“Who Are You” – Episode 2 Recap

Clockwatcher:  How did Oh Reum die? For starters, for some reason, her boyfriend was on the roof of the hospital. For some other reason, she and the doctor went up there. Why would they do that? She fights with him, saying that she will tell the cops. Again, why do this on the roof? And even if he was scared of his uncle, wouldn’t instinct have kicked in prompting the boyfriend to defend her? Then the guy throws her off it. This crime just doesn’t sound logical.

Tessieroo: The molester Doctor opened a drawer before he gave Shi On her coffee. Any bets that he’s going to drug her? And then he locks the door. Okay, THIS is where I would be running – I’m actually hoping the ghost girl shows up and gets in his face.
WAY 12Clockwatcher: Yep. It would be more helpful if the ghosts can actually hurt their killers instead of hurting innocent Shi On.

Tessieroo: Shi On hides her phone behind her back and calls Geon Woo.

Clockwatcher: The guy gave a her a great weapon – the cup of hot coffee. Why didn’t she use it? She should have thrown it on his face.

Tessieroo: He picks up and hears sicko Doctor threatening Shi On. He yells at the kid to tell him what hospital his Uncle works at. Shi On hits sicko Doctor as he touches her face. Ewwww, I’m totally grossed out.

Clockwatcher: Very good casting because the man really looks like a pervert.

Tessieroo: I knew it. Shi On falls to the floor and the Doctor’s face fades out as he laughs.

Clockwatcher: Shi On is one lucky woman – no one kills her outright. Smugglers hit her and crazy psychiatrists drug her.

Tessieroo: Geon Woo runs, calling for back up on the way. He runs right past sicko Doctor, who is pushing Shi On in a wheelchair. When he gets to the Doctor’s office – no one is inside. He finds Shi On’s phone on the floor and remembers seeing a guy pushing a woman in a wheelchair. Well, at least so far – this cop isn’t stupid?

Clockwatcher: This is due to his many, many, many years of experience.

Tessieroo: He just missed them on the elevator and rushes to the stairs. He sees a car pulling out in the parking garage but it’s not sicko Doctor. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees an ambulance pulling away. He calls in the plate number.
WAY 12 bWe see a shot of the inner workings of the Police Dept. with street camera footage everywhere. Geon Woo tells his superior that Shi On has been kidnapped by the killer. Wait, how did he get there so fast? LMAO

Clockwatcher: The question is why is he there chatting with his boss when he should be on the road waiting to hear from a police dispatcher?

Tessieroo: Sicko Doctor stops and a homeless guy is watching him. Geon Woo gets chewed out for not handing this information over to the Special Forces unit since he’s not equipped to handle it. A call comes in about the ambulance (guessing the homeless guy called it in?).

Clockwatcher: Everyone has a cell phone these days.

Tessieroo: LOL Geon Woo steals a gun from his mentor, Moon Sik. (Kim Chang Wan)

Shi On wakes up to find she’s in an abandoned warehouse and sicko Doctor tells her not to move yet. The drug he gave her in still in her system. He’s planning to drug her again and throw her body in the river. He thinks since she just woke up from a coma, people will believe she committed suicide.

Clockwatcher: I can’t wait till we meet a criminal who doesn’t reveal his evil plans to his victim.

Tessieroo: Sicko Doctor wants some answers first. How did she know that girl wasn’t a suicide when there was no evidence pointing to murder? Unless she heard it directly from the dead girl, there’s no way she would have known.

Clockwatcher:  I know she innocently approached him but a normal person would have simply assumed that it had all been a ruse and there was a witness. Then proceeded to torture the name out of her.
WAY 14Tessieroo: Shi On tells him he’s right – she heard it from Dan Oh Reum. He laughs. She yells at him that he should be sorry to that poor girl and he yawns. Why does she think it was only one? (OMG, serial killer?) It’s a hobby of his, he likes touching kids in places no one has touched before.

Clockwatcher: He puts the psycho in psychiatrist.

Tessieroo: Okay, NOW I’m more scared than I was of ghost girl creeping up on her in the bathroom. Like seriously, is this creep getting excited just talking about what he did to Oh Reum? I’m gonna barf.

Clockwatcher: Have you never watched Law and Order: SVU or Criminal Minds? This is nothing. lol

Tessieroo: I hate anything to do with kids and I usually cry watching Law and Order:  SVU. *kekeke* Shi On throws dirt in his eyes and runs. She breaks open a gate by kicking it and then jumps into a rubbish bin.

Clockwatcher: I thought the gate was locked with a chain. She must have one hell of a kick.

