“I Hear Your Voice” Week 3 Quick Recap: Boong-Boong & Zzi-zzi-ppong!

I know we are supposed to be rooting for Hye Sung’s quest for justice but all I see is someone who’s cheating in court and unethically colluding with the prosecution. Am I wrong here? Her job is to give her client the best defense and not solve crime.  She thinks she’s a great lawyer but I think she’s an awful one.


Hye Sung bails Soo Ha out of jail and ends up having to pretend they live together so that she can vouch for him. The policeman who’d be called in over the “I’ll Be There” cellphone incident mentions seeing them together so she plays along. They try to go their separate ways but the police insist on driving them home then watching them enter her place.

During the drive, the cops learn of their link to Joon Gook and now understand why Soo Ha was so mad at him.

Once they are gone, Soo Ha starts to leave but Hye Sung tells him to stay to give their lie some credibility but from listening to her thoughts, Soo Ha knows she wants his protection.

Of course, another benefit of having him around is that he can open cans and bottles. What was she doing before he arrived? This is to show us his masculinity since he wears a school uniform half the time.

He falls asleep on the couch and Hye Sung dresses his wound. He wakes up, sees this and smiles. His crush on her is too cute for words. And so is the way she cares for him.

After she leaves, he remembers a cut he received as a child while trying to retrieve a balloon caught in a tree.

The next morning, Hye Sung carries an umbrella for protection and Soo Ha teaches her some self-defense skills. Unfortunately, she later uses those skills on Kwan Woo when he pranks her with a surprise attack.

Soo Ha tells her not to worry too much because he’s with her and the police are also around but so is Joon Gook who lurks in the shadows.

After overhearing Hye Sung talk about a blind date – contemplating getting a boyfriend for protection – Soo Ha quickly installs a tracking device on her phone.

As the lawyers interrogate their twin clients, the younger one acts like his older brother is jealous of his success while the older says his brother is ashamed of him despite going to prison for his tuition fees (he robbed empty houses).

Hye Sung has lunch with Do Yeon and what she says shakes her confidence in her case.

She texts Soo Ha for help and while he replies, a classmate sees him and outs him to the teacher. After telling the whole class that Soo Ha is in a relationship, he seizes his phone.

It’s raining and luckily, Hye Sung brought her umbrella. Kwan Woo sees her but after getting the beating of his life, doesn’t attempt to touch her to get her attention. He follows her in the rain till they find shelter.

After properly apologizing for hitting him, they talk about the case. She’s worried because Do Yeon claims to have a plan but Cha deduces that she’s bluffing. He uses an analogy that compares her to a bull and she wonders why it doesn’t make her mad. She’s caught up in her attraction for him and before she can stop herself, she’s caressing his face.

He’s shocked and to cover up, she pinches his cheek and says, “Jinx!” lol.  Since they were thinking the same thing, it’s “jinx” or “zzi-zzi-ppong!” Her romance with Cha is the cutest thing.

They have to go back and Cha finds an umbrella in his desk. But he doesn’t use it so that he can share Hye Sung’s, suggesting he walk her home then use it to get to his home.

Meanwhile, Hye Sung tries to contact Soo Ha but since he doesn’t have his phone, there’s no response.

So the two lawyers walk in the rain together.

Back at school, because Soo Ha desperately wants to leave, Sung Bin fakes an illness and he’s able to take her outside and leave school. She also steals his phone for him. What a great girl. Well, lucky girl to have her crush carry her.

Soo Ha leaves but can’t reach Hye Sung since she isn’t answering her phone.

Hye Sung and Lawyer Cha walk home and as he talks about the case, all she can think of is how to say goodbye and when he says something about matching their mouths in court – meaning their words – she thinks he’s talking about kissing.

As Soo Ha walks over to her place, he receives a call from Sung Bin. He looks up and sees Kwan Woo and Hye Sung together on her balcony. As Sung Bin confesses her feelings for him, describing how jealous she feels when he thinks about someone else, how her heart hurts, everything she says applies to how he feels watching Hye Sung with Cha.

Cha leaves Hye Sung with a skip in his step and calls her mother to cancel the blind date she’d set up for him. Omo, Cha Kwan Woo was the blind date her mother told her about? How freaking sweet is that? Her mom has already checked their horoscope and they are a good match.

Jealous Soo Ha gets home mad and tells Hye Sung he’s neither hungry nor will he be available to her the next day.

The next morning, she begs him to come to court to help her.

