When A Man Loves – Recap Week 9

Things have gotten super strange to me. Suddenly Mi Do and Jae Hee don’t seem happy to see each other. Could it be that it was more exciting when they were sneaking around behind Tae Sang’s back? Now that it’s all out in the open, they’re bored? I love Tae Min and I wish the writer had spent more time on him and Tae Sang, starting about 4 episodes ago.
CH TS hospital 1So Tae Sang finds Chang Hee laying in a pool of blood. At the hospital, Chang Hee is apparently saved from death and Tae Sang answers his phone. It’s Sung Joo, who wants to know if something is wrong? Why is Tae Sang answering Chang Hee’s phone? The doctor comes in right then to tell Tae Sang of Chang Hee’s condition and Sung Joo overhears all of it. Lovely.

Mi Joon and his crew dance for Mi Do (in the hotel room Tae Sang arranged, decorated and paid for – the beotch) I did love that when Mi Joon says they should have invited Jae Hee, Mi Do’s friend Eun-Ae scolds him. LMAO – truth be told, her brother is also a greedy user. Mi Do finds out Tae Sang set up an appointment for her to have acupuncture for her legs.
MD party 2Jae Hee meets with Roy Chang (Tae Min) and apologize for his drunken behavior, he asks for one more chance if Chairman Chang Ji Min will give the okay to proceed. At the hotel, Mi Do has a nightmare and then surprises her family by getting up and standing on her own two feet. Yes, you are now busted. (Why was she continuing to pretend in front of her family anyway?)

Chang Hee is in a coma and they’re checking for brain damage.  Tae Sang remembers him saying he hid a letter behind a picture frame. Sung Joo meets with Yong Kab who tells her Dong Goo must have tried to take Chang Hee out. Yes, Tae Sang has been cornered nicely by all of you. Sung Joo seems to believe Tae Sang will come running to her once he’s completely ruined. HAHAHAHA!
CH not safe 3Dong Goo denies any knowledge of what happened to Chang Hee. Tae Sang asks him to stay with Chang Hee while he talks to the Doctor. NO! OMG, will he try to kill him? *bites fingernails*  He answers Chang Hee’s phone when Jae Hee calls and tells him his brother is in the hospital but doesn’t explain. When Jae Hee finally reaches Tae Sang, he immediately accuses him of hurting Chang Hee.

Mi Do and her family (minus Dad) go to eat at Tae Sang’s Mom’s restaurant. Mi Do makes plans to get her stuff and move out of Tae Sang’s house. Tae Sang arrives as she’s leaving, they apologize to each other. (His shirt is covered in blood but she doesn’t even ask?) He tells her about Chang Hee’s accident and then tells her to be good to Jae Hee? BLECH! She leaves.
MD out 4Sung Joo’s assistant meets with Mi Do’s family and tells them to vacate by the end of the month. LMAO! *fist pump* I hate Sung Joo but I love her for this one thing. *hee* Tae Sang goes to Chang Hee’s apartment and finds the letter. Jae Hee is not Chang Hee’s real brother – his Grandmother brought home a baby one day from the rich family she worked for. Their daughter apparently had a baby but they were trying to marry her off to a rich man so they asked her to take the baby to an orphanage. *sigh* Why so many horrible people in this drama?

His Grandmother kept the baby Jae Hee. Chairman Chang Ji Min came looking for Jae Hee but Chang Hee lied that his Grandmother took him to an orphanage. OMG, so Jae Hee is Chairman Chang Ji Min’s son? What? He gets to be the son of a very wealthy family? Noooooo! This is so not fair. Chang Hee didn’t want to be alone so he lied. How sad is that?
CH letter 6Jae Hee arrives at the hospital and again accuses Tae Sang of hurting Chang Hee. There are no words to describe my complete loathing of this jerk. Chang Hee also mentioned in his letter the fight Tae Sang had with the man who lived with his Mom and he must have told Tae Sang where his Mom was. Tae Sang shows up at her restaurant, eats and then leaves.

