Monstar Episode 11 Recap: You Can’t Force Love

After last week, I pretty much lowered my expectations about plot and pacing and that’s really helped. The fact I care less has made me enjoy it more. It’s almost like a “Que Sera Sera” thing now. Is the drama moving fast? Cool. Moving slowly? Cool. Everyone dies in a nuclear attack? Hey, why not?

In addition, we finally got more out of Sun Woo which is all I’ve been asking for. There were some anti-climactic revelations as usual but at least we got them out of the way.

All in all, since I got my frustrations out last week, I thought the episode was okay.


The episode begins with Se Yi at Adam’s place. After noting that the flowers unexpectedly bloomed, she talks about her mixed feelings about her mother. Now that she’s experienced her “romance” with Seol Chan, she wonders about her parents. If theirs was anything like hers, where did it go wrong? Sweetie, you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what a relationship is so why don’t you actually date him first and perhaps you’ll start to see how things can go wrong? It is nice that she’s trying to figure her mother out.

Then she asks Adam if there was something in his life he wished he could do over. For her, it’s eavesdropping on her mother’s conversation. It’s true that when it comes to our parents, there are a multitude of sounds we wish we never overhear but on a more serious note, 11/12 is too young of an age to learn that your parents are normal, flawed individuals like everyone else so I get her trauma.  Major props to the show if it’s not revealed that it’s all a misunderstanding.

Eun Ha, Do Nam and Kyu Dong show up and we learn that the last two have really improved on their instruments. Eun Ha mentions that a local high school appeared on some show called “Goddess’ Kiss” and think that they can go too. The guys are excited at the prospect of this new story line that’s arrived at the eleventh hour.

Adam – who’s stepped out- thinks about what he’d love to redo. We get a flashback to the night of the fateful incident. He’s about to enter his car when this young girl runs over to him and asks for a ride. He turns back to look at Se Yi’s mom who’s waiting for him then smiles at the girl and puts her in his car. Then he smirks at Se Yi’s mom and drives off. So there are two things we can glean from this scene: Adam was a smug jerk and he wasn’t sending Nawin child support money. So I’ll go with the other option of guilt money for now.

Sun Woo shows up and Adam lets him in. Okay, I think it’s time for these kids to start paying rent. He asks him where to find Nawin and Sun Woo tells him.

Sun Woo and Se Yi sit out in the courtyard to study while the other three practice in the basement. Then they sing a song about the wind blowing.

Manager Hong drives Seol Chan to Adam’s place because while he can’t help Se Yi with her studies, he needs reassurance that she will not place last in their class. Then we get a flashback of the flashback of his childhood conversations with Sun Woo about Se Yi. While he doesn’t think he should feel sorry, he can’t help it. While I understand the introduction of this plot point, I feel it’s misplaced. He should have felt this way when he first learned of their past relationship and not now after so many things have happened like kissing her and almost confessing last week. They should have explained that it was the reason he was dragging his feet back then instead of springing it on us now.

They arrive at Adam’s place just as he’s stepping out. Hong once again wonders where he knows him from. Seol Chan walks over and asks him if he plays the guitar. Upon confirmation that he does, he quips that Se Yi really does like every man who plays the guitar. lol. He wants lessons but Adam tells him he doesn’t teach just anyone.

Eun Ha walks out in search of Nana and when she shows up, Seol Chan chummily asks her how her lessons are going. She tells him to mind his business. LMAO. I guess the “electric” skinship they shared during their couple game did nothing to endear him to her.

Na Na walks into the basement and both Kyu Dong and Do Nam turn into cute, little puppies. What is a love triangle if best friends don’t like with the same girl? Se Yi and Sun Woo walk in from the courtyard and there are lots of loaded glances going around. Then Eun Ha starts grilling Seol Chan on his band mate, Arnold.  Basically, now that he’s been demoted to a regular person, she’s found a new star which is fine except he’s one of the guys I “mined” so I’m totally not okay with this.

Seol Chan follows Sun Woo as he steps out to text his mom. Our star sarcastically asks him if he still tells her everything but can’t manage to say what he really wants to say. And still can’t say anything when Sun Woo asks him of the status of his relationship with Se Yi.

They go back to the basement and  since Eun Ha  is now an anti, she asks him to sing “Loving A Friend’s Friend.”  This hits home with the topic du episode so he pretends not to know it. However, as Seol Chan’s former #1 fan, Eun Ha knows every single song he’s performed and has got receipts. The band starts to play and after an initial hesitation, he succumbs to the pressure and performs it with all his heart and soul.

I heard the original but I prefer this slower tempo rendition – especially the chorus. Joon Hyung doesn’t sound like a 4Men member but he pulls it off pretty well.

As the song plays, we see our usual square walking or sitting with heavy hearts but this time, they throw in Adam and Se Yi’s mother for good measure. Adam goes to see Nawin street performing but when the younger man sees him, he runs for the hills. It was less than 10 seconds but thank you PD for showing us his pretty face.

Seol Chan meets with his company to discuss collaborating with Ari, whom he’d previously finger-kissed, for a charity album. It’s for Korean children adopted abroad and since it will only feature top stars, they think it will be a great opportunity for him. Seol Chan is clearly uncomfortable with the idea and when he later asks his manager if he could skip it, the older man immediately thinks it’s because he’s not on good terms with Ari when it’s really about adoption.

