“I Hear Your Voice” Week 2 Quick Recap: I’ll Protect You

The ratings have exploded given what they were when All About My Romance occupied this spot. Some people were worried about The Queen’s Classroom because of the Go Hyun Jung effect but considering it’s about elementary school and doesn’t appear to have much romance, I’m not surprised it not a huge threat. But it’s still early days yet.

So what happened this week?


We continue with Sung Bin’s case as Hye Sung tries to establish her innocence.  Hye Sung starts receiving texts only saying “I’ll be there” from an unknown number. Coincidentally, Soo Ha is usually on the phone when she receives them. She has a pen mark on her cheek and when Soo Ha gestures for her to remove it, she thinks he’s asking for a kiss and kisses her hand and puts it on her face. He acts disgusted and she’s humiliated when she realizes her mistake.

While leaving the courtroom and secretly glad she’d “kissed” him, Soo Ha hears his father’s killer’s inner voice but can’t find him.

In court, with Soo Ha’s help, Hye Sung is able to tell when her line of questioning is working and when it’s not. Things are looking very good for her when Do Yeon mentions that she would like to put the victim on the stand and as Hye Sung is confident in her client’s innocence, she agrees.

But from all my years of watching Law and Order, I know that you don’t just let any witness on the stand without having a good idea of what they’re going to say. And considering that the prosecution wants her there, shouldn’t that be a hint that whatever she says won’t be beneficial to the defense? So of course she gets on the stand and says Sung Bin pushed her.

Sung Bin flies into a rage and Soo Ha looks into Double Nose’s eyes and learns that she’s hiding something. It’s a huge loss for Hye Sung and it’s even worse because she’s lost  to Do Yeon who “compliments” her for being good for a public defender.

Her mom visits her office with fried chicken and overhears her tell Soo Ha that she’s not continuing the case because it’s hopeless. The older woman scolds her, saying that she’s never been so disappointed before. She’ll now be taking down all posters of her.

Lawyer Shin visits a friend in prison who’d shared a cell with Min Joon Gook (Soo Ha’s father’s murderer) who tells him of his interest in one of the public defenders in his office.

While returning home one evening, Hye Sung runs into the kids whose ball she’d thrown away last week. They are out for revenge but Soo Ha shows up right in time. He doesn’t even have to fight because his reputation precedes him.

In exchange for saving her life, Hye Sung promises to help Sung Bin so she enlists Kwan Woo’s help. Wearing school uniforms, they investigate Double Nose’s school and learn that the real reason she fell was that she’d been smoking by the window and tried to hide it.

Hye Sung visits her at the hospital and she refuses to confess the truth. Then Sung Bin rages at her and she tells her that she doesn’t mind sending her to prison because her bullying had imprisoned her in years. It’s only then that she understands the pain she’d caused the poor girl and decides to accept her punishment.

But of course, the bullied girl only needed to get everything off her chest and once her voice was heard, chooses to clear Sung Bin’s name.

But in court, before she can say anything, Do Yeon warns that perjury comes with a stiff sentence and now the girl is scared silent. Luckily for Hye Sung, Lawyer Shin is in attendance and after his previous refusals, helps by texting her to invoke Law 159 which states that any oath taken by anyone under 16 is invalid. As a result, she can’t be charged with perjury if she changes her testimony.

Hye Sung wins and after seeing that Do Yeon was willing to send an innocent person to jail, stands tall in front of her. She’s no longer a person she feels inferior to.

She informs her mom of her victory and she’s completely overjoyed though she pretends not to be. However, Hye Sung sees her without her knowledge and it’s cute.

Soo Ha escorts her home as usual and uses his skills to score her a seat. She’s so proud of her performance that she brags about it to him. When they get to her place, she asks him about the text messages, wondering if he has a crush on her. She thinks he fell for her because he saw her in action in court since she’d only begun to receive the texts then. What will she do if she learns that this crush is actually 10 years old?

Anyway, he proves his innocence by calling her phone and she’s humiliated again.

She’s bothered by the texts and calls the number. Suddenly, Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” starts to play from somewhere in her home. Who knew such a sweet song could be used to create immense suspense? My heart was beating at this point. Soo Ha connects the texts to Min Joon Gook’s court appearance and immediately runs to her place.

However, he’s thwarted by the schoolmates who want to kick his ass and has to go through beating them up before getting to Soo Ha. Once he gets to her place, he kicks the door in.

Did she really expect to do much damage with a frying pan? He investigates the sound and it’s from a cellphone. They call the cops who think they are nuts because who calls 911 for a cellphone? She tries to explain that a stranger was in her place but they don’t take her seriously.

Now that Soo Ha knows that Joon Gook is back, he tells her to stay with a friend before he collapses on her and falls asleep. We get a flashback of what happened after his father’s murder. He moved in with an uncle who didn’t want him and eventually abandoned him at an amusement park (how awful).

Hye Sung cares for his wound and wonders who he is and how he got them. She calls him Gum but what is his real name? He reads her mind and we get the cutest scene when she tries to stop him from seeing her eyes by zipping up her hooded top. LOL. She looks like a broke Spider-Man.

He tells her his name, hoping she remembers him but she doesn’t although she later notes that it sounds familiar. All seems well till we see Joon Gook standing outside her house. Eek!

We get a glimpse of Do Yeon’s family life and her father makes her feel terrible for losing to Hye Sung, the daughter of their old maid.

