Monstar Episode 6 Recap: First Love Can Be Bitter And Sweet

This episode was great. I was screaming at home because of it. Some parts were so touching, some sad, I was laughing my ass off at some points, there was angst…. Overall, it was so heartfelt. This is why I love Korean dramas – the heart.

I’m so ready for some Na Na/Sun Woo love. If they pair her with Do Nam, I’m going to be so pissed!!!!


The episode begins with Se Yi telling Adam that her father died because her mother loved another man. We get a flashback to Se Yi eavesdropping on her mother’s conversation with her uncle in New Zealand (I presume) during her father’s memorial. She’s crying violently, upset that her husband died chasing after her as she went to see a man she couldn’t erase from her heart.

She blames herself, saying she killed him, and some days later, Se Yi confronts her with the same accusation. She gets a slap for her trouble. Daughter calls mother a murderess and adulteress then leaves.

Adam is beside himself and quickly goes to the kitchen area, shaking. Chances are he’s the other man and please, they might as well take it the whole way and make him Se Yi’s biological father. LOL. But that’ll make the other father so pitiful, though. She tells him that after that, she couldn’t forgive her mother and she never wants to see her again.

Se Yi leaves to let the other kids in and Adam looks at a high school photo of 2 guys and a girl.

Se Yi returns home and her aunt tells her to call her mom as she’s sick with a cold. She goes to her bedroom and looks at her phone, contemplating calling her. But she doesn’t, saying that it’s her punishment. Then we get a flashback of her father saying the same exact words.

It’s shortly before her father died and she and her mom were arguing that their he had written the song for them and not the other. Then we get an even older flashback of when Se Yi was just a baby and her father hummed a melody to put her to sleep. Then he does what every parent who’s finally gotten their child to sleep does: he whips out a guitar and start to play it. I guess guitar sounds don’t wake a sleeping baby.

It turns out to be the song she and Adam have in common and years later, father and daughter sing it together.

She holds onto her phone, contemplating making the call then she notices the note Seol Chan had written to her after she’d given him one of encouragement. Then she opens her drawer and we see that she’d kept the button she’d pulled off his jacket at their first meeting. Now she’s got two keepsakes from him. Clearly, the girl is falling in love without realizing it.

Then she thinks back to him telling her to stop talking about Sun Woo and wonders why he’s like that about him. LOL. She’s really running with this gay thing.

The next morning at school, Seol Chan sees Se Yi and Eun Ha sitting together. As he slowly approaches them, Sun Woo stops him.

In class, Sun Woo invites them all over to his house for practice since his parents aren’t around. As usual, Seol Chan doesn’t want to but he’s outvoted. Even Eun Ha wants to see the palace.

Star Chan’s manager is otherwise engaged so he can’t drive him home. He hitches a ride with Sun Woo but instead of sitting in front, he insists on sitting between him and Se Yi, annoying them both. Of course, instead of complaining that it is cramped, Se Yi could have just sat in the front but what would be the fun in that?

They drive past Na Na and ask her to join them but she refuses. However, she sees her car arrive and quickly jumps into Sun Woo’s. Now the car ride is even more awkward.

Since Seol Chan is an idiot, he asks Na Na if she’s really a good fighter. She wonders if it means he wants to fight her and as usual, no one can talk back to her so he quickly changes the subject.

To get rid of some of the awkwardness, Se Yi tells Sun Woo that it must be nice having a driver. Seol Chan says that in elementary school, it made him stick out. This makes Se Yi think of a guy in elementary school who was just like that. He was someone in the next class. He was good-looking, smart and popular. She remembers him being in class when she and her father performed. Everyone was surprised to see him there because he usually took private lessons. I kinda feel a little bad for Sun Woo. His parents did their best for him but it also segregated him from majority of his classmates.

He’d planned to meet her and her father separately but couldn’t on the designated day. Of course, during this entire narration, Sun Woo’s heart is beating like crazy.

There was a song he sang so well that her father made him sing a solo. But she can’t remember the title. What was it again? Sun Woo provides the name: Atlantis Girl.

Yes, he’s right. But how does he know… ? Jung Sun Woo… Jung Sun Woo. Hold up? She’s shocked to learn that he’s that Jung Sun Woo. Girl, you never once thought to ask?