Tessieroo: She then runs into a room and hides behind a desk. He closes the door. OMG, OMG, OMG…this kinda of stuff freaks me out. Ghosts aren’t real (to me) but serial killers are.

Clockwatcher: LOL. Pointing and laughing at Tess (while I hide behind a curtain).
WAY 15Tessieroo: He finds her and just as he’s about to beat her over the head with a pipe, Geon Woo fires a shot into the air and starts reading him his rights. He laughs, taunting them that his nephew will not be able to testify against him.

Clockwatcher: I don’t know, seeing him in handcuffs might give his nephew courage.

Tessieroo: Shi On grabs the gun from Geon Woo and points it at sicko Doctor. She shoots as Geon Woo grabs her hand. Sicko Doctor goes down but he was shot in the gut instead of the head. I know cops aren’t supposed to do this but is it wrong that I cheered? LMAO

Clockwatcher: I don’t understand why she shot him. Why didn’t one of them just put him in handcuffs? I feel like he was no longer threatening.

Tessieroo: I probably would have shot him in the cojones – but that’s me and that’s why I’m not a cop. Back at headquarters, both are getting chewed out and threatened with being fired.  Moon Sik shows up and puts Geon Woo in a headlock for stealing his gun. He then invites them both out to eat and tells them their punishment is a pay cut.

Clockwatcher: The first time I ever saw anyone ecstatic about a pay cut.

Tessieroo: Obviously, Geon Woo still lives at home and doesn’t have many bills. They celebrate by getting drunk. After sending Moon Sik home in a cab, Shi On turns down Geon Woo’s offer for seconds and leaves.
WAY 13She goes to visit the dead girls Mother again She gives her the gym suit with Dan Oh Reum’s name tag still on it.

Clockwatcher: Exactly my point from the first episode. Why were they auctioning it off in the first place?

Tessieroo: Mom cries and thanks her. Every Mother’s worst nightmare – your precious daughter is raped and murdered by some sicko pervert.

Clockwatcher: I would personally kill the bastard myself.

Tessieroo: See? Okay, neither of us should ever be allowed a gun. LOL As she leaves, Mom feels her daughters presense and turns around. Shi On looks across the street and Oh Reum is standing there, staring at her Mother. *sniff* Mom goes inside and Oh Reum waves to Shi On before she disappears.

Clockwatcher: End of Case One.

Tessieroo: A new rookie, Im Sung Chan (No Young Hak)  is assigned to the Lost and Found Dept. Shi On tells Geon Woo to train him properly, if he makes mistakes – she will blame Geon Woo. Geon Woo warns the new guy against trying to suck up to Shi On because HE is the one in charge. LOL – huge ego on this guy.

Clockwatcher: I think he’s just happy to have someone to boss around.
WAY 16Tessieroo: While putting away things in the Lost and Found, they discover a silver suitcase that is locked. Geon Woo threatens the new guy to clear the warehouse out by the evening and to do it alone. As Shi On is tying her tie in her office, the lights flicker on/off again. Ahhh – is this going to be the way the ghosts warn her they’re coming?

Clockwatcher: That damn Lost and Found basement is too freaking scary. I’d be scared to go there, expecting nasty creepy crawlies like mice but add ghosts to the mix? No, thanks – time to quit my job.

Tessieroo: She gets scared out of her mind again and pops a pill. (wonder what those are – anti-ghost meds?)

Clockwatcher: LMAO

Tessieroo: She meets up with Geon Woo and they head into a Department meeting. The head guy brings up that Shi On solved a big case just after returning to work – which seems to make at least one of the guys unhappy.

Clockwatcher: It’s like someone in the mail room bringing in a huge client – it’s not their job and makes everyone else look bad.

Tessieroo: This douche with glasses also tries to cause trouble when they go out, belittling Shi On. Geon Woo sticks up for her and makes this jerk pay for everything. He orders tons of meat. *hehehe* 
WAY 17Clockwatcher: I loved it. Instead of being all macho and using words or his fist, he used his brain. And I love how he told him that instead of chewing people out, he should chew meat. It made me love this character.

Tessieroo: After eating too much, Geon Woo lies on a park bench – trying to throw up. I don’t know much about Taecyeon since I don’t follow 2PM but I laughed my butt off. I think he’s doing fine and I’d like to hang out with this guy. He’s hyper – like me. 🙂

Shi On brings out needles to prick his finger but of course, he’s scared. Can someone explain this whole “pricking the finger” thing? Does it really cure indigestion?

Clockwatcher: I’m not willing to try it to find out.

Tessieroo: She forces the issue, he backs up and …they suddenly realize how close they are. *hee*

Clockwatcher: They are introducing the sexual tension quite early. No complaints from me.

