Monstar Episode 5 Recap: We Can Do And We Want To

Seol Chan and Sun Woo need to just make out already. The push-and-pull of their relationship is legendary. lol. I love how deep in denial Seol Chan is about how much he wants Sun Woo in his life. And Sun Woo just takes it in stride. If these two don’t have an epic bromance by the end of this show, I will consider this drama a colossal failure (hyperbole is so my friend).


The episode begins with the S twins (Seol Chan and Sun Woo) playing the piano together. It makes Kyu Dong think of his former best friend so he goes outside to call the person who’s number 1 on his speed dial. Do Nam answers and after Kyu Dong builds up the courage to ask him to come over, he calls him crazy and hangs up.

Jae Rok and Do Nam step into class and decide to terrorize Kyu Dong. Did they drink spoiled milk for breakfast? Did their moms forget to hug them that morning? Or are they just plain assholes? I’m going with assholes. Jae Rok notes that it’s been a while since he’s performed and Eun Ha tells him to cut it out. Do Nam curses at her and Jae Rok tells Kyu Dong that he doesn’t have to perform since his classmates aren’t interested. His enforcer then scares them by kicking their chairs then a coward says he’s interested. I don’t get it. There’s one Do Nam and twenty of you. Are you sure you guys can’t get together and teach him a lesson he will never forget?

Kyu Dong gets up and performs “Single Ladies.” How humiliating. And impressive. But mostly hard to watch. Poor kid. His classmates avert their eyes.

And Jae Rok acts like he’s having an orgasm or something. Bastard. Se Yi steps into class, sees this and yells out his name to stop him. He runs out of the class and she follows him. The S twins see them and Sun Woo explains that he’s the reason she wants to perform.

She meets him on the rooftop and they talk about how difficult it is for one to recognize their own talent. Guys, there are also those who audition for American Idol and can’t recognize that they have no talent.

Seol Chan looks for her and finds her on the roof. And with his magical ears, it able to eavesdrops on their conversation.

He thinks back to Sun Woo telling him that if you want to be liked by someone, you should help them or something like that. Se Yi wonders why Kyu Dong wants to be close to Do Nam despite how he treats him and he confesses that he’d hurt him in the past and now thinks he’s the reason Do Nam doesn’t want to perform with them.

Kyu Dong, Eun Ha and Na Na run into Sun Woo on their way to practice and he notices Se Yi’s and Seol Chan’s absence. When he walks past Na Na, she’s acutely aware of him and since last week, whenever I see them together, the line “Do you see what I see?” from that Christmas song plays in my head. It doesn’t help that the next line is “A star, a star.” Sigh.

After school, Se Yi chases after Do Nam to get him to sing with them. Because he’s a psycho, he rough handles her but luckily, Seol Chan comes to the rescue. He asks him to join them and he says he’s not doing it and Seol Chan plays the kind of mind game Sun Woo plays on him. He tells him that if he can’t do it, he should just say it instead of saying he’s not doing it. Not doing it implies he has the ability and refuses to do it. So why doesn’t he show them what he can do? From where he stands, all Do Nam can do is bully weak people,  frighten girls and play errand boy to a stronger person.

Do Nam starts to curse at him and he tells him to put a sock in it. And who’s he calling a bastard? He’s a star and shouldn’t forget it. lol. I really like how Seol Chan handled him.

Seol Chan and Se Yi begin to walk away and when Do Nam calls him, he thinks he’s gotten through to him but all he tells him is there’s no difference between “can’t do” and “won’t do” to him. Bummer.

Then we get a flashback to his childhood. He’s at judo practice where his coach is kicking his ass while calling him a coward. He also tells him to think of the difference between “won’t do” and “can’t do” and after much stress and frustration, he’s able to body slam his coach. The man’s strategy worked and he’s delighted at finally breaking through.

Back in the present, he’s crying and we see that Sun Woo overheard the entire exchange.

Both boys join the other kids in Adam’s basement. Do Nam comes to show them what he “can do.” So he grabs a mic and starts beatboxing. Kyu Dong raps over the beat and everyone is amazed. It’s just like the old days and both are having the time of their lives. Make up already! And Do Nam, get out your frustration this way. Beat drums, not people.

