Monstar Episode 12 (Finale) Recap: And Life Goes On

Given the pace of the last few episodes, I’m not surprised by this ending. It’s like they thought they’d get another season or something. But as I said last week, since they are young, an ending is only a beginning for them. However, I love closure and love to see things actually play out on screen and not in my imagination because if I wanted to imagine, wouldn’t I daydream all day instead of watching a drama?

That said, this episode tied up a few loose ends.


It begins with a callback to the first episode but instead of Seol Chan and Se Yi singing the same song separately, it’s Na Na and Seol Chan singing (him rapping) to the sad song she sang in the previous episode. It’s actually quite awesome.

We’re at the scene of Sun Woo’s epic rejection and after he calls Se Yi’s name, he makes a joke, saying she dropped her money then tells her that he won’t be able to walk her home tonight. I felt a lot more sorry for him the first time I watched it – you know, before I knew the rest of the stuff he does in the episode.

She’s rooted in place as he turns around and walks away. He stops for a moment to state that it hurts to get dumped twice. No shit, Sherlock. But then again, you’re just a glutton for punishment.

Hold up, though. Why is he constantly showing off his mankles? Yeah, I know every inch of you is sexy but these pants are so 2012. You just can’t let anything go, can you?

The crazy PD is spitting mad because Seol Chan won’t be appearing on his show. Why is he so obsessed with him? Did his wife dump him to become a Men In Black sasaeng fan? Since he can’t get Seol Chan, he comes up with Plan B and tells his head writer to dig up dirt on the rest of the Colorbar members. *sigh* The more I see him, the fuglier he gets.

While washing the dishes, Se Yi tells her mother about Adam.

At school, Na Na calls Sun Woo out for looking like death then they smile at each other. Aww. Poor child. Eun Ha and the KyuNam couple show up and greet them. They really are genuine friends now.

Seol Chan catches up with Se Yi in the hallway and I guess their non-relationship is now a relationship because he expected a call from her.  He jokes that she didn’t call because she was with another man and since she has no poker face, he guesses she was with Sun Woo. She reassures him that it’s not what he thinks and when he points at her, she notices his calloused fingers.

The rest of the crew walk into school and Dumb Woo pulls a Na Na and walks in between them.

Then he taunts Seol Chan by reminding him that they’ll be meeting in the basement for practice without him.

Seol Chan calls Sun Woo for yet another love triangle talk. And to think I thought these would be over by the final episode. Seol Chan tells him to find a clue and leave Se Yi but he refuses and is going to keep going. I remember watching those makjang dramas of the early ’00s where the crazy, psychotic second lead would do things like attempt suicide or fake paralysis just to keep the lead’s love. But even those nutsos find a clue and start to redeem themselves by the final episode. But not Sun Woo which leads me to believe he’s one of those people who seems very normal, maybe they are a leader in the community/church then the cops find 15 bodies buried in their yard.

Now that Seol Chan realizes that his former friend is going to use the Goddess’s Kiss appearance to stick to Se Yi, he has to find a way to stop that from happening (oh, this riveting story line).

So he shows up to the basement and tells them that he’ll still pick the song and do the arrangement as Sun Woo strums a tune on his guitar. It’s a callback to when Sun Woo was the outsider trying to help Colorbar while Seol Chan protested.

When they leave the basement, Seol Chan whispers to Se Yi that he has some time to spend with her and Sun Woo echoes him. Oh Lord. Then Sun Woo takes her hand and pulls her away with him. What is this? I don’t know how this could be considered great television but sure, Writer. Anyway, if I were Se Yi, the words, “Bitch, get your dirty hands off me!” would have escaped my lips but that doesn’t happen so he drags her as Seol Chan follows and yells after them.

Then we see that Se Yi’s mom has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for them to leave. She goes to see Ahjussi and just as I had been expecting in the last few episodes, Se Yi has got everything wrong and it’s all a misunderstanding. So no major props from me, Drama. Her mother hasn’t cleared things up to protect her. Then we learn that Adam had also blamed Se Yi’s mom for his unfortunate circumstances till he learned that they were having a suffering too.

Then more of this love triangle thing. Jeez, I’m falling asleep. Seol Chan asks Sun Woo why he’s being so childish now and he tells him that he was told (by Na Na) that his lack of childishness was a flaw so now he’s trying to rectify it and play at Seol Chan’s level. Why is this the piece of advice you take? And you know how rich folk are supposed to be very proud and snobbish? How I wish Sun Woo had just a smidgen of that to save us all from his shameless acts.

