Monstar Episode 11 Preview

With only two more episodes, this show is still going around in circles. Why?

So Nana and Sunwoo didn’t hold hands in the couple game but there was progress. However, the guy is still an idiot and the love triangle is still going on. WHY? And what the heck is going on in this preview?

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  • christy says:

    Translation pls

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      From Softy:

      sunwoo: these days why do you avoid me?

      eunha: loving a friend’s friend

      sunwoo: you have to go with me

      hyo rin asks for some text

      eunha: it can be different from last time

      someone talks about stepping on something properly

      PD comes back to school to check up on him and some girl says isnt that Yoon seol chan

      seol chan: I am having a hard time

      seol chan asks isnt that ajussi (adam) the real criminal/culprit? heard he was in some accident

      seol chan says to se yi: right now between you and me – dont you know what’s bothering us the most?

  • chasen8888 says:

    I enjoyed episode 10. Looking forward to the next one, can you believe its 2 episodes left. Really going to miss this show, it was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

    From the preview , it appears there is another “date” in order for Sun Woo & Se yi to humor the PD much to the great displeasure of Seol Chan and Na na. The past catches up with the adults. We have a pissed off Joonhee at Se yi from “someone talks about stepping on something properly” which means that he blames her for Sun Woo fall out with All for One. He is too arrogant to see that it may not be the actual case. Seol Chan hopefully takes the bull by the horns with Se Yi to actually state what they are both feeling for each other.

    As for Sun Woo, although I like Na na’s approach in introducing herself to Sun Woo through the dates, I think she is going to have to speed things up a bit with a Seol Chan move for a wake/shake up call. Because at times he is like Se Yi in that department. Sun Woo needs a shocker from Na na in order to let Se Yi go. As a matter of fact all of us are hoping for an end to this triangle by next week preferably in the first 20 minutes. Its dragged out long enough.

    Got to admit we did have some good Sun Woo/Nana moments, Se Yi’s/Seol Chan unofficial date/walk, the friendships and the gift to Eun ha. I am however, concerned about her getting abused at home an issue that must be addressed & resolved in the next episode.

    Gone for now. Anxiously awaiting clockwatcher’s fun recap of the show. Your insight is so interesting.

  • deeps says:

    Ugh, ugh, ugh.

    They need to either make SY and SC a couple already or move the triangle to the background till they are ready to. Cos this stalling while giving the triangle copious amounts of screen time is driving me nuts. The upcoming beats of parallels with the parents, SC’s stardom would write itself fine with the triangle ended. And if they don’t want to, then use the screen time to flesh out other stuff like Do Nam’s change of heart, All for one as villains. A Sun Woo story is aiming for the stars so not even asking for that. I feel like I am watching two shows right now – one is a funny, beautiful, well paced show about friendship and teenagers dealing with crushes, broken friendships, crappy parents and dreams about being an adult which makes me sad that there are only 2 episodes left and not enough time to get everything that I want. And then there is the show about the triangle written by somebody who is just biding time till the last 10 minutes of episode 12 and makes me wish i had watched this after the fact so that i could just fast forward to the ending now .

    • Rossi says:

      Man, I thought I was the only one who think the show is bipolar. It’s like there are 2 different writers. One is reponsible for all the interesting parts that have depth and layers. The other is just writing bad fanfiction with contrived reasons to keep the OTP apart just so they can make it a multi chapters fic. Sadly the latter writer won the poker round so she get to trumps the other writer 🙁

  • Ally says:

    She keeps encouraging his poor heart! Can’t you see he’s hurtin? T_T poor sun woo

  • Rossi says:

    The delusional fangirl inside of me says that Seun Woo’s words could be directed at Nana. The more logical side says, ” Meh! Like we could expect the writing of this show to power us forward to any satisfying conclusion. They just gonna drag the main OTP’s plot line to its stupid spluttering last breath. >=[”

    I guess this is why fanfiction was invented. Hur

    P.s: long time lurker, first time de lurker here *wave*

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