International Trailer For Director Bong Joon Ho’s English Debut Film “Snowpiercer” + Stills + Character Posters

Snowpiercer is Director Bong Joon Ho‘s first English-language film, and the official trailer popped up yesterday (or perhaps earlier today), with movie buffs/bloggers immediately eating up the drama and the action against a bleak, post-apocalyptic setting.

Snowpiercer is an adaptation of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige. The story is set in AD 2031 and follows Earth’s survivors on the Snowpiercer, a massive train that travels around the world in a new ice age. An economic class system is implemented on the train, with the rich occupying the front of the train, while the poor live in the back. The inequity eventually incites an uprising of the lower class, led by Chris Evans‘ Curtis. (They make their way to the front like Choi Min Sik in Oldboy.)

The film reunites Director Bong with Song Kang Ho and Go Ah Sung, stars of his hit film The Host. (I wonder if the two actors will be playing father and daughter again.) The villain of the film is played by the urbane and amazing Tilda Swinton, and as you’ll see in the images below, she is unrecognizable as the character Mason.

Also starring in the film are Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Ed Harris, Alison Pill, Octavia Spencer, Ewan Bremner, and Luke Pasqualino.

With climate change and growing income inequality being hot socio-political topics now more than ever, this film should resonate with a large portion of the movie-going audience and generate passionate disccusions.

I assume the film will be released in North America this summer. It’ll be shown in South Korean theaters in August.





SONG KANG HO as Namgoong Minsu


GO AH SUNG as Yona








JOHN HURT as Gilliam






ED HARRIS as Wilford (He built the Snowpiercer)



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  • sally_b says:


    Thanks for this. My twitter feed had this earlier today and being the Sci-Fi / Future Fantasy fan that I am (!!!) I dashed to find out more.

    It kind of cracked me up that wiki had this description: about the director Bong Joon-ho ~

    “In late 2004, Bong visited his regular comic book shop in Hongdae area, Seoul during pre-production of his acclaimed monster flick, The Host. He found Jean-Marc Rochette’s French graphic novel series Le Transperceneige and finished reading the entire series while standing in front of the bookshelf, where he found it.”

    …because (from my searches) it’s not available in English…at all.
    Which doesn’t mean it’s not available in Korean…but, since 2004? We’re talking almost a 10 year gap …and purportedly the entire graphic novel is *3* volumes. So…. Wiki — once again, I am not trusting you. ✔ ಠ_ಠ
    This link has a decent update:

    It looks AWESOME. And I can see the Confucian Angle in the trailer : ” I form to the Front, YOU belong to the tail. Keep your place.”
    Yes, this is also a Western hierarchy, but the director will have oversight on this and he’s undoubtedly going to use his life experience to form the visuals/story. I get a very (North Korea dictatorship Vibe with a side dish of Religious Over-Lord)
    O.M.G. Sci-Fi fan squee.

    SQUEEEEEE!!(\[。◕‿◕。]/) (\[。◕‿◕。]/)

  • jomo143 says:

    OMG These photos are awesome. I need to see this on the big screen. I wonder if that will happen.

    Dance, Billy, Dance! is all grown up. I have seen every single one of his films, it is good how he chooses all sorts. Indies and blockbusters.

    I think I would leave my husband for Song Kang-ho were he ever to meet me, like me enough, and actually ask me.
    One can dream…

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