CK EXCLUSIVE: Once in a blue moon with CN BLUE

They say that a blue moon is not as often to be seen in a month or even a year, and so, it is special and an anticipated one at that, since it marks another turn of a calendar according to ancient times. But I’m not here to discuss further than that. I am here because I want to celebrate with you having experience a blue moon, the one that can be encountered so rare. And when it happens, you just gonna cherish it and enjoy the moment until it last.


CN BLUE or Code Name Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, Emotional is one Korean band that I truly love. If you are a Boice like me, you know by heart the members of this group.

But for the rest of the CK followers, let me introduce to you one of Korea’s band unlike any other Kpop idols out there. Why “unlike” any other Kpop Idols? Well for me I love CNblue because they create their own music and play their instruments for real, with all passion and heart poured in every song they play.

Burning represents Lee Jong Hyun, the lead guitarist and one of the best vocalist I’ve heard. Lovely Kang Min Hyuk is the amazing drumer that seem to not know the word tired. Untouchable Lee Jung Shin who is a true Prince in real life, plays the bass guitar and helps out in the vocals nowadays. And last but definitely not the least, the emotional leader, the one who defined DSM (more of that later) and embodied every word, my love (spare me boices ♥) Jung Yong Hwa.

EEEEeeee. *glee*

*fangirl mode ends*

They truly live up to their name because when they are performing live and on stage, you can see the burning passion, the lovely faces that seems so untouchable and yet reachable through their music. And the emotions that every song emanates, just bring you the kind of happiness that’s priceless. For a certified boice, I felt so complete just being in their presence. It’s invigorating.. I’m just in utter awe!!


The Blue Moon world tour for the group is a dream that these guys are living for it to come true. For a band, it’s rare that in a span of their career that one will have a world tour and make it a success. CN Blue is a young band and they are making the most of their time having achieved the first Korean band to held a world tour. *claps* The Blue Moon tour already finished in Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and now the Philippines! Whew, seven countries and more to come!! *woot*

CNBa  IMG_0106

CN Blue arrived in Manila last June 14, Friday. Just hours after their plane landed, they held an open Press Conference at SM Megamall, Pasig Manila. What an unbelievable crowd! They filled the area up to the floors! Surreal amount of Filipinos who I think became an afternoon-boices seeing the group live. Filipino boices held a surprise birthday greeting for Jung Yong Hwa that afternoon and presented him a cake. Everyone sung the HBD song for him. This is how we shower love generously! I commend the fan clubs whose hearts are just genuinely loving and giving.


I am here to share the Blue Moon concert that happened here in Manila, Philippines. It’s indeed such an amazing experience that I will forever remember, already engraved in my mind and heart. Having seen them live, makes me want more of them and makes me want to watch them again!!

I’m one satisfied boice because they played few of my favorites namely: Y Why, Love Light, Love Girl, and the soundtrack of Heartstrings – You’ve Fallen for Me. That song made my Dooley heart uber happy!! I hope on their next concert I will hear Still in love, Lie, Imagine, I will forget you, and Na Geudae Boda. There will be a next time, I’m positive!!

The boys were amazing on stage especially playing the instrumentals. They literally rocked the Big Dome and filled it to the seams! At first, the Pulp Production announced that they won’t be selling General Admission tickets. However on the day of the concert ticket lines opened at 1 PM and all Filipino’s flocked the concert venue. Hours later, tickets were sold like pancakes. For a band to fill the Smart Araneta, I salute you CN BLUE, since that coliseum was once Asia’s largest where only the best performs. Now, you are written in the coliseums epic history.

It was a fun night! Even saying that is an understatement.. It’s surreal to finally hear CN Blue live and see them in person, just few steps away from where I am! If only the VIP section wasn’t sold out as fast.. next time.. really NEXT TIME!!