Se Yi is inside the cafe watching them when Sun Woo turns to her and smiles. Seol Chan notices and decides to show him what real childishness is by waving his hands in front of his face. lol. It’s cute but in real life, his hand would have balled up and made contact with Sun Woo’s face. Then he turns around and cutely waves at Se Yi.

Sun Woo receives a text from Na Na to meet him. He arrives mean mugging at her and Girlfriend, let this boy go. I know he’s hot, but come on. She asks him why he’s acting crazy and he says that he’s practicing. While he can’t let her go yet, he knows that he has to one of these days. Try today, Buster.

We learn that All For One has a hidden card and Eun Ha, Do Nam and Kyu Dong discuss it. When she suggests that Na Na use her underworld connections to find out what it is, her fanboys immediately stick up for her. LOL and aww. All For One snottily passes by and our gang imagine their hidden card as this:

Nice to see Jae Rok rock the Safari (of Heartless City) hair.

While practicing in the basement, Seol Chan receives a call from his mom so he steps out to take it. He’s planning to return to his dormitory but his mom refuses. After the call, he speaks to Adam and tells him that J. Han inspired him to become a singer. Awww, nice of him.

Back at the network, PD and his writer investigate the members. She picks Na Na as her target but since the PD loves his kneecaps, he immediately tosses out the idea when he learns who her father is. Same thing for Sun Woo but for a different kind of power. Then they pick Se Yi because of her relationship with Adam. The writer complains about all the work she has to do so the PD tells her to call Seol Chan and blackmail him, which she does. So basically, if he doesn’t appear on the show, his friends’ dirty laundry will be aired. Sun Woo overhears the conversation but Seol Chan refuses to share his problems with him.

Then there’s this really boring sequence involving a whole bunch of people I don’t care about. Seol Chan confronts the PD who tells him that he will cancel the appearance if he doesn’t appear on the show. Seol Chan doesn’t want that since folks like Eun Ha and Kyu Dong would be crushed. His company president won’t allow him to do it unless he can get an awesome person called Stella to appear as the goddess. So Seol Chan goes to Ari for help since she can influence Stella. Zzz.

At school, Ma Joon Hee warns Sun Woo that the PD is up to no good since he can’t get Seol Chan. Even though he sucks, I do feel bad for him whenever he’s with Sun Woo because he clearly wants him back in his life.

As Seol Chan tries to figure out how to keep his friends’ business in the closet, Sun Woo calls him out for yet another talk. He warns him that if Se Yi (facepalm) gets hurt, he won’t let it go. I can’t imagine being Seol Chan and having to listen to someone threaten me over my own girlfriend. Can someone please give this guy a knuckle sandwich already and bring him back to his senses? Although I think even conking him repeatedly on the head with a hammer won’t do the trick.

After agreeing to kiss Ari’s feet, she relents and helps him. Now Seol Chan can appear on the program.

He goes to the basement and shares his good news with them. Everyone is happy, including Sun Woo because his precious Se Yi is now safe. They practice.

Seol Chan’s president is shocked that he was able to pull Stella and ends up adding Men In Black to the bill. And although Goddess’s Kiss now has an impressive line up, the PD doesn’t relent on dirty dishing because this story line must continue.

The PD continues to investigate Adam’s unfortunate accident and we learn what happened that night. Se Yi’s mom met him to give him her husband’s CD. He acted smug because they used to look down on his type on music but are crawling back to him now that money is tight. It looks like he’s won till she hits below the belt and tells him that his attitude is the reason she didn’t accept his heart.  This is when Nawin’s sister asks for a ride.

All For One aren’t happy that the PD’s writer is going around investigating Se Yi. Does he really think that they need the opposition to be smeared to win? So Joon Hee meets up with him and warns him to back off. I love how easily these Ma kids control this PD.  Hmm. If I were born a chaebol’s daughter, this drama would have a different ending.

After school, Sun Woo tries to take Se Yi to practice with him but Seol Chan claims his woman, asking Sun Woo if he’s ever taken a girlfriend home. Oh oh, he used the g-word. As to the question, considering this guy has been in “love” with Se Yi since he was under 5 feet tall, I’m going to say no… which, come to think of it, might explain a lot.

