Monstar Episode 7 Recap: I See You

When I began to notice the vibe between Sun Woo and Na Na, I never in a million years thought they’d develop them in such a big way this early in the series, especially as Na Na only grunted orders from behind for a few episodes.

The problem with this approach is that there’s still the central love triangle to be resolved. Thus, many of us are left feeling impatient and not quite interested in sitting through a love triangle with a predetermined ending especially when there’s a different story that could be told. But I’ll trust the writers here because these last two episodes have been great. And I’m really enjoying the character-driven story been told now.

One thing I really loved is they kind of showed the distinct differences between Seol Chan and Sun Woo. While Seol Chan yells and screams, Sun Woo gently prods and coaxes. Yelling and screaming would force someone like Na Na into her shell and gently prodding doesn’t work on a blockhead like Se Yi. Not to say that screaming and yelling is working per se but at least Seol Chan is getting through to her in some fashion.


After singing that he will love Se Yi, Eun Ha warns Sun Woo that singing that song to a girl will make her fall for him. He looks at Se Yi shyly and the ever oblivious girl agrees without realizing that he was just singing to her. Girl, the dude kept looking at you. Or did you think there was something in his eye?

Suddenly from behind, Na Na orders him to sing another song. Does he know “Person, Love” (Lena Park, Kim Bum Soo)? He says he does but points out that it’s a duet. Eun Ha suggests that he sing it with Se Yi and Na Na immediately nixes that idea. It’s one thing for him to sing a love song to Se Yi, it’s another freaking thing for him to sing her love song with her. Hell no.

Seol Chan can’t deal with it either and leaves. Later, while Se Yi is walking home, he suddenly appears after having a change of clothes. He fights to spit out some words and asks her if she liked it. Liked what? He runs off before explaining himself and Se Yi is left confused as always.

He goes back to his van and beats himself up. “Why? Why? Why?” He asks his manager to hit him and the guy fulfills his request with gusto. Then he starts to cry, asking why the man hit him. Well…

Anyway, the tears start to flow and he’s able to let out some of the jealousy-created tension. Dude, if your feelings for her are this strong, why don’t you tell her? But there are five more episodes to go.

Someone else doesn’t go straight home either. Na Na walks over to Sun Woo’s place and after mulling over it a little, throws BoA’s Atlantis Princess CD over the gate. I’m assuming she first bought it when she saw him listening to it but now that she knows it’s all about another girl, she’s returning it to him.

He sees it the next morning and wonders who dropped it off. Security cameras should tell you.

On the drive to school, Sun Woo spots Na Na who accidentally drops her bus pass as she pulls out her phone from her pocket. He stops his car, picks it up and chases after her to return it but suddenly slows his pace and follows her.

He’s at school looking out of the window when she passes by. Then he starts to watch her. Na Na first spotted him through the window and now he watches her through the same window. My heart! The show has a thing for windows – Seol Chan/Se Yi have their car window thing.

An angry Seol Chan shows up at school and immediately texts Sun Woo to meet him outside. Dude, he’s not even thinking about Se Yi right now so stop taking up some of  our Sun Woo/Na Na time, okay?

They meet and he asks him when he became so greasy (cheesy/slimy). Apparently, he was even greasier than the mayonnaise he ate last night. Sun Woo asks why he’s bugging him and he tells him that his sliminess affected his artistic temperament and kept him up at night. Sun Woo counters that it was certainly no worse than what Seol Chan did and he’s left wondering what he’s referring to.

Kyu Dong remembers what Adam said and approaches Do Nam. As usual, his former friend rebuffs him but he refuses to back down this time even when he grabs his collar. He thanks him for singing with him and tells him to hit him if he wants. Do Nam is still upset and Kyu Dong reminds him that he never gave him a chance to explain himself. What exactly is happening here and I understand they want to keep the suspense going but it’s about time they reveal it to the audience. Did Kyu Dong somehow ruin his friend’s judo career?

Disgusting Jae Rok shows up and starts to tease them. Is this some kind of lover’s spat? He hasn’t said much because his master Joon Hee told him not to but he really doesn’t understand why Do Nam hangs out with the Poop Group. Maybe because they are people who’ve grown to care about each other? The fool is acting jealous and why does this look like some kind of love triangle? Will a gay storyline emerge here? Maybe they teased it with Seol Chan- Sun Woo because the real story is here.

Seol Chan, who’s finally figured out what greasy thing he did, walks past them. Jae Rok can’t help but taunt him too but Seol Chan tells him to just worry about himself. Jae Rok says they aren’t even practicing as there’s nothing to worry about. They’ve got real talent and it’s funny how the least talented person brags the loudest.

Instead of just going his merry way, Seol Chan responds, scoffing that all they’ve got is their expensive lessons and instruments while they’ve got a priceless instrument  – their voices. Joon Hee shows up and smirks at them. They’ll even the playing field and use their voices too. Yikes.

