“Last Cinderella” Episode 9

The pacing of this drama is awful and this episode proves it. But at least, things are happening now.

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  • marinai says:

    This first picture is Sure HOT !!!!

  • Ali says:

    Even though I was expecting the confrontation between Hiroto and sakura to happen (not that later in the game though..) I’m still irked by next weeks preview. Sigh, Hiroto better not give up on her ! Someone please give me the rundown to what evil chiyoko said ? Rintaro gets a shot at sakura in next weeks episode I’m assuming!

    • Ali says:

      Might I just add, I am delighted last cinderella did not let down this episode 😉

    • ションシャーイン says:


      I don’t think they’re gonna do that though. Cause it’s like they’re pimping her out. Lol You know what I mean? I think this is enough time for Hiroto to loose her and get her back. It’s more than clear to the audience that the game playing is done and that he really loves her.. Even if they do a time lapse thing where they get back together later I’d be happy.

      There are a few things I pondered over while Sakura and her boo were getting down and dirty;

      1. Is something bad gonna happen to Hiroto? Just had an erie feeling like something tragic would happen leaving Sakura scarred. Just a feeling.

      2. I realized that Rintaro is cut short numerous times when he tries to explain his feelings toward Sakura.. Is he playing for the other team maybe?

      3. If they pull a Rintaro end this late in the game, wasnt it unfair to his character to have him in the background for sooo long?

      • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

        lol. You want Rintaro to end up with Ken? LMAO

        • ションシャーイン says:


          LMBO I believe everyone should have a happy ending except Chyoko, oh and that chic Momo. 😉

      • Mello says:

        “1. Is something bad gonna happen to Hiroto? Just had an erie feeling like something tragic would happen leaving Sakura scarred. Just a feeling.”

        > Nooo… >_<

        I haven't seen ep 9, I don't know if I have seen the 8th…will watch them soon.

    • karened says:

      She told Sakura (in Sakura’s words when she confronted Hiroto) that Hiroto pretended to like Sakura for her (Chiyoko’s) sake.

  • dini says:

    i cant watch it, link for the video is error
    can you reupload it?

  • thenewstandby says:

    I can’t believe it, but after the actual sex went down, I have no choice right?

    Meanwhile, Hiroto’s daddy issues are an elephant in the room.

  • BerryMerry says:

    Surely those who are present at SOBAR for Sakura’s birthday will have noticed how Rintaro cares and worries for Sakura. It could have been Miki or Shima to chase after Sakura, why Rintaro?
    But with just 2 episodes left, I wonder how the writer is going to turn the table around to make a Rintaro/Sakura ending?

    • ションシャーイン says:


      You really think they would do that this late in the game? It was clear to me when I re-watched this episode in its entirety that the sex scene was the nail in the coffin for Rintaro. Correct me if I’m wrong but out of all the K/C/Jdramas I’ve watched, they really put a lot of effort, count it.. Almost 4 minutes worth to convey that Hiroto made love to her, not sex. I must have watched that about 10x (I’m so ashamed to admit that). Lol But I’m thoroughly impressed by the actors and how they pulled it off.
      When Hiroto gave Sakura that ring that scene was epic for me because the guy was truly happy. Why take so much of the audience time to expose Hiroto like that to only have him fail in the end?

      I don’t think they’ll do that, I HOPE they don’t cause I like where the storyline is going.

      • reveriepooh says:

        yes… agreed. Hiroto was genuinely happy when he proposed to her. I hope she is pregnant with his baby. some bad thing might happen to him to make Chioko realize her cruelty. she might kept the scar on purpose, and the one who have a real jealousy towards Hiroto (because he have his father – Hiroto is the real son/prince). always felt that Rintaro had his chance years ago, and he waste it. while Hiroto though start with a fake intention, once he realize his feeling, he move forward and proposed to Sakura.

