“Who Are You” – Episode 1 First Impressions

Tessieroo: So who would have guessed, out of all the up-coming dramas – THIS would be the one to pull me back in. I realize things happened very quickly in the first episode and we don’t know much about either of our main characters yet but I’m in – for now. I talked Clock into teaming up for this one since I had so much fun last time! WOOT!

Clockwatcher: I didn’t need any convincing.
WAY 1Tessieroo: We open on Detective Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) sneaking around on a boat. He’s clearly a cop and clearly after some bad guys. The bad guys discover him and a chase ensues. As he turns a corner, we see an arm holding up a gun and a look of surprise on his face. As he’s shot, we see Detective Yang Shi On (So Yi Hyun) watching but she doesn’t see who shot him.

Clockwatcher: I loved how his walkie-talkie betrayed him and her scream betrayed her. It was like these people wanted to get caught by the bad guys.

Tessieroo: Six years pass and we find out Yang Shi On has been in a coma the whole time.

Clockwatcher: Did the bad guys run out of bullets or something? I don’t understand why they didn’t kill her. It’s her birthday and the nurse comments on how sad it is that she’s turning thirty in a coma. But according to many dramas, thirty is one of those birthdays you don’t mind being in a coma for.
WAY 2Tessieroo: She awakens (scaring the hell out of a nurse) and goes right back to work? LMAO. She is questioned about the night Lee Hyung Joon was killed but she doesn’t remember anything.

Clockwatcher:  It’s crazy how she’d been in a coma for six years but her superiors were grilling her like she’d been chilling in the Bahamas the whole time.

Tessieroo: During a visit with the psychiatrist,  Shi On mentions she is seeing “people”. Okay, I was really hoping she would do the whole “I see dead people” thing. The doctor sitting behind her clicking a pen turns out to be one of the ghosts she’s been seeing.

Clockwatcher: She said they have no pupils but she couldn’t tell that dude didn’t have them the whole time? Even before they showed us the head wound, it was pretty obvious that he was not alive and I couldn’t see his pupils or lack there of.
WAY 3Tessieroo: Shi On is assigned to the “Lost and Found” section, which I’m guessing is the equivalent of cold case files? Or maybe these are cases that are solved but they have to keep the evidence for a certain amount of time.

Clockwatcher: The items are kept for a year and a half then auctioned off.

Tessieroo: She meets Detective Cha Geon Woo (TaecYeon of 2PM) who is assigned to work this area with her and who is not at all happy about working with the “crazy lady” of the Police Department. From what I’ve picked up, everyone thinks Taecyeon is the worst actor on the planet but I have to say – I think he did just fine.

Clockwatcher: He’s still green but he’s improved a lot. So he shows her around the facility and we see the pen the dead doctor had been clicking at the hospital. She also sees a jumper with an ID on it. Then she moves towards him and he practically panics when he’s backed up against the wall. Is it wrong that I yelled “virgin” when that happened? lol. tvN doesn’t shy away from nice love scenes so he’d better come correct if that happens in this drama. She tells him that they need to talk so they leave.

While drinking, she asks him if he doesn’t like her, after all, he was looking for a male mentor but instead, got the “crazy bitch.” He tells her that his main issue is that while he has more experience than she does, she’s got a higher rank because she graduated from the police academy. Bro, what’s there to be resentful about? If it’s that easy to graduate from the police academy, wouldn’t you have done it yourself?

She isn’t mad and instead tells him of some saying that if you let it, your destiny will guide you. Otherwise, it forces you. She tells him to think of how to handle his destiny and he doesn’t have a clue what she’s trying to say. I guess we’ll find out as the show unfolds.
WAY 4Tessieroo: Shi On goes to the bathroom and sees a young girl in a school uniform, with blood on her face.

Clockwatcher: At first, the lights keep flicking off and on. Personally, I would have gotten out of Dodge and been halfway to Tokyo two seconds after it began but I’m no police officer. It sounds like crying so she checks the bathroom stall but there’s no one there. The light goes off again and she keeps asking who’s there. Sweetie, why don’t you just run the hell out? She asks who and what she is instead of RUNNING THE HELL OUT! Then the girl grabs her and squeezes her arm.

Tessieroo: See, I’m of the opposite opinion. I would have chatted with her and asked her questions. (LOL) What’s up? How are you? Can I help you with something?