He wonders how she never figured it out despite all his hints. Dude, if this episode proves one thing, it’s that she’s dense. While these two are lost in past memories, there are two other people in the car listening to it – two people who don’t want to hear about any stinking first love.

She asks him why he never mentioned it and he reminds her that she stood him up and because of that, he became timid. They smile at each other and those two other people can’t stand it anymore so they get out of the car. LOL. Poor things.

This story also brings up some memories for Seol Chan and we get some more flashbacks.

We see Sun Woo begging him to come with him on his date. He doesn’t get it since he’d seen her photo and she’s not that pretty. lol. Silly boy.

So on Christmas night, both boys wait in vain for two hours. First of all, why did their parents let them stay out that late on their own? In the present, Seol Chan finally understands why his former best friend was so certain of his feelings.

Elsewhere, Se Yi tells Sun Woo why she stood him up – her father died on that night. She explains her feelings, saying that while she’s generally okay now, she still misses him. Then Sun Woo feels it’s time to redo that night and suggests they go on a date. SQUEE!

As Seol Chan practices a song about first love with his band, our cute couple enjoys their date. They walk around town eating, laughing and generally having fun while enjoying each other’s company. And Na Na sees them. They end it with cheesecake and this is when Se Yi decides to get to the bottom of his relationship with Seol Chan. Why is it that they have such a love-hate relationship? Is it because he’s got a crush on Seol Chan? LMAO. He laughs because that’s just too ridiculous but he looks at her face and realizes that she’s being serious. He firmly explains that he likes girls but Se Yi thinks it’s an overreaction and proof that she’s right. lol. She tells him she was joking to calm his nerves. Hahahaha, this is worse than being friend-zoned. It’s like, even on my horniest day when there are no batteries or men, I wouldn’t even think of you. Poor Sun Woo.

He explains that he was close to Seol Chan but in 6th grade, there was a misunderstanding that their friendship never recovered from. And no, it’s not yet time for us to find out what happened. Pfft.

He feeds her some cheesecake at the moment Na Na sees them again. Now she’s heartbroken and thinks back to their conversation as she walks home. Do Nam is on his way to practice when he sees her but because she’s walking in the wrong direction, he follows  and watches her walk into a dodgy club.

She immediately heads into an empty karaoke room and sings her heart out.

Tears flow as she sings of her painful love. She remembers the first time she saw their school prince and boy does this girl have it bad. It was like when the prince first heard Rapunzel in the tower. And then he turned out to be in her class. We see all the other times she saw him at school, even when he gave her a good shot of his abs and super-hairy armpits. Trim that forest, Boy! We see her watch him play the cello and how she felt whenever he texted her. It’s been love from a distance and perhaps she never imagined they could ever be together but seeing his feelings for Se Yi has made it abundantly clear. She can’t even dream about it anymore. So she sings her heart out as the tears flow till she can’t sing anymore and all she can do is cry her broken heart out. My poor Na Na.

When the song ends, the guitarist volunteers to kick his ass but she won’t let him. Don’t touch the boy she loves!  Her voice is so great and she performed it with such emotion. Honestly the best scene of the episode for me. Hands down!

The gang goes to Sun Woo’s mansion for practice and he’s put out an awesome spread for them. Gosh, I need some rich friends too. Seol Chan is pissed as hell and they assume that it’s due to Na Na’s absence.

They all wonder where she is but all Sun Woo needs to do is text her. She’ll come if you text her.

Sun Woo pulls Seol Chan aside to talk to him and the star tells him that he’s mad because Sun Woo is still a backstabbing bastard. How exactly did he backstab him this time? Star says it’s because he doesn’t talk straight. Really? I quite remember him telling you that he liked her. Seol Chan is mad that he didn’t tell him she was the girl from his past. Sun Woo asks him why he would. Are they friends? If anything, Seol Chan has made it abundantly clear that they aren’t. So why should he tell him anything? Star yells that it’s because he likes her too. Se Yi overhears this and it gets her head spinning. Her heart feels uneasy. The guy that she might like is gay? LMAO

She runs into Seol Chan and pulls him aside to talk to him. She apologizes for being unable to accurately gauge the situation. Girl, save this apology for later since you’re still wrong. She tells him she overheard him and he gets tongue-tied. He quickly puts up a front and says that it’s no big deal – it just happened.