        • noreen says:

          I will feel a bit weird if the ending will be Sakura x Rintaro since the one who have the most romantic, sweetest, cutest and even HOT scenes in this drama is Sakura x Hiroto. Sakura x Rintaro do have their moments together but I find them being not as strong as Sakura x Hiroto moments. For me, episode 9 is like a lesson aka ‘serves you right’ for Hiroto for not telling Sakura the truth/ secret, so the rest of the episodes left I assume will be like a “chance episode” for Hiroto to fixed his mistakes toward Sakura and proves to her that his love is genuine. Thats what I thought!

          • Sharna says:

            For some reason I’m still holding out for Sakura/Rintaro.

            I’m thinking maybe Hiroto will head overseas after he sees how much Rintaro cares for Sakura?

            I mean they brought up that tournament in America for a reason right?

            • Kdrama Fan says:

              I think you may be on to something. I believe he’ll leave in ep 10 then return in 11 and come back to her. From the begining I didn’t like Rintaro for her.

              • Sharna says:

                Oh, that could happen.

                Shima says in this episode what a great friend Rintaro is- maybe that’s all he’s meant to be for Sakura. But I think that Sakura is more herself around Rintaro than Hioroto.

                If he comes back ep 11, hmmmmmmmmm.

                Ideally, Sakura ends up with Rintaro and Hiroto ends up a world famous BMX rider so that he has a chance to get out there, see the world, make money, get away from a toxic household and prove himself to his dad.

                Sakura was good for him as a first love because it was healing and made him a better person but things are going to be so hard, from his parents approval, to children to supporting said children etc.

                But then if Sakura becomes manager (8 years and no promotion, really?) then I guess Hiroto could become a stay at home dad? I mean, given that she’s older and this drama already has less than standard relationships then why not?

                It’s interesting how this could pan out.

  • sally_b says:

    First of all —- WOOT !! at last …at FREAKIN’LAST Sakura finally let go of her dork-self and allowed her inner-sexy to get swept away by Hiroto’s passion.

    His skin was so fresh and ‘glowy’ when he whipped that T-shirt off… I actually gasped at the beauty. ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥
    Props to actress Ryoko Shinohara (Sakura) for having equally gorgeous and shiny skin — that’s not easy when paired with a 24 year old. !

    Perhaps those who watch JDramas on a regular basis can advise me (an avid KDrama fan) as to whether or not Hiroto & Sakura’s roll-in-the-hay seals the deal making them the OTP.

    In Kdramas — with the exception of cable — if a female lead is considered virtuous and worthy of a happy-ever-after(yeah, don’t get me started on the Korean idea of purity for women) but anyway –IF she is has a happy ending it’s typically because she’s ONLY EVER had one lover and quite often it’s the first boy she made eye-contact with from a crib. (Kdramas are BIG on first love tropes)

    So in that drama-world — we would be assured that –YEP, they did the deed …ta-da! We have our forever-couple.

    But this is a JDrama and I’m not familiar with whether the female leads are narratively *allowed* to have TWO bed-partners in the same story. Tsk Tsk…think of the children. 😉

    It’s only my personal opinion that Rintaro has been so far on the back burner (romantically) for 9 episodes that to use the remaining 3 episodes to *place* him as Sakura’s end-mate— just seems…lame.

    Not that the actor isn’t handsome – he most definitely IS.
    Plus he’s age appropriate for the long-term …but dammit, he’s too slow and broody and I will really feel betrayed by the writer if he’s just launched out of the blue as a Completely Different & New Rintaro in the remaining eps.

    p.s. Previously…I had just the slightest bit of sympathy for Chicrazy because she mostly seemed mentally ill rather than evil. And I still view her that way — but now I’ve completely lost any interest in her recovery. She’s just a shit.
    No more, no less.
    Everyone would be better off if she took a ferry to a remote island and fell off somewhere in between.