Sung Joo shows up at the hospital and tells Jae Hee to find out if Roy Chang is indeed Tae Sang’s brother. When Jae Hee asks why, she admits she’s doing it for selfish reasons. I knew it. I hate this beotch as much as I hate both Mi Do and Jae Hee. ALL these people are disgusting! She also tells Jae Hee that Tae Sang didn’t hurt Chang Hee – he wouldn’t have brought him to a hospital if he wanted him dead.
JH angry 7Jae Hee goes home and finds Tae Sang’s phone, it must have fallen behind a sofa cushion. He answers the phone when he sees Mi Do is calling but doesn’t say anything. He listens as she again tells Tae Sang how sorry she is and that she doesn’t think he had anything to do with Chang Hee’s accident. He hangs up, looking furious. At the office the next day, he again accuses Tae Sang of trying to kill Mi Do.

Mi Do and her Mom find out who Tae Sang’s Mom is. Tae Sang listens to a presentation about Chairman Chang Ji Min and sees Roy Chang’s photos for the first time. He also learns that Chang Hee was handling the problem of Dong Goo embezzling money from the company. He confronts Dong Goo about being with Chang Hee when he fell. Dong Goo denies everything. Why didn’t he ask him about the money he stole? The police investigate the car Chang Hee used to run Mi Do over.
JH tricks MD 8Sung Joo shows up at the restaurant and finds out Tae Sang was there. She admits to his Mom she’s liked him for a long time. Mi Do shows up to eat and Sung Joo tells his Mom that the girl he liked cheated on him. (within earshot of Mi Do – hehehe) Mi Do figures out that Sung Joo has known all along where his Mom was but hasn’t told him. Sung Joo tells her to leave Tae Sang alone. Why don’t both of you go visit a spa in Japan…and just not come back? Please?

Jae Hee is waiting outside when Mi Do gets home. Mi Do’s Mom comes out and yells at him. (LMAO – I love Mom) They go see Chang Hee in the hospital. When Tae Sang shows up to visit, Jae Hee is again very hostile and accusator. The police show up to arrest Chang Hee for running down Mi Do but Jae Hee begs them to ask Chang Hee who ordered him to do that when he wakes up.
JH TS 9Jae Hee then goes to see Sung Joo and Yong Kab, begging them to tell the police that his brother took the blame for a murder Tae Sang committed. Both refuse to do so and Sung Joo tells him to return to Hong Kong. Yong Kab warns Sung Joo to stop before she ends up in prison. Jae Hee returns to Roy Chang’s and compares the photo Sung Joo gave him with the ones in Roy Chang’s house – the little boy is the same. So now Jae Hee knows this guy is Tae Sang’s brother.

Jae Hee approaches Chairman Min to take over Golden Tree. (OMO, so that’s how he’s going to get revenge?) Seriously, can all these people just die? Jae Hee brings Roy Chang to meet Tae Sang. The two brothers shake hands but apparently don’t recognize each other. Tae Sang tells Jae Hee what Chang Hee wrote in his letter: Jae Hee is not his real brother. Jae Hee refuses to read the letter.
TS TM 10Roy Chang and Tae Sang eat together and talk about siblings. Tae Sang admits he had a younger brother but they got separated and he’s been scammed trying to find him. He’s also afraid to hear bad news about his brother. Roy Chang stares at him as Tae Sang offers to take him anywhere and buy him whatever he wants to eat. (I ended up bawling my eyes out in this scene!)