The cops check up on Joon Gook as he’s leaving. He claims he doesn’t want to create any trouble for our couple. The dumb cops wish him well and decide not to investigate the cell phone incident. It’s revealed he stole a poster and photo of Hye Sung and her mother from her house.

Hye Sung tells her mom to cancel the blind date and says that while married to the law, she might meet someone through work (Aww).

The trial begins and because some students attend, the judge showboats.

Anyway, with identical twins and no real evidence, the prosecution has very little to go on and Hye Sung and Kwan Woo are able to introduce a whole lot of reasonable doubt. The prosecution’s case falls apart.

After the session, Do Yeon yells at Hye Sung for letting a murderer go free. Hye Sung counters that she can’t let an innocent man go to jail. Soo Ha listens to both their thoughts and their words.

Later on, he tells her that he listened to the defendants’ minds and that they are both guilty. Hye Sung refuses to believe it.  And even if it’s true, what can she do about it? He tells her that she’s no different from Do Yeon. She looks at him in anger, thinking that she thought he was someone that would always help her but now he’s just an obstacle in her way. Soo Ha is heartbroken.

We get a flashback to Soo Ha returning to his uncle after being abandoned and the older man being upset that he was clinging to him. What exactly did he want the little orphaned boy to do? Bastard. His hurt thumb had gone unattended.

Hye Sung meets with her client and asks him if he’s really guilty. He tells her that he isn’t but did his brother say something to that effect? He also warns her to keep it a secret and to respect lawyer-client confidentiality. And as he’s smarter than she thinks, she needs to just continue as she has and believe his words.

Now convinced of his guilt, she tries to tell Lawyer Cha that their clients worked together but he refuses to listen.

At home, Soo Ha tells her that Do Yeon wondered if they could work on the case together and that she should contact her. As she thinks about it, he takes her phone and sends a message to her, asking that they meet the following morning. It’s like the show is telling me to love this scene because it’s cute –  and it is –  and he’s making her honest but instead it’s making me mad. LOL. Because this is her job and he shouldn’t be interfering this way, just like she should stop relying on his abilities so much.

They meet the next morning and Do Yeon says that while there’s no evidence, she has a plan. Cha sees them together.

Hye Sung goes to meet her client and tells him that he needs to confess if there’s no evidence. Apparently, if there’s no evidence and you confess to a crime, you don’t go to jail. What kind of law is this? Fine, it prevents coerced confessions from being used to imprison people but on the other hand, doesn’t this encourage false accusations? Because while your own confession can’t be used against you in this situation, it can be used as the only evidence against somebody else. So why don’t people confess to crimes and claim their enemies as accomplices? I’m sure it’s not so simple but the way the show presented it makes it sound ridiculous.

Under an assumed name, Joon Gook starts working for Hye Sung’s mother. Does she not know what he looks like?

In court, all the evidence is deemed inadmissible and instead of the smart brother to be happy, he lets Hye Sung’s words about some phantom video get into his head. I mean, it doesn’t make sense. If Do Yeon had more evidence, she would present it. So the so-called brother with a 152 IQ is just a dumbass because with no evidence whatsoever, he confesses to the crime while implicating his brother. And why not confess to the crime without implicating the brother so that both of them can go free? In retaliation, the other brother confesses too, implicating the first brother. Now they are both going to jail.

Lawyer Shin watches the entire thing in dismay and afterwards, while Hye Sung is feeling really good, he tells her that she’s a disgrace to their profession (I agree) and that next time he will make a formal complaint. If she’s such a good lawyer, why didn’t she investigate the situation? Even if they are guilty, does she know why?

Later that night, she talks it over with Soo Ha and says that while she doesn’t feel guilty for revealing their guilt, she feels dirty. Yes, because you resorted to dirty tricks and were used by Do Yeon.

At the end of the workday, Hye Sung’s mother gives Gil Dong (Joon Gook) some dishes because she noticed that it was his birthday.

The next day, Sung Bin approaches Soo Ha and tells him to forget her confession and just think of it as a mouth fart. She makes the sound of farting and he agrees by mimicking the sound too. How sweet. Boong boong.

He receives a call from Joon Gook and records the conversation. He immediately takes the recording to the cops. Joon Gook tells him that he’s moved and that he should live well… but he will not forget him. The dumber cop can’t see the threat but the dumb cop does, even though he doesn’t say anything.

Soo Ha tells them that if they won’t help, he’ll have to take matters into his own hands.

The public defender’s office is no longer a pleasant place for Hye Sung because Lawyer Shin is back to not thinking much of her. They are going to lunch together but Hye Sung refuses to eat with him, claiming she has a previous engagement with a friend.

