Monstar Episode 8 Recap: All It Takes Is A Little Courage

So Sun Woo doubled up on the jerk pills in this episode. He usually reserves it for Seol Chan but the ladies got a taste of it. Perhaps he’s on a diet because as they say, a hungry man is an angry man. Or maybe he’s just being a second lead.

There was cuteness but only at the beginning and even the songs weren’t as fun. We finally got our Seol Chan/Se Yi duet but the other song by a main character was very miserable.

There’s so much angst – and I love angst – but like 50% is just way overblown. Those teenage hormones, huh?

All in all, the cuteness quotient wasn’t high enough for me and then I found myself laughing at some of the manufactured angst. Overall, I rate this episode “okay.”


Color Bar’s performance is a success and Hyo Rin now has the hots for Seol Chan. The teachers need time to vote on the winner so they ask them to exit the auditorium. Na Na goes to the roof for a smoke but looks at the cigarette and reconsiders it. Perhaps it’s time to drop the bad girl image?

Sun Woo joins her. Oh oh, OTP moment! He thanks her for coming and we get a flashback to their last scene. After telling her what he sees, she scoffs that he doesn’t get it because he still only sees what he wants to see. I wonder what she wants him to see  – his soulmate? “A girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her?” Whatever it is, this means this “seeing” conversation is nowhere near done – not till he sees what he’s supposed to see. You see?

She tells him that she’ll show up for the performance if he goes out with her ten times and to her surprise, he agrees. I bet she wishes she’d said a hundred.

We’re back to the present and he tells her to just say when and where and he’ll be there. Then he moves closer to her (oh, yeah!) and takes the cigarette saying she can’t smoke around him. That’s all well and good but why snap it in two? It costs money, you know? Rude.

But this scene, though. It’s the same outfit and  it can’t be an hour since he saw her but he just upped the jerkness by at least 100%. I guess  that means there’s going to be a romance between these two because it’s not love if the guy doesn’t try to intimidate you.

To nobody’s surprise, the vice principal chooses All For One. The students in the back protest but it’s pointless. Do Nam is pissed that Seol Chan didn’t keep to his promise. Sweet Se Yi is worried about Kyu Dong but he tells her that he’s still happy because the students saw him as himself and not Radio.

On the ride back, Seol Chan’s manager tells him that despite the loss, the response online has been great. While pretending to search for articles, he looks up the symptoms of first love and he’s got them all. Aww. How sweet.

When he gets home, he looks through his contacts and finds Se Yi’s number.

The object of his affection is also at home thinking about him. She’s worried that he must feel bad about the loss. Then she admonishes herself for caring. Gosh, how long will this go on for? She also picks up her phone and finds his number.

Then her phone rings. Who’s calling? Sun Woo. Oh well. She answers and he checks that she’s okay. She reassures him that she is but more importantly… just as she mentions Seol Chan’s name, he calls. As she mulls over answering it, Sun Woo starts to ask her out but before he can finish, she puts him on hold to answer her true love’s call.

Since he can’t be straightforward, he yells at her for not staying to console him after their devastating loss. As his partner, shouldn’t she care about him? He needs to talk about this pressing matter tomorrow while he watches a movie so how about it? She tells him to go with his manager or anyone else but he says there’s no one and insists that his partner come through for him. She yells that she doesn’t want to then hangs up her phone, losing Sun Woo as well.

Sun Woo calls back to ask her to the movies but she tells him that she’s already got plans at home.

Then she thinks back to Seol Chan saying that he had no one to go with and feels bad. She calls him back and agrees to the date. The next day, they meet in front of the theatre in cute, matching denim. Inside, they laugh while watching Werewolf Boy and he turns and smiles at her.

Not too far away, Sun Woo is sitting at home studying. His phone rings and it’s Kim Na Na. He mulls over taking the call.

She looks pretty when they meet at a bookstore. I’m so glad they’ve stopped giving her that vampire make-up. She picked the location because she figured it was somewhere he would like. I wonder why she likes such a studious boy – does she need help with her homework?

She takes his arm and marks one date off on it. Nine more to go. He asks her what she wants to do.

They go to the same place she saw him with Se Yi. While she’s recreating the date, I think she’s just trying to do what she thinks he likes.

They sit awkwardly since she has her dead face on. Girlfriend, if you want a guy to like you, you need to give him something to remember you by. Staying silent and looking dead in the eyes doesn’t cut it when you’re the one doing the chasing.

He starts to eat his cake and urges her to eat too, saying that he didn’t expect her to be so timid. She joins him and says that it’s so unlike him to agree to their deal. Why did he?  He tells her that he’s just doing a good deed. How romantic. He heard her cry for help and once upon a time, he answered it the wrong way and things went awry. Now he’s trying to get back to being the kind person he once was. If this is you being kind… Dude. Regardless, it comes down to Seol Chan in the end. Just make up with him already.

Both couples are out on the street and miss each other. Se Yi sees a cute sheep doll and Seol Chan gets it for her saying that she can have it as her boyfriend sheep as she already has a mother-child set. She refuses it at first but he insists that she keep it, saying she can return it when she gets a real boyfriend. It’s kind of cute that he does things in such a roundabout way.

