Monstar Episode 12 (Finale) Final Performance

Well, I haven’t watched it yet but lots of people are left feeling unsatisfied. It’s an open ending… like really open and one wonders why they slowed the plot down so much to arrive here. As I said, I haven’t watched so I’m neither sad nor mad. As for Nana/Sunwoo, they had scenes (sometimes, that’s all you can hope for) and I will know if there’s a hint for them or not after I watch. He did make her cry again.

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  • cricket16 says:

    I’ve watched it without subs… it was really open ended as in REALLY OPEN ENDED!!!. I think they are aiming for season 2… which I know that it is quite impossible for now since some of them already have new dramas to film. Furthermore, to us BEAST fans, we knew that JunHyung is too much busy because they just had their comeback stage last week…so our SC cannot pursue his acting career for awhile.We could only hope that it will have another season to tie things up and end them well…

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      It’s impossible. Jun Hyung already said that he doesn’t want to do another musical drama. Ha Yeon Soo’s star has skyrocketed and she’s too big for this drama (+ next drama is like 120 eps).. Kang Ha Neul is on Heirs and if that drama is as big as everyone thinks, he’ll be too big for this too. Jae Rok already has a new show. I don’t know about Da Hee but her band will probably be aiming for a comeback soon.

      • BAR says:

        In fact, GLAM’s planning a comeback this month! Keep an eye out for their first album!

        So I knew from the outset that there would not be a Season Two. Between the development costs and the evolving careers of its stars, it was just not going to happen. It was also the reason why I desperately wanted the drama to wrap up its threads tightly and be a self-contained season. Sadly, I also had a bad feeling that the series will end up too open (albeit not as sloppy as I feared), leaving any untied ends to the world of fanfiction.

        Oh well. More elaborate thoughts later, but I will echo the swan song of Colorbar: No Regrets.

        • blnmom says:

          Oh… just checked out some of Glam’s stuff. It’s not great. Fluffy candy pop. I hope with Dahee’s success they can get better songwriters and choreographers to work with. They sound awesome singing their cover of Rolling in the deep, so I know they can handle meatier stuff.

          • BAR says:

            “Fluffy candy pop.”

            OH REALLY?! You’re going to tell me that I Like That and In Front of the Mirror and say that again?

            Okay, I don’t really intend to start a fanwar/comment shitstorm all over Clockwatcher’s precious blog, so I’ll stop right here. But I’m glad you see some potential in them, and the fact that they don’t get much love from the industry to actualize said potential.

        • Rossi says:

          YAY for Glam’s coming back! I’m totally waiting to fangirl over them now that I have quite a crush on Dahee. I checked out their stuffs from before and they really do need more money put into them production wise and they need that one big hit. But all the girls are quite talented, I was quite impressed by their vocals. I mean you have the powerhouse like Dahee but all the other ones are quite decent as well. Here’s to hoping Glam being the next big girl group! ^_^8

          You know what’s the one thing that bug me the most about the ending? We never get to know what is the right answer when Nana asked you ” What do you see when you look at me?!” I WANT TO KNOW!!! GAH! >=[

      • mmmm says:

        I know Junhyung doesn’t want to act as High School student anymore but not acting on a musical drama. Did I read it wrong? lol

  • lhasha says:

    A bit disappointed with their final performance against All For One. It’s my fault though, I should have known to lower my expectations with this drama lol.

    I’m glad this drama ended. It was getting a little too shi….crappy to watch. Thank God IHYV subs came out and salvaged this weekend for me.

    BTW… thanks Clockwatcher for your hilarious Monstar recaps. Yours are my favorites 😉

  • Oreo says:

    I honestly thought All For One won for the final performance.
    They did so much better… And that Daniel guy is cute! Does anybody know who he is?

  • NadNerd says:

    I havent watch the whole ep so i’m not sure bout who’s Daniel but if you’re referring to the guitar guy in the All For One’s performance, he’s No Min Woo. Excuse me if I’m wrong but he’s the only good-looking guy I saw.

  • NadNerd says:

    And yeah, I’m glad it ended too. As the story gets more lousy, it’s a bit burdensome to wait for it every week but I just can’t bring myself to ignore the drama completely. The worst part is that my expectations for more sweet scenes was too high. Anyways, it’s a drama that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Sorry to be rude but it’s just a 12 episode bullshit.

  • kaye says:

    Just finished watching the eng sub of Monstar…I guess All For One won that part..They really did a good job..

    I like the ending of this series, it is OPEN and I think it shoud be…it is somewhat realistic knowing they are in high school.. The time of concept is high school days…Like what I’ve read on the other site, the lyrics of song the Color Bar sings depicts how they will look forward about their lives and though they don’t know what their future lies ahead but they will continue to move forward…

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