Mi Do’s Mom chews her out again (LMAO) for cheating on Tae Sang and breaking his heart. Mi Do sees the photos Tae Sang sent her of him wearing the face masks. Sung Joo’s assistant meets her to and tells her he doesn’t want to be involved in kicking Mi Do’s family out anymore.  Mi Do’s Mom goes to meet Tae Sang’s Mom. Sung Joo shows up and steals a toothbrush but Mi Do’s Mom catches her. Sung Joo makes an excuse and leaves with it. (DNA testing?)
wk 9 2Jae Hee still refuses to listen to Tae Sang about the letter his brother wrote. Tae Sang loses him temper and tells him he hopes Chang Hee wakes up soon and finds out what an ungrateful, greedy, disgusting worm Jae Hee is. (Okay, I made that up but he did finally tell Jae Hee off) *kekeke* Tae Sang goes to the bookstore to show the letter to Mi Do and asks her to talk to Jae Hee. He doesn’t show her the last two pages so I’m assuming those have to do with Tae Sang’s family.  Mi Do agrees to talk to Jae Hee

Tae Sang tries to pay for some books but Mi Do won’t let him. She still feels sorry and doesn’t see him as just a regular customer. She tells him to buy his books somewhere else. (Ahhh, she doesn’t want him to find out they’re getting kicked out) Tae Sang tells her to be happy with Jae Hee and leaves.
wk 9 3Jae Hee meets with Roy Chang who expresses growing unease that Tae Sang could have killed a man. (Did Jae Hee tell him he did?) Jae Hee tells him Tae Sang tried to kill his brother, he’s in the hospital right now. Roy Chang asks one of his assistants to find out about Jae Hee – his background, his family, his debt and his brother in the hospital. Ahahahaha! I love it.

Mi Do meets Jae Hee and tells him about the letter – that Chang Hee is not his real brother. His Mom died in her 20’s and his Father is Chairman Chang Ji Min. Jae Hee laughs but Mi Do tells him to ask Roy Chang if he has any siblings. Roy Chang finds a picture of Mi Do in Tae Sang’s office of happier times. Tae Sang takes him sightseeing but Chang seems bored so he says he will pick a place to eat.
wk 9 4They go to eat spicy foods and Roy Chang also gulps down water, he must not be able to handle spicy foods either? So cute to watch both of them! Tae Sang remembers his little brother couldn’t eat spicy foods either and Roy Chang tears up upon hearing this. (I’m tearing up too) Jae Hee meets Sung Joo and confirms the photos were the same. She tells him they need to confirm with DNA testing so he pays a maid to swipe a toothbrush from Roy Chang’s room.

Mi Do and Jae Hee are going to meet Roy Chang and she notices the DNA testing folders in the backseat. He tells her he knows who Tae Sang’s brother is and is getting DNA testing done to confirm it. He says he’s not going to tell Tae Sang, why should he when his brother is laying in a hospital? Mi Do insists Tae Sang had nothing to do with Chang Hee’s accident. Jae Hee gets angry, then tells her he’s going to make Tae Sang lose everything…with Roy Chang playing a part.
wk 9 7Tae Sang’s assistant at work tells him it seems Asia Star wants to buy out the company. He also tells him Jae Hee asked for a list of the board members. Roy Chang meets with Jae Hee and Mi Do – he recognizes Mi Do as the girl in the picture with Tae Sang. Chang Hee wakes up! (Oh, Thank GOD) He overhears detectives talking about the hit and run so he keeps his eyes closed, pretending he’s still in a coma.

Tae Sang goes to see his Mom again and this time, they talk face-to-face. He learns Tae Min ran away during one of her fights with the man she lived with and never came back. Yong Kab shows up and Tae Min roughs him up, telling him to never bother his Mom again. Yong Kab then tries to convince Dong Goo to put drugs in Chang Hee’s IV to kill him.
wk 9 8The DNA tests come back – it’s a match. Tae Sang cancels the flight of the investment team and asks Jae Hee what his plan is? He knows what Jae Hee is up to! WooHoo! Roy Chang asks Jae Hee if he’s hostile towards Tae Sang because of a girl? HAHAHA! Jae Hee then smarts off that Roy Chang doesn’t look like his father. (This little prick better get what’s coming to him)

Chairman Chang Ji Min talks to Roy Chang over the phone and asks about his brother. (OMO, so they both know Tae Sang is his brother?) Roy says he both hates and pities Tae Sang, he has no one around him he can count on. His Father says if Tae Sang is Roy’s brother then he is also his son. Roy says he will protect Tae Sang from Jae Hee. Awww, there are some good people in this drama? Finally?
wk 9 9Mi Do and her family are searching for a new place to live in the neighborhood Tae Sang grew up in, she remembers him bringing her here and talking about how happy he was there. She goes to his old house and sees Roy Chang outside, crying. She goes to see Tae Sang at work, telling him she needs to talk to him. As he’s walking away, a beam almost falls on him. Mi Do shoves him out of the way, saving his life.