She tells him that Sun Woo also has the same feelings. Yes, he knows and that’s why he can’t stand him. But she wonders why that would be. Because of what the world thinks? Nothing matters as long as two people love each other.

She tells him that he’s not the only hurting now because Sun Woo’s one-sided love is towards him. And this was when I began to laugh for five minutes straight. The funniest moment of the episode. Hands down!

She tells him not to worry because the feelings are mutual. LMAO.

Sun Woo returns to the group and when he doesn’t see the couple there, quickly runs to find them. Eun Ha follows and so does Do Nam when he’s sees that he’s alone with Kyu Dong. Poor Radio.

Seol Chan explains that he’s definitely not interested in Sun Woo. So who does he like, then? Mad as hell that their wires are so crossed, he grabs her and pushes her against a wall. What exactly does she think of him? She doesn’t see him as a man? Really?

He moves closer and she’s trembling, her heart beating like crazy. She doesn’t close her eyes but she doesn’t push him away either. Both Eun Ha and Sun Woo get closer to them and he moves in for a kiss. He tells her that this is all her fault. Easily the hottest moment of the evening. We need more scenes like this.

They are just a breath apart when he asks her what she expects him to do when her parted lips are so inviting. He steps back and walks away. I have to say that I’m glad they didn’t kiss because I want their first kiss to be romantic and not brought about by a need to prove one’s sexuality. LOL

Sun Woo and Eun Ha arrive shortly after and she still thinks Seol Chan is mad about Na Na’s absence. Girl, you can’t recognize a love triangle in action when you see it?

The gang practices and Se Yi can’t stop stealing looks from Seol Chan. Girl, I guess he really got you good! Sun Woo notices it. Now that I’ve heard Na Na’s voice, I can’t help wanting her to sing lead instead of Se Yi.

Halfway through practice, Seol Chan stops because he doesn’t think it’s working. So they leave.

We get a flashback and Sun Woo knows why Se Yi is suddenly acting so frazzled – he witnessed the near kiss. His poor heart! But the girl I hope heals him appears and asks him what he now sees. I’m just happy they have a solo scene in this episode.

Se Yi walks home thinking of what happened. Her body is hot and her heart is being out of control. Lord, those teenage hormones. She’s crazy  – what should she do? She can start by kissing him.

All the kids are in various stages of their first loves and we see how affected they are. We see Na Na making cutouts from fashion magazines and now we know what her passion is. But she can’t even concentrate thinking about Sun Woo. Her love interest is at home thinking about the situation evolving between his first love and former best friend. His first love can’t sleep, looking at her first love’s button and thinking about how hot he made her. LOL. And he, for his part, can’t practice properly. All four hearts are tangled as they show us what makes teen angst so engaging.

Se Yi comes to school looking like death warmed over. Did she forget to brush her hair? She stops at her class door, staring at Seol Chan, unable to go in but Sun Woo shows up and drags her to her desk.

Sun Woo’s behavior convinces three female classmates that Hyo Rin was right about the love triangle and now Se Yi is dead!

Se Yi is now very uncomfortable sitting next to Seol Chan and he tells her to forget what happened  – it was a joke. She gets mad. Did she ask for an explanation? And he’d better not play such a stupid joke on her again. I love her feistiness.

She tells him that instead of telling her to forget it, shouldn’t he apologize for such a disgusting joke? She storms out of the classroom and he follows her. Disgusting? Didn’t she like it even a little bit? He’s a star, remember?

She runs ahead and a gang of fangirls see him and he can’t chase after her. She looks sad because she really did want him to and she sees that his fangirls will be a huge obstacle for them. Sun Woo shows up and takes her back to class. Please, these two shouldn’t date just to create more angst for Seol Chan/Se Yi!

In P.E., while the rest of the guys are playing basketball, Sun Woo and Seol Chan are wrestling. Guys, this is not a hockey game. They are even fighting when the whistle has been blown.

Outside, Seol Chan asks Sun Woo why he’s suddenly turned violent and his gang of fangirls shows up. Sun Woo wonders if he can ditch his popularity and fight him for Se Yi properly.