Seol Chan brings her home, shocking his mother, as the last person he brought home was Sun Woo. He takes her to his room where she sees her framed note and the sheep doll. She picks it up and asks if she should take it back and he reminds her that she was to return it when she had a boyfriend, once again confirming their status.

She looks at his picture with his parents and says that he looks just like his mom. It’s awkward for him as they aren’t related and she tells him that people who live together start to look alike. Then he asks if that means they’ll end up looking alike since they’ll be spending a lot of time together. His mother brings over some juice and soon after, snacks, to make sure things remain G-rated. And whenever she leaves the door slightly ajar, Seol Chan closes it. How cute. If that were my room, my parents would have left the door wide open and double dared me to shut it.

She eventually asks him to leave it slightly ajar because he’s got a girl with him. Embarrassed, he shuts the door, reassuring her that no hanky-panky will be taking place. Then he serenades his girlfriend with an original song – his apology for bastardizing her father’s song.

It’s a song about letting go of her pain and leaning on him so that they can smile together. And as his partner, she’s become that special person in his life. He’s confessing his love and if that were me, after the song was over, we would really have to lock the door. He takes her home.

When he returns to his home, he tells his mom what Se Yi said about them looking alike which prompts her to come to his room for a little chat. She cries as she apologizes to him. She hasn’t been able to do this for years but she’s really sorry for what she did many years ago when she was at her wit’s end. The truth is she adopted him when she wasn’t ready to be a mother. So she returned him when things got too difficult. How awful. Now this, I get. Rejected by your biological parents, rejected by your adoptive parents… the low self esteem that must develop believing you’re unwanted. There are tears in his eyes when she holds his face and tells him that she loves him. He calls her “mother” and she tells him she hopes to hear him call her “mom” soon.

To make this battle appear less of a nonentity than it is, Colorbar is told that they can’t perform the song they’d chosen and have to pick another one and arrange it in five days. It’s supposed to make the plot more dramatic but since it’s so random and transparent, it doesn’t have the desired effect.

Eun Ha writes about their predicament and gets interested in social justice. I guess she’s going to become a journalist.

Then Nawin shows up at Adam’s. He tells him he’s leaving Korea to tour the rest of Asia. He thanks him for sending him money all these years as it helped him attend a good college. But it’s time to stop now because he forgives him and he’s sure his sister forgives him too. But most of all, he needs to forgive himself. Adam weeps.

Seol Chan and Se Yi go out on a date and do her favorite thing – eat cake and feed each other. Would it really hurt for her to Google for other date ideas?

As Sun Woo leaves practice, he gets a text from Na Na about their 8th coupon and let’s just say he isn’t happy. He goes to the courtyard and the minute she walks in with a gift bag, he demands to know why she couldn’t have said whatever it is earlier. Dang, Boy. Who pissed in your orange juice? She replies, wondering if he’s going to pretend he doesn’t know why. Then she asks him if he’s thought about when their coupons expire. He replies that day. Dang x2. I have to say I didn’t expect it. I thought he wouldn’t give a date and that would be their open ending. Oh well, her first mistake was giving him an option to cut them off.

As tears form, she confirms that there’s really no hope for them. Then she grabs his guitar and asks him to sing a final song for her. She’d previously told him that there’s no use in making a girl laugh a hundred times since she’ll go to the one who makes her cry (glutton for punishment #2). So she asks him to make her laugh and I assume this is her way of asking him to help her get over him.

He tells her to pick a song but she leaves the choice to him. He asks if he can really sing what he wants and instead of her to see the red flag and pick Macarena, Party Rock or something like that, she gives him the go ahead.

He sings When My Love Passes By which I interpret as someone telling a past love who still loves them that they’ve moved on. She cries, calling him a son of a bitch to the very end and leaves. She walks home in tears and this time, when she gets there and her father asks who made her cry, she should tell him Jung Sung Woo and give him his address.

Sun Woo finishes the song then notices the gift bag Na Na left.

It’s battle time and Colorbar members wait in their dressing room. As Na Na walks out, she bumps into Sun Woo in the doorway. They look at each other awkwardly then at the rest of the gang to make sure no one saw. Then he looks away and tells her to do well. She tells him to focus on himself and walks away. He watches her leave then smiles to himself. I honestly don’t know what goes on in his head. He also continues in his madness by getting in between Seol Chan and Se Yi. She gets embarrassed and leaves. Se Yi is acting helpless but despite Sun Woo’s thick-headedness, she can still put an end to it.

