Monstar Episode 10 Recap: Plot? What Plot?

Okay, joke’s on me. Last week, when I hoped that Seol Chan and Se Yi finally understood each other’s feelings, I was smoking crack, right? Fine, fine, I’ll wear the dunce cap for the rest of the week.

It was actually a nice and cute episode. The problem is they are acting like this is Degrassi with 300 seasons and not a drama with only 12 episodes. They think that warning us about the pace by literally showing us snails makes it easier? No. It just means that they are  aware that this shit is slower than a dead slug in dried concrete but refuse to do anything about it. Ugh.


The episode begins at the SS couple’s kiss and after enjoying it for a few seconds, they suddenly realize that they are actually kissing and break apart.

They are both shocked and ask each other why they did it. If I remember correctly, it was Seol Chan’s explanation for why he chose her as a partner or have they already forgotten?

It gets too much for them so they both hilariously hightail it out of there. Here’s my thing: Seol Chan got into her face in the first episode, in Episode 6, dragged her on top of him in the car… time after time, threatened to kiss her but when he finally does it, he acts like his balls haven’t dropped yet. It’s one step forward and eighteen steps back with this extremely frustrating couple.

Se Yi runs home and hides under the covers. Oh my God, she just got kissed. Seol Chan runs then stops to catch his breath. What just happened? What did he do? Gosh, who knew it was possible for someone to not understand why they kissed someone they like? Really? Do I have to paint you a picture? He looks at the sky and hallucinates the stars forming a heart shape. What would have been cute four episodes ago is just plain annoying to me now.

Our Stupidly Slow couple wakes up mortified the next morning. What should they do? He’s so embarrassed and doesn’t know how to face her now. Then he wonders why she just sat there and accepted his kiss. She did struggle at first but let’s pretend to forget that.

Se Yi arrives at school looking like death and after she and Eun Ha exchange pleasantries with Sun Woo, Eun Ha asks how their date went. Apparently, she’d played Cupid or something. Se Yi acts weird and she takes it as confirmation that something went down between them. Sweetie, I think you’re the only one shipping them at this point.

Sun Woo updates his teacher on Kyu Dong. He was having a hard time and he doesn’t know if he’ll be returning to school. Teacher Dok wonders why Kyu Dong didn’t tell her and she needs to ask herself why she hasn’t protected him knowing he is the class wangta.

Se Yi goes to class and while she’s staring at Seol Chan’s empty seat, oblivious Eun Ha shows up to inform her that he’ll probably not be coming to class since his flight from Japan arrived that morning.

Then Kyu Dong returns to class amidst whispers from his classmates. Jerk Rok, who was obviously dropped on his head repeatedly as child, snidely comments that he’d thought he’d died since he’d been absent for so long.

He adds that if he’d been him, he would have shamefully returned with an injury and just as Na Na starts to tell him off, Se Yi comes to the rescue and calls him Joon Hee’s servant. She walks over to him and says that he’s the biggest coward she’s ever encountered.

He laughs and scoffs at her, noting that because Seol Chan and Sun Woo have taken an interest in her, she’s grown wings and feels powerful. To his surprise, she agrees that she can say whatever she wants to him because he doesn’t have the guts to face them. She then adds that our barely-a-cymbals player has nothing of his own and just rides others’ coattails.

Since it’s not easy for a loser like this to hear the truth, he stands up in anger to attack her the moment Do Nam walks into class. Do Nam walks over to Kyu Dong, stares at him for a few moments, then tosses his bag at him. Then he goes back to his seat, exchanges angry glares with Jerk Rok and tells Se Yi to return to her seat.

Since the writer has run out of plot, we have to spend this episode with the Stupidly Slow couple thinking, really thinking, seriously thinking and angsting about each other. So as Se Yi walks down the hallway, she looks at her phone and wonders if Seol Chan will be coming to school. Dear Lord, what will she do if he comes? Sun Woo sees her talking to herself and asks if she’s okay. When he points at her lips, she freaks out because, perhaps he’s noticed that something about them have changed. But he’s just pointing out that there’s hair on her lips. This show loves its parallels but this isn’t exactly the same as having a milk moustache but anyway, as he points at the pesky hair that she should be able to feel,  ready to take it off, Na Na suddenly appears and tells them to move because they are in the way. Then she walks between them and brushes Se Yi’s hair aside because she’s not going to let Sun Woo’s finger touch another woman’s lip. Girlfriend, let him touch other women and get his heart broken. If he’s so thick-headed that he chases after her despite watching her cry over another guy, he’s not worth your trouble.