Sun Woo and Na Na walk past the Thai street performer from a previous episode. Sun Woo waves at him and he smiles back in recognition. He then smiles at Na Na who glares back at him. lol. Sun Woo notices and wonders if it really hurts that much to smile. I suppose it’s good that he finds her antics amusing.

They continue on their journey just  as Seol Chan and Se Yi show up. Se Yi immediately sings along and Seol Chan who just has to be jealous about everything wonders if she really loves guitar players that much. She does because it reminds her of her father. Aww. Then they move along. After singing with him, shouldn’t she have at least dropped a dollar in his case?

Seol Chan wonders if learning the guitar is difficult and when she asks him if he wants to, he puts on his usual front saying that he’s too busy for such things. But thankfully, she’s begun to read him so she takes him to her favorite guitar shop and borrows one of their guitars. She teaches him by holding the chord while he strums. It’s awkward then he remembers something he saw in a drama. They can change positions if she goes to the head and she thinks he means his head. lol. They soon get it right and within a few minutes, are singing a duet.

During the song, we see that Na Na and Sun Woo are at the movies and as usual, while everyone else is laughing, Na Na isn’t. But then she looks at the laughing Sun Woo and smiles. Great but we’re trying to see something from his side, okay?

They finish singing and after a chemistry-charged awkward moment, leave. As they walk through the town square, Seol Chan asks Se Yi why she changed her mind about coming with him. She tells him she thought back to all the pain his celebrity has brought him and felt bad. Like the time he sat in his car, she could tell in her heart that he was having a hard time. And today as a star, he has no one to see movies with. I suppose it’s her good deed for the day.

He tells her that if she feels so bad, she should take responsibility. How? By being his girlfriend for the day. Aww. Before he can explain it, there’s a puff of smoke and when it clears, they see Na Na and Sun Woo staring back at them.

So this is when things start getting confusing. I can understand the tension between Sun Woo and Se Yi, after all, she claimed to be too busy to hang out with him and there she is with another guy. Ladies, I think many of us have been here in some way. lol

I don’t get why Seol Chan should have any issues with running into Sun Woo and why aren’t they wondering what the heck he’s doing with Na Na of all people?

Just as Seol Chan is about to confront them for God-knows-why, they hear the click of a camera.  It’s the PD of some entertainment news show. Oops, shit just got real.

He immediately recognizes Star Chan and asks if the lovely lady beside him is his girlfriend. He says that she’s not and for some reason, Se Yi looks disappointed. Uhm, you really expected him to claim you? The guy doesn’t buy it and takes photos.

Seol Chan covers the camera lens but that’s just a no-no so he has to take his hand off.

Then Super Woo comes to the rescue by putting his arm around Se Yi and claiming to be her boyfriend.

He explains that they are all going to the movies and tells Na Na to find out why the others aren’t here yet. Now Na Na has to call the rest of Color Bar to legitimatize the story. Other than the fact that all three (especially Se Yi and Seol Chan) are awful actors, even a moron can see it’s a lie when there are two sets of couples.

The PD challenges Se Yi to confirm the story and after looking sadly at Seol Chan, she holds on to Sun Woo and boldly says that he’s her guy. Seol Chan is shocked and upset by this. This is what I call manufactured drama. I don’t understand all their reactions when they should be playing along and Seol Chan should be happy that they are covering for him. He’s just too blinded by his rivalry with Sun Woo that everything he does pisses him off. I bet he wouldn’t be as mad if it were Kyu Dong. But who knows, this guy was even jealous when she stayed with Kyu Dong earlier on.

After calling the others, Na Na shoves the PD and tells them it’s time to leave. The strange thing is they’ve been paralleling Na Na and Seol Chan since that fateful car ride but this date made me feel like they should switch partners. More on that later.

They go to the movies and the relentless PD follows them. As they walk, Sun Woo scolds Seol Chan for bringing Se Yi out in broad daylight. He’d rather they hang out at night? If memory serves, he wasn’t too pleased when Seol Chan had her up against a wall.

They meet the other three and while they are having a good time, our sad foursome all wish they were somewhere else. Seol Chan and Se Yi look at each other while Na Na and Sun Woo look at their unrequited loves.

After the movie ends, all four walk home with heavy hearts. Na Na’s sexy outfit was wasted on Sun Woo.

Se Yi goes to her bedroom and looks at the doll he bought her. He didn’t lie when he said she wasn’t his girlfriend but why does it hurt?

Seol Chan goes to his room and is mad that she claimed Sun Woo as her man. Dude, get a grip.

The next day, Sun Woo drives past a walking Se Yi and he’s just so mad. LOL. His anger is the funniest to me.

Sun Woo and Se Yi meet on campus and when she tries to thank him, he cuts her off by guessing what she was going to say. And this is the coldest he’s ever been to her. lol. He asks if she went on a date with Seol Chan and she tells him it wasn’t a date, that they only hung out because he was bored. He says it was the same with Na Na even though she didn’t ask. He’s angry that Seol Chan put her in such a difficult position. She feels the same way, right? She replies that she’s actually okay. Really? If that isn’t it, why was she mad? Even though he knows she’d be lying, he needs to hear her deny having feelings for his former best friend.