Do Nam wants to leave after showing them his skills but Seol Chan grabs him and begs him to stay. Then the other kids do the same. Even Na Na tells him to stay. Sun Woo tells him he looked better performing than he does as Jae Rok’s muscle. Friendships are slowly being formed, fences being mended and Se Yi notices that there’s one flower in bloom.

The next morning, Sun Woo is glad to see Se Yi by herself but as he greets her, the rest of the gang appears and they can’t be alone. Sucks. When will he tell her of their shared past?

The teacher shows up and so do All For One. The first year brat makes a comment about how the group looks colorful and as the teacher laughs, she receives a call from the principal – All For One will perform at the event. Joon Hee does his condescending thing and tries to shake hands as he thanks Seol Chan for his hard work but our star is in no mood to play nice so he slaps his hand away.

Se Yi’s aunt and her future boyfriend try to plead with the irritating vice principal to let the group perform – even using Seol Chan’s star power –  but he says All For One is who he wanted from the start and that’s who he wants to perform.

So why did Joon Hee change his mind? The event suddenly got more prestigious with the minister’s attendance and change in venue. Sun Woo meets with him to express his displeasure. They tell him to show up to practice as he will be the principal performer but he tells them to count him out. I’m so loving him.

Seol Chan and his group are dejected after all their hard work and as they walk through campus together, they run into Joon Hee and Jae Rok. Jae Rok tells Do Nam that he doesn’t fit with the group and he angrily leaves. Jae Rok gloats about things not going their way after all of Se Yi’s bragging. She wants to say something back but Seol Chan stops her. He tells them to put their skills where their big mouths are in the form of a battle.

Basically, both groups will perform and whichever one wins will represent the school at their event. Who didn’t see this coming?

The Poop Gang meet outside and are depressed. What has bigmouth Seol Chan gotten them into? They will surely become a laughingstock because it will be like a 3rd grade-level piano student trying to compete against Beethoven. Cheer up guys, never heard of David and Goliath?

Do Nam and Sun Woo show up and ask if Seol Chan really is right in the head. Does he know what he’s up against? Everyone else is sure they will lose but he’s a star thus is confident in his abilities. Sun Woo tells him will he join their team if he’s really serious. Dude? WHY? Seol Chan protests because why, Sun Woo? Why can’t you just stay away?  His protests fall on deaf ears as always. Seol Chan, you know you love him so drop the act and hug him already. Do Nam says he’ll join them as long as they are in it to win it. It’s on!

Seol Chan is so against having Sun Woo on their team and rants about it to Se Yi. She doesn’t see the big deal since he’s a great resource to the team but Seol Chan is sick and tired of her always talking about him. She doesn’t understand his reaction and he snidely remarks that how would she understand when he doesn’t even understand it himself? She thinks about it, puts two and two together and comes up with them being gay? lol. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

Seol Chan is super jealous and tries to get rid of Sun Woo (as always). He meets up with him and says that he’s digging his own grave over unsure feelings. Hmm… digging his grave? Sun Woo wonders if that means they are going to lose. Hello? A star doesn’t lose. Okay, so if they are not going to lose, how is he digging his own grave by joining a winning team? Seol Chan is left confused and I wonder when he’ll learn to stop trying to play mind games with uri Sun Woo. You lose every time, Star.

They all go to Adam’s place to practice. What’s their winning strategy? They’ll focus on vocals and Eun Ha and Na Na will be the Mimi Sisters.

Seol Chan’s manager shows up and Adam opens the door. Seol Chan joins him and basically, he’s bought a feast for his band mates. Adam tells the older man not to come in and as soon as he turns to leave, the manager tells him that he looks familiar. That freaks him out and he quickly shuts the door.

Adam tells Seol Chan to do all his business outside his house and the younger man thinks he’s being too much. Here’s my thing: It’s his home and he’s being hospitable. Follow his rules and shut the hell up. Don’t talk back, thank him and go on your merry way. What’s so hard about this?

But Seol Chan is a star who distrusts him and well, he always has to speak his mind. He wonders what the man is hiding. Did he commit some kind of crime? He replies that he should get the hell out of his house. Only him? What about Se Yi who’s getting emotionally confused? Is he keeping her around because he’s some kind of pervert?