Se Yi’s class goes to the media room to watch a performance but she’s lost in her thoughts of Seol Chan. They give us the extremely repetitive scene of Se Yi thinking about Seol Chan, Sun Woo looking at her and Na Na looking at him as if they haven’t already drummed this dynamic into our heads repeatedly. Lookie here, Writer, we get it. How many more times do we have to see this shit? Watching grass grow would be more entertaining at this point.

As Se Yi watches, she starts to hallucinate that the performers appear and sing the love song about longing to her personally. It’s actually cute and they follow her for the rest of the day.

She sings along just as Sun Woo passes by. He later catches up with her in the hallway, noting that she’s been out of it the whole day and of course, Seol Chan shows up and isn’t happy to see them together. Nice to know this non-factor love triangle has to continue at all costs.

The Stupidly Slow couple sits in silence till Seol Chan’s biggest fan shows up, happy to see him. She was worried that he’d disappear as mysteriously as he appeared and after they laugh about it, she tells him that Se Yi has been out of it the whole day, much to her chagrin.

After she leaves, he asks her if she’s okay and she assures him that she is. Then they sit awkwardly together and both Eun Ha and Sun Woo notice. After an awkward parting, Eun Ha asks Se Yi to go to the basement with her. Thick-Headed Sun Woo, who has to be all over her business all the damn time, starts to approach her but luckily, the viewers are saved by Nana’s text telling him it’s time for their third date. Thanks for the cockblock, Babe.

Nana waits outside as the rest of her class leave the building.  Kyu Dong, who now really appreciates her, walks over, asks if she’s waiting for someone then disappears when he sees Do Nam. Do Nam is next and thanks her for saving Kyu Dong’s life (Aww). Then Sun Woo shows up. She needs a favor from him.

What does she want? They go to her sewing studio where he plays model. She’s fitting him for a snakeskin jacket and when he turns around, they are in close proximity and she’s all, “Oh, my panties!’

I’ve been to a few fittings in my day and have never had such a reaction. He asks who the jacket is for and she says no one. Well, it is being fitted to one person’s body but unless he’s filling in for Joon Hyung  in BEAST while he films Monstar, I don’t see where he can wear it to.

There’s all this sexual tension (mainly on her side) as she touches him and like hello, these two obviously have a lot of chemistry and I hope these writers don’t turn it into one long tease and waste it.

Anyway, he wonders if she dreams of becoming a designer and she says not really but while making clothes, she’ll figure it out.

He takes it off when she’s done and she asks if he can wait an hour to try on something else she’s working on. He agrees and sits by the window. They don’t speak and she tells him that instead of just staring into thin air, he can do his favorite thing – study for his exams.

On the ride home, Seol Chan continues to stress about their kiss and we learn that he’d gone to school to give her an explanation but couldn’t because he didn’t want to use the same words Sun Woo had used. Writer, is this the best you could do? This was the most creative way you could keep the couple apart? Grammar is the reason this thing is being dragged on for longer? REALLY?

On every other television show in the world, people in denial lie that their kiss meant nothing when it meant something. Here in Monstarland, people have to figure out how to explain that the kiss meant something. This is truly unchartered waters. Congratulations!

Adam is at home thinking about Nawin and the accident because while there will be no development this episode,  they want to make sure we don’t forget it. Eun Ha and Se Yi show up and find Kyu Dong who’s practicing on the piano. Then Eun Ha grabs a conga drum and starts to beat on it. Se Yi plays her guitar along then Kyu Dong plays on the piano.

Then we see Sun Woo walking Na Na back from the studio. He asks if she likes making clothes (didn’t they just have this conversation?) and she tells him she does it because she’s got nothing better to do. As a child, while others were on the playground, she was at the room salon and spent her days watching pretty ladies go in and out in beautiful clothes. So she started making clothes for dolls till she outgrew them and graduated to people.

She asks if he has a dream. Based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s to win the Guinness World Record for the number of hours spent reading. She assumes that someone like him must have one. There are people obsessed with dreams (I assume she lumps him in this category) who treat those who don’t have one like nothing. Her only dream is to graduate from high school and leave home. Surely, his ilk would scoff at that, right? It’s sad that she’s still insecure about her background and I get the sense that despite liking him, despite her 10 dates and all of that, she doesn’t really expect him to return her feelings and a lot of it stems from her background. She feels judged by him and everyone else but she doesn’t realize that she judges them too. And while her background is far from desirable, she doesn’t really see her parents clearly because if she did – based on the little we’ve seen- she’d realize that despite his methods, her father loves her a lot. How many parents these days indulge their children’s passions so much that they rent out a room for it?

To his surprise, she tells him that she’d like to spend the rest of the coupons taking guitar lessons from him. While this will make it easy for them to not show these dates (or maybe just have a quick montage), I bet this is also to serve the plot and she’ll be playing guitar in a later episode.