She gives him her deer-in-headlights look and he reminds her that she could have become a wangta if he’d said that she was his girlfriend. He and Eun Ha need to form a club as they really need Seol Chan to stay in the night sky.

He asks her again why she was mad. At that moment, Na Na walks in between them then turns around and gives Se Yi her evil glare. lol. Sweetie, it’s not her fault that Sun Woo is still stuck in fifth grade (or whenever).

Sun Woo tells Se Yi to get an apology from Seol Chan.

The kids in class watch Color Bar’s performance online and even one girl now finds Kyu Dong cute. Eun Ha is excited and goes over to brag about it with them but they tell her that she’s not visible on the clip and no one can tell what her contribution to it was. Dang.

The kids declare Color Bar the true winners of the battle which incenses Jae Rok. Dude clashes cymbals three times per song yet thinks he’s Beethoven.

Seol Chan asks Se Yi to meet him in his van so they can talk. He apologizes for what happened and says that in the past, he’d had a friend mistaken for a girlfriend and it had created a lot of problems. Se Yi then apologizes for forgetting he was a star and going out with him as a friend. It’s funny because it looks like the main issue between them is that they both wish they were dating.

After she leaves, his manager reminds him that he can’t date and he snaps that one can’t date by himself which tickles the older man because it sounds like he was rejected. And from the looks of it, the PD has been spreading the story that Se Yi is Sun Woo’s girlfriend.

The kids at school keep talking about how All For One isn’t all that and when Jerk Rok sees Kyu Dong pass by, he trips him. He bullies him and when Do Nam shows up, he quickly goes up to him and starts quizzing him about his past with Kyu Dong as they walk away.

While Adam is in his empty basement missing the kids, someone knocks at the door. It’s Se Yi. She tells him that she was rejected and as she waters his plants, says it’s weird that she feels bad considering that she doesn’t like him. *facepalm*

She continues to think aloud and even wonders if he likes her but dismisses it based on their conversation in the van.

Adam continues to talk it out with her to help her figure things out then she says she needs to cut her hair to start afresh. They go to the salon but since she’s only cutting her bangs, he needs to cut his hair to help out. It is just a ruse to get him to look presentable.

Adam walks her home and on his way back, who happens to be walking by with her luggage in tow? Se Yi’s mom. Now we know the main reason for his makeover – it’s hard to sell the audience on their romance with him looking like he hasn’t bathed in weeks.

They cross paths but after a few steps, realize who the other is.

Meanwhile, Se Yi’s aunt tells her about her mom’s sudden arrival and she freaks out.

Adam is shocked and tongue-tied. He tells her that it’s been a while and the mother scurries away. All I can think is that this woman is going to carry that suitcase up a lot of steps.

Back home, Se Yi is packing all her stuff. Her mom shows up and when she tries to leave, takes her bag and throws it on the floor.  Se Yi walks out with just her guitar.

Her mom follows her and tells her to return. The least she can do is to wait till daylight. If she insists on leaving, she’s just going to keep following her. Se Yi relents and goes back in. Who was she planning on staying with? Adam?

Adam is back home looking at his CD. What will Se Yi do when she finds out who he really is?

Se Yi lies in bed and looks at her sheep doll. Is this really the right time to think about romance? She turns around and we get a split screen of Seol Chan also being restless in bed.

The next morning, the stupid PD is at school asking the students if Se Yi is Seol Chan’s girlfriend. These are high school kids for crying out loud! Leave them alone. The students think it’s ridiculous to suggest it then Hyo Rin walks up to him and claims her place as his girlfriend. Isn’t this the same girl who a few weeks ago told Sun Woo that Seol Chan was beneath them? Now she wants to put her body beneath his.

She tells the man everything about herself including who her father is. It turns out he’s the CEO of the man’s company so she gets him to hand over the information he’d just taken down and warns him to stay away from Seol Chan. At least she’s good for something.

Sun Woo spots Seol Chan and Se Yi on campus. He calls out her name but walks up to him. He compliments her haircut then while looking at Seol Chan’s face, asks if she received her apology.

Seol Chan wonders why he cares and she immediately jumps in to tell him to be grateful for Sun Woo’s interference. I usually applaud her for setting him straight but this is one time she should have kept her mouth shut.

As usual, Seol Chan doesn’t see why he should thank Sun Woo and it all comes down to the childhood fight they’ve been having since the first episode. I can’t even imagine what it could possibly be but I bet it will disappoint. Something to do with his adoption? I don’t know. Just end this shit already.

Seol Chan reminds him one last time – if someone doesn’t want help, don’t provide it. Sun Woo tells him that he’s not looking for thanks, after all, he had an ulterior motive himself. What exactly? Seol Chan tries to stop him but while looking at his former friend, he tells Se Yi that he likes her. Swoooooooooooooooooooooon. NOT.