Clockwatcher: Say what? The flicking of the light was enough for me – I don’t even need to see the girl before I leave.

Tessieroo: Although if she grabbed my arm, that might have scared me.

Clockwatcher: So you’re going to wait till she kills you before you run? Are you the pretty girl in every horror movie who dies in the opening credits?

Tessieroo: LOL – Yes, I’m talking big but I’d actually be running out ahead of you. So far, none of the ghosts have done anything to harm her. Shi On screams but when Geon Woo arrives with his gun drawn, no one is there.

Clockwatcher: So who was it? Shi On describes her. Now he’s got more evidence that she’s indeed crazy. He suggests they go out for more drinks because clearly what a crazy person needs is more alcohol?
WAY 5The next day, he complains to his real mentor about being set up with a psycho and let’s it slip that he has a gun.

Tessieroo:  Geon Woo’s gun is actually just a lighter – he’s not allowed to have a gun. (LOL) I’m sure there’s a story behind that but we’ll have to wait.

Clockwatcher: He is probably a little trigger-happy.

Tessieroo: During a presentation of evidence from the Lost and Found, Shi On notices a name tag on a gym jacket. It’s the same name that she noticed on the school uniform worn by the girl ghost in the bathroom: Dan Oh Reum.

Clockwatcher: I understand auctioning off stuff and I bet it’s protocol but do they really expect someone to bid on some raggedy, old gym wear with a name tag on it? And why didn’t they give it to her loved ones?

And of course, the crazy lady has to do a crazy thing in public and freeze during the auction.

 Tessieroo: I would think stuff like old clothes would go to Goodwill or some charity, it’s odd they’re trying to sell it. When Shi On goes home that night, this school girl ghost follows her and writes the words “help me” on the mirror in her bathroom.
WAY 6Clockwatcher: Seeing the girl everywhere has to clue her in to what she is especially as she already figured out she sees ghosts so why the hell was she running? In all the movies she’s watched, has anyone been able to outrun a ghost? This is when you just accept your destiny. As she told Geon Woo – you either let your destiny lead you or get forced.

Tessieroo: At work, she stops Geon Woo from burning the gym jacket and instructs him to go to the girls school and interview her teachers and friends. It’s predictable but I love how whiny he gets having to take orders from this crazy lady.

Clockwatcher: I think things that aren’t auctioned off get destroyed. Since he thinks she’s nuts, he doesn’t want to take any orders from her then she reminds him that she’ll be writing his reviews . When all is lost, hit for the pocketbook (and career aspirations). And you’d better work, Geon Woo, because in this economy, a bad review might be the difference between getting a 2.5% or a whopping 4% raise.

Tessieroo: In the meantime, she goes to visit the girl’s Mother and learns Dan Oh Reum was mute. That explains why she’s never said a word to Shi On but…will the other ghosts talk to her?
WAY 8Clockwatcher: I think she’s being eased into this world. I expect her to hear raspy voices in the future.

Tessieroo: The ghost shows up again and she follows her into the girls bedroom, where she learns the girl was in art class.

Clockwatcher: She goes to the art school and when she sees the girl standing on the roof, she rushes in. And once again, she runs at the wrong time. Is she scared the girl is going to die twice? Then she sees her inside.

Tessieroo: She follows the ghost to her art classroom on the top floor and bumps into a young male student. Geon Woo calls and she learns the girl had a boyfriend – the young man she bumped in to.
Clockwatcher: I didn’t even have to wear my glasses to see this coming.
WAY 9Tessieroo: This kid is belligerent and rude as he tells Shi On he didn’t date the girl. She was a freak who couldn’t speak, why would he date her? Geon Woo shows up and they both watch in horror as this young man tries to jump off the roof of the building.

Clockwatcher: Geon Woo has a strategy to save this kid so he puts a handcuff on his wrist and tries some reverse psychology on the kid, saying he doesn’t have the guts and he should just jump already but it fails because Shi On is screaming beside him, telling him to stop. So after looking at the cute brooch Oh Reum obviously gave him, the kid does jump but luckily, Geon Woo manages to stop him and as he struggles to hold on to him, the kid faints.

Tessieroo: We jump to the kid being in a hospital bed. Geon Woo suggest Shi On talk to a profiler since they both think the kid isn’t telling them everything. Shi On leaves to talk to the psychiatrist who, it turns out, is the same one she talked to earlier.