    • sally_b says:

      p.s. #2 I distinctly heard Shima (at the b-day bash) say…”Ken and Gay” in the same sentence. With Rintaro’s eyes popping out of his head.
      Seriously Rin-blockhead? You work in a Salon filled with *Fabulous Boys* and you didn’t know Ken was one of them? (rolls eyeballs) haha!

      • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

        Yes, Shima said he’s gay and Rintaro the best friend didn’t know. lol

        Does having sex mean you’re OTP? No, not necessarily. Like I previously mentioned they can have the lead dating/in love with the wrong person for the whole drama till they realize they are in love with someone else. And that includes sex. But it’s also made very obvious that they are dating the wrong person.

        Having said that, I heard there was a correction and there will only be 11 episodes with the 11th being 20 minutes longer. With only two episodes left and barely any Rintaro/Sakura development, it seems unlikely even though they appear to be going all out in the next episode.

        There’s also the likelihood of an open ending (they are notorious for this), then they’ll have a 2-hour special in a year. LOL

        • Ali says:

          Yes to special episodes later in the year! NO to open endings. I rather see a firm yay or nay with Hiroto or rintaro for sakura. Open endings are killer >.<

        • ションシャーイン says:


          “Does having sex mean you’re OTP? No, not necessarily. Like I previously mentioned they can have the lead dating/in love with the wrong person for the whole drama till they realize they are in love with someone else. ”

          I agree somewhat but I think it’s different here. Why I say that is, I noticed that they don’t go in depth with sex scenes if its the wrong person. If the main character is dating the wrong person they leave the confines of that relationship to the the imagination of the viewers. In movies yes, as far as dramas, I haven’t seen it yet.

          Open endings, unrequited love and lovers dying is what they seem to live for I agree. I too hope this doesn’t happen cause I want to go back to living my life once again. Lol This drama has made me a complete fanatic. 🙂

          • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

            I’m not saying it’s not significant here but in the Taiwanese drama “In Time With You,” she had epic hot scenes with the wrong guy. lol. Pissed everyone off but we all knew they weren’t endgame. And in Korean drama “I Need Romance” also hot scenes with the wrong guy (and I was on his team,. 🙁 )

            As for Japanese dramas, there are many cases where they have sex with the wrong person but in general, they don’t have hot scenes at all. LOL Having said that, they did go all out (jdrama-wise), with this scene so it’s not to be dismissed.

            Hiroto/Sakura will never make much sense to me but since they’ve gone this far, they might as well take it to the end.

        • reveriepooh says:

          oh nooo!! yes you’re right. Jdrama and their notorious suck open ending. or even worst, skip several years only to let us see a brief meeting of the OTP.

      • ションシャーイン says:


        For real??? You heard that? I definitely got to watch that again to listen out for it. My japanese is so poor. Can’t believe I missed that. Lol

        “Perhaps those who watch JDramas on a regular basis can advise me (an avid KDrama fan) as to whether or not Hiroto & Sakura’s roll-in-the-hay seals the deal making them the OTP”

        Answer: HELL YEAH! Lol

        Hiroto has had his hand in Sakura’s cookie jar, more than once it appears. Lol No woman gives away her cookie to the man she loves then cuts her heart off completely once problems arise. So I think if Rintaro was to finally admit his feelings she wouldn’t return it. She better not. 😉

        • sally_b says:

          Hello @ションシャーイン – I apologize to you (and frankly, everyone else as well) …that I’m not the most prompt at replying right now— I’m in the middle of moving from one State to another (meaning, I’m packing and/or discarding in most every free moment I have)

          Coming to a drama forum board is my moment of * ahhhhhh chill.*

          But it’s really random…and mostly sometime after midnight. (cold beer optional) 😉

          I’ve been really disappointed with Kdrama offerings in 2013 (with the exception of Nine)… and so I latched onto Cinderella by default — It kept getting *buzz* on Kdrama sites.
          …and I’m thankful for those who fronted it — looking adoringly at the CouchKimchi Crew
          ❤ ~ ~ ~ (´ε` )

          As for my comprehension of Japanese – Gomen nasai & Arrigato are pretty much …it.
          I have learned to *listen* for the subject–object–verb grammar in Kdramas – and pride myself on being able to hear:
          “are you ok?” “follow me” “tell me quickly” ” idiot!” and several dozen more.
          BONUS for “where are you going?” and “I don’t want to”.

