Monstar Episode 9 Recap: From Lurk To Love

Sun Woo took a much lower dosage of jerk pills and I’m happy again. Damn, I’m easy.

This episode didn’t have much plot and Seol Chan and Se Yi spent most of it thinking and thinking.  It was a nice Sun Woo/Se Yi episode given that we’ve known from the start that they won’t end up together. Sun Woo needed to confess his feelings and give it a shot. And he did. And Se Yi got to see the best side of him and make beautiful memories before sending him off. Seriously, if seeing a guy with precious kids doesn’t make you fall for him, nothing will.

Am I the only one who suspects this episode was written around Jun Hyung’s schedule? He must have been busy the week(s) it was filmed.


We begin with Kyu Dong on the roof ready to take the leap. Seol Chan and Se Yi race up the stairs to save him. Just as he steps over the ledge, someone pulls him from behind. Truth be told, given that there was a railing behind him, in reality, his leg would hit it and sent him and possibly his savior, all the way down. But let’s pretend we don’t notice that.

Seol Chan and Se Yi arrive to find Kyu Dong lying on Na Na missionary style. New couple alert!

Well, not really because while he’s still in a daze, she asks him to get off her. Seol Chan jokes about not realizing they were getting it on and Na Na’s glare shuts him up. Then Kyu Dong takes off.

Se Yi is worried that he’ll try to do it again but Na Na, who seems to know a little too much about suicide, tells her that he ran off because he was embarrassed and he’d probably be unable to muster up enough courage to attempt it again anytime soon.

Everyone but Kyu Dong returns to class. Se Yi keeps staring at his empty seat while Sun Woo looks back at his rival.

After class, Eun Ha tells Se Yi what happened and admits that after hearing the story, she began to see Kyu Dong in a different light. And why didn’t she help? She was going through her own drama. She starts to tell her but Se Yi is too wrapped up in Kyu Dong’s issues that she interrupts her and leaves.

Se Yi finds Do Nam and flings Kyu Dong’s bag at him. She tells him about the suicide attempt and when Do Nam says he had nothing to do with the classmates finding out, she says that it’s still his fault because he didn’t set things straight. And if he’d jumped, it would have been like he pushed him. I understand her point but Jae Rok is the true culprit here. It’s true that if Do Nam forgives him, Kyu Dong will be able to stand tall again, however, it’s also Do Nam’s right to never forgive him. Making an apology doesn’t automatically earn forgiveness and if you’re in the unfortunate position of not being forgiven, you have to learn to live with it.

Isn’t this t-shirt a little too cute for such a tough guy?

Seol Chan and Sun Woo have one of their special love triangle talks. Dear Lord, let this be the last one. Seol Chan calls Sun Woo a coward for confessing in front of him. Then Sun Woo turns it around and asks if confessing in private would make him brave. That’s the annoying thing about arguing with Sun Woo – you confront him certain that you’re in the right only for him to turn it around and make you question yourself.

Sun Woo then asks him if he’s solved the problem of having a love life despite his fame. Can he really be with Se Yi? Seol Chan wonders if that means Se Yi has chosen him instead. Sun Woo tells him he believes so.

Sun Woo walks off and runs into Se Yi who’s returning from her confrontation with Do Nam. She’s now very awkward with him so he urges her to be normal as all he did was express his feelings. It’s amazing how this is maybe like one or two hours since he acted like a psycho and confessed. So either the jerk pills have worn off or someone else wrote (or directed) the last episode.

She starts to address his confession but he cuts her off. He quotes “someone” a.k.a. Seol Chan – the only true love of his life, who’s somehow become a philosopher in this episode – who said: The truth comes out in time. He’s thought about her for six years, shouldn’t he give her a little time to think about him? Gosh, I’m already feeling bad for him. In his heart, he knows the truth but he can’t let go without doing this. My poor baby.

Seol Chan shows up and lurks behind a tree, watching them. Then Hyo Rin shows up and winks at him. I have to say that All For One make for terrible villains. I sincerely hope they’ve got something up their sleeves because so far, they’ve been disappointing. Joon Hee warned Sun Woo that he’d regret leaving them but so far, nothing has happened. Hyo Rin marked Seol Chan as hers and all she’s done is get rid of the reporter and wink at him. Hopefully, they’re not all talk and no action.

As Seol Chan lies on a bench pondering over losing a girl he was never able to confess to, Adam sits in a chair and thinks about seeing Se Yi’s mother after several years. Then he looks at his old high school photo and thinks back to happier times.