As she walks down the hallway wondering which demon possessed Sun Woo, she overhears the writers talking about her father’s accident. Apparently, on that fateful day, her angry dad was speeding and her pleas for him to slow down fell on deaf ears. Seol Chan and Sun Woo appear and her memory suddenly returns. She remembers that she was fighting with him over the radio and they got into an accident. Then her father gave up his life to save hers. She breaks down then runs away. Seol Chan chases after her and Sun Woo starts to then thankfully stops himself. I want to say he’s finally getting a clue but I’m sure he’ll prove me wrong in a second.

Seol Chan looks for her while the rest of Colorbar wonders where she is and it’s a rehash of their first battle with the couple switched. Seol Chan eventually finds her in the park.

Through tears, she apologizes for being unable to sing because after blaming her mother all these years, she realizes she’s to blame for her father’s death. Seol Chan shares his adoption story with her. He tells her his different names  – the name at the orphanage, the first name his mother gave him and his current one. The three months he had the second name were very difficult but the moment his mother returned him to the orphanage continues to be the worst moment of his life. So in hard times, he thinks: “God won’t give you more than you can handle.”

At the station, the show gets underway and we learn who All For One’s hidden card is – some senior called Park Daniel or No Min Woo to the rest of the world.

The performance is great but there’s all this fire around them and I wonder if that’s implies they are performing from hell. Colorbar is shocked that they performed a pop song and not their usual classical music.

Sun Woo continues to hold onto his ancient phone in worry till he receives a text message from Seol Chan saying that they are on their way. Then we see that Se Yi is still sobbing and Seol Chan places a comforting hand on hers. He should have hugged her.

There are fangirls aplenty outside the studio and soon after they arrive, Seol Chan and Se Yi get separated. Sun Woo runs out to get them and after Seol Chan grabs a hand and runs off with its owner, he stays and watches in confusion. Soon after we learn why – Seol Chan had grabbed the crazy sasaeng fan who’d kissed him in the first episode. So they mean to tell us he didn’t glance back once to look at his beloved girlfriend’s face? Sun Woo arrives with the right person, warning Seol Chan to be more careful. Ugh, at this rate, he’ll never let go of Se Yi.

Then Colorbar gets on stage wearing t-shirts Na Na made. Each member sings a part of the intro.

While this sounds more like a victory song/anthem, and each person plays an important role, I preferred their previous performance. Se Yi cries the whole time.

The next day, Adam is watering his plants like he did 90% of the time in this episode. He asks if they won the battle and this is one loose end we’ll all have to deal with. It’s fitting that the inconsequential battle has an inconsequential ending.

Sun Woo smiles at a framed photo of Colorbar in his home. I guess these kids really are his friends now, huh? Then he finally opens the gift bag Na Na left. It’s the jacket she’d been making for “no one.” He tries it on and smiles, saying that he thought it wouldn’t fit him.

Then Sun Woo narrates over a montage of pivotal moments of the show. He talks about how love appeared in their lives and became deeply rooted in them. And as time passes, it continues to live in them.  Seol Chan joins Se Yi who’s crying in the basement and wipes away her tears. Don’t cry, Shop Sheep Girl. Gosh, I’m such a sucker for this gesture.

The End.


I won’t bother to list the loose ends we’re left with because it just feels like a waste of time. And isn’t this like the stingiest writer ever? She just gives the absolute bare minimum of what we actually want while there’s an excess of things we don’t want.

As a dabbler in writing, I understand the appeal of an open ending because you hope it makes the characters linger longer with the reader/audience but as a viewer, can you freaking give me closure so that I can move on to the next book/drama?