          It’s been a new-reality to watch Cinderella and wait 2 days for subs. (ALL HAIL SUBBERS !! wherever they may dwell ~ ♥) I’ve never been motivated to watch a Jdrama in the Raw — but I MUST know how this one ends….and I’ve been counseled that I may have to wait a year for a *special*. hahahah!

          (plants head on desk and laughs) ((hugs))

    • karened says:

      Sleeping together is definitely not the end game. Even a decade back, when people weren’t this ‘open’, in Jdramas we already have OTPs who slept with other people in the span of the drama (such as Long Vacation, Terms of a Witch). That’s why I like Jdramas (especially back in the late 90s, early millenium) – they are a more realistic depiction of life and relationships.

  • sally_b says:

    @ckphoenix – re: “There’s also the likelihood of an open ending (they are notorious for this), then they’ll have a 2-hour special in a year. LOL ”

    bang Bang BANG !! (that’s the sound of my head hitting my desk)

    I wish I had a gif of the face I’m making right now – seriously blank yet angry at the same time.

    Thanks for the update about 11 episodes (peculiar place to stop) …with only 2 left that leaves me thinking that something abrupt has to happen.

    Random guess: Hiroto’s father gets wind of his son’s affair with a much older woman (presumably from Chicrazy because she’s not able to rest until all around her are suffering) Dear old Dad figures he won’t get a corporate heir/ grandson from an old-maid and so offers to bankroll Hiroto’s BMX dreams IF….

    he ditches Sakura.
    Chicrazy informs Sakura of the possible deal, because that’s her role in life — causing Sakura to become a noble idiot and reject Hiroto so that he can fulfill his youthful dreams.

    Rintaro watches all of this happen from doorways, bars and alleys …then proceeds to …brood.

    the end.
    yeah…….I REALLY hope not …. but cheese! only 2 more eps. Not much to work with, eh?

    BTW, I still love the show…it’s just frustrating. 🙂

    • sally_b says:

      OR ….another alternate ending….this last episode had the oft-repeated cut-scene in the church where BOTH potential grooms outstretch the hands to the approaching (hidden) bride.

      My guess is it’s Ken…. with a demi-veil and a lily bouquet.
      yes? 😉

      • ションシャーイン says:


        Lmfao.. You’re hilarious! I hope that’s who Rintaro’s hand is outstretched for..Ken’s, not Sakura’s. Lol

  • Amoresperros says:

    I’m all in for Sakura/Rintaro… Even if their romantic interaction wasn’t exactly developed during the whole series, I was rooting for them since this started and it’s probably the only ending that will make me happy. Even though Hitaro is sweet and sexy, I still find him a bit too twisted and completlyy wrong for her. He is only ok for a short-term romance, that’s it. I needed to say it! LOL

    • sally_b says:

      @Amoresperros – you know, I thought for the first several episodes that certainly Rintaro *must* be the end-game partner … because of the bickering and friendship that almost always turns to love.

      But during the progression of the series there’s been little-to-no growth between them as a romantic pairing…and then BOOM Hiroto lays the *for real* sexy mojo on Sakura and I began to think the writer intended to go with the unconventional couple.

      However….with only 2 left to go…narratively speaking — it’s quite the ‘bait and switch’ to dump Hiroto in the final hours. To me, that’s poor writing and character development.

      In any case…Rintaro is a FINE man. If he’s the groom and baby-daddy that adorkable Sakura wants then I’ll accept it with grace, but it makes me wonder why the story needed telling at all.
      Why not just have two former co-workers bickering their way into love without all the side characters wasting screen time? (Kohei — I’m looking at you.)