A flashback takes us to that day. They were preparing to perform at a festival and as they waited for the rest of their band, they performed a song.

While the show has been suggesting that Adam and Se Yi’s mom were in love but she married her dad, all I see when I watch this is that Se Yi’s parents were in love and Adam had a crush on her mom. And he had a lovely, deep voice. Well, I suppose their somewhat antagonistic rapport could suggest some hidden feelings.

There’s a knock at Adam’s door and when he opens it, who’s standing at the other end? Kyu Dong. He had nowhere else to go. They catch up then Adam asks him why he’s ditching school since he doesn’t appear to have any issues. Kyu Dong informs him that he’d just attempted suicide. Okay, so maybe he has at least one issue.

Do Nam is walking home with Kyu Dong’s bag. He thinks back to what Se Yi said as well as his former friend’s apology. Then he tosses the bag on the street. Way harsh, Do Nam.

Kyu Dong explains why he tried to kill himself  – it was punishment to all his bullies. The thing with such a punishment is that while they are alive getting over your death, you are dead. He eventually understood the folly of this decision but by the time he realized it, he’d already reached the point of no return. He muses that realizing too late is a trait of his. Perhaps it happened once before and he didn’t realize that he should pull out of the competition till he was standing on stage. In my opinion, if Do Nam had been a good friend, he would have encouraged Kyu Dong to carry on without him but these aren’t thoughts many 10-year-olds have.

Kyu Dong tells him that he won’t be attempting suicide again because he died at that moment and doesn’t want to experience it again. The ajusshi shares his own experience with suicide. He’d been living in filth with his current haircut and after popping a bunch of pills in his mouth, he’d read a saying on a chopsticks wrapper that stated: If you want it, salvation will come in an unexpected way. If only it were this simple in reality.

Seol Chan is in a daze on his drive home when he sees Se Yi sitting at the bus stop. They maintain eye contact as he drives by. Shortly after, Kyu Dong calls to tell her of his whereabouts and that he’s okay. He also tells her not to let anyone know where he is. Na Na, who hears the tail end of the conversation, sits next to her then informs her of her dates with Sun Woo. As Se Yi processes that information, probably wondering why she’s being told, Sun Woo’s car passes by and he maintains eye contact with Na Na. lol. Ooh, parallels. This show.

Seol Chan is in a studio mulling over what Sun Woo said. Can he really take his former friend’s word for it that he’s what Se Yi wants? But on the other hand, they have shared memories. Maybe she does like him too. But what the hell? He should have just asked her himself. But what the hell, why is he even thinking about that? But what the hell, why are you such an overthinker? If you did more and thought less, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

His bandmates and president show up and he’s informed that they need to shoot a video in Japan. He doesn’t like it because he’s not ready to up and leave and when his manager mentions that his image has improved so much that he can probably leave school, he gets upset. Aww, did someone get attached to a group of misfits? I wonder if he’ll decide to stay till he graduates. He quips that they want him to record a drama OST when he’s living his own drama right now. Then they start to record.

To be honest, I’ve been ignoring his bandmates because I don’t think they add much to the story but maybe it’s because they have more lines and are more present in this episode, I’ve noticed them and I have to say that I’ve pulled a Hyo Rin and “mined” two of them. Off to google BTOB.

As the song plays, we see what the other characters are doing:  Se Yi and Na Na are walking sadly, Sun Woo is trying to read but gets lost in his thoughts, Do Nam has picked up Kyu Dong’s bag and is walking. Eun Ha is alone in class feeling bad, Kyu Dong is cleaning the basement, Adam is staring at his guitar, Seol Chan is thinking about Sun Woo and Se Yi and it’s just another day for our characters.

Se Yi is at home talking to her boyfriend sheep when Seol Chan calls her out. Dude, it’s nighttime  – do you still have to wear those huge sunglasses? What does he want? He asks if Sun Woo confessed to her. Dude, you were standing right there. He shocks her with congratulations and she shocks him right back with thanks. Once again, they are fighting about being unable to express that they want to be together. Emotions runs high and their tempers flare. She asks if this is what being partners means to him – doing something in person that could be done on the phone.

He asks if this means she’s accepted Sun Woo. She retorts that it is Jung Sun Woo – how could she reject him? Then she realizes that he knew about Sun Woo’s feelings when he teased him during the car ride. Seol Chan retorts that she must have also known about them otherwise, she wouldn’t accept them so easily. Dude, if you like a guy, it’s really not that hard to accept his feelings – you don’t need to know of them beforehand.