I have witnessed confessions by tons of second leads in dramas and this is probably the very worst. When you’re confessing to a woman, let it be about her and not during some pissing contest with your former best friend.

Se Yi is shocked and asks to clarify which of them likes her. Sun Woo looks at her matter-of-factly and without emotion in his eyes, confirms that he’s talking about himself. Sun Woo, this side of you is not cute.

She’s stunned and looks over at Seol Chan who’s mad as hell. Bro, you snooze, you lose. If you can’t tell her how you feel, don’t be mad that someone else can. Honestly, they are all idiots. After Seol Chan leaves, Se Yi can’t look Sun Woo in the eye.

In class, a girl tells Kyu Dong that he would look better in contact lenses and when he takes off his glasses to admire his natural beauty, Jerk Rok starts on him again.

The kids start discussing what song he should sing next and Kyu Dong declares that it’s the end. No more singing and his name isn’t Radio. You go, Boy!

He walks out of the class and runs into Do Nam. He asks him to step out so that they can talk. Jerk Rodent follows them.

Kyu Dong falls to his knees in tears. He’s wanted to do this for a while but he’s been unable to. He hasn’t had the courage. Not to do this or stand up to his bullies. He’s even stood on the rooftop begging God to give him courage to jump down. Do Nam scoffs at that. Courage? He’s just selfish.

A flashback takes us to their audition for Mnet.

Even though they didn’t share any blood, they considered themselves brothers – two loners who found each other. Kyu Dong sang while Do Nam beatboxed and when faced with the question about what would happen if only one of them was chosen to advance in the competition, they agreed that neither would go alone. Either they advance together or not at all.

But what do you know? Kyu Dong was chosen and he wanted to advance alone, saying that he’d work doubly hard for both of them. Nice sentiment but complete bullshit as Do Nam pointed out. They were standing by some stairs arguing and somehow, Do Nam fell down and hurt his shoulder. So not only did he not advance in the Mnet competition, his judo career ended as well.

Back in the present, Do Nam tells him that despite seeing him at the hospital, Kyu Dong still continued in the competition. lol. Now, that’s what you call a go-getter. And then to make matters worse, he failed. Do Nam really is the “in it to win it” type of guy.

Kyu Dong continues to cry and apologize and Do Nam tells him that if he gets him back to judo, he will forgive him a hundred times.

Do Nam tells him that he can’t stand to look at him because it only reminds him of his betrayal. Jerk Rodent overhears this and tells the class that Kyu Dong had selfishly hurt Do Nam to debut on Mnet.

Seol Chan walks around campus looking for Sun Woo who’d been told by Choi to go to the gym and open the windows to let the air in. WTF? lol. Some of these contrived situations. As the air flows on his face, he closes his eyes and goes to his happy place. I wonder where that is… my intel suggests it’s not Na Na’s arms. Drats.

When Kyu Dong returns to class, all the students have turned on him. The only Color Bar member present is Eun Ha who’s still obsessing about being invisible.

They think he’s scum and when Do Nam shows up, tell him they support him. Jerk Rodent pretends that he’d been the one to tell them the story and said Kyu Dong was not worthy of being around. Do Nam starts to deny it but just walks out in frustration.

They start to pelt him with paper and Kyu Dong takes off his glasses and starts to cry. Then the no-talent, dickless wanker walks over and puts them back on. Surely, he knows the applause wasn’t for him, right? It was for Seol Chan and he will always be Radio. Can someone please pour a pot of hot oil on this shithead for me?

With tears flowing down his cheeks, he asks if he can sing a song. Jerk Rodent is delighted by it and relays the request to the rest of the class. They refuse but he sings anyway.

Poor kid. This is his goodbye song to the world. They keep asking him to stop singing till they all shut up and just watch him. It’s like it starts to sink in that it’s not a joke anymore.

When he’s done, he goes to the roof and stands on the ledge.

Se Yi is outside mulling over Sun Woo’s confession when one of Kyu Dong’s paper planes falls at her feet. She looks up and sees him. She runs towards him and calls him on the phone.

Still in tears, Kyu Dong apologizes to his parents. His phone rings and when he sees who is calling, apologizes to Se Yi before dropping it to the ground way beneath him.

The rest of Color Bar appear to sense that something is wrong. All but Na Na who is nowhere to be found. Se Yi runs into Seol Chan and instead of continuing to run to the roof, she looks up at him and cries.

On the ledge, Kyu Dong has finally found the courage to take the jump. He steps forward as Se Yi continues to look up at Seol Chan and cry. Not that there’s any guarantee she will get there on time but what the fuck? Keep running!


Kyu Dong will obviously not die since this isn’t that other drama that’s currently airing. Na Na is the only one missing so perhaps she’s on the roof pretending to think about smoking? Although I don’t know how she’ll frown him off a ledge. Whatever it is, Do Nam will hopefully be involved somehow.