      I’d like to see the Rintaro actor in something that he’s not as one dimensional. He’s easy on the eyes.

      • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

        But the same can be said for Rintaro’s “story.” Why the heck are we having this long-winded discovery of feelings if it’s leading absolutely nowhere? And it’s not like they are even giving him a viable love interest while Sakura is wrapped up with Hiroto. His girlfriend tells him to be happy with Sakura and then he’s stuck with Crayoko.

        Regardless, it’s all for ratings. They like hype and all the chatter that comes with having a love triangle so even Rintaro is the only one keeping the Rintaro/Sakura ship alive, it keeps viewers interested and guessing.

        • rin says:

          Maybe they’re trying to say “You snooze, you lose”.
          Or they might flip the coin to the other side and say “Play with fire and you’ll get burned.”

        • sally_b says:

          @ckphoenix _ ” But the same can be said for Rintaro’s “story.” Why the heck are we having this long-winded discovery of feelings if it’s leading absolutely nowhere? ”

          Preach It Sistah!
          The only thing I can figure is that the writer considers by-stander-affection to be Superior to …action, and intends to reward Rintaro for his maturity in… watching-the-world-turn.

          to which I say… “Pssst, Rintaro…..ovaries are growing old while you contemplate the Universe.”

          (I’m teasing, of course) 🙂

          I’ve said from the beginning that Hiroto absolutely does not make sense as a long-term partner for a 40 year old woman (note: not even a super-dorky-cool-one)— and it has nothing to do with the viability of interpersonal-true-love.

          If the woman wants a child…and she does…….it gets thick.

          Any rational mature woman would know that a *young 20’s* is not prepared for instant fatherhood.
          Sakura’s wish to be a mother is in it’s twilight hour….thus…Rintaro has a major advantage.

          At the same time — even though Hiroto is immature — his passion (in life and elsewhere) seems to energize Sakura. They LAUGH together…a lot.
          When does Rintaro giggle & grin? (scratches chin)

          Not that laughing and smiling makes a lifetime together…but there are worse scenarios, eh?

          RE: “And it’s not like they are even giving him a viable love interest while Sakura is wrapped up with Hiroto. His girlfriend tells him to be happy with Sakura and then he’s stuck with Crayoko. ”

          THIS ^

          Wae (oops) WHY have such a *looker* stand around like so much cardboard ? … sporting a despondent face instead of spending at least 2 past episodes developing an action-backbone?

          …or, as you pointed out — giving him somewhere else (workable) to look. The writer concluded the ex-girlfriend thing so quickly you’d think Rintaro has been sleeping alone longer than Sakura.

          He’s really been made into a dreary man. I’m not quite certain how the writer wants me to sympathize with him as it appears his results are of his own making/hesitations.

          Perhaps it’s an homage to REAL LIFE. ’cause screws happen.

          I’ve said before — I’ll accept either pairing — but I’d really like the author to show me a thoughtful/reasonable explanation for the choice—- that is…if we get a choice.

          (preparing to flip tables if the ending is Open) flex ~ flex ~

  • Jillian says:

    Even though the craze is for Sakura to end up to Hiroto, I wonder if Hiroto is ever going to face his feelings genuinely. I realize that Hiroto’s rationale for meeting Sakura always revolves something that has happened in his family circle (be it Crayoko or not). In Ep 9, Hiroto “rushes” to Sakura when his dad has said something awful and that is “where it all goes down” (for the lack of a better sentence i meant the Sex). I wonder if Hiroto sees Sakura as a “mother figure” rather than a love interest, since she is a much better listener, definitely more mature, a guidance or positive influence in Hiroto’s life. I wonder if he sort of has a “mother complex” as well? (Since his mum isn’t with him at all). Granted that most may see Hiroto’s “love” for Sakura, I think Rintaro is the one that “feels” for her since he would rather much let her decide her own fate and trusts her intuitions in what would benefit her the most. I’m not saying that Hiroto isn’t the one for Sakura, I just ponder on his actions and the catalyst for doing the things he does. Thanks for the great recap all the time!