Adam grabs him by the collar and tells him that he knows his type – he puts on an act to mask his thoughtlessness. Why does he act like this? Is it a lack of home training? Did his parents forget to raise him right? Whoa! Relax those crazy eyes, Adam.

The parents thing is a sore spot for Seol Chan and he gets upset. What does it matter to him what his parents did to him? Kid, shut up and people wouldn’t say such things to you. Like, I don’t know how sorry I’m supposed to feel for him. He was probably abandoned and that’s not an easy thing to get over but he brings all this stuff onto himself by attacking other people. Adam wouldn’t have said anything to him if he didn’t start it. And the man just quietly sits in his apartment while they use his basement. Has he asked for anything in return? And it’s not like he’s hanging around them or something.  So annoying. I know he’s suspicious of him but he’s still benefiting from his kindness so he needs to STFU.

The kids are impressed with the feast Seol Chan lays out and I’m suddenly hungry. And I just ate. A lot. He stays outside going over what Adam said to him about his parents. His boyfriend, Sun Woo, checks up on him. He tries to find out what the matter is but as always, Seol Chan puts up a front and says he’s an artist thinking up ideas. They return to their friends.

They start to make a toast and everyone but Se Yi has grape juice. She wonders why she has milk and he starts to say that it’s because she likes it till he catches himself and tells her it’s to make her grow taller. lol.

They toast and she gets a milk moustache and when she tries to lick it off, Seol Chan yells at her to stop. He can’t let her show another man her sexiness.  In that case, Star, next time, volunteer to lick it off yourself. He would probably combust if that happened.

They decide to choose a name for their team and Seol Chan insists that they be called Color Bar.

Se Yi gathers some food for Adam after Seol Chan’s unsuccessful attempt to stop her. Sun Woo tells him to stop being paranoid and he says he’s only doing it because Se Yi has begun to confuse the man for her father.

Then he attacks him once again about not confessing his feelings to Se Yi. What about you, Dude? Aren’t you wound up because of YOUR feelings? Which is pretty much what Sun Woo says to him. If he had similar feelings to his, he would confess, right? The fact he hasn’t means that he doesn’t. Seol Chan agrees. You’ve got that right, Buster, he so doesn’t have similar feelings for Se Yi. No way!

Se Yi takes the food to Adam and he rejects it. He also tells her to make sure she and her friends leave on the designated day and not a second later.

Eun Ha loves the atmosphere and says it feels like a party. She rushes to grab her phone to take a photo and when she looks at them, starts to write one of her fanfics. In this one, it’s 10 years later and they are all at Seol Chan’s album launch/birthday party. She’s had a good amount of plastic surgery and vocal training and gets on stage and dedicates a sexy song to him. He’s only got eyes for her. Such a fangirl.

Seol Chan spends all night and day working on the song for the group. In class, Se Yi sends him a note of encouragement that he cherishes even though he pretends not to. Cute. She’s slowly warming up to him. Double cute.

All For One continues to practice but Sun Woo’s absence is felt. They run into him on campus and Hyo Rin attacks him for betraying them for Se Yi. She screams it out so everyone can hear her accusations, including the one about how Seol Chan likes her too. She thinks Se Yi and Seol Chan go together because they are both lower class and isn’t he taught like she is not to fraternize with such people? Well, Adam was right – it all starts in the home.

Joon Hee tells her to leave and after Jae Rok clears out the rest of the students, he asks Sun Woo to rejoin their team. He refuses and Joon Hee asks him why. Is it because of the stupid girl? He tells him to watch his mouth and he too is trying to figure it out. But for now, he’s just following his heart. Joon Hee reminds him that he’s not the type to do that. Really? Dude, do you still not realize why he no longer wants to hang out with you? Personally, I don’t think it’s only about Se Yi. It’s about Seol Chan and the rest of the gang as well. With them, he can be himself without having to be perfect all the time.

Joon Hee tells him he will regret it and when Hyo Rin sees Se Yi, she says she’ll be getting it from her. What are the evil siblings going to do?