Even if it’s never confirmed, I still think that Jerk Rodent is in the closet. That’s the only thing I think can explain the self-loathing and jealousy that leads to him taking out all his anger and aggression on Kyu Dong. And the no-talent bastard even intentionally worsened their relationship by pretending that Do Nam had told them what happened. I need Kyu Dong to take some boxing classes then come back and Mohammed Ali him to oblivion.

On to lighter fare. Isn’t it annoying that the only kiss we’ve had in this drama is between the star and his psycho fangirl? Can someone make out already? At this point, I don’t mind if it’s the teachers.

I have to say that I like that Na Na didn’t melt at Sun Woo’s speech. While she’s misunderstood, she’s still a “tough” girl. As for their nine dates… I see no incentive for Sun Woo to call her especially if he has something going on with Se Yi. It’s not like we saw them sharing good times they could flashback to. Personally, I wouldn’t call him and would just let the whole thing go. There are other fish in the sea.  However, if I were Na Na, I would call him on Se Yi’s birthday, his birthday, Valentine’s day, the prom etc… and heck, if I’ve got a boyfriend on those days, I’d loan him out to friends just to mess with him.

Did I suddenly get cold on the ship? I still loved that first scene even if he was being a jerk. But I’m cooling down till something good happens. And if nothing ever happens, I’ll mute their scenes and add my own dialogue – the life of a shipper.

The parallels I mentioned. Whenever Se Yi and Sun Woo are doing their whatever, we always get reaction shots from Na Na and Seol Chan and with this episode, they acted similarly. They both requested the dates, Se Yi and Sun Woo accepted as a good deed (although there are romantic feelings involved for Se Yi), at the theatre, they both looked over at the other person laughing and smiled. They aren’t being subtle at all. And I know opposites attract and all that great stuff but their dates made me think they should switch partners. Na Na would handle the press and fangirls so much better than Se Yi ever could and you could see that Se Yi and Sun Woo both enjoyed the street performance. If they’d witnessed it together, they would have had a lot of  fun instead of having a partner who didn’t.  I just think it’s interesting that it’s being written this way.

The funny thing about this episode is that there’s so much angst but since it was so overblown, I couldn’t take it seriously. Kyu Dong’s drama was the only thing that really made sense. Sun Woo is so mad but I think it’s less about Se Yi being hurt and more about Seol Chan putting her in that position. He just needs Seol Chan to play by the rules that state he can’t date anyone because not being a star is the only thing he has on him when it comes to Se Yi.

I was hoping they wouldn’t go there with Se Yi/Sun Woo just to create angst but it looks like they will. In my fanfic, Se Yi and Sun Woo don’t actually date but the world thinks they are because of the PD. But unfortunately, this isn’t my fanfic. If they do date, I guess we’ll just have to see what makes that relationship crash and burn.

Who’s in the mood for Adam and Se Yi’s mom’s love story. Nobody?

While Color Bar wasn’t picked, knowing these shows, they will still end up performing in the end. So I wonder what’s going to happen to get them there. Eun Ha feels like all her hard work was for naught because she’s gone unnoticed. I wonder what she will do to become visible. Seol Chan and his romance. LOL. I don’t even know what to say. With the way they are all behaving right now, I want them to all end up alone. Give me a freaking break. Why can’t you just tell her that you like her but it’s going to be hard given your profession? When I was in high school, guys didn’t find it so difficult to confess their feelings. There were even some who pretended to like you just to get into your pants.

Anyway, enough of this.

Till next time!

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  • Graziela says:

    Thank you so much for this interesting recap.! You are the best!

  • hamster428 says:

    Everyone not named Nana pissed me off in this ep.

  • leslie says:

    Lol @ hamster428. I havent watched this yet since i had my GOT marathon but then I only care about nana,sunwoo and some not sure if this ep delivered the goods I want

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. The songs were alright but not the best imo. The Seyi/Seol Chan duet was cute but I think they could have done something stronger for the show’s OTP.

      Kyu Dong’s song was strong but too miserable for my liking. I don’t like suicide stories at all. I only like sad songs about love lost.

      As for Sun Woo/Na Na, you should at least watch their first scene. I think there’s still hope for him but we need to kill this stupid love triangle AsAP.

  • yumi says:

    Thanks for the recap.

    I will say this drama’s blush is off the rose. I’m still watching, but the eagerness is gone. Although I watched episode 8 I never finished 7, which is unusual for me.

    I really don’t like Seol Chan, I dislike him less than I didn’t in the beginning but that is mostly since I am less enamored with Sun Woo. I still like Sun Woo, but his stare and smile is less impressive than they uses to be and seems more like limited actor characterization that deep character wisdom.

    There is a Someecard going around the internet about stopping intimate partner abuse, that to paraphrase says, “Mothers stop telling your daughters he only hits you because he likes you.” And that is how I feel about early Seol Chan. All his response was about him, never about how Se Yi feels. Sun Woo was the opposite, which was why I preferred the alternate OTP.