They later show up where she’s eating alone so she hides. From their conversation, she learns that the twins killed the man because he’d raped one of their girlfriends and threatened to post the photos online if she went to the cops.

Lawyer Shin says that if he’d handled the case, he would have convinced them to confess and gotten them a much lighter sentence.

They ask Cha if he’s mad at Hye Sung for what she did because it negatively affected him. He says he isn’t and thinks she just did what was needed to reveal the truth. And while Lawyer Shin might think she’s wrong, he doesn’t.

The ahjumma shows up with Hye Sung’s dish and her presence is revealed.

Cha chases after her and she arrogantly tells him that she doesn’t feel sorry to him because she believes she’s in the right. He’s doesn’t disagree then she tells him that she’s going to watch a movie that evening and he should come with no glasses, different hair and different clothes.

Soo Ha is walking in the street when he sees the police chasing a thief he’d thwarted earlier. Using his fighting skills, he stops him.  At some point, he reaches to pick up the dumb cop’s gun but is stopped. He gets home just as Hye Sung is leaving for her date. He quickly hides the stuffed animal he bought for her.

We find out she’s going out with Cha because he said what she needed to hear – that she did right.

They arrive at the designated time, at the designated place, with a street separating them. Cha looks really good and as she starts to unbutton her shirt to match him (LOL), she receives a call from the dumb cop saying that he thinks Soo Ha stole his gun and is going to kill Joon Gook. She quickly hails a cab and leaves. Poor Kwan Woo.

Soo Ha is in the shower and doesn’t answer his phone so she rushes back in worry. The cops show up and she tells him to hide then she wets her hair and runs out to meet them. They tell her not to worry because the gun was found in the car. Why couldn’t he call and say that?

She yells at them for scaring her so much and warns them never to make such an accusation again.

She goes back in and wonders if Soo Ha is mad that she thought he could steal a gun but he isn’t. After she leaves, we learn that he’s happy to finally find someone who cares about him. Aww.

Cha calls Hye Sung and she explains the situation and apologizes for ditching him. She asks if he’s home and he says he is but we see that he ran over to her place and is now drenched in sweat. Soo Ha steps out and both men see each other. Hye Sung steps out too but the younger man blocks her so she never gets to see Kwan Woo. Childish but cute.

Later that night, as they fold 300 towels, Hye Sung comments on his report card – he’s got perfect scores. She tells him that despite their situation, he should never resort to committing murder as revenge like the twins. He should never become that kind of person no matter how much of a bastard Joon Gook is because the moment one kills, they transform from victim to murderer. Does he understand? Someone with such scores shouldn’t throw his future away.

She grabs his face and waits for an answer. Squee?  Even if Joon Gook threatens to kill her, he can’t do anything. It’s a very familial scene and honestly what he needs right now. Any explanation for where he gets his money from?

Dumb and Dumber drive away and we learn why Dumb thought Soo Ha had stolen the gun – it was the glint in his eye.

Soo Ha gets Joon Gook’s phone tracked to find him.

That night, both men lie in bed, thinking of their next steps. After musing over Hye Sung’s mother’s kindness, Joon Gook flushes all her food down the toilet.

Soo Ha looks at his report sheet and crumbles it up. Then he reveals a switchblade. The battle is on!


So apparently, Do Yeon also received the “I’ll Be There” threat. But she didn’t testify nor does Joon Gook know her identity as far as we know so why would he target her?

The problem with watching so many law shows is that even without taking a single class, you start to think you know the law. LOL. And what Hye Sung is doing is so far off what any lawyer on an American show would do that I’m left wondering, “WTF?” Defend your client at all costs. Don’t resort to trickery to get them to confess. She wasn’t thinking about her client’s best interest – she was thinking of her ego. How can a lawyer collude with the prosecution? She should be disbarred! This pissed me off royally. Some people might think that Lawyer Shin is a jerk but he’s the only person in the right here.

Cha is too softhearted and should be mad at Hye Sung for destroying his case. Soo Ha needs to STFU because just because he’s smart and can read minds doesn’t mean he’s right about everything. He’s still a kid. She should not have listened to him because it goes against everything she stands for as a lawyer. Why bother taking an oath if she’s going to act like this?

And lastly, Hye Sung needs to realize that this isn’t a case study but (fictional) real life. She shouldn’t be making all her clients plead guilty but she shouldn’t be working against them either. The only person who won in court that day was Do Yeon.

I have to say that Hye Sung trusts Soo Ha so much but what happens if he ever starts lying to her about other people’s thoughts to get her to do something she wouldn’t ordinarily do? I wonder if the show will go there.