Seol Chan witnesses the exchange and asks how he became friends with such people. He tells him it’s because he no longer wanted to be his friend. As always, Seol Chan tells him there’s no room for him in Color Bar and Sun Woo ignores him.

After school, Se Yi runs over to Adam’s for dinner. I guess they hang out a lot without her friends. He makes her ramen just like her dad makes it and if they are trying to tell us he isn’t her dad, they are not trying hard enough.

He learns of her living arrangement and she explains that her mom is still in New Zealand. Why don’t they live together? She tells him it’s because she found out that her father died because her mom cheated on him. Adam looks skeptical.


Can someone please shoot the vice principal? I’ll even pay.

I love how Seol Chan wants to be the leader but everyone still looks to Sun Woo to lead them. lol.

Seol Chan said something about how Se Yi has been since childhood. Was that just a figure of speech or…?

What will Kim Na Na’s skill be?

Who will slap Hyo Rin for me? And what will she do to our Se Yi? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Till then!

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  • Altair says:

    I’m growing to love Seol Chan’s conflicted feelings. Now he’s even jealous of Kyu Dong 😀 At least that’s how it looked to me when he was ranting about her following the poor Radio and then going to spy on them. I mean, she wants to perform because of KD and SW told SC, that if you like someone, you should help them to make them like you, ergo, if she wants to help KD, she must like him. Right?

    So, what’s a boy to do? Well, the pooe jealous SC goes to cheat on his precious SY with the bully 😀 The famous back hug no drama can be without… and SC just gave it to whom? 😀 I was giggling like mad while watching. Ah, young love… looks like Do Nam’s beatboxing was a little bit too much for our young star’s heart 😀

    Speaking of DN, shouldn’t it have been judo practice instead of wrestling? I thought it had been already established that he used to do judo, yet has quit the sport by now.

    By the way, I’m liking the aunty less and less. Why would she just laugh at the kids just because one of her orchestra-brats calls them names? Not cool at all. She can just go and get lost with her All for One. Just because the prestige of the charity event has gone up, they want to do it, all of the sudden? Well, good for SW for throwing them out of the window and ganging up with the Color Bar kids. Gotta love the way they take the insult and make it their own.

    I’m kind of getting the feeling, “Adam” could have been some kind of a musician or a singer before. Whether they were known with the band SY’s father was in or he was kind of known later, it would make sense, because he looked familiar to SC’s manager. Also, if “Adam” is not SY’s dead father, could he have been the “other guy” SY was talking about? The one her mother loved instead of her Daddy?

    Oh, and SC is really creating problems for himself, isn’t he? Who told him to get a separate drink for SY when she could just have had the same juice as everyone else? But no, the star had to go out of his way to trouble himself over what he thought she likes (I really can’t recall a scene she would have confirmed her love for milk, could he SC just have been overly enthusiastic because she just bought him milk just because he asked, last time?). And when she gets the moustache again, he’s panicking because he doesn’t want anyone else to see her lick it away… Or could it be he had actually planned to do the Secret Garden enacting this time around, ended up on the wrong side of the table and had to think fast before SW could see the sexy vision SY?

    Anyways, thanks for the recaps. I just can’t wait for next week. 😀

    • Lita says:

      I do think SC is not jealous of KD, i think he seems realize, he want to help SY, cuz it’s all what she want do ( help KD )
      as much as i love sunwoo, but I’m enjoying & loving to see all SC’s behaviors more, i know he is arrogant, and his words are rude, but actually sometimes he didnt behave like that, idk why in Kdramas, i love to see the progress how a character can change from worst to a better person.
      I had a feeling adam ajussi was a singer / idol , and somehow i realized his relationship with SY’s parents, maybe they were in triangle love back’s mom loved adam, but she married with sy’sdad. just a thought!
      thanks for the recap..i cant wait for the next episode..i love MyOwNSTAR

  • yoyoy says:

    [She thinks about it, puts two and two together and comes up with them being gay?]

    Lol. Dude. I thought that too. OMG what if the next episode is going to be about how she tried to bring them closer together? Then SC is like “IMMA YOUR MAN” and tried pulling dem moves on her.

    ^uh yeah, that part isn’t likely, but still, if she does think that… its going to be hilarious AND frustrating at the same time.

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