Se Yi speaks to Eun Ha as she walks home. While telling her friend that Sun Woo is the better choice, she takes down all of Seol Chan’s posters and replaces them my husband’s. She’d wanted to protest and be an anti-fan for a bit but listening to him sing made her feel bad. However, Se Yi realizes that Sun Woo will be hurt, right? The girl already said sorry to the guy two episodes ago so I honestly don’t know why this is still a topic for discussion.

Se Yi’s mom shows up so she hangs up the phone. They have a tense moment then she asks her why she did it as everything would have been fine if she hadn’t. Without letting her mother respond, she turns around and leaves.

Sun Woo sits alone in the basement – Na Na must have sent him a text. He picks up a guitar and sings another song about the wind.

As soon as he’s done, Na Na walks in. I assume she’d listened in from the other side of the door. They start their lesson and he notes that she’s a very quick learner. He’s teaching her something new that’s a little hard. He starts to play and she asks if it’s really that hard. He says probably not with her ability but then she insists that it looks hard and just like he did when he first learned she could sing, she wonders if she should continue to pretend that she doesn’t know. This is when he finally realizes that she’s not talking about music.  She understands that it’s not easy to watch one’s first love get stolen but what’s holding him back? If he doesn’t fight, he will lose her forever. What is he thinking? He tells her that he wonders if he’s making the right sound. Let’s just pause for a moment here. A few months ago, would Prince Sun Woo have imagined sharing his love woes with the class iljin?

She understands his metaphor and takes the guitar from him. Yes, he’s making the right sound but sometimes it’s just not what the listener likes to hear. We like what we like and it’s not something that can be forced. She asks him if he wants to see something funny then she gets a beat going on her phone and rocks the hell out of the guitar.

He’s shocked because she’s an even better bass player than he is. She learned it from an ahjussi at the room salon. So let me get this straight: Not only did she become a seamstress there, she learned to sing, dance and play instruments? So why do YG Ent, SM Ent, JYP and all those companies spend so much money on training? All they have to do is send their trainees to room salons.

So why did she ask him to teach her? She doesn’t like the feel of her guitar playing so she’s trying to slowly relearn it to give out a different sound. But that’s different from people who can’t find their own voices because they keep trying to fit other’s preferences. Sun Woo understands but says that isn’t his problem right now. He then tells her that she’s full of surprises then smiles warmly at her (tiny squee!).

It’s exam time at school. Seol Chan asks Se Yi if she can avoid coming last in their class then jokes (I hope!) that he saw her answer a question wrong when the right answer was “New Zealand.” LMAO. Then Eun Ha walks over and asks the same question. She then points out two guys who like her. As Seol Chan seethes in jealousy, she informs her that they are the two who usually come last and second-to-the-last and this time, they are really counting on her to help them pull up their positions. Then she walks away laughing boisterously. How hilariously mean. She’s a childish bitch but it’s entertaining.

The stupid PD returns to school with a plan. He wouldn’t have looked more evil if they’d put red horns on his head.

Na Na’s fanboys, Seol Chan and Eun Ha step out of school. Seol Chan notes that she’s become more cynical and wonders how she could have dropped him so quickly. She tells him that love isn’t static (someone should send this in a telegram to Sun Woo). Na Na shows up and gosh, Kyu Dong has got it so bad. LOL. His Na Na moments are the best.

Eun Ha waits for Se Yi who’s gone back to get her bag. She runs into Joon Hee who greets her warmly. She replies formally but he tells her to call him by his name. When she refuses, he gets mad like she insulted his dick size. He tries to intimidate her into saying it but she refuses, reminding him that she has no intention of becoming his friend but instead of just turning around and leaving, she exchanges angry glares with him till Sun Woo walks by, sees them and comes in between them as a warning. LOL. World War III begins because he pulled a Destiny’s Child.

When they get to class, for the eighteen billionth time, Sun Woo says that she’s been out of it lately. And then instead of running out to meet the friends waiting for her, she just stands there. He gets a call from Hye Rim and from his glances and words, it’s clear that she’s asking about Se Yi.

After hanging up, he tells her that it’s her birthday and that she wants Se Yi to come and see her. As the rest of Colobar wait, Jerk Rok and Hyo Rin show up. Hyo Rin tells Eun Ha to give her the SS couple fanfic but before she can complete her sentence, Eun Ha runs over and covers her mouth with her hand.

Apparently, this is an even bigger abomination than not saying her name because she pushes her to the ground and starts to freak out. How can a dirty, disgusting beggar touch her? The rest of Colorbar tries to shut her up but she won’t listen, insulting and spitting, saying that she feels her mouth rotting. Damn. It’s so awful that even Jerk Rok tells her to stop.

Then Joon Hee shows up. Seol Chan tells him to warn his sister to respect her seniors but then he wonders who those could possibly be, insulting them. Like brother, like sister. Clearly, one needs to bathe in holy water before entering their home.

The PD watches their confrontation and now knows how to implement his evil scheme.

Se Yi and Sun Woo arrive after the fact like incompetent cops in an action movie then his phone rings: Hye Rim needs them to come right away. Seol Chan hears this and is not happy.