It’s nice Tae Sang seems to have moved on and is back to himself. It’s a huge relief to me – I couldn’t take anymore of his mooning over this girl who doesn’t love him, didn’t appreciate him and cheated on him. She was right when she said she wasn’t good enough for him.
wk 9 10 It was also a relief that Chang Hee wasn’t dead. He’s the only one who can fend off Jae Hee’s stupid, wild accusations and (it seems) the only person who would even try to protect Tae Sang. Sung Joo at least didn’t go so far as to accuse Tae Sang of murder to the police (yet) and Yong Kab wants Chang Hee dead since he’s the closest thing to family Tae Sang has.

Ep 18 was so wonderful that I now wish the writer had spent much more time on Tae Min/Tae Sang – the two brothers were lovely. I’ve been so angry for the last 10 episodes or so that it was nice to have some heart-warming moments and something nice happen to Tae Sang. (although he doesn’t know it yet)
wk 9 6I don’t know what will happen when Chairman Chang Ji Min finds out Jae Hee is his real son but I was a bit ticked at that – mostly because Jae Hee does not deserve the kind, understanding Chairman as his real Father. (Yes, I’m that vindictive – I want him alone and miserable) LMAO.

I really could care less about Mi Do, her family, Jae Hee, Sung Joo and any of the other characters. At this point, I’m only here waiting for Tae Sang to discover Tae Min. Don’t these two seem completely bored with each other now? I guess it was more fun when they were sneaking and cheating?

wk 9 5


  • jomo143 says:

    Thanks for the recap!
    I totally agree with how MD and JH are now – theirs is NOT a happily ever after.
    I think you are right – the excitement is gone, and MD is seeing while JH is really good at being aggressive, TS is better at loving her. And no, she doesn’t deserve him and he shouldn’t take her back.

  • soobin says:

    now foolish MD is beginning to see things clearly. i think that she has really gotten a soft spot for TS but is just too scared because of the many horrible thug incidents that she has seen around TS. i wish that she regrets what she has done to him and realizes her loss! what she and JH has is just fleeting, passionate kind of love, maybe a bit of lust,too. lol MD sees the real JH at this point. i want that JH to end up alone, miserable and to lose everything like what he is planning to do to TS. what a bad guy! CH should wake up and clear things up. just like what you have said, i like RC/TM to be together and be happy.

  • Mara says:

    Definitely onboard with you. At this point I only want to see TS/TM/Omma reconcile.
    JH was not at fault for being given away, but how will he handle CH not being his brother,
    TM being his adoptive brother and having to share a father with him?

    I don’t think anyone wants TS and MD to stay together (TM/CH/SJ/JH/MD’s dad) and MD/JH
    is a done deal because of what CH did (after TS suggesting it). CH is at the center of the
    resolution because if he defends TS, he loses a brother and if he doesn’t he loses a
    bromance. Plus, my baby is going to jail.

    I don’t think the ending will be WHIBali or Fashion King, but I’m hoping MD moves to NY and
    meets her Fashion King boyfriend (oh right, he’s in the military 😉 . She should be used to
    packing her bags in these dramas and losing in love. Don’t let the door hit you on the way
    out, ok?

  • soobin says:

    awwh, typo! i mean Roy Chang ( Tae Min ) and Tae Sang.

  • h0ns_niech says:

    oohh recap.. recap! Thanks Tess for coming out with this recap, I haven’t watch the last 2 weeks so waiting someone to recap it to decide is this show still worth my attention or not.. so once again thank you. Now off to read.. will be back after reading it..

  • Beez says:

    I was enjoying the recaps, but where are the rest of them?

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