For me, this drama is like this really amazing, hot guy you meet. The first month with him is such bliss that you are floating on air but then soon afterwards, you realize that he’s really not as amazing as you thought. That car he picked you up in? Rented. The amazing date he planned? It was straight out of a drama. Even though he claims to love romantic comedies, he falls asleep every time you see one together. And all those super-hot nights you spent together? He got some help from a little, blue pill. But he still has some good points – he makes you laugh sometimes, when he forgets the pill, it’s not that bad and he’s a generally nice guy. Upon this discovery, if you choose to stay with him, there are two options: adjust your expectations, and while he might not turn out to be the love of your life, you can have a pretty good relationship, because hey, it’s not like you have anything better to do on a Friday night. Or continue to hold onto the fantasy and die of frustration. I chose the former and in the end, I thought this was a nice finale despite the lack of a climax.  I think the writing has been on the wall for a while  – we knew we were going to be left hanging to a certain degree.

Of course, I already knew that a lot of people were dissatisfied with it so that might have even lowered my expectations more but I enjoyed it. The more dramatic conflicts were addressed and while the viewers probably actually care about the little ones more, we know they’ll be all okay.

Na Na/Sun Woo shippers, the story moved from “seeing” to “fitting.” I know many are upset but I think they left a big though vague hint with the jacket. Na Na continued to warn Sun Woo (well, in the last few episodes) that he wouldn’t succeed if he changed to fit someone else’s taste. Since he’s a stubborn mule, he kept doing it and failed. But in his very last scene, he wears Na Na’s jacket – something he wouldn’t normally pick – and to his surprise, it fits him. Just the way he already is.

In addition to that, we also have the scene in the doorway where they both look away awkwardly/shyly. It’s strange that they placed that scene so close to his awful “serehating” but I think it was to remind us that their story isn’t over. In fact, in a sense, it’s just beginning. Despite this, I want Na Na to really move on from him. Regardless of his reasons, he was pathetic in this episode (with like 15 different personalities) and she’s too fly for a pathetic guy.

The reason I avoid makjang dramas is that I prefer to end the drama laughing with my heart singing instead of crying with a heavy heart. This was neither but I really would have preferred to see Seol Chan and Se Yi smiling together instead of her crying as he wipes her tears. They will be each other’s strengths and carry one another through their hard times but I think we already got that message loud and clear. Having said that, I’m happy for them and glad the finale centered around them since in my opinion, they were ignored in the last few episodes. Of course, it would have been much better to not have Dumb Woo around them but clearly, the writer or director thinks this is a highlight of the drama. Damn. What a way to run a character into the ground.

All in all, I started this drama really liking Seol Chan and ended it loving Kang Ha Neul. I’ve got my bias against girl groups but Da Hee really is talented – she feels like a solo artist.  And how lovely was it to see Ha Neul and Da Hee cutely singing happily in the BTS of a heavy scene? I just love these two and hope they work together again. I honestly felt that Ha Yeon Soo’s acting was the weakest but I clearly know nothing since she’s the breakout star (as well and Kang Ha Neul to a lesser extent). The rest of the cast did well and I love how different Kang Eui Sik is from Kyu Dong  – I felt his acting was the most consistent and his character the best realized. I didn’t feel sad when I first watched the episode but as I write these final words, I feel a lump in my throat. I’m going to miss watching this group every week.

Thanks for reading my recaps and all the kind words and wonderful discussions we have here.

So no major rant from me this time. Monstar is done. Finito. Finished. Now it’s on to the next drama.

Till then!

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  • tessieroo says:

    “Dumb Woo” – ROFLMAO He sure is hawt though, I’ll be keeping my eye on this young ‘un. No Min Woo! (and not wearing a dress! YAY!) Thanks for your recaps on this one. 🙂

  • maimymlt says:

    Like macaroni without cheese, a birthday cake without candles, 4th of July without fireworks, a Korean drama without kimchi – etc. etc. etc. The ending felt like a soda that lost its’ fizz – rather flat – still drinkable, but it has no…um, sparkle? flavor? oomph? This episode was ok, but not as satisfying as I had hoped. Oh, well, “c’est la vie” and onto the next drama and hope for better endings.

  • blnmom says:

    Aishhh. I promised I wouldn’t comment — in fact I wasn’t going to read this post, since I’m a baby and Monstar is my PRECIOUS and I was afraid a rant was coming and I can’t have any criticisms of Monstar reach my eyeballs, but I couldn’t help myself, dang it. I counted 5 times where you made me laugh out loud. And now, when I rewatch the drama the next 20 times, the names Jerk Rok and Dumb Woo will echo in my mind. Curse your fertile brain!