    • Nancy says:

      that’s what I was thinking, I love Hiroto but if i kept rewatching and rewatching episodes and that’s true what you said about him, its like he only ” Loves her ” because she is the only one that doesn’t look down on him im praying for a good ending since its a good drama well for me i really honestly liked it i like all the characters i hope it really truly does have a happy ending

      p.s. regardless of everything that has happened this 9 episodes i kinda view Rintaro and Sakura like an already married couple, its hurts me to say it since like i said i love Hiroto but i think Sakura is meant for Rintaro. they understand each other from head to toe. i think they are going to end up togetherr

  • mskololia says:

    Uh-oh..I may have to watch this epi raw……

    • rin says:

      Hiroto has said that Sakura makes him feel like a better person. That he has value. Everyone in his family looks down on him and his half sister uses him. Momo uses him for sex. Sakura isn’t looking at Hiroto as a sex object but a person. She’s kind, understanding and protects those she love.

      • mskololia says:

        This is why I love, LOVE, this pairing…If the show disappoints and does and end-run around my chosen cherubs, I may not forgive this writer…. Do you hear show?!

        Thank you @rin for the generous account!!

  • juwita says:

    what goin on ending I cant think about it…because I like both of male actor… >__<

  • rin says:

    I don’t think there’s a deep enough abyss for Chiyoko to fall into. She needs to fall into a bottomless pit. Firstly, she refuses to get plastic surgery for her scar. She claims she wants to be reminded never to fall in love because her first love dumped her because of the scar. It feels like it was more to keep Hiroto as her slave forever. In the preview for ep10, Chiyoko tells Hiroto she won’t forgive him for finding happiness. That’s one disturbed bitch.

  • ションシャーイン says:


    Does ‘Cruel Intentions’ come to mind? She’s intent on ruining his life and all he wants is acceptance (his father), to be forgiven (Chyoko), and loved (Sakura). He’s a genuinely good guy who’s just had one bad break after another. I just don’t understand why more viewers aren’t more sympathetic towards him than Rintaro who’s had women competing for his attention since day one. He’s perfect apart from the fact that he doesn’t have any balls to own up to his true feelings. And how audacious of him to call Hiroto a bastard when he in fact allowed the facade to play out??? Please make me understand what kind of glass house this guy is living in?! What a self-righteous douchebag!

    Like Sally_b and a few others had mentioned earlier that the writers may think they must reward Rintaro for sitting on the sidelines inactive all this time if its to be Sakura x Rintaro end. Not allowing the Hiroto x Sakura story to ride because of the age gap.. Sakura is just as childish at 40 as Hiroto if you ask me. And him not being capable enough as a father? Just an observation but how many women and men marry each other at an even younger age that bring up happy healthy kids? Generations past, men Hiroto’s age married women as young as 15-16 who gave birth shortly after marriage. Now, these days a man at 24 years of age is not seen as a capable provider for a woman, old enough to be a decent father to his kids or lacks maturity to truly love another person? (The world has really changed). That considered I refuse to believe my OTP is a ridiculous notion when the two people involved actually complete and love each other. Rather than the outward appearance of age and non sensical bickering used as tools for compatibility in most dramas.

    OMG!! My final post until episode 10.

    • sally_b says:

      @ションシャーイン – RE: “OMG!! My final post until episode 10. ”

      awwww. no. Stick around the forum – next Thursday is a long way away. ♥

      Loved your comments about how what is considered parenting-age has changed A LOT.

      The thing that keeps sticking in my mind is that Rintaro has had AGES to reflect on what he wanted from life and what kind of partner he wanted…if he wanted one at all. An equal amount to Sakura.