Then as if he forgot that they were all trying to protect him, he turns what she did in front of the reporter against her. Ugh, head-desking a thousand times. He calls himself foolish for asking her to be his girlfriend for a day. Oh, and no wonder she thought having a doll boyfriend was childish. Dude, I don’t think you need to have a boyfriend to think a doll boyfriend is childish, although the word you’re looking for here might be “fetish.”

The tension continues to rise and when he calls himself stupid, she agrees. He wishes her luck then walks away.

Se Yi returns to her room in tears, sees the doll then runs back out. She catches up to Seol Chan and throws it at him. Didn’t he tell her to return it when she found a guy? He can have it back now.

Kyu Dong doesn’t show up to class the next day and while Do Nam doesn’t do anything, he keeps giving unconcerned Jae Rok, the stink eye. Eun Ha sits by Se Yi and goes on about how Seol Chan left for Japan without a word. She guesses that Se Yi knows what’s wrong with Kyu Dong and when her friend pulls Do Nam aside to talk, she feels left out.

Se Yi’s aunt is worried about Kyu Dong’s absence because although he leaves home, he doesn’t show up at school. She tries to pry some information from Sun Woo but he doesn’t know himself since he was at the gym mentally visiting his happy place.

Se Yi tells Do Nam where Kyu Dong is and asks him to visit him and as she leaves, Sun Woo walks in on them and gets suspicious. Sheep Yi isn’t the best at keeping secrets so she eventually tells him. He knows their teacher plans to visit his home so he tells her that they should go and see him together.

I could have sworn that unlike other Color Bar members who were friendless when the show began, Eun Ha had some but apparently she’s lost them all and now that she needs a friend, she can’t find one. She asks Se Yi to go to karaoke with her but since she’s going to see Kyu Dong, she declines her offer. She even gets desperate enough to ask Na Na but she already knew the answer before asking.

As Sun Woo and Se Yi prepare to leave, Joon Hee shows up and asks Sun Woo to do him a favor and practice with them that afternoon. Apparently, they need a cellist for the day and it would mean a lot if he did them that favor. Joon Hee, how is crawling back to him making him regret leaving you?

In the practice room, Hyo Rin amuses Seon Woo with her plans for Seol Chan, embarrassing her brother and Jae Rok. Na Na shows up and watches him perform. Girlfriend, your love for him is slightly cray. Sweetie, you never heard the saying that if you love something, let it go? Let it go, Dearie. Let it go.

Good SamariWoo steps out after practice to talk to her. She tells him that she’d like to have one of their dates. Hmm. I love Na Na but if a guy ever told me that I was his charity case, I would lose all interest in him. But not Thick-Skinned Na Na who’s like, “Whatever, I’m still getting my ten dates!” We should all be more like Na Na and go for what we want no matter what. You like another girl? I don’t care – let’s go and eat cake.

Before Sun Woo can reply, Se Yi shows up. He explains that they already have plans and Se Yi, who now knows of their dates, invites her along.

Adam looks at his marked calendar and puts a wad of cash in an envelope. I haven’t seen this guy work a single day so where did the money come from?

He hears a knock at the door and who is it? Eun Ha. Why is she there? She had nowhere else to go.

Adam leads her to the basement where she’s shocked to find Kyu Dong. They talk a little and she asks him if he plays the piano. Not well as he quit after three months. She tells him to play her something anyway.

We see Se Yi and Thick-Skinned Na Na riding with Good SamariWoo. But since Seol Chan is not around, Se Yi looks out the window while Sun Woo glances back at her and Na Na looks up at him. I can’t wait till this shit ends. This guy doesn’t even know how to be subtle and look at her through the rear-view mirror.

Adam walks into a bank and bumps into Sun Woo’s favorite Thai singer, Nawin. Kyu Dong’s song ends and he notices a bruise on Eun Ha’s thigh. I wonder what this story will be.

She gets up and feels sorry that she’s got no musical talent because she could use it at moments like this. But she does have a talent – her imagination. And all I know is that this drama had better not be a fanfic of hers.

They rearrange the room and she imagines the Color Bar members as a rock band. She invites Kyu Dong into her imagination and they both start to rock.

It’s a great moment and I love how they connect as two broken souls.

As soon as their fantasy ends, there’s a knock at the door. Eun Ha and Kyu Dong open it to find Sun Woo and the sister-wives as well as Nawin, staring back at them.