Seol Chan lies in bed trying to figure out how to confess his feelings and why Se Yi accepted his kiss. Se Yi carefully walks home, trying her best to avoid the steps she got kissed on. Then Seol Chan suddenly appears.

He struggles to explain why he kissed her and just as he’s about to say it, she stops him, telling him not to say it because apparently, this plot has more dragging room.

If he doesn’t have to say anything, it’s time to leave. She escorts him to his car because he’ll be bored. Then he escorts her back home because the alley is dark. And while the singers from earlier follow them, they go back and forth escorting each other, not really saying anything but not quite ready to separate.

Just when they are finally ready to part at the steps in front of her home, her mother shows up and mentions that she knows that her seat partner is an idol. Now it looks like she’s been talking about him at home. When mother and daughter return home, the older woman tries to be cute and ask if there’s some kind of relationship but since Se Yi “hates” her, she tells her she’s not interested in hearing anything she has to say. Then after all this, it’ll turn out to be a misunderstanding. I shudder thinking about what my mother would have done if I’d spoken to her like this at that age. Would I still be alive? Her mom is comforted by seeing the mother-child stuffed sheep on her desk.

Seol Chan wakes up the next morning feeling refreshed. Apparently, nothing encourages a teenage boy like silently walking back and forth with the girl he likes. He returns to his seat and it’s back to the awkward silence between them.

Thick-Headed Sun Woo walks over to them and tells Seol Chan that it’s been a while since he saw him. Seol Chan reminds him that he came the previous day. lol.

Then the world’s least favorite Cupid jumps in and asks Sun Woo to tutor her and Se Yi for their final exam. She starts to say that she will get beaten if she doesn’t raise her final grade but stops herself. Eun Ha encourages Se Yi to take the lessons to avoid placing last. Sun Woo agrees and Seol Chan is mad. What else is new? Zzzzzz.

Then it’s time for the final P.E. exam – couple soccer! The best couple gets a perfect score. And Choi picks the teams which means we get to see our favorite couples hold hands: Kyu Dong & Do Nam (YAY!), Seol Chan & Na Na (lol wut?) and Sun Woo & Se Yi (…) .

Sun Woo entangles his fingers with Se Yi’s then glares at Seol Chan. Our Star is mad then angrily grabs Na Na’s hand. She’s not happy. Do Nam shyly grabs Kyu Dong’s hand (squee!).

They play and Sun Woo’s competitive spirit kicks in and he kicks ass. Se Yi is tired so Sun Woo says they can rest but when Seol Chan complains about being tired too, Kim Na Na isn’t having it. They must win. lol. And once again, the couples would have been better off switched. It looks like no matter the pairing, the writer makes sure they parallel. It’s actually cute this time because both complain that despite dancing or shepherding, they’re not prepared for couple soccer.

Then Seol Chan notices Jerk Rok preparing to kick the ball at Se Yi. Sun Woo also notices just in time and as he shields her, Seol Chan jumps in front of the ball and gets hit instead. He pretends to be knocked out.

Back in class, Jerk Rok mouths off and a classmate tells him that it’s not right. He immediately goes into attack mode but backs off when Sun Woo and other students return. Se Yi stares at Seol Chan’s empty seat for a moment then goes to find him at the infirmary.

He’s lying still with his eyes closed so she leans in and listens to him breathe to make sure he isn’t dead. When she turns to leave, he quickly grabs her hand, saying that she almost killed him. Apparently, he can’t breathe with her near. Hmm… I guess they won’t be taking this relationship to the next level.

She thanks him for protecting her and he tells her to pay him back later. Eun Ha cries as she eavesdrop outside. Then she goes to the roof to cry, ignoring Se Yi’s texts to return to class.

She pulls out her “S & S Secret Love” fanfic and we learn that she’d witnessed their almost kiss. In tears, she says that she’d let it slide before.

Eun Ha hasn’t returned to class so Se Yi and Kyu Dong are worried. Sun Woo would probably hang around and pretend to worry just so he can be with Se Yi but luckily, Na Na summons him to the basement. Keep it up, Girly.

Do Nam does his own summoning by asking Kyu Dong to come with him as he’s found an Internet cafe with fast speed. And since it’s not true love if one isn’t dragged, Do Nam does so.

Eun Ha returns, says goodbye to Sun Woo and ignores Se Yi. And when Seol Chan returns and speaks to her, she ignores him too. As she walks, she laments that he couldn’t just stay in the night sky. Girlfriend, don’t you think it’s weird that you’re stanning your own classmate to this extent? Se Yi runs out to speak to her but she yells at her to leave her alone.