    Sometimes an actor’s personal charisma can help me fover look a character’s personal deficit, but Yong Joon-Hyung is not that actor. Every now and then there is an actor that the K-drama community is fully on board with whose charm misses me entirely. Yong Joon-Hyung, Yoon Si-Yoon and Joo Won. Yoon Si-Yoon I respected his performance in ME TOO FLOWER but found his character in THE FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR to be less that human and more wood sprite or elf. Joo Won’s charisma and hotness misses me, but I accept that everyone else gets it. To me he is jusn an okay actor, and you’re right, I didn’t see BRIDAL MASK.

    I’m happy with Sun Woo and Kim Na Na. I think he is too “perfect” and in control of his world. He needs someone a little rough around he edges to throw his would into a tailspin, and I sincerely hope Kim Na Na does so.

    At this point, I’d rather that Se Yi ends up with Kyu Dong, someone who would appreciate her and wouldn’t explain all his jackassery as “I’m a star.”

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Episode 7 was really good for Sun Woo/ Na Na so you can at least finish it for them. I preferred it to this one. But you’re right about Seol Chan however, he was far less of a jerk in ep 8 than in ep 7. Sun Woo took over this role. lol. I haven’t seen anything else Kang Ha Neul has been in but I really would like to see more facial expressions from him. Na Na could be the one to pull that out so I hope the writers write it.

      FBND is my only YSY drama and I got into hot water in my recaps because I wasn’t a fan of his character. LOL. Yeah, his character was just too OTT.

      The drama appears to be going in the usual kdrama noble idoicy route with people dating the wrong person for stupid reasons. I hope they surprise us and not do that. *sigh*

      • yumi says:

        FBND lead may have been OTT but his fanpeople were even more OTT as to be in the stratosphere.

        When that happens it is hard/dangerous to make a dissenting comment.

        It’s alienating when the fan base of any star insist that their experience must be a universal one and voicing a contrary opinion is heresy. It often ruins the post viewing experience for me.

  • colormelove says:

    Your recap is so entertaining and spot on. I love it! Wonderful writing. I also agree that Seol Chan and Na Na should end up together. Now that would be different.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. The only problem with Seol Chan and Na Na ending up together is that they couldn’t be less interested in each other. lol.

  • Niadinda says:

    Love your recaps. Always entertaining.
    This episode gave me a whiplash just like you after the cross date point everything got confusing. Is hard for me to tell why people are mad, and at who, like what’s going on… was my reaction to everything happening with the love square.

    ps:the movies they watch was Secretly, Greatly with Kim Soo Hyun ^^

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thanks. Glad you like them.

      Yep, the love square angst was unintentionally funny.

      I haven’t seen either movie but other people were saying that it’s “A Werewolf Boy.”

  • deeps says:

    Fun recap. I was laughing a lot at your review.

    I think I liked the episode a little more than you did. I loved the whole Kyu Dong sequence at the end. The rest of the episode felt more like set up for the next act which will probably hold up better in retrospect if they manage to stick the landing. It was a whole bunch of stupid, overdramatic teenagers acting like well, stupid, overdramatic teenagers.

    Sun Woo’s confession was a low point for the character and wanted me to bang his head but it has been building since he witnessed the almost kiss. So I get it. I hope that now it is out, we can get him out of chasing Se Yi in the next 2 episodes. Also, he did try to be friendly with Na Na. They still have 9 dates to bond. It can start with Nan Na taking him to places she is comfortable in since it is supposed to be about him seeing her. I am going down with this ship.

    Seol Chan’s seems like the most genuine, adult problem of the lot but the noble idiocy is going to drive me up the wall. I get why he decides to back down but pushing her to SW would be a bloody step too far for me. I agree with you – just be bloody honest.

    Se Yi – I hope she does not say yes to a relationship with Sun Woo (I think I can handle a date or 2). Especially since she seems very aware of her feelings for Seol Chan. Because that would I think kill the character for me. But then again, it would go with the stupid pills she seems to have swallowed for the last couple of episodes (seriously why are you not pushing SC away to get to KD?) and the whole stupid parallels with the stupid parent triangle they are trying so hard for.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I agree that SW tried to be friendly with Nana. I’m just glad he finds her amusing. Maybe she can teach him how to sew on their next date. lol

      I also see no reason for her to date SW just because she can’t date SC. She’s young and never seemed desperate to be in a relationship so why date him just because she’s got angst and he likes her?

  • Altair says:

    This episode did have it’s highlights, yet all in all… I’m just really disappointed. Especially in my leading man, SW.
    Let’s start with NN and her blackmail-dates. I understand your need to spend time with the boy to make him open his eyes and SEE you, but really, do you not have any dignity at all? If you need to resort to making deals, just so you can pretend to be on a date while he’s under the impression, he’s doing his good deed for the day, he’s not worth it. You deserve better, girl!
    Then there’s SC and SY, who are so obviously in love, yet neither can open up their mouths and just admit it. So we have two miserable lovers, both pretending to be on a date with the other. And then the reporter butts in and everything goes downhill.
    It was hilarious to see the pairs miss each other by a hair several times, yet it was anything but funny when they finally ended up as the miserable foursome. I really felt for Sun Woo when he discovered just what the homely reason for Se Yi’s rejection of his movie plans was. It must have hurt a lot for him not to turn his head in the girl’s direction while driving past the next morning. I won’t even delve into SY/SC angst, as it would just rile me up again.
    Which brings us to SW-s confession. Confessing to a girl while staring down your comtetition, especially while having your BACK on the girl is JUST NOT DONE. Period. And, Drama, you did NOT salvage the situation in any way. You know, I think I’ve had it with both of the main boys (for the moment, at least). SY should just ditch both and choose KD – these two aren’t kindred spirits for nothing. Or even better (or worse), hook up with Joon Hee – that would show those two immature ex-friends! That way I could still get NN with KD (who’s gonna mess with HER guy, right?!) and pair EH with DN for good measure (just to get all the ColorBarGirls a guy while outmaneuvering StupidSx2).
    I loved the hair salon scene. It was hilarious, how SY needed a haircut to start anew – yet because she loves her long hair so much, Adam’s hair had to take the blow. Even her confession she had been after his hair from the beginning could not alleviate the laugh factor of the scene. I’m now looking forward to Adam/Mom scenes. And speaking of the return of the mother – You were asking, whether SY was planning on staying with Adam? I have to admit, I was asking myself the same question. I’m dreading the day she finds out her parents (especially her mother’s) real relationships with the man.
    Hyo Rin and her short burst of usefulness… It’s not that I wasn’t thankful for the interference, I just cannot help but think – there are still four episodes to go – time enough for her to cook something up.
    And last, but certainly not least, the whole DN/KD situation. Finally some explanation for their past! I loved, how KD finally found the courage to stand up against the bullying… right up to the moment he confessed to DN he had been praying for courage to take the leap. That was the moment my heart sank into the depths of the ocean – especally because I remembered JR following him out, so it was not a surprise for him to listen to their conversation.
    Is it just me, or was DN spilling the story to the class (at least that’s what KD was made believe by JR and DN didn’t exactly force the issue to clear things up) the last straw for KD? You know, the last push to give him the courage he had been looking for for so long?
    Ah, I can not wait for the next week. This week’s roofhanger ending just needs to be concluded soon, or I will go crazy while waiting for the next episode.

    • yumi says:

      “Let’s start with NN and her blackmail-dates. I understand your need to spend time with the boy to make him open his eyes and SEE you, but really, do you not have any dignity at all? If you need to resort to making deals, just so you can pretend to be on a date while he’s under the impression, he’s doing his good deed for the day, he’s not worth it. You deserve better, girl!”

      I have a slightly different view on Kim NaNa’s bargain with Sun Woo.

      I have be contemplating the “doormat” trope of femininity proselytized on K-drama. It happen throughout all k-drama but is at a epidemic rate on week-end dramas where the female protagonist [being a heroine would require some action] is abused by everyone, husband, mothers-fathers-sisters-in-laws and all she does is suffer. Korea is a modern society–women can work outside the home, there must be other options than being everyone’s doormat.

      Back to Kim NaNa. Kim NaNa shows agency, a character element often missing from other women on k-dramas. She didn’t beg or plead or degrade herself to get what she wanted, she negotiated–which so many of of our male leads do with their love contracts. KIMSAMSOON and COFFEEPRINCE quickly comes to mind and I didn’t read anyone saying the male lead lacks dignity for negotiating for what he wanted.

      She didn’t lack dignity, NaNa had sense. She didn’t work against her best interest, agreeing to perform just to please the boy she likes, as most of our female leads often do.

      Nor did she take the second lead position, going behind Se Yi back and trying to undermine her as the usual anti-woman perspective in K-drama suggest must happen. So far she hasn’t blamed Se Yi because Sun Woo is interested in her, and when Se Yi needs a hand in avoiding school bullies or deflecting a harmful press story NaNa does the decent thing–she helps.

      On the “date” she didn’t try of perform as if she a nd Sun Woo were in a relationship they weren’t in, she was trying to get to know him better and create an opportunity for him to know her. When they went to the same spot she had watched him sharing desert with Se Yi, she didn’t perform a version of Se Yi as a more desperate, deluded, misinformed second lead might. Instead she was herself, while trying to see if she could fit into his world.

      In my opinion, K-drama would benefit from female characters with as much identity integrity has NaNa has.

      Kim Sun-Ah and Gong Hyo Jin can be counted on to bring those kind of self-respecting female characters to the screen. I am not sure there are other k-actresses that reliably do so.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Hyo Rin is definitely not done and I don’t think that reporter is, either.

      As for Nana, I’m SWNN-biased, of course, but the way I saw it, she mentioned the dates to challenge him and she didn’t expect him to accept it all. And when he did, she told him to leave and he returned to the group sure that he’d failed. I don’t think her appearance at the battle hinged on it. Then he mentioned it first on the rooftop. And up till the actual date, she didn’t expect him to show up. Plus to be fair, she can’t hold him to it since the performance is already over. Plus his reason for going out with her is lame but it’s not connected to their performance.

      It would be different if she told him that they had to go on 10 dates before the performance. So to me, it’s not that bad, especially as it’s some teen show and it’s not an uncommon trope. I just wonder if there will be a next date and how it would fit in the current plot as there are only 4 more episodes.