      The difference is — She jumped right in there and gave *late blooming a chance* — (albeit initially under false pretenses) …the end result is still a SELF-MOTIVATED change of life. She chose to open up and let something NEW happen to her.

      Rintaro (for whatever reasons…most likely an indecisive writer ~) has been mucking around in his self-imposed chronic state of brood. (btw, brooding tends to include some self-reflection, but that’s not been exposed to the viewer. Perhaps it’s implied and it’s too subtle for me to catch? whatevs…
      It’s only after everyone…LITERALLY everyone around him … informs him of his feelings that he touches upon the idea that they *might* be right.

      What kind of future mate does that make him? What kind of parenting would you get from a guy that ….sorry, don’t know any other way to put it……clueless. (?)

      ckphoenix opens this post with “The pacing of this drama is awful and this episode proves it.”
      chyeah. 11th hour epiphany’s are not my cup of tea.

      However….I’ve found this drama engaging, if frustrating, so far….perhaps, just maybe, the writer will surprise me by choosing a love-match that EXPLAINS ITSELF …rather that just foisting a half-baked “oh, and this is how it turned out later ~” ending. (crosses fingers)

      • ションシャーイン says:

        Oh yeah I know what you mean Sally_b. I want Sakura to come out in the end and clearly define how she feels about each person and why. Looks like Rintaro’s packing up, which I figured was gonna happen from the beginning. It’s kinda lame to be working under your boyfriend at a hair salon.

        I feel bad taking up so much space in Ck’s comment section. Felt I should give others a chance to vent for a change. I’ll try to do better once the tenth episode rolls in. I can tell from the previews I won’t like it anyway. I am sooo biased. 😉

        • sally_b says:

          RE: “I feel bad taking up so much space in Ck’s comment section.”

          …you’re a better person than me, then. (‘•ᴥ •’) ♥

          because I just barge in and blather whatever strikes me. heehee.

          Actually, if I had the time to run a blog/forum (and I greatly admire those who do) …I think I’d be happy that others gather to comment, even if we don’t agree on biases.

          And THANK THE HEAVENS we don’t always agree… It’s our own experiences that make us connect to one character or another…and that makes for great dialogue in a mature format.
          (which this is) ~ (っˆーˆ)っ❤

          I’ve learned since entering the Asian-drama-world that it’s far more sane to attach to individual characters than the storyline. Train wrecks all over the place if you endeavor to make sense of the narrative.

          For this drama… I LIKE Sakura.

          * She cracks me up when she makes those old-guy noises “Byahh!!””WooGahh” tck tck tck ~ ~ shaaa~ (my approximation) but you know what I mean.

          * mutter, mutter … putter, putter — completely oblivious to how weird she appears to those around her. (and even if she did, would she care?)

          * She fights down gangsters, tells punk kids to give up their seat on the bus, speaks TRUTH to her friends, facilitates reconciliation, grabs the hands of psychos attempting to stair-murder rivals, takes school uniforms to her bestie’s kids while letting that same hurt friend live with her instead of being free to *bed* her insanely hot, open 24/7, young lover.

          Sakura creates warmth where ever she goes.
          (note: I think the actress has done a stellar job of bringing Sakura to life)
          Basically…I’ve latched onto Sakura’s success — and I’m not yet convinced that a dour, argumentative man is her best bet for a lifetime of happiness.

          I suspect episode 10 is going to try to convince me that Rintaro is *the guy*….so, OK…bring it on.

          Whoop Whoop ~ Rintaro get busy ~ ♫♪

          (…er….or maybe just show your brotherly love.. ’cause that’s worked for a coupla decades now)

          insert: http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_md4o4l5iR91rxd8rh.gif

          😉 — hugs at ever’body ~ ❤

  • sally_b says:

    @rin – Hit there ~I just watched episode 9 with subs (AT LAST !) ((much love to those nameless Goddesses who sub for the good of all drama-kind))

    Chiyoko has certainly turned out to be one VERY effective villain. I loathe her more than I do the average Kdrama Mother-in-Law… and that’s saying something.