Soo Ha wakes up at Hye Sung’s and is shocked to see how terrible she looks in the morning. Not just that, the breakfast she makes him is barely edible and her place is an absolute mess. She is so not the perfect noona he’d dreamed about for so long.

Hye Sung’s mom tries to fix her up on a blind date but she’s on such a high about winning the case she’s decided to devote her life to the law. No more working just to make money?

Soo Ha volunteers at the church he learns Joon Gook volunteers at. He meets him and tries to suss him out. He gives him a fake name and tries to see if he remembers his face but the older man doesn’t although he notes in his mind that he looks kind of familiar.

Hye Sung’s next case involves a set of twins who’d robbed a convenience store. For some inexplicable reason, they took off their masks at the scene of the crime. One killed the owner while the other tried to prevent the murder. It was all caught on CCTV but the problem is that they are twins. So who is guilty and who isn’t?

Hye Sung visits her client who claims to be the killer because he’s trying to protect his brother who already has a criminal record. Now that she’s a changed woman, she doesn’t tell him to plead guilty and apologize. Instead, she’s going to prove his innocence.  I bet she’ll want to revert to her old ways after a setback.

She learns that the brothers will be tried together and that the other lawyer is Kwan Woo. After seeing his previous performance, she’s pretty confident she’ll squash him.

She and Lawyer Shin go and watch Kwan Woo argue sentencing. His client is deaf and he makes a big show of not listening when trying to open up a file for the court. Everyone gets frustrated with him because he’s not taking direction and clicking on the file on the USB drive. It’s all to put them in his client’s shoes. They were all upset about not being heard after 50 seconds, imagine experiencing that for 50 years. It’s very touching and Hye Sung sees that he’s not a lawyer to be trifled with. Do Yeon also sees it and knows he will be a formidable opponent.

Joon Gook learns of Soo Ha’s real identity and gets his number from an idiot who gives out his classmate’s numbers to strangers.

The office mates go to dinner and Lawyer Shin compliments Hye Sung by saying that her only strength lies in her eyes as she can tell when a client is honest. But this upsets her as Soo Ha played a big part in it, so she drinks. And she’s a terrible drunk who cries because she only has one strength.

Lawyer Shin and the law clerk take advantage of Kwan Woo’s absence at the table and leave. Now, he has to take her home. A very hilarious scene ensues when she’s lamenting about her eyes being her only asset and then her hairband falls and covers them. She then freaks out that she’s blind. In her drunkenness, she slaps Kwan Woo’s glasses off and without them, thinks he’s cute. Oh my those beer goggles! And she’s upset that her eyes are so bad she now finds him cute.

He attempts to piggyback her home but doesn’t know where she lives. As he tries to figure out where to take her, Soo Ha sees them, reads his thoughts and takes her home himself.

The next morning, Hye Sung sees Kwan Woo with his glasses on and still thinks he’s cute. Ottoke!

She goes to the office where Lawyer Shin mentions Joon Gook. She freaks out when she learns of his release. Soo Ha goes over to her place to fix her door and when she sees him, she yells at him to leave because she’s worried that he might be working with Joon Gook. She no longer knows who to trust.

As he leaves her place, he gets a call from the enemy. They meet at a restaurant and Joon Gook takes advantage of his telepathy and only speaks with his mind. He tells him that he’s not his target but someone else is. This enrages him and he starts to choke him and threaten his life the way Joon Gook had done to Hye Sung 10 years earlier.

Hye Sung is called to the police station after his arrest as he has no guardian. They explain the situation and she asks to see the recording of the incident. They also mention that he’d threatened to kill him if he hurt the woman who’d saved him 10 years ago. And to speak and not think. Now she finally realizes who Gum is.

In handcuffs, he explains to the cops that he’d been provoked and that Joon Gook is a dangerous man but since he didn’t say anything, they don’t believe him. Plus he volunteers at like six different places so he’s a changed man. He once again tries to tell them he can read minds like he’s not learned time without number that this doesn’t work but Hye Sung stops him by reminding him, through telepathy, that telling them won’t help his case.


The excessive use of flashbacks and no previews indicates they are already “live shooting.” I hope it doesn’t affect the quality of the drama too much. While this show doesn’t have the most exciting plot, it’s quite heartwarming with the relationship between Hye Sung and her mom and the growing one with her coworkers. Then he have Soo Ha who will risk his life to protect hers.

The mind-reading trick is a bit wonky since he claimed that he needed to look into a person’s eyes – and this appears to be the case in most instances – but somehow, he was able to read Joon Gook’s even though he was nowhere near him just like I doubt he really looked into Sung Bin’s eyes at the train station. But I guess we can overlook it.

She suddenly finds Kwan Woo attractive and I wonder if part of it stems from her newfound respect for him.

Also, I wonder if her twin is really innocent or just pretending to be. Mind-reading skills will come in handy here.

As for ships, I’m Switzerland when it comes to this drama. She’s suddenly found Kwan Woo cute but I really don’t know if much will come out of it. It’s live shooting so perhaps they will give the loudest fans what they want. Either way, I’m good.

Now that Soo Ha has been arrested, how will he help her in his own defense? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • yenthu says:

    i think the way Soo Ha tells Hye Sung he can only read minds by looking at the eyes is only to make her feel “safe” and believe she can still hide some thoughts from him as long as they dont look at each other. cos from the beginning at the scene when he stands at the staircase outside the school he can already read the mind of the students without looking at their eyes.

  • anvesha says:

    I thought the by looking in the eyes.. it means that he can hear everyone around him but to figure out who’s thought it is, he needs to look in to the eyes..

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