There’s some other drama going down in the teacher’s lounge. The ever-rattled vice principal receives a call from Joon Hee’s angry mother. There’s an article in the news about how the school will be sending Seol Chan to represent them at a charity event. Mummy is mad because it appears that her precious son won’t be performing. The school is mad because it sounds like they are using a star.

All For One have Color Bar watch one of their performances where they get to hear Hyo Rin sing.

But isn’t it amazing that while singing a sweet song, Hyo Rin could still manage to make her bitch face?

The normal practice isn’t to show one’s hand but I suppose their overconfidence led to trash talking. It works on Color Bar because they are left feeling dejected.

Seol Chan returns to class and attacks Sun Woo for not revealing Hyo Rin’s hidden talent. What is it with this guy and his constant attacks on Na Na’s man? Se Yi reminds him that he’d provoked them into adding vocals to their performance. I’m so glad that Se Yi always sets him straight.

Since they are using their instruments and singing, it’s time for Color Bar to change gears so Seol Chan says they need to focus on strong vocals.

That night, he works on Se Yi’s but no one goes from Britney Spears to Aretha Franklin in one night. She obviously can’t hit the notes he wants but he won’t let up on her and when Sun Woo tries to get him to stop, he tells him to stay out of it. They take a break and after glancing at Na Na, Sun Woo asks Se Yi if she’s okay.

There’s a lot of tension and while Sun Woo can’t stop glancing at Na Na, Se Yi can’t stop glancing at the very frustrated Seol Chan. It’s clear that she really wants to hit the notes for his sake.

Kyu Dong goes over to talk to Seol Chan who’s fuming in the courtyard. He says they should just stick to their original plan and points out that Seol Chan is putting extreme pressure on Se Yi even though everyone knows he doesn’t want to. I think this is the drama’s way of telling us not to be mad at him for treating her like this.

He looks back into the room and after seeing Se Yi and Sun Woo smile at each other, gets mad and goes back in. Please invest in some anger management classes.

So it’s back to trying to squeeze water out of a stone till Se Yi eventually breaks down in tears and runs out. Seol Chan chases after her while Sun Woo is left glancing at Na Na.

He catches up to her and grabs her hand. She tells him to let go, but he won’t. His face is full of despair and while I’m not a fan of his Flintstones-style method, I can’t help but feel his pain here. She’s struggling to be freed of him but he won’t let go. And his face… ugh, his face. There’s obviously so much he wants to say but he can’t. Dude, God gave you a mouth that you run without a filter but when it comes to moments like this, you can’t say a damn word. Pabo.

She asks him why he’s tormenting her like this but all he can do is give her his pained expression. Again, I would so be cursing him out for expressing his jealousy this way but his face, ugh, his face.

She continues to struggle but he won’t let go then finally, it’s Adam to the rescue and he has no choice but to comply with her wishes. She runs over to the older man.

Back in the basement, after all the glancing, Sun Woo finally approaches Na Na and asks to see her in the courtyard.

What does he want to talk about? Is it another conversation about who sees what? He tells her that he needs her help. With what, exactly? Remember when she asked him what he saw in her? Well, he sees something. So it is another conversation about seeing. He pretended he didn’t know because he figured it was what she wanted but then things have turned out this way. Sexy Boo, what are you on about?

Well, she seems to understand his secret code and says that even if she can, why should she help Se Yi? He points out that she wouldn’t be helping Se Yi but their team.

Nice effort but sorry, she says. Instead of giving up, he grabs her arm and drags her into the room. Can you imagine how Na Na must have been feeling at that moment? Her crush was holding her arm!

He picks up his guitar and just as she starts to leave, strums “Person, Love.” That stops her in her tracks.

Awesome, awesome, awesome scene! If these two don’t end up together….

So he sings the first verse and urges her to sing it with him but she doesn’t. Then he tries again and when she doesn’t join him, instead of getting mad, he smiles at her then tries again. And she still doesn’t join and just when he’s about to give up, she joins him and they sing an awesome duet for us. And we learn that he discovered her talent when he picked up her bus pass. But instead of giving it to her, he just followed her as she sang the song. One has to wonder what his driver was thinking while all this was happening.

The other kids are shocked and clap when the duet ends then he walks over to Na Na and returns her pass. Poor girl. Why do you have to make her fall even harder for you?

Outside, Se Yi is crying to Adam. Gatta love the product placement because doesn’t he give her the milk the actress is currently endorsing? She doesn’t understand why Seol Chan is treating her this way. In addition, no matter how she feels – mad, unwilling to see him, whatever – she can’t help but care about him. How does one explain this strange, unique, totally unheard of feeling? Girl, in the five years you were tending sheep, you didn’t watch a single television show?

Like mother, like daughter apparently because Adam says that there was someone else who’d once asked the same question and he’d gotten mad because they were asking even though they already knew the answer.