    I actually enjoyed Sunwoo’s childish assholery, it showed that he was human. And you’re right, Ahjusshi has way too many potted plants to be doing anything else with his life other than watering them. Anyway, I’m glad you sort of enjoyed the drama in spite of its (disputed) flaws, and will look forward to the next set of recaps! 🙂

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. I think lots of people were expecting a rant from me but I’m all ranted out. LOL. And I wasn’t offended by the ending. It helps I expected it, though.

      Thanks for your comments, lol, and I’m glad you took a chance one last time and enjoyed a few laughs.

      A part of me was amused by Sunwoo’s childish antics but then there’s another part of me who put myself in Se Yi’s shoes and I just wanted to punch him. Yeah, he’s going through some things but damn, it’s selfish. And I’m someone who enjoyed his dickish behavior to Seol Chan in the past. But telling Seol Chan that he’d better not let Se Yi get hurt. That really annoyed me. That’s his girlfriend. Does he really need to hear that BS from Sun Woo? The only time I was genuinely amused was when they were in the dressing room – it felt good-natured there.

  • Oo says:

    Thank you for recap!!

  • BAR says:

    You took many of my words (previously stated in Koala’s recap) right out of my mouth, so I’ll just repeat what bears repeating here.

    Despite not being a fan of the pairing, I really liked the way how SY x SC was handled this episode. Plenty of Show Don’t Tell, especially with that hand-holding scene in the van and the tear-wiping scene at the very end. The only thing that would’ve made it better was if Seyi leaned her head against his shoulder, illustrating that she feels safe with him the same way he feels safe with her in telling his secrets. (I just wish it wasn’t all ruined with that sasaeng appearance, which was a totally unnecessary lame attempt at cutting tension and only served to prolong that damn triangle.)
    The only open end that I would’ve enjoyed as a sequel hook was Seyi’s realization regarding her father’s death. We don’t know HOW she’ll deal with it, on THAT she’ll have to deal with it – but more importantly, she’ll do so with Seolchan at her side, supporting her every step of the way. THAT, my friends, is a proper Season Two setup. Everything else… is everything else.
    I’ve been really impressed with Seolchan this episode (almost becoming a Batooty myself), because although it started rather abruptly in the last few episodes, his growth as a character culminated in his selfless acts this episode. (Except talking about himself when Seyi hit rock bottom… WTF?!) In this way, our little jerkass self-absorbed STAR YA STAR became a charitable and compassionate person… the same kind of person Sunwoo used to be. By contrast, Sunwoo’s personality took a nosedive in the last few episodes, culminating in his actions in the finale where he became what Seolchan used to be, a selfish jerk with an inflated sense of entitlement. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but if this was the writers’ intent all along, then this was a stroke of literary genius: Two friends of opposite temperaments are introduced to a common love interest, who serves as a catalyst for the two of them to converge and ultimately end up where the other began. But that’s being pretty charitable to the writers as it is.
    I was pretty damn satisfied with the end to SW and Nana’s story, where he revealed himself to be a Really Horrible Person and she realized that she had to dump his ass fast. I thought I was a SW x Nana shipper, but all along I was really just a Kang Haneul x Kim Dahee shipper trying to project their personal chemistry onto their characters. And yes, they played the roles well, even if they were tense and ultimately ended in discord. (Their ability to flip a switch and adopt starkly contrasting personalities says a lot about their talents.) But I would absolutely adore any collaboration they might have in the future, whether in music or in acting.*
    Every time Nana played a bass slide, I could only hear her seductive growl…
    SC’s Eomeoni giving him a second name after adopting him a second time makes no logical sense and is absolutely inexplicable. Who would do something like that to the same person, and why?

    Like the final musical number says, I have no regrets over watching this series. Sure, it might have been a crashing disappointment plot-wise, but other factors in the overall experience offset it, namely amazing musical numbers and compelling characters with very human interactions. That, and Kim Dahee. Her presence and talent and charm and beauty and hotness make her the antidote for anything.

    CW, I absolutely enjoyed your recaps, and I’m ever so grateful for them. You’re perhaps the only one out of the major recappers who actually engaged in dialogue with me, and I appreciate that. As I ride off into the sunset (perhaps coming back only for the next production starring Kim Dahee), I once again bid thank you.

    *(If they aren’t already collaborating under the sheets, hurr hurr)

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol… already collaborating under the sheets? I guess that’s a secret they will never tell.

