him in the van. She refuses so he opens the door and pulls her in. She lands on top of him. Squee!

Okay, these characters have chemistry or am I just a sucker for skinship? She tries to pull away but he grabs onto her, even shocking himself. It’s wrong of him to imprison her this way but why do I find it hot?

His manager gets in and they drive off. Sun Woo sees this and tails them.

She struggles and tries to escape his grip but he refuses to let go. I think he’s even enjoying it on some level. Again, I hate when men overpower women with their strength but I also find this really hot. I need to be saved – say a prayer for me, please.

He warns her to watch herself because there’s only so much he can tolerate. The manager is freaking out because of their rather compromising position.

He’s mad because she drew those photos and is now being labeled a pervert online and she tells him it was revenge for stealing her father’s song. They are yelling at each other and I’m yelling at them to just kiss already.

She’s really upset that it was her dad’s song and instead of letting that sink in, he gets defensive saying that he’ll easily sort it out if she gives him her dad’s number. That sets off the waterworks.

He lets go on command and she exits his car. When Sun Woo sees this, he stops his car, gets out and walks up to her. He can see that she’s been crying.

Back in the van, Seol Chan can’t understand her reaction and the manager suggests that perhaps she’d stayed in that position for too long. Dude, if that position hurt so much, there would be far fewer babies born.

Seol Chan is taken to his family home and it’s clear that he’s got a strained relationship with his mother because he speaks formally and steps back when she attempts to hug him. We also see that he’s from a rich family because his bedroom is bigger than Se Yi’s apartment.

He lies in bed and thinks back to Se Yi’s tears. Then he imagines her lying on top of him. Imaginary skinship is just as hot. Squee! In a soft voice, he tells the hallucination to leave, asking if it’s crazy and why she’s acting like this but she just smiles back at him. Then Sun Woo’s hallucination appears and scolds him for mixing pronouns again because the hallucination isn’t crazy – he is.

Se Yi is walking home, lost in her thoughts of “Adam” when Sun Woo warns her to avoid a pole. It’s too late because she hits it anyway. He tells her she’s pretty lucky as it’s the first obstacle she’d hit in thirty minutes. So you mean to say he’d been guarding her for 30 minutes? Oh, this prince of mine. Yes, I’m making him mine.

She’s holding her head so he takes a look at it himself, gently brushing hair. Squee! And in the gentlest of voices, he says that it’s good that she bumped her head because it means it will get straightened.

He’s walked her far enough so it’s time for her to walk the rest alone. She smiles brightly and thanks him for the great performance. While she walks home, he sits on the stairs and thinks of a different time… elementary school.

It’s a cute scene because they both sing as kids, then he sings with her as a kid. Then he sings with the current version of her. So yes, his feelings are tied to their past but now his feelings for her – whatever they may be –  are in the present.

We catch up with Se Yi’s dad who isn’t living well as all his food is rotten and his house is a mess. In addition, he’s never far from a bottle of hard liquor.

The next day, the class has to clean a palace and Sun Woo takes roll call. He goes through the names till he arrives at Se Yi’s where he pauses and gives her a look. Both of these guys are too obvious. Seol Chan seethes in rage at seeing them smile at each other.

Okay, is it only me getting this strange vibe that Sun Woo and Kim Na Na might end up together? I think he has a soft spot for her.

They start cleaning and the students fawn over him but as usual, he can only see Se Yi. But not for long because Sun Woo suddenly appears and blocks his view.

He asks if her head is okay and she replies that it does all under the watchful eyes of Eun Ha. Seol Chan tries to be stealth and move closer to them but Sun Woo notices and mentions that they’ll have to clean toilets. This causes Seol Chan to move away to avoid getting assigned to it. What I like is that even though his manager also joins them, Seol Chan does his share of the work. Maybe he isn’t such a “star” after all.

