Monstar Episode 4 Recap: You Can’t Love Her

This week, there’s a tie for the “Most Annoying” award. Take a bow, Eun Ha and Seol Chan.


Adam lets the kids in and tells them that they can stay in the basement till the rain stops. He also warns them to keep their grubby hands off his things. I know that Seol Chan thinks that he’s a pervert but instead of being gracious, he wonders if there’s something the man doesn’t want them to find.

After he leaves, he questions Se Yi’s sanity. How did she get so close to Adam? The others are shocked, especially when he mentions that the man has been stalking her. And not getting cellphone reception in the room is further evidence that the guy is dodgy. Do Nam wonders if they are stuck in a dungeon.

Kids are kids so they do the opposite of leaving his stuff alone and uncover instruments. Clearly, the reason the room is soundproofed is because it was some kind of studio/practice room.

Seol Chan steps out to get phone reception and Sun Woo follows him. He also doesn’t like his attitude and tells him that if he’s not right about Adam, he needs to apologize. Seol Chan counters that if he’s right, Sun Woo has to get on his knees.

Se Yi decides to go up to the house and barge in on the man to ask if he’s really been stalking her. Then she hears her father’s song. He quickly tries to get the CD and hide it but Se Yi manages to get a hold of it. Then she refuses to return it and they start fighting. I’m sorry but what is this? Don’t these kids have respect for their elders?

Seol Chan returns to find Se Yi missing and anyone who’s watched TV knows that he’ll walk in at the most unfortunate time and assume the worst. And he does, and punches the older man. The other kids witness it.

But instead of Se Yi running into his arms like a damsel in distress, she tells him to stop hitting him then makes sure Adam is alright. Angry, he tells them to get the hell out but asks Se Yi to stay behind. Seol Chan gets mad again but she stops him and makes him leave.

When they arrive in the basement, Do Nam wonders if she and Adam have some kind of compensated dating arrangement. Shut up, Bully!

Back at the house, Adam says he knows her father. He was close to him but lost contact a while back. Se Yi says it makes sense because her father didn’t have any friends. She starts to cry as she tells him about her father’s death.  It’s the first time she’s cried since he died.

Eun Ha approaches Seol Chan and tells him that he isn’t allowed to fall for a regular girl. The reason why fans write fanfics about group members dating each other is because they see them as heavenly beings who can’t mingle with earthlings. So for his fans, please, don’t fall in love with Se Yi. lol. No wonder these poor idols have to knock up their girlfriends before they announce their marriage plans.

Seol Chan sees Sun Woo and starts to attack him. This isn’t exactly his usual crowd so what’s he doing here? Why get involved in something he doesn’t care about?

Sun Woo tells him that it’s because he likes Se Yi and wants to help her get what she wants. Seol Chan is shocked at how easily he admits to his feelings. Perhaps it’s true but he obviously did it because he knew it would infuriate him so much. Seol Chan demands to know why he likes her and Sun Woo wonders if there needs to be a reason between man and woman. I love how he handles our star.  I know he’s not getting the girl but I love him so much! I’ve become such a fangirl that I want to call him “Oppa” despite him being in high school. Thank God the actor is legal.

Then Oppa mentions that he overheard Seol Chan’s promise to Eun Ha to remain a star in the night sky so he should stick to playing his position. LOL.

Se Yi wants to know more about the song and Adam says her father gave it to him. She’s excited because as far as she knew, no one but her and her mother were aware of its existence. So it must mean he’s a special friend.

Sun Woo goes out to the street to meet his future wife, Na Na. He says that leaving and not facing the music is unlike her. She wonders why he kept pestering her via text. She can just get by if she decides not to practice with them but then again, that’s not the Kim Na Na he knows. Just like me, she wonders when he became so concerned about her. It’s not concern – he’s just calling it like he sees it. So tell me, Jung Sun Woo, what do you see when you look at Kim Na Na?

They stare at each other in awkward silence and she breaks it by looking away and asking where the rest of them are. Just to show us how much attention he pays to her, he grabs her wrist and asks about the bruises on her hand.

She tells him that if he really knew her and the rumors about her, he wouldn’t need to ask. He looks into her eyes and says that he doesn’t listen to rumors. Remember folks, he only goes by what he sees. Squee!  Come on, just kiss her. Don’t you see her lips?