When Seol Chan gets home, he’s mad at himself for upsetting her again then he sees the package his manager had left for him and what is it? He’d framed the note of encouragement Se Yi had made him. That brightens his mood immediately.

The next morning, Se Yi’s eyes bore a hole in Seol Chan’s head as they walk to class. He turns around and apologizes for his behavior the previous night. Sun Woo shows up with the bag Seol Chan had left at practice. Then he grabs Se Yi’s hand and walks off leaving Seol Chan protesting behind him. I wonder how much of Sun Woo’s love stems from his genuine feelings and how much is from his competition with his former best friend? Regardless,  it’s definitely made him more active with her.

It’s math class and it might as well be Greek to Se Yi.

To wake them up, the teacher does this rap thing with them. Some students – including Seol Chan and Se Yi – are chosen and they have to rap math formulas.

Since Seol Chan and his desk mate are both new and suck at math, they fail miserably. When it’s his turn, all Seol Chan can do is dance along while Se Yi freezes. The most hilarious part of the scene was the girl sitting in front of Se Yi who was dancing like it was a Jay-Z concert.

The S+S dummies are given the rest of the day to learn the formulas. Acting like he didn’t fail too, he asks her if she didn’t take math classes in New Zealand.  He remembers her fear-stricken face saying it’s akin to what she looked like when he tried to kiss… he quickly stops himself as it creates some awkwardness.

He teaches her and she watches him carefully as he raps. All’s well that ends well and they successfully rap the formulas to their teacher. The funny thing is her aunt looks so embarrassed but I don’t remember ever seeing her help with her homework.

Anyway, they meet the rest of the gang and when Seol Chan wants to let go of the idea of having strong vocals, they make him listen to Na Na. He’s so happy that he hugs her but Na Na thinks he’s a pervert and punches him which gladdens Se Yi who’d gotten a little jealous over his display of affection. Sun Woo is happy. And so are the flowers which have bloomed some more.

Seol Chan is energized which gets his creative juices flowing and they practice some more.

On the eve of battle, the gang is in class when Na Na receives a phone call where she refuses to go somewhere. On her walk home, she’s grabbed by the usual goons and forced into a car. Do Nam and Se Yi, who’d been walking behind her, chase after her. Since when did Do Nam and Se Yi walk anywhere together?

Do Nam tells Se Yi about seeing her walk into the seedy club, saying that he thinks she works there. Based on her earlier conversation, he’s deduced that she doesn’t want to be there so he wants to get her out. Se Yi comes along as his back up.

Sun Woo happens to be driving by when he sees them enter a cab. They are supposed to be heading to practice so where are they going? He calls Se Yi to ask and she lies that she’s going to the subway, to protect Na Na’s secret. He follows them. Seol Chan also sees them and does the same.

Sun Woo finds Do Nam and Se Yi standing in front of the place and while he’s waiting for an explanation, Na Na suddenly runs out and right into his arms. I’m not asthmatic but why do I suddenly need an inhaler? And why didn’t they do the classic K-drama thing where they’d both fall down and their lips accidentally touch? I wouldn’t have complained.

She’s stunned because like WTF? What is he doing there? They stay in that position for a few seconds before the goons come out and grab her. Sun Woo immediately goes into hero mode and tries to get them off her. She’s stunned again. Do Nam joins in the fun and practices his judo moves on them then it turns into an outright brawl. Perfect Sun Woo is throwing punches and then Seol Chan also joins in. The dude doesn’t even know why they are fighting but it’s an “all for one and one for all” thing with Color Bar. Even Se Yi joins and fights with her teeth and good thing she does it over clothes. Seol Chan’s manager acts like a wife and fights with his pillow. He gets a nice punch for his trouble.

Anyway, Na Na eventually runs away and they keep fighting till the boss comes out and breaks it up. He looks like the typical drama gangster so the kids instantly recognize his profession. Scary.

Seol Chan and his manager have a cute scene in his van where they tend to each other’s wounds and he notes that Na Na’s daddy is a gangster. The three other kids speak to him in the coffee shop.

They inform him about the battle, saying that his daughter is needed. He doesn’t think that she would want the world to see that side of her but Sun Woo says they’ve come to ask Na Na herself. Do Nam fearfully asks him why he forced Na Na away and he says that someone broke his precious baby’s heart so he’s trying to protect her. Then he glares at Sun Woo and they get into a staring match. LMAO. If I were Sun Woo, I would be wondering why since as far as he knows, he hasn’t done a thing to her (how I wish you would). Although Se Yi is scared, she tells Gangster Daddy to stop sending those goons to school because she doesn’t like it. It’s strange that Sun Woo is the only one who doesn’t seem scared. Maybe he also sees something different in him. lol.

The old man says he’ll send her over for the performance.