The PD meets with All For One as they walk away. He introduces himself as the PD of Goddess’ Kiss and mentions that he wants All For One and Colorbar to battle. Joon Hee immediately refuses so he tries some tactics. First he implies that their first win was rigged then says that isn’t it right for real ones to stomp out the fakes?

Like a thumb-dicked guy with a bruised ego, despite seeing through the PD’s ruse, he agrees because he really needs to put those pompous bitches in their place. It’s funny because I’ve been waiting for them to do their worst and this is the best the writers could come up with. You didn’t say my name so must die. LOL.

Seol Chan has guitar practice with Adam but screws up because he can’t stop wondering who Hye Rim is. Adam calls him out on it and asks him how he feels about being an idol. He says that even though it isn’t easy, he loves it because people keep telling him that they are grateful he was born. Adam reminds him that the words of strangers won’t lead to eternal happiness.

Manager Hong finally figures out who Adam is  – he was a very successful producer whose life drastically changed after an accident six years ago right after winning an award.  He tells this all to Seol Chan on their drive back. Apparently, the girl he’d driven had been underage and in addition to murder, he’d also be accused of statutory rape. However, despite being cleared of the charges, he still faced the derision of the world.

On the drive to the hospital, Se Yi and Sun Woo don’t speak as her mind is elsewhere as usual. He looks over at her and sighs. He appears to be getting as tired of it as we are.

They arrive at the hospital and we see why Hye Rim needed Se Yi to come – she’s gotten a wig just like her hair. She asks Sun Woo who’s prettier and he immediately tells her that she is. Apparently, unlike her, Se Yi’s looks are less exciting the more you see her. Hahahahaha… not. That’s the kind of joke that can turn a girl paranoid.

Then Se Yi gives her a birthday present and teases her about its contents, saying that the doll is so small it can’t be pretty. She makes the little girl cry and unlike Sun Woo, I don’t see how this is cute or funny.

He giggles about this on their walk back and she tells him that he will have to marry Hye Rim since she loves him so much. Oh Lord, please don’t let this be a Dream High Jin Gook situation.

Then he tells her that he once had a sister who was four years younger than him who died of leukemia. He remembers how she used to follow him everywhere calling him “Oppa” and that she was the first person he thought of when he initially saw Se Yi. Oh Lord, Freud would have had fun with this one. Then he wonders if things aren’t working out with them because he acts like her real oppa.

Losing someone he loved was inexplicably hard to bear but then he thought of how much more difficult it must have been for his mom. In addition to her loss, she was also worried about losing her other child. Then we get a flashback that reminds us that he allows himself to be chauffeured to school because it keeps his mother’s heart at ease. What about his daddy, though?

And this is when I cut him some slack. He might be a thick-headed SamariWoo but ultimately, despite acting mature all the time, he’s just as clueless as everyone else.  He acts perfect for his mother’s sake which explains why his heart really isn’t in it and he comes across as cold and unfeeling. And regarding Se Yi, he knows that she doesn’t like him and is just trying to figure out why.

When they arrive at her place, he thanks her for the day and after she leaves, guess who’s lurking and watching him? Shadow Chan.

While in her room, Se Yi remembers what Sun Woo said about his mother’s pain and thinks of her own mother.  Now we can at least see why the love triangle has been dragged so long  – Se Yi and Sun Woo have to help heal each other’s hearts and since they had no intention of resolving her mummy issues till the last minute, here we are.

She joins her mother in the living room to help fold some laundry and after some cute small talk, her mother notes that she and her father had become so close that she’d taken her spot by his side. Great. In addition to sister-loving, now we add the Electra complex to the mix.

When Se Yi asks if she’s somehow to blame for what her mother did, the older woman gets mad, walks out and sits on a park bench. Then she imagines her husband sitting next to her. He offers to serenade her to soothe her pain and she agrees. She weeps as she listens to the song.

Her husband tries to leave after the performance but she tells him to sit his ass down. She reminds him of the time he’d gone on a group date behind her back and gotten her to forgive him by writing a song. And the worst part was he didn’t let her keep it and instead, put it on his third album that flopped.

Unless I forgot everything, Se Yi is under the impression that her father only ever wrote one song and never debuted so how can the dude have several albums out there without her knowledge? Or did I miss something here?

He apologizes and tells her to take care of their daughter. She weeps heavily and Se Yi sees this. Like Seol Chan noted earlier, everyone has scars.

The next day at school, Seol Chan and Se Yi meet and he wonders where she went with Sun Woo. He gets mad when he learns that she’d gone to see a girl Sun Woo knows. I wonder how this pair will succeed when they constantly get their wires crossed. He walks off in anger.

The vice principal tells Teacher Dok about the Goddess’ Kiss appearance. She’s mad because it had previously been turned down but it’s made clear that things changed because Ma Joon Hee requested it.

She relays this to Colorbar and Eun Ha, Do Nam and Kyu Dong are excited. They discuss it afterwards with Eun Ha just yapping on and on like a parrot. Seol Chan tells them that he won’t be able to do it because of his contract. It’s one thing to represent the school for charity and another to appear on an entertainment program.