You know, language is really a barrier and I understand how hard it is to not express ones true feelings. The boys struggle during their spills because English isn’t really their first language. But Filipino boices knows Korean, not as fluent though. But I was surprised that boices responded more when CN blue spoke in Korean!! Hahahaha!! When I heard Jung Shin ask a question in Korean, the crown responded with a “Neh” and when he asked “Araso??“. The crowd still responded!! No wonder Jung Shin replied with “Philippines, Daebak“. That was totally awesome!! Korean was best understood than English! Hahaha. I’m so proud of my fellow Filipino boices!! We even sang along with their songs! *woot* Isn’t the Filipino’s one of the best crowd?!?

Language is nothing when music connects everyone. That’s the power of CN Blue’s music. English aside, I have to commend the boys since they tried to learn few Tagalog words. I love to hear them when they tried to read the notes written in Tagalog. Practice more you guys! But A for effort. Tagalog never sounded as sweet when you guys tried to speak it.


Since Jung Yong Hwa’s birthday is just few days from now, boices greeted him again during the concert! We happily sung a birthday song and he even sung the song to himself. LOL. Yong Hwa never failed to make my heart skip a beat. There was a moment where he asked us what DSM means? I was totally clueless. By now everyone knows that DSM stands for, Dark Sexy Metal.  But for me, Yong Hwa defines it better: Diligent, Sweet and Manly! He will always have a special spot in my heart. I know how tired he must be now.. his voice still sounded beautiful though he lowered the notes. He needs to preserve his voice but still gave his all when singing. I LOVE YOU MUCH YONG!! I pray that I’d be able to hear you live for many years to come.

Sorry, I’m Yong Hwa bias! He just did everything I want him to. When he played the piano solo for Feelings,  that made the concert even more special to me. IMO, there’s really something wonderful when a guy plays the piano.

Yong Hwa aside, I have to applaud Jong Hyun for the amazing guitar skills that he had shown! He was soo hot playing the guitar. Lucky guitar! Min Hyuk was simply energetic playing the drums endlessly. To think he does not have any back up and yet played the drums smoothly. But one member that truly stood out that night would have to be Jung Shin!! Whenever Yong needs help, Jung Shin is there to pick him up.. so adorable!! He kept bringing the crowd up to their seats. Good job Jung Shin!! Most Filipino’s became a Jung Shin convert overnight! LOL.


I do wish and pray the boys will come back! I want to experience them again. That night was indeed a once in a blue moon event. I’m happy I was there. I checked one off my bucket list already.

Thank you CN BLUE for an unforgettable night! Until I meet you again. Much love!! ♥♥♥♥


CREDIT PHOTOS: CNBLUE_4 (FNC), CNB Yong Hwa, Happee Sy (Pulp Production), Filipino boice owners, and yours truly (using iphone 5 only).

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  • ajj says:

    OMG! I didnt know you’re Pinoy too..
    I watched Blue Moon too and had a blast.

  • I didn’t know you’re a pinoy too!!! That’s great!!!

    I am super in love with CNBLUE too and I was there. Until now, it still feels so surreal that after three long years of waiting, I have seen them perform right before my very eyes. At first I thought that as soon as the concert is finished, I’ll get to go back to normal… but obviously, I’m having a hard time moving on. You know that urge to just teleport to where Jung Yonghwa is and then just kick him in the butt for being so adorably cute when he called us ‘Singapore’?


  • leila108 says:

    yup I’m 100% Pinay 🙂 Thanks Angel and Ajj!!

    I super enjoyed and had the time of my life watching Blue Moon Concert here in Manila. What a night to just have fun listening to CN Blue’s music LIVE! It’s beyond awesome ♥ I’m hoping they will be back so that I can hear their other songs live as well. It’s different now that I have seen them live! I love them even more..

    And about that Singapore mistake.. hahaha.. I just laugh whenever I watch my own video of that part! That night Yong Hwa was simply awestanding and incredibly funny! I know that he’s a natural choding.. and on stage he shines even brighter.. and I love whenever he goes to Jung Shin.. they are adorable ♥ (so kulit!)

    Keep spreading the CN BLUE love!!

  • Denali says:

    Didn’t know either that you were a Pinoy, nor a Boice or a, err, what’s the fandom name for Lee Min-Ho?

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