The next day, some students sneak into the auditorium to watch the battle.

It’s thirty minutes to the competition and the kids are gathered in their classroom  – all but Na Na who’s nowhere to be found. She isn’t answering her phone and after Se Yi receives a phone call from her father, Sun Woo takes the phone from her and talks to him. Then he runs off to find her, saying he’ll meet them at the auditorium.

He runs into his car and tells his driver to take him to an address. They need to stall for time so Seol Chan comes up with a plan. Basically, both his driver and the P.E. teacher park their cars in a way that traps the vice principal.

Then Se Yi shows up and pretends to help, saying she’ll get Seol Chan’s manager to pull his car way. Eun Ha also continues the ruse.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo goes to the only place Gangster Daddy thinks his daughter might be.

We find Na Na in some kind of design studio. She’s even got stuffed animals in the background. Poor, misunderstood girl. She cries as she sews, remembering running into Sun Woo’s arms. Don’t worry, Gangster Daughter, I can’t forget that scene either. She hurts herself and then we learn that’s how she also sustained her previous injuries.

When Sun Woo runs in and finds her, she’s instantly mortified. God, why does he have to see her like this?

She asks him how he found her and he tells her he’d spoken to her father. Oh my gosh, it just keeps getting worse. He spoke to her father? He tells her that they don’t have much time to spare so they need to leave now and she cuts him off. Why did they have to go there? WHY, OH WHY? If they hadn’t gone, everything would have been fine. She’s so embarrassed. The poor thing probably wants to dig a hole and bury herself. He must really think she’s pathetic, huh? He thought her lover was a gangster but it’s really her father. Did her dad also tell him about her mother owning that seedy salon? Right now, he must really be wondering how he hung out with somebody like her.

Sun Woo tells her that Gangster Daddy never said anything about her mother. She tells him to get lost but he refuses. How can he when he looks at her and sees something different? My two reactions: “This again?” and “Be still, my heart.”

Then suddenly, it’s like that classic scene from Notting Hill and he tells her that he doesn’t see Room Salon Daughter when he looks at her. Right now, all he sees is a sewing Kim Na Na. Color Bar Kim Na Na. Second Year Kim Na Na. Angelic Voiced Kim Na Na. Future Girlfriend Kim Na Na. Okay, I added the last one.

The person he sees standing in front of him is the Kim Na Na their friends are waiting for. So can she please come? Omomomomomomo!

Se Yi’s aunt runs out to find the vice principal and sees him trapped. She thinks of helping him then remembers that Sun Woo and Na Na are still absent. And despite looking him in the eye and hearing his pleas, she runs away, pretending to search for him elsewhere. lol, I really think a transfer is in your future.

It’s competition time and everyone wonders where the vice principal is. Luckily for him, a security guard appears and frees him. He shows up in the auditorium drenched in sweat.

Se Yi’s aunt tells him that Seol Chan’s team isn’t ready yet but he tells them to start already. Se Yi runs over and starts to fan him, telling him to wait till he’s dried off but the guy is so not having it and Eun Ha has to drag the girl back to her seat.

Sun Woo arrives and tells them that he was unsuccessful. Aww. Seol Chan tells Kyu Dong to take Na Na’s part which just freaks the little fella out. He doesn’t want to do it but they are out of options.

All For One performs first.

They do a good job and the backing choir gives it a much needed oomph. Everyone claps.

Then it’s Color Bar’s turn.

The Dirty Water Brigade (I think it’s them) feel bad for Seol Chan. They know that Sun Woo went to get Na Na but think it was a waste of time because it wouldn’t have made a difference.

They get on stage and Kyu Dong is one drop away from peeing in his pants. Se Yi goes over to him to give him strength but it’s no use. He didn’t practice this nor was this song chosen for his voice, and combining that with his nerves, he sounds awful.

Then Na Na walks in. Se Yi rushes off the stage to hug her. If anything, she’s definitely found a friend in Se Yi. She looks over at Sun Woo and they share a private look. He smiles. The P.E. teacher thinks the group should be given a second shot.

Se Yi’s aunt is mad that Na Na is late on a day like this and the vice principal doesn’t think they should get a do ever since it wouldn’t be fair. However, Joon Hee is a smug bastard and says he’s fine with it because there wouldn’t be any excuses for the losing team.  Now the students wonder if Color Bar will lose because Na Na came. She shouldn’t have come! Really? Were your ears blocked a minute ago?

The vice principal gives them a second chance.

Na Na gets on stage and this happens:

It’s a blend of all their talents and Kyu Dong is way more comfortable being a Mi Mi sister.  Everyone is stunned and All For One probably wishes they hadn’t been so “generous” a few minutes earlier. The kids come out of hiding and cheer for them. Based on audience response, Color Bar wins hands down. Personally, if not for the choir at the end, I would have fallen asleep during All For One’s performance while Color Bar’s was very lively.