He leaves and Se Yi follows him to apologize on everyone else’s behalf for not thinking of his circumstances. He tells her it’s nothing to worry about then Stalker Woo shows up. LOL

Seol Chan looks over at him and asks her if she knows what bothers him most about their relationship. So they have a relationship? The we-like-each-other-but-aren’t-dating-however-I-still-think-I-have-a-right-to-tell-you-who-to-hang-out-with relationship? It’s okay to not put a label on it but they just have angsty moments and awkward conversations.

Without Seol Chan, Eun Ha, Do Nam and Kyu Dong decide that they’ll be fine as long as they have Sun Woo. At this point, they should be happy they have Na Na because I’m sure it’ll soon be revealed that she learned to be an orchestra conductor by growing up in a room salon.

Sun Woo calls Seol Chan to meet him on a random street to have another love triangle talk and asks him why he’s been avoiding him. Because the topic du episode dictates so. He tells him that if he’s doing it because he feels apologetic to him, he shouldn’t because he’s not done yet. Oh you, thick-headed fool.

As he drives away, he receives a text from Nana about the seventh coupon. They go to a clothing store and after telling him that she’s not buying anything for him, she hands him a  muscle t-shirt to try on. He puts it on and ooh la la,  good choice, Kim Na Na! He looks totally hot and why do I find it funny that she objectifies him so much (or maybe the director just has a hard-on for him?) because she sure enjoyed watching him take off his shirt in the past and now she gets him to wear a t-shirt so that she can get her fill for the day. Next week, she’ll make him wear a thong saying she became an expert photographer in the room salon and needs him to pose.

She buys the t-shirt even though it’s not her ahjussi’s size and as they leave, she explains that she just wanted to use the coupon before it expires. Then she asks him when the expiration date is. He tells her he’ll think about it. This will obviously get addressed in the finale. Does she get a perpetual date which means there’s no rush and it will come back in some time skip (if there’s one)?

Then she asks him if he’s solved his love problems. He tells her what’s worrying him – if he changes himself to fit the other person’s preference, it might cause someone to cry.  So obviously, the issue is still about a person’s taste but this brainiac thinks he has a shot as long as he becomes what she wants.

Then she cries and yells at him: Hey, Sun Fool, what good is there in making her laugh when she’ll go to the one who makes her cry? Why is that so hard to get into your thick skull? Then she turns around and runs away. And he’s left wondering what the hell just happened. It’s funny how he’s trying not to make someone cry and there goes Na Na.

That he thinks this is a solution that can work is beyond ludicrous but sadly not unrealistic since there are tons of people who try to became something someone else wants then after a while, when it’s unsustainable, wonder why the relationship crashes and burns. Which is different from what Na Na is doing which is trying to become the person that she wants to be.

The Stupidly Slow couple continues to think and think about their non-relationship and after he can’t answer her call because of Hong’s presence, Shadow Chan shows up in front of her house.

They sit on a bench and he explains the topic du episode to her. He wants to tell Sun Woo to get lost and stay away from her but what stops him is the fact that he’s loved her longer and he feels the need to respect that.

Then she asks why they fell out and he reveals topic du episode numero dos (how many languages can I fit in?) to her – he was adopted.  Other than the fact that we’d long since figured this out, they teased it for so long that in my opinion, the revelation lost its intended impact. It was a secret between him and Sun Woo but because the latter was worried, he’d told his mother who in turn called his mother. He’d been very upset because he didn’t want to burden her and this is the reason those two are now so antagonistic with each other. I almost have nothing to say here. Without a doubt, someone breaking a confidence can end a friendship but it doesn’t really explain the eternal fights and one-upmanship between them. Yeah, yeah, they secretly still love each other and want to make up, however, considering how long and intense their fights have been, they both just look like two proud idiots without a single clue between them.

Se Yi goes home and thinks of both boys then calls Sun Woo and asks him out on a date.

The next day, Eun Ha, Na Na and her fanboys go to the basement to practice. It’s a hilarious scene because both boys want her to sing lead and when Eun Ha declares that she’s doing it, not only does Do Nam convince her not to, he shoves Kyu Dong out of the way. lol. They no longer have a story line now that their issues are resolved so it’s cool that they at least gave them something fun to do.

Se Yi meets Sun Woo in front of the theatre and they go in. Since they have some time to kill, they sit in the lounge. Se Yi starts reading a book Sun Woo previously read. He asks her to read the part she’s at then he quotes that page verbatim. Apparently, the dude has the entire book memorized. WTF? Guys, I think we’ve finally figured out what’s wrong with him – his brain is filled with so many words that there’s no space for common sense.

They both smile at they watch the movie but as they watch each other when the other isn’t looking, it’s clear they have a few things on their minds. As they walk home after the movie, Se Yi tells him that she had fun. He grunts his agreement. Then she asks him why he always says yes to everything. Because he’s become Spineless Woo in order to please you? Then she walks ahead and thanks him for always saying “hmm” to everything.  His face freezes. And since he likes saying “hmm,” there’s one more thing she hopes he says “hmm” to. She turns around, faces him and tells him that she likes Seol Chan a lot.

Ice cold. Considering that Sun Woo’s biggest crime was being a yes man (I guess topic du episode numero tres), I don’t think he deserves such a harsh brush off. It is unnecessarily mean.