Se Yi’s mom is at the bank transferring her account and when she walks past Adam who’s sending money to Thailand (!), she stops to talk to him. They go out for a drink and we learn that he was famous for his parties. He tries to bring up her husband but she gets defensive. Does he now pity her because she’s alone? She tells him that she hopes they don’t run into each other again and in the future, should pretend to be strangers. Here’s my thing: If this is how she feels, why did she stop to talk to him? Why not just pretend she didn’t see him?

In the basement, Eun Ha is upset that they all came without telling her. Why is she always left out? Se Yi reassures her that it isn’t the case and Kyu Dong fesses up that she’d only done it at his insistence.

Eun Ha inquires about Nawin and we learn that they’d run into him as he searched for Adam’s place, so they brought him along. That’s all well and good but they should know better than to let a stranger into someone else’s home.

Kyu Dong walks outside and Se Yi follows him to apologize for letting the others in on his secret. She tells him to not to worry about returning to school because he has her. Aww.

He explains that he came over because the place holds his fondest memories and when Se Yi looks around, all the plants have bloomed. He adds that he would love to keep coming here and I guess Se Yi will make it her mission to have Color Bar reunite. I love Kyu Dong and all but I want to tell him to get a grip. He needs to do some soul searching and find happiness within himself.

Adam returns and is shocked to find Se Yi there and his eyes widen when he learns that he has a Thai visitor. He goes to the basement and tells the kids to get the hell out.

Kyu Dong thanks Na Na as they walk away and when Eun Ha wonders where  Seol Chan is, we find him lurking in the background. He gets to see Sun Woo tap Se Yi’s shoulder to cheer her up. Little does he know that she’s sad because Eun Ha mentioned his name.

Nawin asks Adam if he knows a lady called Choi Se Young whom six years ago… before he can complete his sentence, Adam yells at him to get lost and that he doesn’t know that person. Shortly after he shuts the gate, someone starts banging on it. He angrily opens it to find Seol Chan there. What does he want?  He had nowhere else to go. How cute are these kids? He’s there to think about how he could possibly live in a world where Sun Woo and Se Yi like each other. lol.

Sun Woo walks Se Yi home but as usual, she’s lost in her thoughts of Seol Chan. Why does she look so down? He tells her that it’s sad that she isn’t aware of him even after he made that confession. I’m just glad cute Sun Woo is back and even cuter this week with all his shy smiles.

He gets a phone call from the mysterious Hye Rim who’d called him crying in one of the early episodes. He hangs up and asks Se Yi if she wants to meet his girlfriend.

Adam is having his usual car accident nightmare at home when someone bangs at his door. Who is it? Do Nam. The older man wonders if he’s also got nowhere to go but Do Nam is there to see his former friend.

Sun Woo arrives at a hospital with a guitar and Se Yi. A little girl runs to him and he scoops her up and smiles at her lovingly. My ovaries have exploded!

The girl asks who Se Yi is and when Se Yi greets her, she rejects it. lol. Then she pulls her hair to check if it’s a wig. The other kids run to him then they set up to perform. Apparently, he met her two years ago while volunteering at the hospital. The night he stood Se Yi up, the girl called because her roommate had died.

They perform a song.

While they might bore some people, these two would make a sweet couple.

As they perform, we learn that Do Nam has gone to Kyu Dong’s house and he’s lurking in the shadows, watching him.

After the performance, Sun Woo and Se Yi walk to her place together. He tells her that she’s not natural with him and just follows his orders blindly. Does she not see him as a man? She’s immediately reminded of the time Seol Chan yelled that question at her when she thought he liked Sun Woo. He shouldn’t be saying this but she’s the first person to not realize that he’s a cool guy. She’s instantly reminded of Seol Chan yelling, “I’m a star!”  Then she calls out his name at the same spot she’d called Seol Chan’s and thrown the doll at him.

Then it hits her like a ton of bricks and she starts to cry. Sun Woo softly asks her if she’s crying because of Seol Chan. Her eyes scream “yes” but her lips say “no.” Then she crouches down and sobs. He crouches in front of her and comforts her.

She apologizes to him. Then he quotes Philosopher Chan: Being sure of yourself is when you ask yourself a question and listen to the answer. This is what Seol Chan used to say when they were like eleven?

In a soft voice, he concludes that she’s crying because she’s heard the answer. This is called losing a love triangle with grace. It’s okay, Sun Woo, just seek comfort in Na Na’s arms.