Do Nam and Kyu Dong play video games and Kyu Dong asks him why he’s acting like this. I guess you had to attempt suicide for him to finally appreciate you. Terrible message this drama is sending but it is what it is. Do Nam tells him that if he tries that bullshit again, he will have to answer to him. Then he states that he won’t say sorry but as Love Story taught the world, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” Get married already, guys!

Kyu Dong is so touched that he starts to cry and Do Nam fights back tears. Then Kyu Dong leaves, saying he needs to play the piano. Do Nam follows suit and apparently, piano is a girly instrument because he comments that leaving Kyu Dong alone all this time has almost turned him into a girl.

While Na Na waits in the basement for her piano lesson, she plays Lee Hyori’s 10 minutes and we learn that she’d memorized the dance routine as a kid. Then she dances with her young self and what do you know, Sun Woo shows up and witnesses it. It’s unexpected but he isn’t surprised and smiles as he watches her. When the KyuNam couple arrives, he gestures for them to keep quiet and not interrupt her. So all three of them watch Na Na with him smiling like a proud papa and the couple watching in amazement.

When the song ends, they clap for her and she leaves them in embarrassment. KyuNam thinks she’s awesome. Sun Woo chases after her and says there’s no reason to be mad, after all, it’s not like they witnessed something that they shouldn’t. I like how he’s telling her that she doesn’t need to hide herself. He urges her not to run away by reminding her that he’s busy too.

They go back for the guitar lesson and while he teaches her, KyuNam can’t stop stealing glances at her (them). Na Na daebak! I vote for a threesome. My favorite part of this episode.

Eun Ha continues her drama the next day and while she sits outside feeling sorry for herself, we learn that there were things she didn’t want to do  – like Mimi Sisters – that she went along with just to please Seol Chan. I honestly don’t know if I’m supposed to be affected by this when I think she’s crazy.

Now it’s time for the girls to have a weird “love triangle” talk outside. Eun Ha says she’s no longer interested in having a study session with her. Then she starts to attack her for being popular with the guys. Then she reminds her of the one unwritten rule between friends: Don’t steal another person’s property!  And here’s some advice for you, Eun Ha: Wake up and smell the coffee! You can’t claim someone who doesn’t claim you.

She walks away, and Se Yi chases after her, demanding to know what she stole and when she grabs her arm, Eun Ha grabs her right back and tells her that she’s oblivious because everything comes to her so easily.

She tells her that she found him first. She found him first! Then the object of their affection shows up and does what stupid men do when they see two women fighting  – he intervenes. Dude, are you insane? Trust me, you don’t want to end up as collateral damage. Eun Ha walks away and Se Yi rightfully tells him to stay out of it.

They return to class and Eun starts writing her fanfic. She imagines herself as Little Mermaid who saved the prince but had to hide and a pretty princess took credit for it. In order to get legs, she lost her voice and was unable to stop the love between them. As a result, she’d either have to disappear or kill the prince. She tried to do that in the real world by letting someone else read her fanfic but when she saw Hyo Rin pick it up, she quickly took it from her. So she had to face her punishment and disappear into bubbles. Now it’s like she never existed. The sad part is that in her delusional mind, she doesn’t realize that having Se Yi in his life has no impact on how he feels about her. If this is her definition of existing, she would never exist regardless.

She sobs loudly in class, attracting the attention of all her classmates and the teacher who then reads her fanfic. After reading it, the teacher tells her that she’s got talent.

Se Yi meets her outside the staff room because she’s  finally figured out why she’s upset. If only she figured out other things this quickly. They go outside to talk.

Apparently, all she needed was a good cry because she’s no longer hostile towards Se Yi. She tells her that Seol Chan probably noticed her because of how forthright she is as it’s not only about looks with him after all, he’s got some hot fans. She says that she also felt like she shone at the battle but no one noticed her. Her father thinks she’s pathetic and hits her. Apparently, this is something that happens a lot. Why couldn’t they have hinted at this much earlier instead of just in the last few episodes and since they are so close, why didn’t Se Yi notice anything? In reality, she might not but in fiction, she should.

She tells her that she doesn’t hate her because she stole Seol Chan but because she’s humanized him. Now she can no longer gaze at him in the night sky. Now, she can no longer live in the fantasy world she creates but live in reality. Okay, now I feel a little sorry for her.

They apologize to each other and start to fight about who’s sorrier. LOL.

Seol Chan and Sun Woo watch them from a few steps above. So far, we’ve seen two sets of friends make up with tears. Will these two boys cry when they finally face their past? Will I still care?

Se Yi recruits Seol Chan and Sun Woo to help cheer up her friend. So she drags her into the basement and Seol Chan lies that he needs her to sing on one of his songs. It takes a little cajoling but she finally agrees. Later on, she walks home but stops at the gate and turns around. Why be home longer than she needs to?