Somehow, Se Yi’s dad learns where they are and shows up to do his creepy, lurking thing. Seol Chan goes over to scare him away. He tries to leave but Seol Chan holds him back to warn him. He tells him he’s not reporting him because he wants to avoid being associated with a pervert but that he needs to stop staring at Se Yi.  “Adam” is not intimidated and rants about passionately wanting something that wants to be set free… or something. I have no idea what he’s talking about and neither does Seol Chan.

While Seol Chan is sweeping, Kyu Dong approaches her but is too timid to speak. Then for some insane reason, he approaches Do Nam and asks him to perform at the charity event with him, just  like old times. They are pretty good with the foreshadowing on this show since they hinted at as past relationship last week. Since Do Nam is crazy, he gets upset and throw him against the wall, breaking some roof tiles. Then he starts to beat the hell out of Kyu Dong who’s crying and apologizing. Se Yi shows up and tries to separate them. Do Nam isn’t done and pushes her away. So she whacks him with her broom.

Meanwhile, Seol Chan is looking for her.

Na Na is not too far away having a smoke break. Do Nam grabs hold of the broom at the same time Sun Woo appears. Seol Chan and Eun Ha appear and when he picks up a broken tile, she starts to freak out because they’ve destroyed a historic building. Do Nam takes off as do the rest of them. Why run? I would so tattle on Do Nam.

A camera captures their escape.

Some days later, the vice principal is spitting mad because some of his students have defaced public property. All the kids but Sun Woo are called in for a meeting with their homeroom teacher.

They all deny it and the teacher says it’s expected but what they’ve done is a huge abomination. Seol Chan doesn’t see the big deal in accidentally breaking some tiles but that’s not what she’s talking about. Then what is it? Poop. Someone had defaced the cultural asset by shitting in it.

The kids find it funny and their teacher tells them that it’s serious enough that if a culprit isn’t found, it will be forwarded to the police. That wipes the smiles off their faces.

They continue to deny it and Seol Chan’s denial is that he’s a star. His response to everything is that he’s a star.  But Bro, don’t stars poop too?

Go Soon is at her wit’s end but her nemesis, Stalker Choi, has something up his sleeve. If the kids don’t want to tarnish their school record, they need to perform at the charity event. I need someone to perform at this event so that we can move on. The kids resist but are told that they don’t have a choice if they don’t want shit to follow them around forever.

The Poop Club meet after school to practice but as no one is interested, they all leave.

All but Kyu Dong who stays behind and plays on the recorder. Then he starts to hear beatboxing. Someone urges him to sing and a crowd chants his name. Then we’re taken back to his elementary school where he was the beloved class performer. It’s amazing how this drastically differs from his present life where he’s still the class performer.

He ends it to loud cheers but when he returns back to reality, all that’s waiting for him is an empty classroom. And Se Yi who’d watched him from the hallway. She claps and I sigh. How sweet is she?

On seeing her, he runs out of the room and Sun Woo appears. Hmm. Is he her stalker? She asks him why she turns a blind eye to Kyu Dong’s bullying and the answer presents itself in the appearance of All Morons.

They walk home and speak condescendingly about Seol Chan because he’s an idol. They make fun of how he earns money but I don’t see any of them earning their own money. Joon Hee mentions that he’s from a prestigious family which surprises some of them. He also noticed his interest in Se Yi and when the girl wants to spread the gossip online, Sun Woo stops her.

Se Yi returns home and her aunt asks her why she hasn’t been going to the park. She’d been trying to avoid “Adam” but today, she has a change of heart and runs there.

We also learn that the kids don’t need to form a band to hide their secret because it was discovered to be animal feces. We also learn that the school had protected two people also caught on camera: Sun Woo because he’s from a powerful family and Stalker Choi whom I bet planted the feces to force the kids to perform.

Se Yi goes to the park and sees “Adam” looking even creepier than usual with a hood over his head. She thinks backs to her performance and remembers him singing along.  So she does what a supersmart,  sane teen girl does at night – she follows him home. There should be a huge warning sign on the screen warning kids not do to this at home.