I want to tell them to stop fighting over a woman but if one can’t be immature and throw everything on the line in high school, when can they? Might as well. Fighting! @ both guys.

Eun Ha feels their group falling apart and once again, she blames it on Na Na. With the number of times she mentions that girl’s name, you’d think she has a crush. And hello, all Na Na did was dance so it’s not like she’s really needed for practice.

As Se Yi walks around campus thinking about Seol Chan’s claim that it was all a joke, three of her classmates follow her with a bucket of dirty water. Na Na sees this and follows them. Just as they are about to throw it on her, she calls Se Yi’s name, startling them and they end up pouring it on themselves. They are ready to yell at whoever thwarted their plans but when they see it’s Na Na, they can’t do anything. LOL.

The kids practice in the basement but it’s just not gelling. Eun Ha claims that the only person that can turn things around is Sun Woo so she asks him to sing them a sweet melody. He shyly glances at Se Yi as he sings that he will love her always. Turn around, Sun Woo – you are facing the wrong direction.

Na Na’s heart breaks. Again. And let’s just say Seol Chan isn’t happy either.


Yes! Se Yi didn’t forget Sun Woo – she just didn’t make the connection. I’m so happy they finally got to have their date… even if she thought he was gay the whole time. LOL

This episode brought back so many memories for me! Gosh, high school angst is the greatest, isn’t it? Someone like Na Na falling for the school prince, how is that possible? I’m sure she feels it’s an impossible love  – and it definitely was – but this Sun Woo who’s broken away from All For One, this one who sees her and doesn’t care about rumors, this one who follows his heart, this one who I hope lets go of Se Yi soon….. This Sun Woo can love her, right? Yes, right? Please writers, make it happen. I don’t know how… but we need to make it happen. And boy will it send the entire school spinning on its axis. The gangster and the prince. What a couple. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’m also excited for Seol Chan/Se Yi! Seol Chan didn’t piss me off in this episode and I love how their story is unfolding. It’s nice to see the sexual attraction played up.

At this point, the only boring stuff is the parents’ storyline but it’s all good. They are creating a parallel but I’m not that interested.

This episode made me so happy – definitely my most satisfying episode this week and I watched a few good shows. I just can’t wait for next week. I hope this show maintains this amazing mix and it will become one of my favorites. We also need to have these two couples in the end. WE MUST! I want to see Sun Woo fall for Na Na. He must. Ugh! I’ve been rooting for them since the third episode but this has turned me into one of Seol Chan’s crazy fangirls. I’m way worse than Eun Ha at this point. I wonder how many fanfics I will write before the next episode.

Till then!

Video Credit: Mnet


  • kika says:

    where did you watch it i cant find any eng subbed ones???

  • marinai says:

    So Seyi liked Seolchan before hearing SW and SC talk?

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Yes. That’s my interpretation 🙂

      • marinai says:

        Haha I think you’re right that gave me another reason to watch it again!
        When she asked SW about his crush for SC she was not as worried as when she heard SC confession, she seemed flustered and confused and relieved when S told her she was wrong haha!
        Awesomest episode ever after episode 1!

  • Lily says:

    I would really like it if seol chan and na na befriended eachother that way sun woo reanalyzes his feelings. But I agree na na sings amazingly and i would live to see her paired up wit sun woo:)

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      It’ll be interesting to see Seol Chan and Nana as friends. I hope all of Colorbar stay friends even after the performance but on these teen shows, they usually separate at the end 🙁

  • wits says:

    I so ADORE Sun Woo. He’s hot, smart, good looking, with a sexy, swoony voice AND rich!!! How can you not love this guy? That’s why I’m so torn. I ship SW with Se Yi but after Nana’s song and learning who she is….. waaaahh!! I don’t know anymore. I just want these boys and girls to all be ahppy in the end. So whoever Sun Woo will live happily with, I’m all for her!

    I agree with you, Clockwatcher, this episode is super daebak! The best so far! I love all the songs, and can’t decide on a favourite – Sun Woo’s romantic ballad, or Nana’s heart-wrenching and tragic song.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Na Na is so misunderstood but she uses it to her advantage. lol. Since everyone is scared of her, no one challenges her but that also puts her at a disadvantage in terms of boys and no one really sees or knows her. Poor thing.