      Se Yi with Joon Hee would be interesting. I can’t imagine what they would talk about. lol

      I also think that DN supposedly spilling the story to the class was the last straw for him. Although, if he was thinking rationally, he would question it.

      • Altair says:

        OK, I apologize for the NaNa part. For my defence – I had just watched the episode and was quite wound up by the Idiotic Threesome (or SSS). I get your point about NN and, well, she does get brownie points for taking her love life in her own little hands. I just thought there ought to be dozens of boys who are interested without her cutting deals. You’re right, though. She probably only asked for the ten outings to get him back off – she knew he likes Se Yi, so the likelihood for him to agree must have been somewhere around zero. And being on the topic, Sun Woo actually showed he’s a decent guy after all, bringing up the outings himself and not trying to weasel out from his promise.
        I actually like NaNa. She has had my heart ever since she stopped the Dirty Water Brigade, even though she had just discovered her crush’s feelings for their intended target Se Yi. That’s why I want her with someone who really appreciates her, and Sun Woo, at least at this point, has only eyes for Se Yi… ok, he also has eyes for Seol Chan, but that’s about it.
        As for Kyu Dong – he might have been able to question the truth in Do Nam’s betrayal (especially since the boy in questin even started with “When did I…”, before storming away). The problem is, he had just fought with Do Nam, so he wasn’t actually in a very rational state of mind to begin with. Add to that Do Nam’s usual rashness towards him and the fact he had just brought up the painful topic himself, it’s actually no big wonder he believed Do Nam could have spilled the beans in anger – how else would everyone know? 😉

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          I don’t think you should apologize at all. I’m glad she’s taking her love life into her own hands but I also think there are other fish in the sea. Maybe she should smile at the Thai singer. Ultimately, I want Sun Woo to get a clue but she should forget him till then.

          Oh, I understand why Kyu Dong wasn’t able to question it at that point in time as everything happened so quickly.

  • ayan.k says:

    this episode has me feeling so much. If the PDs wanted to make me feel good and sad and pissed seconds of each other, they sure did their job right!
    i was ecstatic and feeling all sorts fo cutesy for the duet date but it fell so short of my high expectations. it was cute, yes. romantic…not as much. And there was just no satisfying action. However, i was still happy.
    Then came sunwoo, the man who is always everywhere and interrupts everything. Why?!! My otp can’t even have 5 minutes of screentime to themselves, ugh.
    Sunwoo is starting to irk me to high heaven. His underhanded declaration made me so mad and Seyi not voicing anything frustrated me also.
    At this point, it seems that they just want to piss and hurt each other off as much as the other person is doing to them and it’s making me antsy too.
    i am praying that in the next episode, seol-yi can express themselves better and move on from being such lost sheeps. i really want them to be together, but the way K fandoms are, im sure its close to impossible. Kinda makes me reflect on reality that dating an idol in real life is looking more and more negative then it does positive. Love conquers all…unless sassaeng fans are involved.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Sun Woo took his role as second lead quite seriously in this episode. LOL

      If Seol Chan chooses to stay in school past the three months, then they can probably be together.

  • tari says:

    I also enjoyed this episode more than you (first I watched it raw after that with Viki sub then reading Softy’s recap) but you made me laugh again with your reaction to the episode.

    I understand SW denial but boy he such a nappeun nom when he bombarded Se Yi with all his “why are you angry” I guess it will take more than a sexy outfit from Nana to get this boy out of his fifth grade infatuation. I laughed when Nana kinda blackmailed SW to go to 10 dates with her. Some called it desperation but all’s fair in love and war right? I hope when it comes to their 4th or 5th date it will be SW who calls her and set up the date maybe after she saved him from the truck of doom or something.

    And I just loved Seol Chan and Se Yi duet 🙂 and yes I’ll be FF the parents love story as well.
    Thanks for the fun recap.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      SW has to be standing in front of the window for a reason, right? If Nana is the one to save Kyu Dong, maybe he’ll watch it from the gym and “see” a new side of her. lol. Who knows? That’s if Kyu Dong doesn’t fall on a tree or something.

      But there has to be a reason they randomly sent him to the gym.

      Glad you enjoyed the episode and recap.

      • Panda says:

        UUUUHHHH.!!!!!!! I never thought of that… that would actually make sense hope the writers actually meant to do that for a good purpose ….. is it bad that I actually find it funny the thought of Kyu Dong getting stuck in a tree .

  • Kimia says:

    This episode was good but seriously i’m sick of this love triangle. they should end it ASAP otherwise it would become like all the other dramas with the same concept! and tanks for the recap. It was nice to see other people have the same idea about this episode.

  • tt2013 says:

    Thank you for the recap. I guess I am the one who like Seol Chan character. I am hoping we will get to know more about his past including his conflict with Sun Woo. My second favorite was kyu dong but after ep 8 I actually felt sorry for Do Nam so I have conflict feeling for these 2. Still I am rooting for Seol Chan not coz he is the singer in Beast band since this is the first time I seen him. 🙂

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