If I were a teacher, I might pick All For One since it’s for some art thing and something traditional is probably more appropriate. For the MTV awards, I’d definitely pick Color Bar.

One OTP is good but two are great. I hate when there are like 15 different couples and everyone and their freaking mama is paired up at the end of the series. Okay, maybe “hate” is a strong word because that can be cute too but I always love it when there are two couples to root for in a series. And it’s funny that while the second lead is involved in two love triangles in a way, the lead just has the one. I guess his main obstacle will be his career. A star must stay in the night sky, right?

What I like about Na Na is that she isn’t just sitting idly in the corner crying into her cornflakes – she’s talking to him and trying to get his attention in her own way. I certainly didn’t expect her to ask him to sing another song or drop a CD at his place. Now we just need Sun Woo to get a freaking clue. I vote for the classic teen show stuck-in-an-elevator type thing. While he’s pushed Na Na out of her shell, someone needs to push him out of his. He’s sweet and “perfect” but still only two-dimensional at this point. His change has been gradual – he’s left All For One, he’s gotten into a fight, etc -but we still need to see more facial expressions from him. There’s a lot we don’t know and we need to delve beneath the surface. He’s got tons of scenes but we still need to know what makes him tick. Does he have a passion? It appears that we’ll be delving into Kyu Dong’s story more in the next episode but I need us to get into Sun Woo’s soon.

Seol Chan/Se Yi kinda took a backseat in this episode so I’m looking forward to what they have for us in the next one. I figure there’ll be more love triangle stuff but goodness gracious, Sun Woo, many of us no longer care about your “love” for Se Yi so please don’t annoy us too much. I wanted to say that it’s only on Korean dramas that people hold on so dearly to childhood crushes but I just remembered the American show Revenge where it’s even worse.

I still like Sun Woo/Se Yi on a certain level but at the same time, don’t want it to drag all the way to the last episode.

Who will win the battle? Are we done with the “seeing” phase of the Sun Woo/Na Na relationship? Will we get some (more) touching? When will Do Nam and Kyu Dong make up? Will Se Yi finally understand what is going on in her own damn life? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Till then!

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  • chasen8888 says:

    Thank you so much. Your recap was a funny and enjoyable read. I wrote all my comments on soompi which by now maybe you have glanced at. So looking forward to Seol Chan and Se Yi’s “date”, should be interesting.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I read your comments on soompi and they were great. I also want to see both their date and also how it goes bad (if it does). lol

  • tari says:

    Thanks for the fun recap. I always thought that SW likes Nana without realising it. Remember when the class had to clean the palace, SW was in charge at the roll call. He called the student names and looked up to see the mentioned students. He didn’t even looked up to see Nana, and her expression seemed kinda hurt (like always). But I took it as he already awared of her presence, he noticed her more than he needed to. And omg I thought the same thing about KD and DN. The way Kyu dong sees Do Nam, LOL. Its great if they go there. Btw it looks like SW tried to pull NN’s shirt up on your screencap, hah! It took my mind to the gutter. PD-nim we need smooches in this show A.S.A.P.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I rewatched that scene and I think that’s what made me think they might get together.

      I wish SW would pull up her shirt, but maybe not in public. LOL

      And yeah, we need some kisses. So far, the only kiss has been between Seol Chan and a crazy fangirl.

  • deeps says:

    Somebody who gets the awesomeness that is Na Na – SW. I discovered Monstar week before last, your recaps last week and it’s been fun catching up. That was an awesome, fun read.

    I loved that Na Na, not SY or SC or SW, took center stage in the performance. The last 2 episodes did such a fantastic job of fleshing her story out and how the gangster act is all just a facade. And SW telling her that he always saw something different in her but did not acknowledge it to respect her – I was swooning along with her and also heart breaking a little cos I know right now as she falls deeper, he is not there yet. It sucks when the fantasy crush that you know can never have is surpassed by the reality that you think you can never have. They are supposed to be slimy, greasy assholes when you finally talk to them not even more swoonworthy perfection.

    I am fine with the pace of the SW story till now. A lot of kids don’t have secret passions and dreams – just do the stuff they are expected to till something shakes them up. SW is starting to discover what he wants from life and we are on the ride with him. It may be SY’s wish and SC’s plan but he is the one getting it to work and in the process, starting to care for Colorbar in itself. I loved the symbolism of him following SY to the room salon and answers about NaNa. And the staredown with Daddy Kim and Daddy’s total puzzlement at why this kid refuses to back down. Don’t worry Daddy Kim – you have a lifetime to figure out. The problem is there is nobody for him to talk to the way SY has Adam and SC has his manager. My vote is for Na Na of course. My hope is that they explore the SC/SW rift from SW’s eyes, not just as a side note in SC’s childhood drama. Same with the Joon Hee-SW dynamics. SW might not give a hoot but JH seems to care about SW. I wonder how much he knows about SC-SW. From how confident he was that SW would be back for the concert, he expected to crush Colorbar and then SW to come back grovelling which is why I think he has been patient till now. Now as the reality sinks in, I expect him to become more proactive. I hope that his actions are as much about SW’s betrayal as losing to SC. And that SW is not just a bystander in the JH-SC battle. I just don’t know how they will fit a strong SW viewpoint in with just 5 episodes to go and all the other threads they have hanging.