      In ep 1 I was team Seol Chan. Then ep 2, I shipped both SC/SY and SW/SY. Then ep 3, I shipped SC/SY, SW/SY and SW/NN. Now I just want SC/SY and SW/NN. Now that they’ve revealed Nana’s feelings, I don’t want to see SW pursuing a pointless love. lol. Although I feel bad for him because as he said, he’s waited a long time. But on the other hand, he’s only 18. If they’d dated in elementary school, it would have lasted like 2 weeks. 😀

      I loved both songs too but Nana’s wins because it was so heartfelt. Sun Woo’s was in a different way too.

  • Anon says:

    “Hahahaha, this is worse than being friend-zoned. It’s like, even on my horniest day when there are no batteries or men, I wouldn’t even think of you. Poor Sun Woo.” HAHAHAHAAAA so dead.

    • tari says:

      That one got me “huh?! whuut?” too LOL

      Thanks for the recap, yours is my favorite. Always intuitive and so funny.

  • Leslie says:

    haha omg i feel you. TBH someone from my twitter tlist has been encouraging me to watch this drama but i wasnt too interested because well im not a big fan of Junhyung. Gad idk why but he irritates me , this drama somehow changed my opinion of him.

    Anyways the reason why i started to do a marathon was KIM NANA homygosh! when i saw that clip of her singing her heart out and crying THE SHOW OWNED ME. I knew I had to watch because i am rooting for Sunwoo and Nana. PD-nim we need this OTP juseyo!!!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      We need this OTP badly. I’m not into kpop so I didn’t even know who Junhyung was before this drama but I think he’s doing a pretty good job here being a “star.” LOL.

  • nonski says:

    yay! clock… we’ve been shipping Woo-Na couple and i am glad that both have started to share some scenes here. I am wishing both will end up together or at least Sun Woo will acknowledge Na Na.

    I am happy with how things are going with the Yi-Chan couple!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      LOL. I know. We were among the first to get aboard this ship and I’m glad that we weren’t misreading the signs. Although earlier on, I got some vibes from Sun Woo too so either there’s supposed to be something there or the actor just knows the direction his character might go in.

      It’s the midway point so I’m also happy about Yi-Chan. I wonder what their first kiss will be like. LOL. I guess no finger kissing for our boy.

  • maimymlt says:

    The previous episode where something seemed to click with her, I thought, she’s putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5. But then I thought, nah, this isn’t American TV so they probably won’t go there. But, lo and behold, they did!! Poor guys – so funny!!

    When the crazy fans were after Se Yi, I was glad to see that Na Na has a sense of integrity. Even though her love interest is interested in someone else, she stepped up.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      LOL. Yeah, I mentioned it in last week’s recap but I wasn’t sure they were going there. Glad they did because it was comedy gold. LOL

      Yes, like you, I was also proud of Na Na, But she usually stands up for people in her own way.

  • BAR says:

    Once upon a time in my life, I was once a Sunwoo x Seyi shippper.

    But as Dahee is my eternal bias, and now that the drama-watching world has witnessed the vocal talent at her disposal… I’m pouring ALL of my ships into Nana x Sunwoo!!! Yes, the reveal was rather abrupt (though pleasantly dramatic), but that means that there’s an “out” for that damn love triangle, which is now a pentagon as far as I’m concerned. Sadly, I feel that Nana will end up little more than a consolation prize for Sunwoo after losing Seyi.

    If Nana was resourceful, she’d conspire to have Seolchan successfully steal Seyi away. (Still not a fan of that ship, but if he’s learning to be less of a predatory stalker then I won’t mind it) Seems cruel, but she IS a mobster. Plus, we just need to see her dynamic with other characters. And I won’t mind seeing a sneakier side of Nana.