His frozen face hardens and as he stares back at her, Na Na starts to sing a song about how there are no goodbyes. Oh dear.

They stare at each other for a few moments then she turns around and after walking a few steps, Sun Woo softly calls her name and she turns back around. They continue to stare at each other with him looking devastated and her apologetic.


Excellent acting by Kang Ha Neul in the final shot – it really looked like his heart had just been ripped out.  As for her, oh my gosh, how I wish he’d say something so incredibly mean that she’d be on the next flight to the closest sheep farm. Ugh, I can’t believe that she’s got me on his side. And to think that I wanted his clinginess to lead to heartbreak. While he can be annoying, he didn’t do anything wrong or clingy to her in this episode. They studied together as proposed by Eun Ha, they went to the hospital together because of Hye Rim and they went to the movies because she freaking asked him to. He didn’t actually initiate any of these things and then she raises his hopes up and spends his money only to reject him in such an awful way. The issue isn’t that she rejected him (I swear this already happened two episodes ago) but the brutal way she did it. “Oh, you always say yes to everything? Well, here’s another thing to add to the list.” Goodness gracious. If they still have him cling to her after this, there’s no hope. For him or the writer.

When she called, I thought she was trying to mend their friendship but apparently, it was to get rid of him to stop Seol Chan from worrying. LOL. Yikes.

I began this show expecting some teenage fluff but the first episode promised us more. It’s sad that they decided to sacrifice it in order to take us on the slowest love triangle journey in Korean drama history. And speaking of romance, I think it’s fair to say that Se Yi – Sun Woo have had more scenes together than the OTP in the last few episodes so in a sense, they haven’t done that well, either.

I know a lot of people feel for Na Na but the more I watch their dates, the more I feel like she’s just having a laugh. How many of us get to spend this much time with our epic crushes? She gets him to be her anatomically correct Ken doll and bosses him around. I still think they are doing something with them that will most likely involve “seeing” and/or coupons  but even if they don’t, ultimately, I think we’ve being shown that she’s multi-talented and strong and he’s just a boy. A boy who got dissed by Se Yi. Poor thing. Right now, she’s just using the coupons because she doesn’t want them to go to waste and not because she’s dying to spend time with him. If she ends up with him, cool, even though she can probably do better. If there’s a time jump and she’s with Kyu Dong, I will laugh and think it’s cute but I don’t know if that can work because she’s just so damn bossy and he’s not strong. And if she’s single or with some random person, it’s all good. She’ll be fine, regardless.

Instead of dragging out this rubbish triangle, they should have given us a lot more about Seol Chan and his mom (and invisible dad). They showed her twice and that was the end of it even though he had many scenes in his bedroom. While he and Sun Woo do all they can to not burden their mothers, the results and implications are different. I bet Sun Woo’s mom will also be upset that he restricts himself for her but there’s no questioning the love there. In Seol Chan’s case, a strain exists and they’ve never truly become mother and child and are more like guardian and ward. It’s something that should have been dealt with over several episodes and not just have it mentioned in the penultimate episode. I don’t expect a resolution to Sun Woo’s issue but I hope they at least do something with Seol Chan and his mom despite knowing it will not be satisfying.

I know lots of people are worried about how things will end; romance, friendship, family life and all of that but the way I look at it, they are all teenagers and still have a lot of growing up to do so no matter how it ends, it will still only be a beginning for them (unless there’s a time jump).

So what will happen next week?  Na Na will turn water into wine; Colorbar will win the battle; Seol Chan and Se Yi will declare their love to each other; after crying himself to sleep, Sun Woo will put down his books and free up some brain cells; Se Yi and mom will resolve their issues; Ahjussi will have some flashbacks;  Eun Ha will fangirl someone; Nana and her fanboys will agree to a polyamorous relationship and everyone will be happy.

Till then!

Video Credit: Mnet


  • Leslie says:

    hahahahahhaha i love this recap as always. Oh yeah i think ill start to jump into the Kyudong-Nana boat just because Sunwoo is imperatively slow and not over Seyi. Im LOLing with your description of Nana and even in the BTS , the girl can play the drums? WTH!?? she is just an enigma. I cant w/ the behind the scenes look of Kang Ha Neul to Nana,even if its just “oh my dongsaeng is so cute” i just cant go down w/ it! My heart goes flip flop it’s ridiculously frustrating because on the drama side no progress has been made. As for Seolchan and Seyi GAAAAAWD when can they resolve their feelings! theyre wasting air time. Puhleeez. Anyhow, still not a fav show and im hanging because of nana and whatever comes to her character until the end. Thanks for the recap as always!

  • BAR says:

    Boy, those room salons sure are Mary Sue factories. (Not that I mind this one, especially considering her actress OMONAKIMDAHEESSISARANGHAMNIDA)

    (Based on a post of yours on the Soompi forums) Calling it now: If there IS a timeskip (GOD I wish there won’t be) of ten years…

    Sunwoo will be at the altar waiting for his bride. As Seyi predicted, it’s his little yeo-dongsaeng Haerim, who has long made the C-word her B-word. (She’d be legal by then, of course, but it’s still gonna be damn creepy with the age difference and imouto complex.) And then he’ll get a text from Nana (who has become a world-renowned Kpop star under the tutelage of Hitman Bang, giving her voice to a Vocaloid and acting in a drama or two) asking him to redeem his 10th ticket (where they will conceive their first child).

