“Heartless City” Episode 17 Preview

Will Hyung Min and Shi Hyun join forces to fight the oh-so-powerful Pusan?

Credit to the uploader


  • R says:

    Thank you so much for the preview. I wonder who is the actual Pusan. For a moment i thought the chief. Now im thinking the commissioner. I wonder what kind of twist this drama will pull. Im always on my edge. Its so good. And Jung kyung ho looks so sexy here that i feel like my heart is on fire.

  • M says:

    Oh my! The level of epicness is just about to be raised up a notch. Thanks for posting the preview! 🙂

  • mona says:

    thank you so much. i cant wait to watch ep17. this drama is well-made . i fell in love with Jung kyung ho . he is sooooo sexy. i wish si hyun & su min have a happy ending. heartless city hwaiting………..

  • Brandi says:

    Episode 17! I wish this had more episodes 🙁 I just hope for a great ending. Thank you for making such an awesome drama. (: THIS HAS TO BE MY TOP FAV OF THE YEAR!!! ShiHyun and SooMin are a CC. Can’t wait for english subtitles. (:

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