    Which brings me to my pet peeve right now – how reactive SY as a character has been in the past couple of episodes. Even when in the background, SC is doing stuff like challenging JH to a vocal battle. Or SW is pushing SC’s buttons. And even when the central triangle takes center stage, it is the guys making the moves while she acts like a mopey dunce. Well, it doesn’t help that I find the parent’s triangle of doom which is her story extremely boring. I hope the focus on the KD story means we get to see a more proactive SY again.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thanks for your comment, deeps and welcome to the blog.

      I agree, your crush is supposed be the exact opposite of what you’ve made him out to be so that you can get over him. When he’s even better… what’s a girl to do?

      I agree about Se Yi. She was quite active and feisty but since she’s supposed to be oblivious to keep the romantic tension going, she’s gotten dumber.

  • BAR says:

    “I see you”

    Ahaha, I get it, because Dahee both voices SeeU and plays Nana…. right?

    Anyway, this episode sealed Monstar as the BEST musical drama EVAR in my eyes.

    Points I liked:

    *EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH KIM DAHEE/NANA – This was HER episode to shine, and I have no complaints about this. Even the abrupt way through which Sunwoo can convince her to do things doesn’t bother me that much!
    *Ju-Donam!! We finally see his famed fighting background come to light.
    *All 4 One basically admitting they’re all wretches.
    *Seolchan giving into his emotions, and in the process learning to be less of a dick. I was never a fan of SC x SY for many reasons (Having been a SW x SY supporter before learning of Nana’s feelings), including their dysfunctional dynamic resulting from his arrogance, but now he’s softening up. As he grows, I may grow to like his character, if not the couple. (Damn, I’m just gonna hate next episode, aren’t I?)

    Points I disliked:

    *Radio basically getting shoved aside. Five more episodes to fix that! Now that Nana’s given her moment, let’s give an episode to focus on him! Just WTH was his role in the Colorbar performance, anyway? Glorified dancer? Backup vox?
    *Nana’s Dea Ex Machina (Consuturae). Yes, it was tension-building to have her absent, but what of her inner struggles to stay vs. go? I’m also confused as to why sewing would be such an undignified thing for Sunwoo to see her doing. But is that a Korean culture thing?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I wish I could say it was because of SeeU but it was based on Sun Woo’s speech to Nana.

      All 4 One basically admitting they’re all wretches.
      I see what you did there. LOL

      I think Radio will shine again in the next episode. As Qua Trang said, she was hiding because everyone now knew of her “shameful” background. Not sewing.

  • Omar Shariff says:

    Great review as always.
    But I would like to express a few thoughts out as well.

    SW is definitely a boring traditional character. I think without SC he’d just be another good guy. SC is definitely driving the show with his extremely awkward mannerisms.

    While I did, like the SC SY pairing, it’d be really interesting if Nana gets thrown in at a platonic level. And some level of extra performances as a group would be awesome. KD and DN like you said really need to fix their problems soon.

    And SC as portrayed is simply talented. Clearly SW is not even in his league, which was something I thought lacked, till I just realised MJH might be his perfect rival, seeing both of them seething and burning through each other just by staring.

    And he put together a performance to rival the seasoned All41 in such a short time, even to change it halfway.
    And yes, his pained face was a highlight lol. Excellent episode anyways.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I agree that SW is a traditional character as I think we need to see a few more layers and SC does bring out his fighting spirit which is good

      I think the show portrays SW as talented as he sings and plays guitar, piano and cello. SW is a natural leader who always takes charge while SC is a leader when it comes to having musical vision. They both have their strengths.

      But yeah, a great episode.

  • Qua Trang says:

    I don’t think it was sewing that she didn’t want him to see. It was the fact that she comes from a family with a shady background (gangster/adult business). Now that was revealed, she just simply wants to hide from him (and everyone).

  • Leslie says:

    love love love your recap specially the humor in it.. Seyi and Seolchan’s parts in this episode was meh for me. They need to step it up and considering few more episodes left im curious to how other stories will unfold. I wanna know whats the deal w/ radio and donam…and show what EUnha can do.

    BUUUT i couldnt complain because SUNWOO AND NANA.omg they own me! >.< its been a while since ive invested time in a secondary otp.hehe i like how Nana's dad side eyed Sunwoo! he knows! (i guess) . Is it even possible to be so giddy everytime this otp is on screen? gawd. that's why ep7 was just a gift to shippers! heh

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I’m glad you liked it, Leslie.