    Eunha will go to a shelter for the battered and finally get some damn therapy, going on to become an award-winning author. She will be completely cured of all her issues and disorders, because let’s face it – Psycho Eunha is NOT fun. At all.

    A dashingly handsome Kyudong comes out of the closet and confesses his undying love to Donam (now a 3rd-degree Judo master). He reciprocates, and they live happily ever after as Uke and Seme.

    (Side note: Hey, remember when I thought EH x KD was a thing? Boy, am I eating my words. They are delicious, though.)

    Seyi goes on to follow her father’s footsteps and becomes a singer-songwriter, while Seolchan goes solo and gets into production. They will collaborate often and STILL be unsure about their feelings (despite the best efforts of the paparazzi to get them to ‘fess up). Also, Seolchan finds his birth parents, who ultimately regret giving up their son who became a superstar and rolls in the dough.

    J. Han realizes that he has absolutely nothing to live for and swallows the soju-painkiller cocktail. Nawin, who turns out really IS his son (somehow), inherits a massive fortune and still decides to busk the world.

    Teachers Dokko and Choi become disgraced after getting caught in the gym closet makin’ sweet, sweet love during school hours. (This happens only a day after the battle concert, though.)

    Nothing of importance happens to Seyi’s mom.

    Okay, flippant funny stuff over. Serious thoughts later.

  • plentifully says:

    your recaps lately have been rather harsh…i think maybe you should just stop watching the drama if it’s irritating you so much, no?

    • Rossi says:

      I really don’t understand these kind of comments especially when they come at tail’s end of a drama. Like even if the drama sux beyond belief, by the time you get to this point, why would you not just follow through?!

      Plus there are obvious enjoyment still being derive from watching this drama for Clock if only for the shallow reason of perving at Nana’s real life Ken Doll. Cause that boy can be fineee! So why should she stop?!

    • Leslie says:

      Oh i still sort of watch this even if its fucking irritating because of Kim Nana’s awesomeness…and yes, she makes it up for the poor plot and Junhyung.lmao i kid..but yeah, so what! we all have reasons to continue watching this. Also, puhleeez Id rather have Couch talk about this drama truthfully because she knows how the other half of the viewers (albeit US the disappointed ones) really feel. ktxnbye

    • blnmom says:

      Nah, this is a K-drama blog, and clockwatcher should honorably finish up her recapping, even if she hates the drama (I don’t think she does). It happens all the time on dramabeans, the recappers turn on the drama, but they still finish recapping it — not anyone’s fault, but it’s just so difficult to please all of the people all of the time over 12 or 16 or 20 hours of a drama. Also, clockwatcher’s charm is her sarcastic wit, which some of us find hilarious, but if you don’t, then perhaps it’s you who should stop reading her recaps.

      But, I do agree with you in a sense — with COMMENTERS (looking at you, soompi). If this drama makes you frustrated and angry, so much so that you type out huge blocks of text week after week about how this drama sucks and the OTP sucks and you could write it so much better, by all means stop watching it and commenting. I’ve started many a drama and stopped watching when I felt I was not enjoying it anymore — is that so hard? You’re like Sunwoo with Seyi — let it go! If you’re watching for Nana, fast-forward through everyone else’s part!

      I just wanted to add, not on this topic — there are those in this world with abandonment issues, and those without. For those of us that do have these issues, our hearts broke for Seolchan in that last scene with Seyi. For him, what Sunwoo did not only betrayed his trust by telling his secret, but also endangered his relationship with his adopted mother which triggered his greatest fear of being abandoned again. For those of you without abandonment issues, this scene was just meh.

      My two cents. Sorry I wrote so much, I promise not to comment on the last episode.

      • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

        Why won’t you comment on the last episode? I love your comments!

        lol, I don’t dislike this drama and I think this recap was less harsh than my last. My least favorite episode is still episode 8.

        I need more from Seol Chan and his mom. I don’t like that they gave us so little and were trying to make it mysterious. It’s a character-driven story so I wish they’d revealed it earlier and made it a much bigger part of the story.

        Also, I don’t think it’s really about not having abandonment issues but maybe because I already figured this out a long time ago so it didn’t feel like new information. And I think he even used the same words with his mom that he didn’t want to burden her and she was devastated. So I’ve already felt for him regarding his adoption.

        Actually, the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. Perhaps the actress was unavailable? They moved him home quite early in the series and other than two scenes, they didn’t do more. It’s disappointing.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      If someone doesn’t tell me to stop recapping, then it’s not a Clockwatcher recap. Thanks for the comment 😉

  • Rossi says:

    Your recap is full of win and I want to quote stuffs to show my fangirl squee but am afraid I will just quote everything. Needless to say, reading your recap > watching the drama when there is no Nana cause am really easy when it comes to Nana. Who continues to be insightful and wise beyond her year. Who have think that the class dark sheep is the one who has her shite the most together? Who knew what questions to ask herself? She’s like Girl Wonder.