She listens to music as she walks around her neighborhood. Then she receives a music file. It’s their song.

To her surprise, she sounds great. And it’s not auto-tune since the actress can sing. It’s very cute and shows how thoughtful and wonderful Se Yi is. My second favorite scene of the night. However, the very real issue of abuse still remains.


There are seven principal characters and others with promised storylines (Adam, Teachers Dok & Choi) yet after long delays, issues are resolved swiftly in cookie-cutter ways while silly, obvious things are stretched and dragged to the ends of the earth. I’ve watched several dramas involving a romance between a celebrity and a civilian and the one and only conflict isn’t their inability to use the few braincells God gave them to just get together already. And when the press shows up, it isn’t just to further the freaking love triangle that nobody even cares about. If Se Yi were torn and it was a battle between heart and head or an old love and a new love, I would be all for it. But since Sun Woo doesn’t have an individual storyline, if it isn’t about Na Na loving him or his stupid fight with Seol Chan, there’s nothing for him to do. So we’re stuck with this.

I love that he’s drawing Na Na out of her  shell and I loved him telling her that it’s okay to be who she is but someone needs to do the same for him. Na Na asking what his dream was would have been the perfect opportunity for him to open up to us but instead, he stayed mum. The scene was about her but it could also have been about them.

It was lovely to watch  him perform for the sick kids but I still feel like I don’t know him very well. What’s his home life like? What are his fears? What are his wishes? Things that don’t relate to either Seol Chan or Se Yi?  If he decides to open up to Se Yi, fine. Whatever it is, we need to see some depth to his character. However, at this rate, I’m not holding my breath for much.

As I already mentioned, it was a cute episode but the plot has come to a grinding halt. And that’s particularly annoying when there are only two episodes left. Seol Chan and Se Yi haven’t confessed and started dating so that Sun Woo can continue to hover over her like a halo. Sun Woo and Na Na have made some progress and had nice scenes but I still need her to get over him. I liked their dates in this episode because while she might possibly be making the jacket with him in mind, she was still doing something practical that she likes to do. And the guitar lessons too. And if this is her way of creating memories because she thinks they won’t go anywhere, a round of applause from me.  I will always be a Sun Woo/Na Na fan but probably the version that exists in the fanfic in my head. This Thick-Headed Sun Woo can go and die in a ditch. lol.

I didn’t expect him  to get over his feelings in one episode but I expected him to have purchased a clue and begun to pull back, but nope. Despite the fact that she’s worrying over another man, he has to play Captain Save-A-Sheep-Girl. At this point, he could watch their sex tape filled with love declarations and  it wouldn’t make a difference. I don’t know what kind of spell she put on him six years ago but she needs to hook me up with whoever came up with it.

Do Nam and Kyu Dong…  the bromance is back but considering how much Do Nam pummeled him in the past and how his pleas for forgiveness fell on deaf ears, I wish they didn’t simply reconcile because Do Nam saw the error of his ways after Kyu Dong attempted suicide. I would have loved to hear Do Nam say he no longer held any resentment towards him about their shared past but I guess that was too much to ask for. It’s nice to imply but it’s better to clarify.  Despite that, they are very cute.

Final exams mean the semester is coming to a close. What does that mean for our friends? Seol Chan’s days are numbered but he spends them combing through a thesaurus to find words similar to “like.” When he tries to explain to Se Yi that he doesn’t like derive pleasure from watching her with Sun Woo because he’s enchanted with her, she stops him. Then she looks sadly at his empty seat while he’s outside wondering if he should tell her that she’s “bewitched him, body and soul.” But no, that’s too greasy. Then Sun Woo notices this and just as he’s about to tell her that she’s been out of it all day, Na Na drops a guitar on his head. Then Eun Ha cries because she’s got no love interest as Do Nam and Kyu Dong kiss in a corner. Am I right or am I right? We’ll find out next week.

Till then!

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  • Leslie says:

    oh gawd this drama is dragging out so bad. but then i only care much on Nana’s story that it’s stupid im making these True the fanfic version of Sunwoo / Nana in my head is pretty much active compared to this snail storyline they have. WTF is wrong with Sunwoo~!?? i’ll probably go w/ Nana and Kyu Dong for the heck of it. Sunwoo-yaaaah pls stop pinning on Ms. Duckie! let her and seolchan be happy …move on bro! BTW thank you for the recap and NANA is fuckin awesome as always!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yeah, Kyu Dong can see the awesomeness that is Nana but who can blame him when she saved his life? Kyu Dong, Na Na and Do Nam can get into a polyamorous relationship.