I love all three possible pairings here. I love the dorkiness and awkwardness Lawyer Cha brings out of Hye Sung. I love the growing relationship between Hye Sung and Soo Ha and I love the tone  he uses when he speaks to Sung Bin. Actually, I think what I love most about Sung Bin/Soo Ha is how he responds to her thoughts – he’s so gentle!

So now Soo Ha has a dark side. What will our Hye Sung do to curb it? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • dramacafe says:

    In my opinion, I didn’t think that HS listened to SH regarding the twins case about asking DY for help, I believe it was more of her the way her character was written and for me it comes across as having the proclivity to wanting an easy way out and that easy way was provided by SH because at the beginning of the story she already said that she regrets what she did that day testifying against MJG and she doesn’t want to have that feeling anymore just basically tells me that she doesn’t want to be put into a position that makes sort of life-altering decisions and the twins case is one. When SH told her that DY was right with the twins being guilty, she felt she lost and DY won but when SH mentioned that DY wants to ask for her help, she felt revived that on some way she may still win the game because even the idea that DY is thinking of asking her help means for her that she’s better than DY because DY couldn’t win her case without her. That was the easy route SH gave HS which HS readily took not without thinking but because she’s been that way ever since wanting an easy way out. She wanted to become a public defender because not only does she get a regular income, she knows the cases had minimal to no chances of winning so she’s not put in a difficult position of going that extra mile to help her clients. Again, an easy way out. She has a lot of growing up to do along the way and I’m glad Lawyer Shin was able to dish it out to her.
    As for SH, with EP4 when he assaulted MJG (although it was MJG who egged him in doing so), I began to see his dark side which made me wonder from a penniless orphan adopted by his uncle how did he have such a posh place to live in and he lives in alone. Did he seek emancipation (is there such a thing as emancipation in Korea?) If so, he’s independent but has no livelihood, why the posh living arrangements? Makes me question if he conned his way in life to survive using his mind-reading abilities.

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      Interesting POV on why she outed the twins. My only issue is I feel she didn’t learn anything at all. LOL. Maybe she will in future episodes.

      I also wonder about Soo Ha. I joked before that if I had his skill, I would become a poker player but who knows if he conned his way to his wealth because so far, we haven’t been given an explanation and if there was some kind if life insurance policy, then his uncle would have been more than willing to take care of him.

    • nonski says:

      i had been actually wondering about that too! how can a kid with such a background now lives alone and in a posh place. we have to take into consideration that he and his father were already making ends met during the time of the accident. his uncle was also in dire straits. unless of course they migrated someplace with him in tow and struck it rich in that place.

  • Sm says:

    do yeon did not get the’i’ll b there’ message,right? or i missed that part of the episode?

  • nonski says:

    thanks for the great recaps!

    i super love the show but darn it have its own weaknesses and one of them lies on our heroine. like you, i was totally pissed off by her colluding with DY. man, she’s not acting like a lawyer! i was shocked by her actions on this case. i love that we have Lawyer Shin to confront her of her actions. one thing tho about this show is that they allow her to make mistakes but they don’t allow her to get past it. there is always someone to tell her on her face that she’s wrong. SH is being useful on that aspect and so far i am happy that he’s the one to tell her first that she’s wrong. now that aspect is also where i don’t really like lawyer cha for her. he seems to see unicorns and rainbows on her. tsk!

    my other major issue with this drama is HS getting dependent on SH on how she would go on with working on her case. it seems to be that she can’t act or start to act anymore without SH telling her how her clients minds work. that is bad, terribly for her being a lawyer and that is still sort of violating a person even if they are criminals.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Hiya nonski.

      The thing about KW is that he’s this optimistic guy with everyone, which is why he failed in court in like episode 2 or whenever. So it’s not like he’s rainbows only with Hye Sung. The biggest problem is that it simply doesn’t make sense. It’s hard for me to believe that a former policeman can have such an attitude, given all he must have witnessed while on the force. So while he’s cute, it’s too unrealistic. If he was a former florist, then perhaps it would be more believable.

      I like that SH tells her when she’s wrong but on the other hand, he’s too young and sees things in absolutes. It’s either right or wrong, black or white. And he was the one who pushed SH towards colluding with DY. So that’s what I don’t like. Plus as you mentioned, this mind reading thing is detrimental to her because it’s stunting her growth as a lawyer.

      Thank God for Lawyer Shin because while he might be childish, at least he’s got years of experience. She just needs to listen to him more.

      I wonder if SH will lose his skills at some point.

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