Seol Chan lurks in the background and watches them.

Sun Woo walks her halfway up her long steps – I bet his legs had begun to hurt. He says goodbye and walks away but after taking a few steps down, looks back at her. She waves. It’s appropriate that he says goodbye to his first love at the very spot the arc began. Bye, bye, fifth grade.

Se Yi walks further up and someone who’s been lurking in the shadows reveals himself. Seol Chan asks her why she’s crying. Did Sun Woo do something?

They sit on the steps and he tries to get to the bottom of it. If it’s not Sun Woo, then what is it? She doesn’t tell him and he says that if she cries in front of him, she has to tell him why. I think this is the softest his voice has ever been.

She asks him why he cares and he tells her that they are partners. She tells him to cut it out because she’s tired of him using that relationship as an excuse.

He wonders why they became partners. Since she takes everything literally, she reminds him that it was because he asked.  Okay, he asks himself, why did he choose to be her partner? They focus on two snails on some leaves because apparently, nothing gets you in the mood for romance like looking at snails (yeah, yeah, I know they are slow and snails were shown in the first episode).

So why did he choose to be her partner? He calls out her name then grabs her face and shows her. About damn time.

Her eyes widen in shock and after an instinctual struggle, she succumbs to her feelings and kisses him back.


This episode had way too many flashbacks that kept going on and on. I bet we had at least 20 minutes of flashbacks. I love how Do Nam pretty much spent the entire episode walking down the street carrying a bag. Kim Na Na’s only storyline is her unrequited love so almost no screen time for her.

I can’t count the number of Mills & Boon/Harlequin/formulaic romance novels I read in my teens. When I was like thirteen, I was on a steady diet of stories about alpha male bosses and their virginal secretaries. Hmm… I watch Korean dramas so perhaps nothing has changed. Regardless, there was a time I found the forced kiss trope sexy. Here, I don’t think he initially forced a kiss but eventually did. They shouldn’t have had her struggle and have him force her in place. I understand he’s stopping her from running away from her feelings but she could have just done the usual wide-eyed thing to show her initial shock before kissing him back.

Having said that, yay, they kissed! Some people are so happy because Seol Chan’s lips kissed Se Yi’s lips and they are in love! Awesome. I’m glad we’ve gone past the “What is this feeling?” phase.  But I’m happier because it means the damn love triangle has ended and now Sun Woo/Na Na can start to sail. About time.  Thanks for not dragging this out till the last episode. Hugs and unforced kisses from me, Writers.

This episode moved too slowly given we’ve got only three more and I feel like there’s still so much ground to cover. And just when we think we’re done with Adam’s story, they add a Thai connection and now we don’t know if he sends money because Nawin is his son, or it’s guilt money because he killed his mother. A woman who may or may not be Se Yi’s mom’s sister as they share the same last name. And an accident that is most likely connected to Se Yi’s father’s death.

Not only does Kim Na Na save people from dirty water and embarrassment, she thwarts suicide attempts and saves lives! At this rate, she will find the cure to Hye Rim’s illness. And what I like about her is she doesn’t do things for recognition, thanks or to find a path to righteousness or whatever that idiot said last week. If the writers don’t give her a happy ending, they will receive a very strongly worded letter from me! To be honest, at this point, I’m shipping her with Sun Woo because it’s what she wants. While Sun Woo redeemed himself this week, I need to see something from him. And with three episodes left, the writers had better get cracking on this. Their final “see” conversation had better be the sweetest scene in this series.

So Se Yi and Seol Chan now understand each other’s hearts (we hope) and we also know that Star Chan isn’t ready to leave school. So how will they deal with his career and this new life he didn’t even realize he wanted? Will Do Nam beat Jae Rok to a pulp and make up with Kyu Dong? Will Thick-Skinned Na Na ask Lame SamariWoo on another date and where will they go? Will we find out why Eun Ha has bruises? Obviously, Color Bar has formed an attachment to each other and Adam’s place. What will their next performance be about and will Sun Woo ever return to All For One? Will I start to care about Adam’s story? We’ll find out next week.

Till then!