    Oh Seyi, I just can’t with you. I continued to like you despite you being the main player in the slowest most oblivious love triangle of history because you’re feisty and awesome when you’re not involved in the love woes. But now though, damn girl, who taught you to be so cold hearted?! Like seriously way to cut down a dude who’s devoted to you. He’s been a good friend, why you played it so mean?!!! >=[

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Glad you enjoyed the recap.

      Even if he’s my biggest target, I still love Sun Woo so Se Yi, why? lol. On one hand, I don’t see why he should be surprised by this because he must have seen it coming a mile away but then on the other hand, if this is what he needs to start facing reality then good. But gosh, way harsh, Se Yi.

  • cricket16 says:

    AW… one thing i realized from this episode… SW & NN has no couple storyline. It was just an unrequited love of NaNa to SunWoo. That maybe the reason behind NaNa’s coupon with SW is to knock some senses to the thick-headed SamariWoo.. Nana loves him and it hurts her seing him like that. All I can say is… “NaNa..go!knock his head off the hard brick wall so he will come to his senses!”

    Our OTP is in a mutual non-relationship. It’s funny how the awkwardness swallowed the two of them. SY kept thinking about them and SC can’t help himself worry about their relationship. I think they have a mutual agreement in mind that… WE ARE A COUPLE, WE LIKE EACH OTHER or WE ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP even without voicing out their feelings. Isn’t that what they should call IT’S COMPLICATED..? I love SeYi’s reaction wheh Eun Ha told her to let go of SeolChan. It was like.. “Eun Ha… SeolChan is mine. I won’t let go of him.”

    Next episode..the last episode will wrap up everything.. I won’t hope for anything.I just want to see SC and SY together.


    clockwatcher, give us more funny,hilarious and not only good but best recap for the last episode. After all it’s the ending.. Than you for the beautiful recaps! ^_^

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. It’s complicated but it doesn’t have to be. That’s the funny thing with them.

      You’re welcome and I’ll try my best 😀 Thanks for the comment.

    • Lita says:

      ooooww i do like your comment..
      i feel the same way as you..seolchan and seyi maybe a slowest couple in actions, but i agree they have a mutual agreement in mind, and understanding each other..”yes we like each other, and we will find a way to get together no matter what”..and yeah..i love how seyi didnt waver her feelings,when eunha told her to let go of seolchan..imo..she knows what she wants..

      • cricket16 says:

        @lita: it’ funny how they shut up about their feelings but possessiveness is showing from their reactions. Just like what clockwatcher commented… they are making it complicated when it shouldn’t be.

        @clockwatcher: i always love your recaps. it makes my day when i’m sad or upset. ^_^ i kept reading and reading it but still..i have the same reaction everytime.

  • hamster428 says:

    Yes, this stuff is lame and I myself have dropped it ages ago. But Clock needs to take one for the team. I may not want to suffer through snails falling in love but I still want to know if baby snails will ever populate this dramaland.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol, hamster!

      It’s quite funny because I went back to see when we already guessed this adoption thing and way back in ep 4, we figured it out and you specifically mentioned that he didn’t want to be a burden for fear of losing his parents. Then 2 months later, they tell us.

      Hahaha, I don’t mind taking one for the team because I still want to see how it all ends and still enjoy it to a certain degree.

  • deeps says:

    I love how Na Na – Sun Woo has developed. Sun Woo is the guy who is able to draw her out of her shell. You get why despite all of his Se Yi idiocy, her crush on him seems to only deepen. Na Na has become the only person in Sun Woo’s life with whom he does not feel the pressure to be somebody other than himself. I still have no idea where they are going with them – whether it is Na Na just like Sun Woo realizes she has given it her best shot and can move on. Or whether the parallels between them and SY-SC is supposed to be interpreted as this being the story of how they started. But I have really enjoyed their story. And I am fine with either ending.

    I finally get Sun Woo’s Se Yi obsession. A childhood marked by loss has left him frozen. And while she was the most insignificant loss, getting Se Yi back represents a chance to recapture something – a recall to him telling Na Na he is trying to find the person he used to be. I knew that doing stuff for mommy meant something. That is the frustrating thing about both Sun Woo and Seol Chan’s stories. Both their mommy and childhood issues were set up or hinted at pretty early on in the series. And it would have helped so much if the show had kept these threads going instead of suddenly reviving everything in the last 2 episodes.

    I am fine with the ending I think Monstar is going for these kids – their problems are not magically solved by being a part of Color Bar. But the friendship and confidence they find in this chapter marks the beginning of them figuring out how to. It was pretty much forecast in the episode after the performance when the kids find that the world hasn’t changed because of it. I wonder though if the show would have worked better as a marathon so i didn’t have to spend a month in frustration but just gone to the reveals that explained everything.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yay, someone who still likes SunWoo/Nana. LOL

      I won’t go as far as saying I love how it’s developed but I still enjoy their scenes.

      It’s really a shame about how they dropped the threads on Seol Chan’s and Sun Woo’s parental issues.