    Screw it, I just want to see more Dahee!!


    this episode was jjang! too many great@awesome OST ..NANA voice,OMG!!!melt >.< should be d lead vocal instead of SE YI..outstanding emotion.I like tVN drama (good story+quality) <3 2nd superb drama after Reply 1997. both worth watching..i had 1 hope ::: please let NANA be with SUNWOO (pd-nim should let them sing together!!!perfect match)

  • Lily says:

    I definitely agree with you BAR, but instead of conspiring it I think it would be better if they naturally were like that to one another:) I am a total Na Na fan and my one wish is that she’s happy and doesn’t have to feel sad anymore. oh and trust me, she’s not a consolation prize cause she knows how to take care of herself 🙂

  • Altair says:

    OK, this was the best episode thus far.
    You echoed my thoughts from the end of the last episode, when you said, they might as well make Adam SY-s real dad. It would be too cruel to SY,, though. She seems to have been (and still be) a real Daddy’s Girl, so robbing her of her Daddy in so many ways would just kill her.
    The reveal that SY and SW had known each other from before was something I’ve been waiting for since Episode 2, and I must say, I loved the way it came about. No jealous “but I was there first!” bursts or awkward “I know we’ve been in the same class for weeks, but… haven’t we met before?” moments. Just a helpful lending a hand when she got stuck in her story, telling him about… himself? 😀 The you’re THAT Sun Woo?!-moment has hilarious, though, while I can see, why he didn’t push the topic when se didn’t recognize him at first (she stood him up back then!!!), I can also understand her not asking, as it might also habe gotten quite awkward, had he not been the same boy. By the way… Yay! I was right! It was her, who broke his heart first time (the comment about being kicked twice, remember?)
    NaNa hs been holding out on us… What does she mean, she doesn’t sing?! That was awesomeness pure! I wouldn’t ditch SY-s singing, though. I would make them sing together. Because both have amazing voices. It’s to get them to work together, that’s going to be a challenge. And I can’t help but admire the girl that chose to help out her love rival, instead of letting her be ridiculed.
    No, I didn’t forget about the gay part. I just kept the best for last. When SY dealt SW the Gay Friend Card, my heart went out for the poor boy. When she did the same thing to SC only hours later, I had to stop the video to take a break for laughing. Then I rewatched the scene and took another laughing break. Because telling one suitor “I know you’re gay, but it’s OK,” is one thing and doing it to both while determing their gay for each other is a stroke of pure genius.
    I must say, while the way SC dealt with the situation may have been shocking (for SY, that is), it was effective. As I’ve been sailing with SW and don’t intend to change ship soon, I can’t help but feel overpowered at the moment. SW needs to get his act together and realize he’s dealing with the icon of obliviousness here – so while singing a love song while gazing at the girl might work on most other girls, I’m afraid SY won’t realize his feelings save for him grabbing her and declaring his love out right (if he dosn’t want to pull a SC and (almost) kiss her, that is).
    You have got to love a language that allows the same sentence to be interpreted as “I love her!” and “I love you!” (at least I guess that’s what got SC the Gay Card) 😀

    • Altair says:

      Ah, also, two things I forgot, yet I just have to comment:
      First was Eun Ha’s dusplay of true fan loyalty – “Just be disappointed for today.” HA! Serves him right for trying to demand they hole up in a cellar while everybody else is out partying on a Friday night!
      And second… Let’s think about the alleged backstabbing for a moment. As far as I’m concerned, it is only possible to stab someone in the back, if the other person lets you close enough to reach said back. SC has made his feelings very much known – he is NOT friends with SW. So how can SW even be considered a backstabber right now? Also, SW has been open about his feelings for SY ever since the beginning (or even ever since elementary school, as we found out now), at least where SC is concerned, while SC was the one, who always denied the possibility ofdeveloping feelings for the girl in question (going as far as declaring her not prettu at all in elementary school, though we can let that one slide, as he was not interested in the girl back then), only to spring his feelings on the very much suspecting SW in heated argument. Oh, and let’s not forget – making a nive on the girl in his NOT!-friend’s home of all places!
      So who’s the backstabbing bastard now?

      • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

        Thanks for your comments, Altair. Seol Chan calls Sun Woo a backstabber because he’s used to calling him that but I don’t think he really thinks SW is backstabbing him with Se Yi especially now that he knows she’s from his past. He keeps saying they aren’t friends yet he wants him to act like one (like SW pointed out) but deep down, he obviously still cares about SW.

        I wonder which friend will back off for the other.

        icon of obliviousness here
        That’s putting it mildly. In the final scene, she was happily listening to SW’s song not realizing that 3 other people were in some sort of pain and it was all related to her. lol

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