  • JoAnne says:

    Great post! But next time…you should tell us how you REALLY feel 🙂

    Seriously though, I wish that the plot had been moving faster, same as you. There are some very gaping black holes of knowledge that I fear we will just never fill, or fill so fast they lose impact. Even so, I’m just so fond of these kids that I don’t want to let them go.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yeah, I love them too and just want them to get back to performing (it looks like we’ll get that in the next episode).

  • cricket16 says:

    the episode is cute just like what clockwatcher said in the recap. But how will the writers manage to squeeze in all the hanging storylines (adam/nawin/mother, SW/NN, SW/SC and the OTP SC/SY) on the 2 episodes left? Maybe many things will happen next episode and hopefully those cliffhanging storylines will be resolved even in a fast-paced story.

    I am a big fan of Junhyung of BEAST especially now that because of this drama I am totally fixated about him. I ship Seol Chan and SeYi… but what the heck,,just get over your rollercoaster feelings!Damn!?The two of you have a sharp mouth but why when it’s about your feelings your mouths are so dull… your voice is running like a scared cat!Just deal with it… go..hug…kiss..hold hands under your,stop playing hide and seek about what you feel and give SunWoo and NaNa’s shippers peace of mind! the two of you are wrecking their soon-to-be love story!!! I really enjoyed the date-walk you spent with background music…but please stop having buckles when opening up your hidden desire!Is “I LOVE YOU” hard to say? Duh!

    On episode 11 preview, the PD shows up again and we know he will still bring chaos around the ongoing on and off love stories of the OTP and SunWoo and NaNa. I hope he will only appear just to push the OTP to admit their feelings and cut the chase! Just cut it out and live merrily!

    As for Eun Ha… I hope she gives SC his happiness… he needs it girl! and for KD/DN bromance… go for the gold!


    Nice recap clockwatcher ^_^ keep it up! I like your description of the characters “STUPIDLY SLOW COUPLE” THICK-HEADED SUNWOO” and “THICK-FACED NANA”. it’s hilarious!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hahaha, when they finally confess to each other, it had better be the most epic confession in K-drama history 😀

  • blnmom says:

    I have to give you credit, even though I completely disagreed with you (I loved this episode), your recap still had me laughing like a crazy woman. I guess since I don’t have a writer’s mind, I don’t need silly things like a plot — just bring on the cute! Also, stupidity doesn’t bother me that much, when I think back to my high school days, we were just as bad as these kids if not worse. We could have used clockwatcher there to slap some sense into us…

    Love Seolchan’s fake laugh — so Dokko Jin! 🙂

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. Despite my rants, I thought it was enjoyable as a standalone episode. But when I think that we only have two more episodes with a lot of ground to cover, it’s annoying. And we can get a lot of cute with those two together.

    • cricket16 says:

      right clockwatcher… it should be epic! i don’t like to hear stuttering but knowing the “Stupidly Slow Couple”, i am imagining a hilarious confession with catatonic-type reactions!LOL!

    • dashi says:

      Actually I really enjoyed this episode too and I AM a writer 😛 So no sweat there @blnmom 😀

      The plot was fine in this episode if you look at it in a standalone (as @clockwatcher says) Point of View but it did naggle me at the back of my mind, how the hell are they going to tie up all the strings with so few episodes left?

      Maybe the ending of this drama will suck, hopefully it won’t suck behind the suckiest ending of them all! (Yes whoever wrote Gu Family Book I am looking at you! You!)

      But it was nice to see Seol Chan and Se Yi being the Royal Couple of Awkwardness after their *eeks* kiss!! It was very teenag-y if you know what I mean, not all couples start out so smooth you know, in high school 🙂

      Eun Ha was by far my least fav character but I loved how they brought out her story and I was left feeling all bubbly when the final scene ended… EMMERGHERD that cuteness!!!!~

      I also loved the slow yet steady growth of the SunNa couple… Though yes, it was waaay too slow, it’s cute isn’t it? And maybe there’s still time in 2 episodes to push them together. I did notice that Sunwoo seems to take a fatherly approach to Nana now as @clockwatcher mentions. 😀 Though we probably won’t get a kiss, unless Nana initiates one and if she does she will be the coolest second female lead in all of drama-dom!!!!

      What peeves me is Seol Chan’s adoption and how Sunwoo fits into this little niche… I don’t think 2 episodes is enough for us to tie this up, nor will two episodes be enough to safely end the Ajusshi/Omma/Thai lady thingy either. So yeah, I’m signing up for slight disappointment, but nevertheless this show will be one of my all time favourites and as soon as its over I be rewatching it all over again 😀

  • cricket16 says:

    right clockwatcher… it should be epic! i don’t like to hear stuttering but knowing the “Stupidly Slow Couple”, i am imagining a hilarious confession with catatonic-type reactions!LOL!