      I know. this episode was such an unexpected gift to us. But I suppose it’s back to regularly scheduled programming in the next episode. But if they continue with SW/NN, the PD will get a hug from me.

  • Altair says:

    Thanks for the recap 🙂
    I really love jealous SC. You know, I might end up staying on the SY/SW ship, just to see SC-s reactions to the SLS OTP-s interactions. The poor little star, who can’t even cry out his jealousy-driven tears before demanding his manager punches him, just to be able to blame the tears on the older man – because a star does not shed tears over lovesickness, right? I loved the “Did you like it?” – RUN! moment. And his pained expression when he was wordlessly holding onto SY’s wrist while she yelled she doesn’t want to see him – it just makes one want to give him a hug, doesn’t it?
    Ah, by the way… Was I the only one, who, seeing the framed note from SY, thought – was this the biggest frame you could find? Because, really, it could have easily fitted in a simple photo frame (and he could have put it on his bedside table that way, though I digress…).
    SW might start noticing NN, yet, at the moment, I really think, he was only observing her because he’d heard her voice, so he knew what she is capable of, yet couldn’t just throw her between the shark’s.. that is SC-s… jaws 😀 Hey, we all saw what happened when Do Nam outed his hidden talent, right? And, well, SC did the “cheat on SY with his new biggest love NN(‘s voice)” hug attack this time, too. So SW had every reason to be cautious – he takes pride in being quite the observer and NN is displaying a “don’t come too close” type of character.
    I loved the way SY jumped to SW-s aid when SC once again accused the other boy of being a spy because he had not informed them of HR-s singing capabilities. Well, it wasn’t SW-s big mouth that gave away your tactics and made the other team bring out the big guns, too. If it’s of any consolation, the Ma-kids won’t live much longer, anyway, according to the note SC himself gave SY last time. How was it, again? Something about not having much left, once one starts doing things one wouldn’t normally do?
    Speaking of All For One – they should have run with the practice performance they gave the Color Bar kids. That one really made me wowed, while their rendition of Amazing Grace was only saved by the choir for me.
    The singing lesson for SY was just cruel. I understand your comment about KD-s words being the drama’s way of telling us, not to be upset about it, yet I can’t help but be, after SC just storms in and starts the torture again, just because he got a glimpse of SY and SW smiling at each other on the other side of the window.
    I also hope for “Adam” SY won’t find out he just compared the girl to her mother, at least not before the mother-daughter relationship has been repaired 😀
    As for the maths class – where were teachers like that, when I went to high school?! I was laughing so hard when the teacher suggested singing together and the class ascended into panic mode, looking up formulas, while the two poor new students had no idea what was going on 😀
    It was easy to understand, why NN would not want to see anyone (especially SW) after her embarrassing birth secrets were spilled in such a manner. I’m just glad SW got through to her to get her to the performance, even though she ended up being fashionably late. Still, I really loved the way DN and SY jumped to the rescue based on what they had perceived from the situation thus far. It was nice to see the Color Bar kids unite to fight for their friend, even though she didn’t really need rescuing. And I loved how SC just jumped into the fight to take on the man who was raising his hand against HIS SY, without stopping to ask questions first. I just want to point out, there would have been no need to fight, had they just grabbed NN and run as she came out, instead of standing there, waiting for her pursuers to catch up. Seeing SC and SW fight shoulder to shoulder might just have been worth it, though.
    I just have to ask. What was up with the Color Bar singers this episode? We have heard such amazing performances from SY and KD before, so where did those voices go? The voice lessons for SY hurt my ears and KD sounded on center stage like a frightened little boy on the verge of crying. It didn’t help he had his “Jae Rok is making his Radio sing” face on, either.
    So, to wrap this comment up, I’d like to add just one last question. Why did the Color Bar kids need to practice so hard all this time, when Eun Ha’s words from Episode 3 about just needing to practice the night before proved to be quite prophetic? The team found out about Na Na’s voice just two days before the battle, they chose the song, arranged it, practiced, made the coreography – all in one evening, since Na Na was not at the practice the next day and actually didn’t show up until the performance since that one practice night. And they still managed tu pull a performance like this! Well, I guess, I know why. There wouldn’t have been any drama and everyone would have gotten their wish (the Vice Principal his A4O, A4O their art centre performance and the Poop Group would have just gotten out of the performance without any fuss, just as they wanted in first place) – and where yould the fun be in that? 😀

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thanks for your comment!

      So true. They only had one day of practice and it was all for suspense but when Nana didn’t show up, why didn’t they just go to their original plan since she was a Mimi sister and they could have done without her? But as you said, no fun in that.