Se Yi goes to the basement and explains her connection to Adam. Now they must all go and apologize. And Seol Chan has to do it on his knees.

Na Na arrives and they practice.

They perform the song for the P.E. teacher and he’s fine with it. However, the vice principal says that kids singing with triangles and tambourines won’t do as an important person will be attending the event. He tells Se Yi’s aunt to get a band that performs with real instruments or risk becoming the homeroom teacher for seniors the following year.

Seol Chan asks Sun Woo to meet him outside for a chat. He says that after bragging about helping Se Yi, he didn’t show up for the performance. Was it because he was too embarrassed? Sun Woo says yes. LOL. Then he asks him if he was lying about liking Se Yi. Dude, why are you so obsessed with this?  He really wants to hear “yes” but my oppa won’t give him the satisfaction. He tells him that he was telling the truth. In that case, what does he plan to do about it? Sun Woo will do what he likes without holding back. I question how much he really likes her or if it’s mostly platonic.

The P.E. teacher delivers the bad news about the performance and the kids are upset because they aren’t talented musicians who play instruments. Because of Sun Woo’s involvement, he’s asked to join them.

Seol Chan suggests that they lip sync and when Do Nam scoffs that he must do that a lot, crazy fangirl, Eun Ha, quickly comes to his defense. The teacher wonders how the kids can fake playing instruments and Seol Chan explains how.

Na Na and Do Nam reject the idea as they can’t sing and the teacher agrees that the skill can’t be learned in such a short period of time. Then Sun Woo has a different idea – those who can play instruments can do that while the others sing.

No offense but this song needed a stronger singer. The teacher asks if Sun Woo will participate and he refuses. Then Eun Ha tells the teacher she prefers Seol Chan’s idea. So it’s put to a vote. Na Na and Se Yi pick Sun Woo while Eun Ha and a threatened Radio pick Seol Chan.  Do Nam has the deciding vote and he decides that he hates both ideas.

As they walk together on the school grounds, they run into Joon Hee, his stupid sister and the bully. The girl makes fun of the group of misfits and asks if they’ve become colorful poop.

Joon Hee asks if Seol Chan is in charge of the performance at the community center and thanks him for stepping up as they’d had to pull out. He’s being condescending and the bully starts to laugh. Sun Woo watches them from a distance.

As they walk past them, they make fun of Seol Chan for being such a big star he’s playing the tambourine. He doesn’t say anything and all he can do is ball his hand into a fist.

Then Se Yi calls after them. They need not worry because they will uphold the school’s honor. Then she repeats something Seol Chan had previously said: He’s a star. Even if all he does is stand on stage, it’s already a success.

She adds he’ll even be taking photos and signing autographs and isn’t it different when a professional sings? Something that amateurs like them can never understand. Then she calls the first year student poop and tells her to be grateful that they saved her otherwise, she would have had to perform a lullaby on her violin. She starts to talk back but Kim Na Na reminds her to remember her place. LOL. I love how everyone is so scared of her.

Seol Chan’s heart starts to beat and now it’s going to be even harder to sit quietly in the night sky.

Everyone including Sun Woo is proud of her.

There’s still the problem of finding a place to practice. They all separate. As Se Yi walks home, she sees three gangster-looking guys put Na Na into a car. She immediately thinks of Eun Ha saying that her lover is an awful man. I’m guessing it probably has to do with her parents.

All Morons walk together and Joon Hee’s bratty sister says that Se Yi needs to be put in her place. He tells her to have some dignity. They run into Sun Woo and ask him if he’s skipping practice again. He says he is. Joon Hee notes that he’s been doing that lately. Yes. He tells them it’s become unlikable but he should have added that he’s also found better friends.

While Seol Chan’s manager drives him home, he asks him what a man means when he says that he won’t hold back with a woman. His manager says that it’s obviously kissing. Then Seol Chan spots Sun Woo’s car pull up to the bus stop Se Yi is waiting at.

The bus is late and he tells her to hop in as he’s going her way. She tells him she’s not going home and he says he’ll take her anywhere. Aww.

Seol Chan sees her get into the car and all he can think about is kissing so he makes his manager cut them off then gets into the car with them using the excuse that his tire had popped.

