When A Man Loves Episode 20 (Finale) Preview

lol. Interesting turn of events for the final episode.  They make a beautiful-looking couple but will they get married?

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  • liz says:




  • soobin says:

    OMG! WTF! TS, pleaseeeeeeee! i don’t like MD but i don’t like JS any bettwr. DAMNNNNNN! Where is TS the man in love????!!!!! but i hope that this is just some act on their part for somwthing!!!!

  • Gaby says:

    Ahh? no me gusta el personaje que hace ella… habra que ver que sucede en este final! :O

  • nica says:


  • soobin says:

    has the writer gone mad?!!!!!
    JS and TS??!!! no wayyyyyyyy!!!!?

  • lou says:

    everybody is hoping for a happy ending…..this is not what we are expecting that TS will end up marrying SJ ….viewers deserve something good, please…………..

    • mari says:

      yes i m hoping for a happy ending md and ts the 2 of them c mon writer if he doesent end up with mi do this drama will be a failure and i gonna hate it for `real cause i spend so much of my time to watch it . so i hope that mi9 do stop the wedding and tell TS that she loves him and TS to

  • cinders h says:

    The twist could be HTS opted to marry SJ to find out MD true feelings in reaching him back even after the breakup, Somehow she realized that HTS has pure love that signifies the title of this drama. This is the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder.. MD is missing HTS love and affection because there is a comparison now between TS & JH. The pink hair guy will kill SJ the man with selfish love likewise SJ’s love to HTS with selfish motives.. they deserves both. HTS & MD will end up together and it depends how the writer will put color on it. JH & Tae Min will both handle the business in their respective companies. JH will give up MD .. what he felt for MD is not love like what the real father of JH said his son is hurting too much… he’s confused just like MD – both young and infatuated with erotic love but not for real. The family of HTS will be reunited and so with MD family. i,e, father will bow to HTS because he deserves all the merits.. all his pain and sufferings will be rewarded, surely a happy ending :).. thanks for this drama and all the best to SSH—love him!

    • soobin says:

      i’ve read ambivalent reaction to the ending of this God-forsaken drama. unfortunately i failed to catch it last night due to work and i will watch it tonight.but what kind of a happy ending?!! my SSH fanatic friend says that everything just got to happen in the last episode. lol so what else is new in kdrama? were it not for SSH who as i’ve said before is always a dream, what is the point of watching this drama. and he has managed to give a credible performance. he and the actor playing chang hee have given the best acting here.
      anyway, i will watch it and i hope to see enigmatically handsome SSH in a better project soon while my other love PSH is on an unworthy hiatus.

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