She takes photos on the way there to find her way back. She sees an open gate and peers in, wondering if it’s his house (crazy girl). When she takes a photo, Adam grabs her from behind, demanding to know who sent her and if the singing was part of the master plan. Dude is clearly paranoid… as if we needed more evidence that he had issues.

As he’s holding her, all I can think is that he must reek of booze. It’s scary and Se Yi finally gets a clue and gets away from him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get very far because she falls and bruises her knee.

The smelly man helps her up then tends to her wound.

When he’s done, she starts to leave and he tells her he noticed that her guitar string broke when she fell. Next thing we know, she’s following him to his basement and there’s a padlock on the door and everything. I repeat: Don’t do this at home!

There are cobwebs everywhere and it’s clear he hasn’t been there in a while. He takes a deep breath, turns on the light and walks in.

She follows him into the big room and as he replaces the string, she notices the tattoo on his finger. This will obviously come up later.

He tells her the park guards told him that she often practiced there and recognized her school uniform. Did he just admit to being a stalker? So far we have Stalker Choi, Stalker Woo and Stalker Daddy.

They talk about how she only sings in the park because she has nowhere else to go and after he’s fixed the string, he plays a tune to test it out. Then he plays another. He starts to get immersed in the music but suddenly catches himself.

He puts the guitar back in its case and tells her to leave. She tries to ask him about the song but he dismisses her quickly.

Star Chan tries to get his president to get him out of playing the tambourine in the Poop Band but he’s out of the country. His manager suggests that if his only issue lies with the instrument, he should perform a duet.

That immediately gets him dreaming and imagining that he’d performed the evaluation duet with Se Yi. But only the fantasy of playing in a club.

The next day, Star Chan asks Se Yi to perform a duet with him but she flat out refuses. Sun Woo arrives and the other Poop Band members are just not there for it so they leave. Eun Ha asks Se Yi to leave with her but she refuses. Since she’s with Sun Woo when she does, Eun Ha assumes there’s something going on with them. Eun Ha is cool but I bet she’s the type to spread gossip.

Se Yi goes into the class to find Kyu Dong who’s sitting alone, staring at his recorder. She knows he wants to perform but wonders why he’d picked Do Nam of all people. He starts to run away but she stops him because running is not the answer.

Sun Woo lurks in the background. This guy sure is taking his protector role a little too seriously.

Kyu Dong runs off when he sees him. The teacher walks in and is frustrated to see nobody practicing.

So now it’s time for her protector, Stalker Choi, to step in. He gathers the kids together and tells them that they need to practice for the performance. They refuse saying practicing the night before will be enough.

He makes them show him what they’ve got and they are as terrible as expected. He threatens to expose the poop scandal and now they have no choice but to practice.

Seol Chan is on his way home when he receives a call from Sun Woo to meet with the rest of the band. He meets them outside school and the only missing person is Na Na whom Sun Woo says he will text.

Seol Chan pulls Se Yi aside to ask who tattled to the class monitor and she proudly owns up to it. She tells him that he agreed to help and that they may even do a duet. She smiles broadly at him but he’s not affected this time. He’s more obsessed with making sure poop isn’t leaked to the press. lol.

They have no place to practice and decide on the park. They get there and it starts to rain. Nothing is working right and Do Nam is like, “Screw it all. They can find out we pooped!” lol, this storyline is too ridiculous.

Se Yi’s Dad is at home and holding a bottle of booze while reliving a horrible memory. He’s in an accident and there’s blood all over the woman sitting next to him. His hands are bloodied and she looks dead. Then she suddenly opens her eyes. There’s also the sound of the police banging at his window. He wakes up and there’s someone banging at his door. He opens it to find the Poop Band.

Seol Chan recognizes him and can’t believe his eyes.