So this when I started rooting against Seol Chan. Truth is, he doesn’t own Se Yi and if she wants to kiss Sun Woo, that’s her freaking business. He’s way too territorial and needs to back the hell off. I don’t want to use the word “childish” against him since they are all kids but the combination of childishness and the arrogance that comes with being a star is making him a rather annoying character. Now I wish that Se Yi never falls for him. He’s too much.

Then he starts to tease him about “the truth,” referring to his feelings for Se Yi. He asks him if he’s told her yet as Sun Woo looks away in discomfort. Then he starts to laugh at his one sided-love and I just want to smack him in the face.

Se Yi looks at him curiously, and drama gods, please, please, make her feel some kind of jealousy over this. Please!

Then he starts to ask him if he’s really being honest about his feelings as he hasn’t known her for that long. Sorry to break it to you, Child, but he’s actually known her much longer than you have. He appears to be really threatened and needs Sun Woo to tell him that he was only lying. Sun Woo, go ahead and grab her and while you’re at it, marry her too.

He starts to ask him why he hasn’t confessed and Se Yi angrily says that they’ve arrived so she’s leaving. Sun Woo drops them both off. After he drives off, Se Yi tells him to stop broadcasting other people’s personal business. He asks her why she’s mad. And if she likes Sun Woo so much, why is she there with him? If I recall, Seol Child, you followed her and not the other way around.

She starts to walk and he follows her, asking if she’s jealous of Sun Woo’s first love and she asks him to think of how much he likes his personal matters being made public. He loves it so much that’s why he did it to Sun Woo, right? She tells him that he’s such a kid and yet, we know she’s going to fall in love with him later in the series. There’s no justice in this world.

He looks hurt but he needs to think before he acts instead of doing stupid things then getting upset when people call him out on it. She goes to Adam’s place and he follows her saying that he’s not a kid because fangirls in their 20s call him “Oppa.” Trust me, you don’t deserve that title.

He tries to stop her from going in and she makes him apologize to Adam. They go to the basement while Seol Chan stays outside.

She’s there to learn more about her father. Adam tells her that they were in the same band. She asks him if he knew her mother and from his reaction, there was clearly some kind of love triangle going on. To change the subject, he asks how her father died and she says that it was a car accident. She was also involved in it but she can’t remember it. By the time she got out of her coma, her father had already been buried. In addition, she was also rendered mute and couldn’t cry so her mom took her to live with her uncle in New Zealand.

Seol Chan overhears this and finally understands why she was so hurt that he stole her father’s song. He walks away, wishing she’d told him the truth and wonders why she always makes him the bad guy. No Dude, you make yourself the bad guy.

Seol Chan gets home and sees his mom and her friends packing up donations for an orphanage. I don’t know what’s going on here but was he adopted or something?

He goes to his room and receives a text from Se Yi asking to use his practice room. His mom comes in to remind him to eat and he asks if it’s okay to bring some of his friends over to practice. She’s shocked because he never brings anyone around and he says something about not wanting her to be concerned. That upsets her. So I’m getting the vibe that he was adopted and never got close to his parents.

The next day in P.E., the boys play basketball and Sun Woo and Seol Chan are on opposite teams and once again, Seol Chan teases him about his one-sided love. Sun Woo tells him not to worry and Seol Chan says he’s more worried about Se Yi as he’s the icon of betrayal. Details, please. Sun Woo fouls him, shocking everyone. But what kind of P.E. class has the guys playing and the girls cheering (yeah, I know some guys were cheering too)?

The class ends and the teacher tells the band to stay behind. Sun Woo makes a note to say goodbye to Se Yi before he leaves.

They still can’t find a practice room so they settle on Adam’s basement. Poor man. I’m guessing he’ll become some kind of mentor to them. He opens the door and they just walk in with Seol Chan leading the way. Gosh, these kids.

Se Yi apologizes and begs him, saying they only have two weeks till the performance. Seol Chan thanks him and when he starts to say something, cuts him off promising not to touch his stuff.  He leaves then later texts Se Yi what he wanted to say which was the location of the other equipment. Seol Chan is mad that she gave him her number.

Sun Woo  is out and about when he runs into this super cute Thai street performer. He watches him sing and play the keyboard and it makes him call Se Yi. He asks her to come and hang with him there since he feels like ditching his class. She tells him to come to practice instead. As expected, Seol Chan objects. And that’s what’s spurs Sun Woo to show up.