      Yeah, SW’s brain is still full of SY so he noticed her talent. But I’m hoping it’s just the beginning. 😀

      • Altair says:

        You know, I’v e been asking myself the same question about the original plan. It seems they kept changing the song every episode – I’m not complaining, as we got to see more songs in their cover, yet if they already had something picked put and practiced, why force the poor Radio sing a song so clearly not written for his voice? BTW, I was actually disappointed they made KD a Mimi Sister for their performance. Wasn’t the whole reason they got into this in first place SY trying to help KD make the performance (and SW trying to help SY)? If it was all about KD, then in making him one of the silent backdancers, it kind of loses it’s point. (Anyone else excited to see DN find out the performance was originally all about his KD?)
        And the stares NN-s Dad kept sending in SW-s direction… I’m actually not that convinced he knew it was SW, who broke his Princess’s heart (I kind of don’t see the gangster leave the boy without a good trashing by his minions, if that were the case). Who would have told him, anyway? Can you see NN go to Daddy and tell him “You know, there’s this boy I like and I just found out he’s actually been in love with a girl who was away abroad, raising sheep, for years. I now feel like my whole world is crumbling down around me, but please don’t hurt him, because I still care for him, very much?” How did Daddy Dearest hear about NN-s heartbreak, anyway? NN absolutely forbade the guitar guy from last time to tell her Mom about it. Who else knew? Or did the guitar guy decide it was OK to snitch to Daddy, since NN didn’t explicitly forbid telling him, too?

        • deeps says:

          Jumping in. Once All4One decided to participate, it became more about beating them rather than making KD feel good. I agree – the smarter move would have been to move to an earlier routine. But it was an on the spot decision. And we do not know how comfortable they were in the previous routine. The practices were starting to fall apart before All4One decided to add vocals.

        • chasen8888 says:

          What happened with the original plan was that it got thrown out the window after Color Bar saw All 4 One performance showing that they are not about instruments only, they got voice too. This was brought about when Seol Chan told them Color Bar strength/secret. Seol Chan & team realize that the original plan was not strong enough for them to win, so they had to change it. As for practice, I noticed that the teens in this show all have a huge musical database in their heads, therefore its fairly easy for them to just do the basic practice and remember the rest. Na na had that voice power that would tip the scales in their favor and because they wanted to succeed/had the same goal fro them to use 2 days to achieve this speaks of their commitment to each other.

          I did not mind Radio being a mimi sister here because the episode was primarily about Na Na and her issues as well as coming to a conclusion with it therefore opening a new arc for another member i.e. Radio & Do Nam’s friendship issue. Also I do not think he minded because he has always been in the front to be bullied and mocked etc, this time in a way like Seol Chan and the rest they took a back seat to Na na’s performance yet it was a supportive one as well so there is no loss per se. They made the school & All 4 One wake up/take notice. Their performance to most of us was far more enjoyable than All 4 One which was clearly shown by the sneak audience & teachers response.

          As for Na na’s heartbreak, her singing in the previous episode and the goons watching/reporting on her will give her father an indication as to what is going on with his daughter. I got to give him props though because although he is a gangster, he pays attention to his daughter & tries in his own way to help. He’s the only one in the show that has been shown to do that.

          • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

            Yes, the original plan got thrown out however, when Na Na was a no-show and it was 30 minutes to show time, it would have made perfect sense for them to come up with a Plan B which would have been to revert to their old plan. Even if they don’t win, at least they wouldn’t embarrass themselves. But as I said, it’s a drama… lol.

  • s says:

    whats name of song who sing Sun Woo with nana ?

  • Audrey says:

    Thanks for posting all the songs in one place! Makes it easy to find the songs in the drama. I really hope they release an OST with ALL of the songs.

    The duet between Na Na and Sun Woo was really lovely and hope that they do another duet together.

    I really loved Color Bar’s ending song and Na Na’s voice is just awesome. Even though Seol Chan didn’t have a huge part in that song, his voice was great in it.

    • Altair says:

      Seconded! I’m so hoping for a studio version of the song that got me hooked on the drama in first place – the KD-SY duet in episode 1, “The Wind Blows”.

  • Kimia says:

    one of the things I like in this drama is that the members of colorbar or even the SC’s schoolmates don’t deny his talents. They accept that he’s a great composer and leader even though he is arrogant at times; they don’t just say : He’s Idol, he isn’t talented at all. he is just good looking and stuff like that, like the way it was in both dream highs.

  • Rossi says:

    “I still like Sun Woo/Se Yi on a certain level but at the same time, don’t want it to drag all the way to the last episode.”…you jinxed us!! ..hehe

    Oh Ep. 7, this is my happy episode. It’s the episode I go back to when all the other eps sux. Starting to lose count how many times I re-read this recaps of yours. It’s also the very first CK piece I read after I got linked from soompi to your awesome blog.

    I still can’t believe the writers set us up this awesomely for the Nana/SW ship and let it sail nowhere except into the SW forever a hoverer land.

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