  • deeps says:

    I have been waiting for this recap whole weekend and it didn’t disappoint. I hear your voice now in my head when I watch the show, esp when I am ready to yell at characters. You have a gift for making me laugh.

    You capture my thoughts on the pacing problems of this show so well. Its like the writers have no clue how to marry their wish to write a slice of life teenage drama like answer me 1997 with an angst filled Dawsons Creek. So they go for the easy resolution like letting Do Nam off the hook for bullying KD – I would have expected more anger and guilt from the other Color Bar members. Or plots come out of nowhere like Eun Ha being abused or the Adam accident story. Or storylines lose momentum – Seol Chan and his parents anybody? Or beats that needed to be fleshed out more for the stories they do commit to tell get neglected – like the Seyi-Eunha friendship or making any of Sun Woo’s million scenes as much about him as the person whose story he is moving . It is still a lovely drama. The individual episodes are beautifully crafted, the characters are lovely and I love the hour I spend with them every week. But it no longer feels like it will be great just good. I wish I didn’t know there were only two episodes left because a lot of it, as you pointed out, feels like a set up for another season.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. You hear my voice in your head? 😀 That’s scary. I’m glad the recaps make you laugh.

      I want to see how they attempt to tie everything up and how many loose ends will be left. I think all the viewers are wondering the same thing – we can’t forget that there are only two episodes left.

  • BAR says:

    “Hey, Brian, it’s just like the time I walked home with a Korean pop star.”

    THAT was what that damn walking scene felt like – an overdrawn and repetitive Family Guy cutaway gag. In many ways, it was a microcosm of the molasses slowness of SY and SC’s relationship. Equally unbearable was those two musicians. It seems as if the director has lost all sense of timing and pacing.. or even subtlety, for that matter.

    Even though SW x Nana’s my own OTP (mostly because Dahee is to me as SC is to Eunha), I have a feeling that the writers aren’t exactly taking their brief-but-intense interactions seriously, but only to tease the audience. Like many others have said before, this should have been about SW’s development as it was about Nana’s. Plus, the mounting tension (even if one-sided) has a lot more potential than our Family Guy couple.

    Also echoing everyone else’s disappointment with the way Eunha’s crisis was handled. The buildup was sparse, and we didn’t even get any explicit hints of her father abusing her until the very last second, when she blurted it out to Seyi. Surely, the brief glimpses into her home life could have shown more. I know as a parental abuse victim myself (though certainly not as outwardly cheerful as she is) that her emotional state at home would be drastically different from school, but stuff will peer through once in a while. Perhaps a brief scene of her cowering at home when something went bump could have helped. Evil daddy doesn’t even need to be on screen! But that’s asking the writers to be competent.

    And furthermore, her resolution felt both rushed and generic. Yes, it was great for her bandmates (INCLUDING her idol oppa) to set aside their (increasingly insufferable) dramu and work together to make her feel special… by autotuning her voice? (Before any nitpickers want to complain, I KNOW the actual recording was not autotune – I’m talking in-universe.) Everyone and her mother thought they would unlock some heretofore hidden talent like songwriting, considering her fanfic writing skills. (Plus, it would be her ultimate expression of imitatio dei, except her songwriting oppa would actually be helping her along.) But no, the writers gave her an even more generic feel-good resolution by just having her sing. Especially egregious is that SC didn’t really invest any effort in being her friend, though that can be explained by his ongoing obsession with SY. Do I think her issues can come to a close in two episodes? What do you think?

    Zero complaints whatsoever about Nana’s dancing scene. You gotta admit that even Sunwoo found that hot beyond belief. Moar Dahee seck-sey moves plox. *puts the scene on repeat*

    This episode only left me jealous of Kang Haneul and Yong Junhyung’s extensive physical contact with Kim Dahee. That’s about it.

    • BAR says:

      Further thoughts: It would be nice if SC can demonstrate to EH that he can STILL be her oppa while being able to romance Seyi. How so? He could just hang out with her, maybe a little friendly date, or even actively encourage her to involve herself in the band. Again, this gets back to the songwriting thing. Nothing would fill Eunha’s heart faster than seeing her name plastered next to SC’s in the songwriting credits. In this manner, Eunha wouldn’t need the idealized SC, because she’s got the REAL SC all along. Plus, it would work wonders for SC’s character development, when he gradually learns to be less of an ass to everybody, not just the object of his affection.

      Of course, this would all be under the assumption that the writers cared about anyone’s character development at this point.

      …. Say, where’s the Monstar fanfic section?