Seol Chan has tuned the previously out of tune piano and Sun Woo notes that two keys are still off. Seol Chan asks him how he knows so much and he reminds him that he progressed faster in piano than him, it’s just that he switched to the cello and then everyone learns that they have a past relationship. Sun Woo tells them they took lessons together.

He sits and starts to play a song and asks Seol Chan to join him like the old days. Seol Chan tells him that those days don’t exist and Sun Woo says that he tried to forget them too but his hands refused. Everything is a competition to Seol Chan so to prove that he hasn’t forgotten, he sits next to him. Sun Woo informs everyone that Seol Chan had arranged the song to be played by two people.

They start to play and musical notes bring life to all the dead plants as we’re taken back to their childhood days. It’s beautiful and everyone including Na Na claps. This shocks everyone and they start laughing and don’t stop even after she scarily tells them to. Of course she clapped – her future boyfriend performed. Wouldn’t you clap in her shoes? I’d also plant a wet kiss on him.


So Adam is not Se Yi’s dad (for now) and I had a feeling last week when they showed that dude in the flashback. But come on, I prefer to think of him as Se Yi’s dad instead of her dad’s friend involved in a love triangle. Especially as he’s obsessed with the song and all that. Just because he played the guitar or what? And apparently, Se Yi’ dad died in a car accident and this guy is haunted by the memory of a car accident… an accident that Se Yi doesn’t remember and she never even saw him buried. If this were an American show, I would say her father was in witness protection or something. All I’m saying is that something smells funny here.

I guess they are going to pair Eun Ha and Do Nam at some point? She’s so irritating I think Do Nam the bully is too good for her.

Seol Chan. Seol Chan. Seol Chan. Oh dear Seol Chan. Calm the hell down. I don’t know if he was previously in a love triangle with Sun Woo and lost but if that’s the case, I hope history repeats itself!

Anyway, the show is moving along. When will we see this performance?

Till next week!

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  • Leona says:

    I still think that Ädam” is her dad. I might be wrong but a 6 years old kid won’t have strong memories. On the other hand he might be guilty of her dad’s demise. ( who is presumably dead in a car accident and I think Adam spent some time in jail because of the same thing or he is just an alcoholic wreck because of a car accident)

  • hamster428 says:

    Yay, I always wait for ur Monstar recap. I’m starting to switch ships too, to SW/NN because that other one might infuriate me once it sinks for real. I also think SC was adopted, and more than just never getting closed to the parents, he’s doing that “behaving” thing where he thinks if he messes up, they’d leave him again, so he tries to succeed and grow up and never have to worry his parents.

  • Altair says:

    OK, I must say this week sold me for the Daddy-Adam idea. It would be so Latino-drama for Daddy to take off, feeling guilty for the accident that rendered his daughter comatose (she said when she woke up, the funeral had already been over, so she must have been unconcious for longer than a few hours, right?) and her Mom trying to protect her daughtr from the guilt of driving her father away, telling her he died instead. Only to get hated instead for not waiting until she woke up, depriving her of the chance to say good-bye… Or something like that. I was against the Adam-Daddy idea first, because I was sure she would recognise her own father. If she was in a shock deep enough to lose her voice, though, she might have problems with remembering her father, too, I guess.

    I’m also quite sure, it was SY, that SW made a note to say goodbye to after the basketball game. The look he gave to SC after telling her he’ll see her made me wonder whether it was sincere or a jab against SC. It’s not like he hasn’t noticed SC-s feelings for the girl, right? What else could he have meant when he told SC to stay in the sky like a good boy while he’ll do whatever he likes, as he does not have to operate within the limits stardom puts on a person.

    Nana and the three thugs – I’m all with you. Watching her take off in the car, I could only think I’m really looking forward to see what kind of misunderstanding that would turn out to be.