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  • karecity says:

    LOL i love your recaps. i burst out laughing every few paragraphs.
    thought this episode was abit lackluster. too many repetitive dialogues that dont serve any purpose like the seolchan/sunwoo confrontations. and about donam carrying kyudong’s bag – didnt seyi give the bag to him the day kyudong tried to commit suicide, and he went to find kyudong that day? and then a few days passed cos kyudong was absent from school for many days. and at the end of the episode after several days donam is STILL carrying kyudong’s bag?
    right now the only character i’m caring about is nana cos she’s so awesome yet no one loves her! 🙁 LMAO at nana’s face when sunwoo said he had to go somewhere with seyi. sunwoo needs to get over his childhood crush (i’ve never heard of anyone so hung up over their childhood crush before. only in kdramas…) and accept nana stat! obsessed with the sunwoo/nana ship. doesnt help that dahee and kang haneul are sooo cute together too.
    also starting to get interested in Adam’s story cos of cute thai singer! i felt so bad for him when Adam yelled at him. poor boy didnt do anything!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thanks for your comment. I know, the cute guy just wants to find his mom. Adam sure has anger problems. LOL

      Even if no one on the show loves Nana, at least we do. That has to count for something!

      I guess Sun Woo couldn’t forget Se Yi because she disappeared on him but I think at that age, things like that are easy to forget. But not these characters who have memories like elephants.

  • Leslie says:

    oh GOD i love you~!

    ” I can’t wait till this shit ends.”

    As Im reading your post im quickly scrolling for NANA and SUNWOO.lmao I said to you on twitter im not sure if im thrilled with the 10 dates because i dont want Nana to look pathetic. I just want my baby girl to be happy! and Sunwoo needs to just GET OVER SEYI. Gawd ive had enough SEYI and SEOLCHAN for the past episodes (but of course they’re the main leads) lol OH i so love your description of NANA and this is why i find her an awesome character regardless of the neverending cliche of ‘one sided love’

  • PiscesDragon says:

    I agree with you regarding the “forced kiss” scene. Previous scenes between Seyi and Seol Chan has been bordering on being “violent”, now the kiss scene is also like that instead of being sweet and tender. I hope after realizing his real feelings for Seyi, they portray Seol Chan as a typical high school student with a budding first love and not as an arrogant ” star ” and that everything has to be in the way he likes it. This is why I like Sunwoo’s actions better than Seol Chans’. The finger tap on a girl’s shoulder is way more romantic than holding down the girl’s arms so you can kiss her and show her that you like her!

  • Tik says:

    Thanks for your recap>>>>>love so much

  • blnmom says:

    Love your recaps! I read Monstar recaps from 4 different sites (if you love it, let it go– wha??) but yours always has me laughing out loud like a crazy person. I’m looking forward to the time when your first screenplay is produced…

    Anybody else digging teacher Choi and/or Samari-woo’s driver?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      That’s such a nice thing to say. Thank you! You get an automatic invite to my movie premiere 😀

      Thanks, again. Oh, and I do love both guys. I think the driver can write a novel on teen angst now. lol

  • tt2013 says:

    Thank you for the comments about recap. Love all your funny comnents in between. I was laughing as I read them. This episode was kind of a drag for me until the end. I love the new song in this ep though. Not a lot of Seol Chan in this episode. Anyway I am excited to see what will happen after the kiss. 😉 thanks again.

  • tt2013 says:

    Thank you for the comments and recap. Love all your funny comments in between. I was laughing as I read them. This episode was kind of a drag for me until the end. I love the new song in this ep though. Not a lot of Seol Chan in this episode. Anyway I am excited to see what will happen after the kiss. 😉 thanks again.

  • BAR says:

    “It’s a great moment and I love how [EH & KD] connect as two broken souls.”
    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    One comment I posted elsewhere that I would like to repeat here: I really like how they casted Kim Yerim as Young Seyi’s Omma, considering that she looks AND sounds like a younger version of her.

    Anyways, you saying it was a “forced kiss” really reminded me that all along I though Seolchan was acting like a stalker rapist. Even when making a confession, he’s like that – nothing’s changed. Well, Seyi eventually consented, but that doesn’t mean that Seolchan’s initial act was very rape-y.

    Anyways, more Nana x Sunwoo! (Even though I know next episode is going to focus on Eunha. Maybe some more EH x KD development, pending a KD-DN reconciliation? Only 3 episodes left!)

  • Lumiere says:

    Thank u for the recap. Out of all the blogs recapping Monstar, your recaps are definitely the funniest. Btw, did they reveal the big fight behind the Sun Woo/ Sul Chan break up?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Thank you and I’m glad you enjoy the recaps 😀

      We still don’t know why they fought. They are dragging it to the ends of the earth.

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