      • tari says:

        “…Say where’s the Monstar fanfic section?”
        MTE the one written by Clockwatcher. She wrote great fanfictions.
        I finished your MNKSS ff in one sitting. I like it. Very much. You’re very good.

        I’m with you about the plot. Where have all the good stuffs gone? We’re circling here.
        But I like the scene when EH and SY saying sorry to each other and SW and SC just awkwardly stealing glances to each other, just hug it out guys or we have to wait for that until the last scene of episode 12?

        Thank you for the recap.

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          I wrote that fanfic 7 years ago… how time flies. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the compliment. I doubt I’ll be doing one for Monstar, though 😀

        • BAR says:

          Where’s the Monstar fanfic by Clockwatcher (if it exists)?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your personal experience with abuse and I hope you’re doing well now.

      • BAR says:

        Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m long past that, now, for about 10 years. We’re on different sides of the world now (although soon we’ll just be separated by a frickin’ strait), and I’ve had my decade to heal (as has he).

        On a lighter note:

        “they are in close proximity and she’s all, “Oh, my panties!’”
        Oh, great – now you’ve got me thinking of (my super-bias) Dahee’s panties!!…
        “At this point, he could watch their sex tape filled with love declarations”
        Aw, NOW you’ve done it – you’ve got me thinking of Junhyung and Ha Yeonsoo doing just that!!

        … Not that I’m complaining, of course.

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          I’m glad to hear you’re well.

          No, no, no, don’t blame your mind being in the gutter on me 😀

          I haven’t written any Monstar fanfics. She was just talking about the one I wrote for My Lovely Sam Soon years ago.

  • Vira says:

    Though I might face the possibility of being mauled by a thousand pitchforks and torches. I actually would like to see a season 2. There’s way too much that hasn’t been resolved and I don’t believe it can be resolved in two episodes. BUT I do think that the whole Seyi/Seol-chan needs to be handled Right. Now. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school and I think everyone and their grandma moved faster than those two are moving. And if the show ever was continued, it would be nice to let our leads take a seat on the back-burner and let our supporters shine. Perhaps show what happens to Colorbar as they deal with entering into the real world? I know everyone believes Nana’s got the potential to make it big and I’d love to watch her try to make it into the entertainment business. She’d make a different lead from your usual Kdrama lead woman persona. Who knows, make we can get a real romantic potential and tension between her and Sun-woo (AFTER she gets over him) AND maybe we could even give him a personality. Plus, I’m pretty sure there’s a whole lot we could do with Narwin. And what about all those possibilities between Eun-ha and Kyu-dong, or the bromance between Kyu-dong with Do-nam. There’s so many stories that could easily be fleshed out to make a great season 2, but it’s all about the execution and I think they’re just going to leave it to one season and answer all the stories the “best” they can in the last ten minutes of the last episode.

    Still, I want more Nana. MOAR! *rawr*

  • ayan.k says:

    i like how everyone seems to be watching it for Nana more, but i, for one, just cannot find much likeness for her. Badass? check. Great vocals? check. Dancing machine? Check. Personality? ummm….no check.
    She really cannot expect anyone to talk to her, much less fall in love with her when her face only comes in two expressions, No & Hell No.

    She knows sunwoo’s type, she sees seyi, she knows what she’s gotta do to appeal. With common sense, she knows a smile is more attractive then a frown. Yet, she doesn’t even really…try. She is just there…trailing along behind sunwoo picking up whatever scraps he throws at her.

    Seolchan and Seyi may be slow…but at least they are progressing. I need nana to move on from sunwoo or put it in his face that she likes him, whats he gonna do about it. That seems so much more her character anyway.

    But anyhow, loved the episode, especially since it revolved around the snail couple. i need them to get locked up in a room with no windows and just one bed. twin size would be awesome, thanks.

    • Rossi says:

      But I don’t think Nana expects SunWoo to fall for her though? From the beginning she knows the cards she got dealt with, she’s always at a disadvantage when it comes to SW because she likes him so much. What’s great about her is that instead of shying away from this fact, she confronted the situation head on and use it for her needs. I love the gender flip that’s going on with her character. In other dramas, the guy will often have have all these contrived scenarios to get closer to the girl but here it’s the girl doing it. How awesome!

      And how can you say she’s badass but has no personality? Being badass is a personality trait. Plus you see all these sides of her, the vulnerability when it comes to SW, the toughness when it comes to dealing with ppl she dislikes, the emotional maturity she has in dealing with Kyu Dong’s attempted suicide, etc and etc.

  • mrs_d_4281 says:

    I absolutely love your recps. So entertaininv. But wait that “Degrassi” mention makes me think you’re Canadian, eh?*

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