Tessieroo: Have I mentioned how much I love tvN? She sticks the needle in his hand.
WAY 18Clockwatcher: The reserve cop or whatever he is hates his life as he works in the storage room. He flings a box that will obviously be part of a future mystery.

Tessieroo: Geon Woo asks if she really doesn’t remember anything from 6 years ago? She tells him she’s gone through all the files, gone to all the places involved but nothing comes up. So she no longer expects to remember anything about that incident.

Geon Woo asks if that’s why she came to the Lost and Found Dept, she was demoted? No, she volunteered which surprises him. She thinks something is waiting for her. He sounds like he’s sympathizing with her and understands but then he bursts out laughing. He still thinks she’s crazy.

Back at work, an old man calls regarding the silver suitcase. He’s coming by to pick it up.

Clockwatcher: It’s the same case some old ladies had picked up earlier. And unlike every other Lost and Found department in the world, with a little begging, she actually agrees to stay past closing hours so that he can retrieve it. Very sweet of her but also the result of not having a life or anything better to do at 8pm.

She goes down to Creep Central to retrieve the suitcase and notices that the temperature has dropped considerably. Oh gosh, did the next ghost die in a freezer? It gets colder and she starts to freak out and she still doesn’t run out. Then as she trembles, she sees a young girl with frost all over her. She backs away and the girl looks at the suitcase. As they stare at each other, one trembling out of fear and cold and the other just cold, Geon Won walks in and see the crazy lady looking scared out her wits as she stares at nothing.
WAY 21

Clockwatcher: This was a less action-packed episode but I really enjoyed the character development we got. The psycho-iatrist case ended rather simply, I have to say. Why didn’t he drug and kill her in the ambulance then just drop her body in the ocean? Because the drama would end in two episodes if that happened so I’ll shut up. lol

Tessieroo: I have a feeling this will be just a series of cases Shi On solves with the help of ghosts and Geon Woo. Which is okay but I’ll be very impatiently waiting for the case from 6 years ago and Kim Jae Wook’s character. I’m already impatient for him to make his first appearance as a ghost in front of Shi On. Did you notice the box at the opening? Rookie Sung Chan tossed a box like that aside while working in the Lost and Found room. I wonder if that’s the box that has a ring inside? I also have this sneaky suspicion that he was killed by another cop.

Oh, and by the way…now I know you’re afraid of ghosts. Ahahahaha.

Clockwatcher: It’s not that I’m scared of ghosts but like Geon Woo, I only believe what I see and what I don’t see, I run the hell away from.

WAY 20

WAY 19


  • Ayelén says:

    Thanks for the recap. You two are just so funny. I’m not convince with this drama, but your comments seriously make my day.

    • tessieroo says:

      You have no idea how hard I laugh when I read Clock’s comments. 🙂 I love doing joint recaps with her…even if the drama is lacking a bit. (LMAO)

      • goodange says:

        Sometimes, it’s when a drama’s lacking that makes the recaps more fun … you can be more sarcastic and witty about your criticisms. 😉 Basically, things that aren’t all too good make good joke material, and you and clock are always on!

  • After this episode, I was convinced she needed to hand in her badge because it was blaring obvious she couldn’t handle her job. And that folks, is what bothered me through these episode. That and the fact that was she really hit that hard that she was in a comma for 6 years? Hole after hole; inconsistency after inconsistency. But if I just discount them and ask myself if I was remotely entertained, yes to a point. Will I continue to watch? I’ll give it another week and decide. Overall, I was extremely disappointed with the weakness of Yo Si Hyun’s character. And as far as Taecyon, not a fan but is this supposed to be a comedy? If so, show, please just go that route.

  • pluie625 says:

    hello Tessieroo…long time no hear hehehe…. how’s my fellow JHW fan and Inhyun shipper? thank you to you and clockwatcher for the recap. It’s helpful for me coz I’m scared of ghosts and they give me nightmares hahaha…so even if I want to watch it, I still can’t find the courage to do so… can I also share your recaps to other site?

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey, I’ve missed you! You’re very welcome – and yes, you can most certainly share a link to our recaps! BTW – do you realize we’ve only hit the 1 year mark for JHW’s military service? *sniff* We have a long way to go.

      • pluie625 says:

        thanks.. and yeah, before we know it he’s out again and equipped with the so called “post army abs” LOL… and we will hear news again about inhyun couple…hahaha here I am talking about JHW in who are you recap… sorry… 😀

  • chilpie113 says:

    Its my first time reading your recaps and to be honest,they were wonderful.I never expected much from this drama anyways but somehow your recaps made me curious to read ’em till final episode,that is if brave it till the finale.

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