      As for Sunwoo being a horrible person, he is quite a dick but Na Na has known this all along.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my recaps and I was glad to have one of Da Hee’s bona fide fanboys around! Anyway, maybe we’ll meet again for Da Hee’s next drama.

  • Rossi says:

    I think Dumb Woo is even better than Samaritan Woo. XD…As always, your recaps are fabulous in term of of all the snarky comments you infused them with which make my enjoyment of your recaps to be more than my enjoyment of watching the drama itself. With that said, I was surprised at the tinge of sadness that I felt over its ending, it’s like saying goodbye to something you didn’t think would matter much but actually sort of do.

    ” It’s battle time and Colorbar members wait in their dressing room. As Na Na walks out, she bumps into Sun Woo in the doorway. They look at each other awkwardly then at the rest of the gang to make sure no one saw. Then he looks away and tells her to do well. She tells him to focus on himself and walks away. He watches her leave then smiles to himself. I honestly don’t know what goes on in his head.”…omg! i was so confused by this. Like wth? What are you planning to convey Dumb Woo?! It makes me think it’s like a momentary confusion in which Ha Neul is projecting his own feelings towards Dahee (not even romantically per se. Just an affectionate friendliness) and not SW towards Nana. Like why would you smile after all that transpired the previous night?!?

    The “serehating” was my favorite scene of the entire ep though and possibly in the entire the drama cause it was so sublime in its ability to break your heart. I was wailing on the inside for my girl Nana, while at the same time, I was sad for SW too. He maybe an obtuse idiot with a weird turn of character in the 11th hour but it’s not his fault to be in love with someone who doesn’t love him back. Plus Ha Neul killed in that scene! It’s the first time I was impressed by his actings. That song is so going into my playlist of “emo love songs” that you listen to when you’ want to feel especially pathetic. hur.

    I was so annoyed by Se Yi in this ep because she just let all the boys drag her around. Like she literally stand there waiting for someone to grab her wrist and be dragged away. There goes all my affection for tiny feisty Se Yi. On the other hand, I found SW’s childish petty behaviors to be hilarious,. I mean it’s late in the game, but it’s fun to see him getting a bit more 3 D instead of the perfect 2D cut out. So despite everything, I still want the SW/Nana ship to sail because am shallow and he’s pretty and I want Nana to have what she wants all along. He just gonna have to grovel a bit for it.

    Finaly, thank you for all your hard works with this show and I’ll continue to stalk the Ha Neul/Dahee post cause I fangirl like that. 🙂

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      For me, the song was just overkill. He already told her that there was no hope and that was like rubbing salt into the wound. I think it was fine for him to cut those coupons off because with his second heartbreak, he wasn’t in the mood for it but it was unnecessarily nasty.

      Even though he’s my punching bag, lol, I feel for him sometimes but ugh, he annoyed me in this episode. Anyway, I’m glad that even if Na Na still has feelings for him, their scene in the doorway showed that she might not make it easy for Sunwoo if he ever decides to pursue her. That’s the good thing.

      • Rossi says:

        I thought his song’s choice was his way of grieving with this lost love. I don’t think it was intentionally aimed at Nana and her unrequited feelings towards him. It’s more like he’s coping with the whole situation which is why I think Nana called him a bastard because even then, his pain/sincerity/whatever still made her cry because it also reflect her own situation. They mirror each other in this way. Like before when SW kept on being accidentally privy to all of Nana’s secrets and vulnerabilities, so now is Nana the witness to his. I think if his song selection was intentionally to throw barb at her, she wouldn’t have been so upset cause I kinda think she’s cool enough to just punch him in the face for it cause like you said, that would be unnecessarily nasty!

        Yeah, I think our girl will make him work for it if that scenario ever happens cause despite all her overwhelming feelings for him, she never act the part of being a passive observer. Girl get stuffs done, even at the perils of her own heart sometimes, which is why I love her.

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          That’s definitely a valid way to look at it especially as he sighed after singing it – like it was a release. Prior to watching the scene, I did expect him to be wallowing in self-pity and singing about Se Yi (ugh) but when I watched it, I felt differently. I feel he would have picked a different song if he were singing about himself. Instead of singing, “You see me but I don’t know you anymore, ” it would be “I see you but you don’t look at me.” If he’d sung something like that then I would have been crying with him… okay, maybe not but I’d be more sympathetic.