With the way Kim Na Na and Sun Woo look at each other and how he’s always texting her, wouldn’t it be awesome if it’s revealed that they have a secret relationship outside of school? I need this to happen. So yes, I ship him with two girls.

I don’t know that Adam is Se Yi’s dad but till I’m told otherwise, I’m going to keep calling him that.

As for shipping, this is how I want the final couples to be:

Mon – Wed: Se Yi/Sun Woo

Thu – Sat : Se Yi/Seol Chan and Sun Woo/Na Na

Sun:  Se Yi/Kyu Dong friendship and Sun Woo/Na Na romance with Seol Chan hanging out with them.

What are the chances I’ll get this wish?

The plot has slowed down considerably but it makes sense – it’s time to delve into these relationships. The drama is about growth and we’ll see everyone transform. I expect Do Nam and Kyu Dong to mend their fences and I think Joon Hee will turn out to be the biggest villain ever. lol. Well, as bad as you can be on a teen show. He seems respectful but I think he’s probably the worst.

As for now, I’m looking forward to watching the Poop Band transform.

Till next week!

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  • NanZ says:

    thanks for the quick recap…

    looking foreward to the this episode…

    can’t wait…

    thanks again!!!

  • saema says:

    THANKS!for the recap.

  • Gaeina Lee says:

    What an enjoyable-fun recap you give us… I LOL-ed a lot while reading it. Thanks dearie!

    But, but… I had mined him (SW) since Ep 1 when I laid my eyes on him at school talking to the teacher… He’s my Little Prince, and I welcome him to be my stalker plus knight in a shinning car at anytime.. ^^

  • tessieroo says:

    The 3 main leads on a bed together? And she’s on top of one of them? I couldn’t believe my eyes. Also, does anyone besides me get shivers when Sun Woo talks? His voice is…seductive. Great recap, I laughed my way though it too. Thanks, Clock! 🙂

  • MariD says:

    Squeee!!! Your doing Monstar recaps!!!!
    I love this show to unhealthy levels! Only watched episode 1 about a million times.. Episode 3 did slow down, but it still have plenty of cute. The imagination of the Sun Woo & Seol Chan is amazing. The girl playing SeYi must be tired, since she’s practically in every scene in this episode. I hope the cuteness continues..
    Thank you!

  • Red says:

    Gosh, I love this show. Love your commentary. Hahah.

  • Altair says:

    First of all, thank you so much for doing the recaps. It’s an awesome show and one of the few I am literally watching over and over in anticipation of the next episode.

    I absolutely ship SY with SW, although knowing how Dramaland works, my first reaction to SW was: “Poor boy, he’s doomed to fail and he doesn’t even know it.” Because the considerate guy never gets the girl. *wipes a tear* I hope to see more childhood memories, though. And was I the only one who suspected the guitar teacher in SW-s memories might have been SY-s dad? I would really love to see a family photo somewhere in her room.

    SC-s struggles with getting the girl he likes to even look at him are hilarious. He’s like the little kid who would bully the girl just to get her attention. Maybe it’s because his rise to stardom came too early in life and he has not had enough real interaction with normal peolple his own age? Whatever the problem, his immense jealosy is funny to watch. I’m more than convinced that he wasn’t as obsessed with the “poop scandal” leaking out this time, rather than with the fact that she refused to sing a duet with him, yet informed him with such a bright simle that she would do it with SW. Talk aboout low blows. That must have hurt.

    And then there’s Nana. When I forst heard her name, I thought “City Hunter reference?” How comes she is always loitering around where Kyu Dong can be found. She was also one of the people to speak up before SY saved the day at the end of episode one, something just as out of character as SW-s interest in SY, as Eun Ha pointed out ever so helpfully. Is it wrong of me to hope for some KD-Nana-romance?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to discovering more about the complicated backstories of the characters, the adult ones included. “Adam” seems like a character with lots of potential.

    Until then, keep up the good work. Your commentary really makes me smile.

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