      Interesting angle on Sunwoo and his Seyi obsession. He can’t get his sister back but maybe he can get Seyi back especially as she reminded him of his sister. I’m just glad they didn’t give them sexually-charged scenes since they brought this sister angle. My interpretation was more direct, though. I think he sees his sister in her which is why they can’t ever have a romantic relationship (even if Seyi had reciprocated his feelings). And he clings to Seyi because of her connection to the sister he loved so much. Your interpretation is healthier, though.

      I made light of it in the recap but I think Sunwoo’s problem really isn’t about his mom but his sister. He found his sister in Seyi and I think he looks for her at the hospital. Perhaps because he had to be a strong boy for his Mom, he never really got to mourn her properly. And befriending cancer patients who have a higher mortality rate means what? Does he get the chance to do things he is unable to do with his sister? Does he get a better handle on dealing with loss or feel like he’s losing his sister all over again? I might be over-analyzing this and I really don’t want to because it makes it looks like he’s got some really deep-seated issues which I’m not sure is what the drama is trying to imply

      Yeah, I’m also okay with whatever ending. I don’t mind slice-of-life dramas but it reminds me of how I felt watching Dr. Champ. It started off lovely then nothing was happening for a while and I dropped it. Then I picked up the last three episodes one rainy day and ended up really enjoying it. I think this drama just has a problem with pacing (it moved a lot quicker at the beginning) but is probably more enjoyable as a marathon.

      • deeps says:

        Nods head – I am glad there was no sexual tension because that would have been really messed up. It does come down to the sister. And losing first Se Yi and then Seol Chan exacerbated it. Which is why when it looked like he was more interested in becoming friends with Seol Chan again, he ultimately chose chasing Se Yi when he finally had to choose between them. This is the first time the show has explicitly laid out why Se Yi and Sun Woo were doomed beyond just Seol Chan beating him to the punch with the almost kiss. I don’t think he is in love with his sister but he definitely did fall for Se Yi because she reminded him of his sister. And, he is still clinging to the younger her.

        I agree – the main problem was pacing. They tied so many threads to the main love triangle – SY and SC parent issues, SC-SW rift, the star stuff, Joon Hee’s anger. And while I am fine with where they are now, they could have gotten there in a more interesting fashion by fleshing out all those angles rather than just repeating the same conversations over and over again for 4 straight episodes.

  • BAR says:

    So at this point even SW x NN shippers are being realistic. Nana stands so well on her own that it’s better for her to dump him. But Sunwoo… the revelation of him having a dead little sister actually explains a lot about his personality and actions, as deeps so eloquently explained. It’s not only a childhood crush, it’s an imouto complex and a general inability to move on. In my opinion, it’s not really that Sunwoo sees Seyi as his little sister, as he has little Haerim to take up that role. I think it’s more likely that the trauma his sister’s loss caused him to be locked back in that era, when he fell in love with Seyi. (The timelines don’t quite match up, but they’re close enough). More than wanting his yeo-dongsaeng back, he wants to recapture that idyllic era, especially when he and SC were friends.

    I do agree that Seyi’s announcement of rejecting Sunwoo came off as “a bit harsh”, but it just illustrates further that she’s completely incompetent with everyone’s feelings (including her own). I think that’s very in-character.

    Regarding SC’s adoption, I always thought that SW’s crime was something like seeking out the former’s birth parents in order to force them to confront their abandoned son. But something as innocuous as telling his mom? Hey, if nothing, this show is about making mountains out of molehills. Seyi’s as guilty of this as SC is, another common trait between the two.

    So now we have a poorly-foreshadowed last-minute plotline (the competition to end all competitions), running in parallel with the newly-revived family issues. And judging from the preview, that damn triangle’s far from over. I always compared Monstar to Legend of Korra, and every episode makes the comparison seem more apt. Too many threads and interesting explorations are shoved aside in favor of relationshit triangles (say – what is Monstar’s equivalent of probending?), hurting the overall pacing and necessitating a clumsy and rushed resolution at the very end. We might need an “Advice Seyi” the same way we have Advice Korra.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      My only objection to this theory is that his sister had already passed by the time he met Seyi. He was already being driven to school and he was already putting his mother at ease so I feel like that wasn’t an idyllic era for him.

      And then for him to specifically mention that his sister was the first person he thought of when he saw Seyi and them for him to question himself and wonder if their relationship didn’t take off because he acted like a real oppa, that’s what makes me think it’s more than just the desire to recapture that time.

  • Panda says:

    about Kyo-Dong what I find shocking is that he acts like a little wimp (in a WAY] I mean compared to Donam who acts like a little badass …. When they both come to face Nana the only one who actually has the guts to talk to her is Kyo-Dong, I find that so adorable lol

    well hopefully they writer wraps Seyi and Star’s love thing nicely at least
    and I’ll shall be looking forward for your final recap next week

  • hanul says:

    Am I the only one that thought the scene between Se Yi and Joon Hee had chemistry.

  • tari says:

    You said everything, EVERYTHING in my head about this episode, just better because you made it fun, while I just went “Huh? that’s it? Is this the OTP? WTH? This PD sure loved KHN or maybe YJH was still busy” and so on
    I’m too lazy to discuss it. Bad reader huh?

    But I just need to comment that you’ve outdone yourself with that last screencap. LMAO.
    I don’t know but that just too funny for me.

    And yes, I’ll be watching Heirs for more KHN too

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