    I’m not sure I’m with you about SC being adopted, though. I’m more for the concept that his Dad remarried and he’s always made sure to not be a burden on his new mother so she will not abandon him like his own mother did. So he’s always overly courteous and never brings friends over to not inconvenience her while she’s feeling like he doesn’t accept her because he never lets her take care of him. Which would kind of make him just a scared little kid, wouldn’t it? And while I can feel for him, I still don’t like the way he acts before thinking (like announcing SW-s one-sided love right before SY). I really would have liked to kick him at that point. I’m so rooting for SW. Which kind of makes me wonder about SW-s comment about getting kicked in the same place. Was he rejected before? By SY? They would have been too young to confess before SY moved to New Zealand, wouldn’t they? I’m really curious about that now. And also about SC-s comment about betrayal.

    Can’t wait for next week.

    PS. I loved your remark about real life idol marriages. I even had to stop rading for a moment to get my laughing fit under control. Too true, that was. 😀

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yes, he definitely made a note to say goodbye to Se Yi… sometimes my brain and fingers are disconnected. It was a mistake.

      I’m also curious about being kicked in the same place too. I doubt he confessed his feelings to SY in the past. She doesn’t even remember him. lol

  • maimymlt says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to find Eun Ha irksome. Every time she opens her mouth, it’s shrill, whiny or bossy. Not cute at all. And telling someone else how to live their life because she’ll be …”too sad and has no where else to go.” And for him to agree “the dating thing will not happen again” – all I have to say is – PFFFT, UGH!!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      You would think that being his classmate would pluck him from the sky and humanize him but she’d rather write her fanfics. And she threatened Radio. Not cool.

  • Julia says:

    If I had to vote for two most annoying characters it would be bully Do Nam and bully Na Na. Do Nam immediately messing with stuff in a stranger’s house … rude! Do Nam vetoing participating in the singing … pile of poop. Do Nam accusing Sheepie SY of sleeping with Trenchcoat Adam … sexual harassment. Na Na’s F everybody attitude … well, who wants you to join in the party anyhow? Take your issues elsewhere, whatever they may be (and it appears it is something tragic/dark but I simply don’t care at this point because she is MEAN.)

    I’ll take the minority view and say I madly adore Idol boy SC. I was cheering when he got in the car with SW and SY to out SW’s one side love. Hey, love is war and SW has declared that he wants SY when SC is just head-over-heels love struck by her. So if SC thinks he can gain an advantage by showing SY that SW has a one-sided love, then he had to try. It failed miserably, because SC doesn’t yet understand how to relate to SY. But I still adore him for being persistent, because SY is not going to be easy to get close to. If SC just played nice and sat back, SW would win. Clearly SW already has SY’s attention. SC is the come from behind bumbling idiot who is experiencing his first love in all it’s angst and glory.

    That said, I dearly love SW too. I think SW is SC’s older brother. I think SC is the bastard son who was given up for adoption, and when SW and SC realized their connection (maybe at piano practice as kids), SC was left feeling very inferior and unloved. So Idol boy puts on the bravado and plays to the crowd looking for the love his heart feels is missing. To have his new love stolen by the “rightful heir” son who he sees as his enemy is just enough to make his head explode. SW on the other hand seems to have affection for his younger half sibling and wants to bridge the gap between them from whatever falling out they had. But put the two boys together and they start competing.

    I am horrified at the thought of SW matched with Na Na.

    I’m not on either the SW or SC ship yet. Like both guys. Think SW is a closer match, but SY seems to overlook SW. I can hope for a miracle that makes her open her eyes and see the amazing SW right in front of her. Yet I like SC and he is such a romantic idiot that I can’t help but watch as he stumbles over his own feet in eagerness and confusion.

    If what happens is a great bromance between SC and SW with no one getting SY, I’m good with that. I think there is some friendship/affection there that could be rekindled and SW needs some saving from his haughty, I’m-Too-Good-To-Associate-With-Ordinary-People attitude that only isolates him. SW realizing that walking with the cool crowd isn’t as fun as playing with rainbow poop band will be a fun thing to watch.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I usually like Seol Chan too but this episode was too much for me. The only good thing is he’s a child so it can be forgiven. lol

      As for Na Na, I find her generally harmless. She just wants to be left alone.

  • Julia says:

    Can anyone clarify the ages of SW, SC, and SY? I had it in my head that SW was a senior and SC and SY were freshman. But if SW is in the same class as SC, then are they the same age?

  • zaharah says:

    Thanks for the recap.
    Please continue recap this drama.
    i can wait your recap.
    고마워서 칭구 🙂

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