          However, I do think she would be plenty upset if the song was directed at her. She called him a bastard and left – I think that’s the most she would do regardless.

          Regardless, your interpretation is food for thought and makes him seem less like an asshole.

  • E says:

    I kind of liked what SunWoo did because he seriously doesn’t feel for Nana the way he feels for SeYi I think…but the ending really shows that they might end up together. He just is finally doing what he wants and going after what he wants instead of doing what everyone expects of him. The song he sang to Nana is reflective of his true feelings at the moment and it seems he’s tired of hiding behind the “nice guy” facade.

    It seems to me that they will end up together – I’m a hardcore SW+NN shipper haha so that’s my take on it. The way he looked away when they bumped into each other at the door – was reminiscent of how Nana looks when they get a little too close. And when he tried on her jacket at the end…he didn’t think it would look good, AKA it does look good! And he’ll start to see Nana in a different light…eventually. He smiles so much more at Nana compared to SY anyways.

    Can we get a second season please with NN + SW together?! lol

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      The ending was definitely positive for NN/SW but they could have given us more. I’m sure they could have taken out one of the PD’s scenes or something (or all the Ari nonsense… still yawning).

      I agree he definitely finds Na Na quite amusing but I don’t want Na Na waiting around for His Highness to develop feelings for her. That’s the part I don’t like… but then again, I don’t like when women chase men – I always want them to move on. lol.

      A part of me will always be a NN/SW shipper but then I imagine being Na Na and watching him get epically rejected and publicly playing his love triangle love games and that would make me lose all interest in him. But then again, I’m not in love with him so there’s that.

      I do think they actually fit each other – even with his jerkish ways – because Na Na can’t be with some super-sensitive nice guy. She will destroy him.

      A season two of NN + SW? As long as he’s doing the chasing, I’m all for it.

  • Dwarf says:

    I totally agree that SW and NN ship can sail but only if SW does LOTS of groveling, which can only be capped off by him asking NN to bestow kindness on him in return in the form of 10 dates. And NN will gruffly say “shut up. Just 1.”

    And then he has to wait at all corners of the school to just to catch a glimpse of her. and then at the date, feed her all the cakes she wants, watch cute movies and watch her laugh, sing her sweet love songs to make her laugh. And then she will say “ur coupon has expired” and then starts to walk away before he finally grabs her and swoop in for a kiss. Then she finally smiles and he smiles and they ride off to the sunset to make brilliant music babies to rule the world! The end

    • Rossi says:

      “hey ride off to the sunset to make brilliant music babies to rule the world!”…YESSS! I would ship the heck out of this ship for this reason alone because omg! what a waste of all that genes if they don’t combine and be superior to all other musical genes out there!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      lol. Nice fanfic 😀

  • Dwarf says:

    After reading recaps for the umpteenth time together with watching the show, I’m sadly beginning to change my view on shipping SW and NN.

    Yes it would be sweet if NN’s first love can materialize into a real relationship but after getting worked up EVERY SINGLE time I see him being cold and such a jerk to NN, who’s been nothing but awesome, I think she deserves a fresh new start. With someone else. Someone like GD. Or even NMW, who I imagine was so awestruck with her performance that he starts serenading her with his rock guitar and punk attire. He will say “i see only you” and together they can rock out!

    Or she can start being The female version of SC with legions of fanboys swooning over her. With GD and DN being the presidents of her fanboy club 😀

    All while SW is somewhere forgotten, married to his books. Yay!

    Sigh… This crazy ahjumma. But I definitely ship DH and HN in real life : p

  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    It just occurred to me that Sun Woo’s last scene where he admitted he thought Nana wouldn’t fit him pretty much validates her claim that he only sees what he wants to see.

  • hey_judd says:

    Great recap & overall review as well CW… As you’ve mentioned, I started this drama also liking Seol Chan.. and same goes with @BAR I ended up being a B2UTY because of him and Yong Junhyung becoming my bias.

    However, in addition to your possible-endings-assumptions, I think Seol Chan’s ‘Colorbar’ got/ have the upper hand cards, as the confetti were falling until the ending part of their performance as the teachers also part of the audience were being jubilant for them, unlike with the ‘All For One’..

    Lots have been said, i enjoyed it.. for me Monstar is still worth watching..

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