Clockwatcher: Geon Woo stays at the hospital till the kid wakes up and when he does, he puts the brooch back in his hand. That’s what gets him talking.
WAY 10Tessieroo: The kid tells Geon Woo about his relationship with Dan Oh Reum. He had a crush on her and wanted to help her so he gave her the name of a therapist.
Clockwatcher: I think it’s a little strange for a boyfriend to suggest a therapist because she found it hard to date him as a deaf person.

Tessieroo: Lots of holes here but I’m going with it. (LOL) Dan Oh Reum started to change after seeing the therapist. So the kid went to the therapists office one day…and saw him molesting Dan Oh Reum.  When Geon Woo asks why he didn’t alert police, the kid says the Doctor is his uncle. He tells Geon Woo his uncle’s name.

Clockwatcher: As the therapist explains to Shi On that he probably didn’t alert the police because he was scared of someone, I guessed it was his father so yay for that twist?

Tessieroo: As Shi On is talking to the Doctor, her phone rings. It’s Geon Woo, he tells her the name of the Doctor and it’s the guy who’s office she’s sitting in. He walks over and locks the door before advancing on Shi On.
Clockwatcher: They didn’t show the molester’s name but the minute he asked for the doctor’s name, I bet everyone knew who it would be and when he offered her coffee, I wanted her to refuse and get the hell out. And it wouldn’t be a drama if she didn’t ignore Geon Woo’s phone call and when she gets confirmation that the evil doctor is indeed her therapist, instead of getting the hell out of there, she waits for him to walk behind her and lock the door. Nice one, Officer!

And as he advances, she hides her phone behind her back and calls Geon Woo. End of episode.
WAY 11

Clockwatcher: It’s a pretty good start. It’s not as spooky as it thinks it is and so far, the twists have been fairly predictable. Taecyeon plays a goofy character and while I think he’s overacting a little, it’s not distracting. So Yi Hyun is clearly the better actor of the two.

What I want is lots of witty and fun bickering between the two. It’s only just begun so I can’t say much for their sexual chemistry but I look forward to seeing more.

Tessieroo: I agree, it’s not spooky to me at all. I know there were lots of holes but there are some dramas that explain every little detail, over and over again – like we’re too stupid to figure things out. I appreciate the writer giving me a little credit.

I hope we have lots of witty bickering too, I see sparks coming from Taecyeon but nothing from her yet. His character seems to be very aware of her but I believe he just thinks she’s insane. I’m also literally frothing at the mouth for Kim Jae Wook to show up again!

 Clockwatcher: So we’re off to a promising start. Let’s see what the next episode will bring.

Till then!


  • martha says:

    Thank you guys for this. I can’t wait to see Kim Jae Wook again either 😀

  • DDee says:

    Yay! Happy you’ve decided to recap this :). Will be reading and watching alongside Definitely promising!

  • tari says:

    You guys know what got me excited? The dead girl can touch her!! (yikes it gave me the shivers typing it)
    But you know what it means? Dead boyfriend (Kim Jae Wook!) can also touch her then and why not kiss her too.
    Yay!! Although that would be super creepy just to imagine it happen in real life.
    LOL What dramaland has done to me?
    Thanks for the recap. I love this format.

  • Keike says:

    after the first 2 eps i thought the show was promising … i wonder how Master’s Sun will be as well … overall i liked it I’m happy someone decided to do this horror romcom genre it’s nice to see something different on tv then the typical dramas right?! haha

  • marybeth says:

    Having the gym clothes come up in the auction didn’t seem that weird to me. I could see having a rule that everything has to be offered to keep someone from culling out the stuff they want with the excuse that it isn’t worth auctioning.

  • plan3tnabu says:

    you two crack me up. haven’t seen this series, but your recap is enough for me to imagine.

    my ‘hello world’ post might be out of place, sorry. i just need to get my internet up and running (at home and not here from work hihi), and i hope i’m welcome to stay around here.

    p.s. i can’t believe i’ve only seen like 4 out of 15 of your fav couples. and i thought it was coffee prince when it was actually coffee house?! i’m like 5 years behind!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed the recap and you’re definitely welcome to stay around here. Hahaha… Coffee Prince is definitely the more famous Coffee drama.

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