    Of course I am biased towards Hiroto – but even if I weren’t…the poor guy:

    * His father is the poster-child for Oppressive Parenting.
    Pressure, Blame, Denunciation…”Way to go Dad, that’s a great way to role-model. Thank goodness Hiroto doesn’t seem to have inherited your doucheness.”

    * Step mother is a Zombie whose role in the household appears to be to make drinks for King Douche.
    ..and to have spawned Chiyoko.
    What kind of lame mother hasn’t *clued* into her daughter’s obvious mental illness?
    Answer: a drink-making Zombie-Mom

    * Step-sister = unfettered psycho

    * Ex-girlfriend / bed-buddy = related to gangstah thugs and enjoys texting suicide threats.

    Why wouldn’t he run to, and embrace, someone as wholesome and SANE as Sakura?
    The fact that he has managed to retain some sensibility of what *good and gentle* is …coming from that environment is a minor miracle. (bit of a reality stretch on the writer’s behalf, but I’ll let it go)

    Plus he confessed that he wanted children! ones just like Sakura…and together they would pour all their love into raising them.
    That”s what I call Up-ing the Stakes! (way to GO pretty boy) 🙂

    Then…………………. you have Rintaro confessing to his life-long-friend-whom-he-didn’t-know-was-gay Ken … that “Oh yeah, now that EVERYONE has pointed it out to me… I might actually be in love with Sakura.”

    insert: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v690/stat202/Reaction%20GIFs/SpeechlessRDJ.gif

    The preview seems to suggest that episode 10 will be Rintaro’s chance to inject himself into an otherwise viable-love-relationship — but hey that’s all the craze — just ask Chiyoko for tips. 😉

  • old soul says:

    From the onset I’ve always liked the pairing of Sakura and Rintaro (although this isn’t the popular pairing). I think their chemistry is great and the way they can be their real selves in front of one another is good for the long term. I find that the Hiroto loveline is an adventure for Sakura, one that is necessary for her to regain her youthful energy and continue to grow as a person.

    It’s good when couples are not afraid to speak up and be honest with what their thoughts and feelings are without worrying about being rejected by the other person. The Sakura-Rintaro may not be the typical romantic loveline, but I find that it has more sparks than all the giddiness that Sakura shows off when with Hiroto. Hiroto has so many other personal issues that he has to come to terms with before he can even truly love another person. I would rather have him end as a character who has come face to face with all the issues in his life (being misunderstood by his father and having the strangest relationship with a stepsister—one of emotional bondage) and then be able to move forward to a better future.

    Both Sakura and Rintaro have taken a long detour to realize their own feelings, but I feel that when given the chance they will make for a better old married couple.

    Of course, the drama gods might not grant my wish…

    • Jamie says:

      @ Old Soul

      ((Both Sakura and Rintaro have taken a long detour to realize their own feelings))

      I have recently caught up with this series and I would have to say that this statement is bogus. For Rintaro

      yeah,. Sakura on the other hand, no! Anyone can see that Sakura cares but is not in love with Rintaro as

      she is with Hiroto. I’m not fangirling Haruma either. I have come across the comments on similiar

      websites I am confused why people think that they should end up together based on arguments and age…

      No one has really considered Sakura’s feelings. Is this the norm in Asia for people to marry who do not

      love each other because of such things and ride off into the sunset happily ever after? Rintaro may have had

      a chance if he had tell her sooner and went after her long ago. I agree with a commenter that said that

      Sakura stepped out of her comfort zone and engaged and fell in love with a younger guy whilst

      Rintaro did nada. Others have stated that Hiroto is only good for a short term romance de-valuing the

      charater and his feelings as opposed to a more mature male. I don’t think this is right way to think. Just as

      Rintaro must love Sakura, Hiroto can feel the same or even more because he has been with her in that way.

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