“Who Are You” – Recap Episode 3

Tessieroo: Geon Woo asks Shi On what’s wrong and grabs her arm, which snaps her out of the ghost-staring trance. He turns to leave and she follows but looks back one more time – Yes, the ghost lady is still there.

The old guy who came to claim the silver suitcase shows Geon Woo his ID and starts to grab the suitcase. Shi On stops him, asking if it’s really his and what’s inside? He says just stuff, grabs the suitcase and walks out. Shi On chases after him while Geon Woo says he forgot his ID. They see him get into a taxi.
WAY 22Clockwatcher: I know in the U.S. the police can’t normally search a locked case without reason or permission but I wonder if they can do that if it’s found. And I would assume that they’d have some sniffer dogs around these items, right? Or am I thinking too much?

Tessieroo: No, you’re not. I find myself comparing to U.S. police all the time. LOL

Clockwatcher: We should stop especially as most of what we know about the police is from fictional television shows. LOL

Tessieroo: They give chase, following him with Geon Woo complaining the whole time.  I agree with him – if she hadn’t seen the ghost, she wouldn’t be making a big deal out of this. But of course, she can’t tell Geon Woo she’s seeing ghosts.

Clockwatcher: The worst part is giving him the case then questioning him. Shouldn’t one question him first?

Tessieroo: The old guy goes into a…shopping mall?

Clockwatcher: Maybe there’s a wad of cash in it and there’s a suit he’s just been dying to buy.

Tessieroo: He gets away from them but Shi On notices the black hat he was wearing, tossed into a garbage can. They see him waiting to board an elevator and chase him to the stairs.

Geon Woo holds him while Shi On notices the bag is gone. A locker key drops out of the old guys hand. They make the old guy take them to the locker which is empty. Turns out old guy was paid to pick up the suitcase and put it in a locker so he doesn’t know anything. We see another guy in a black suit carrying the suitcase.

Geon Woo takes Shi On home. As she goes to unlock her front gate, the ghost lady is there again. Once inside, Shi On notices it’s cold but the thermostat doesn’t seem to be working. She puts on a coat and sits on her bed, grabbing a blanket. The lights flicker off/on.

Clockwatcher: It’s time for her to permanently move into a church. Surely, a ghost can’t go in there… right?
WAY 23Tessieroo: The ghost lady appears before her again, looking extremely sad. Shi On screams at her to leave her alone. Ahhh…where’s the compassion? (LMAO)

Clockwatcher: Girlfriend, compassion for what? The lady is making her wear a winter coat in the middle of summer! She needs to be gone.

Tessieroo: Maybe it’s the horribly sad look on ghost lady’s face, I feel sorry for her although I have no clue why. *hee* She leaves but ghost lady follows her. I’m not sure what the whole next sequence was about but she touches a girl getting on a bus? She then boards the bus behind the girl.

Clockwatcher: Since she thinks Shi On won’t help her, she decides to torture an innocent girl. So ghosts can affect anyone and not just those who can see them? That makes them very scary. Imagine having a scorned ghost who takes revenge on the living. But I guess that explains haunted houses.

Tessieroo: Shi On follows her onto the bus and Geon Woo just happens to be there too, he follows the bus in his car.

Clockwatcher: It wouldn’t be a Korean drama without these coincidences.

Tessieroo: Ghost lady keeps touching the girl on the bus but I’m clueless as to what’s going on. Is she somehow threatening Shi On that she’ll harm someone unless Shi On helps her? I don’t get it.

Clockwatcher: Yes, that’s what she’s doing.

Tessieroo: Ghost lady starts to follow the girl off the bus until Shi On stands up. They exchange looks and finally ghost lady sits back down. Ahhhh…she was kinda threatening Shi On.

Clockwatcher: Yep. You got it.
WAY 24Tessieroo: So now I don’t feel sorry for ghost lady anymore. Hmmppffff. We see the man in the black suit, carrying the suitcase into the woods. He starts digging.

Clockwatcher: I guess I forgot but how did this man lose his suitcase in the first place?

Tessieroo: Some cleaning ladies in the subway picked it up and turned it in to the Lost & Found center. What it was doing in the subway, I have no idea.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, that’s the part I need answers to.

Tessieroo: Shi On follows the ghost lady off the bus into the woods. Okay, I’ll confess: now I’m scared – I don’t like scary, dark woods. LMAO *hides behind blanket*

Geon Woo pulls up and follows Shi On into the woods.

Clockwatcher: She didn’t hear his car pull up?

Tessieroo: The man in the black suit opens the suitcase, pulls something out and buries it.

The ghost lady leads Shi On to the spot and looks down. Suddenly Geon Woo shows up behind her and scares the hell outta Shi On. (and me, I jumped – LOL) Geon Woo tells her she looks like a crazy lady right now but she bends down and starts digging.

And OH MY GOD – it’s a hand.   O_O

Shi On looks up and ghost lady is missing her hand. OH MY GOD, I’m freaked out.  And cracking up at the same time – why are they censoring the hand? LMAO

Clockwatcher: The blurred hand is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. LMAO. Funnier than the blurred knives on Heartless City. How am I supposed to take this seriously if they blur out things like a hand that I’m 1000% sure is not real? Crazy.
WAY 25Tessieroo: Daylight (THANK GOD) and the cops and CSI types are all over. Geon Woo is asking Shi On how she knew. How did she know there was something buried here?

A detective also asks Shi On what she was doing out here at that time of night? Geon Woo quickly jumps in to say she was exercising.

Clockwatcher: At close to midnight in a neighborhood far from hers? Yeah, that sounds plausible.

Tessieroo: As they leave, he’s angry that she won’t tell him anything. He’s trying to get along with her, he’s followed her around, chasing after people and he even lied for her. He thought they were a team but she obviously didn’t feel that way. He leaves.

At home, she googles “I can see ghosts” – Ahahahaha. The messages say if you look at a ghost, she will keep lingering so it’s best to pretend you don’t see it. (Too late for that) The last message is that it’s best to consult an expert. Why did the song “Ghostbusters!” just pop into my head. “Who you gonna call….”

Shi On goes to see a Medium, (Kim Ye-Won) who tells her ghosts show up in front of someone seeking help to relieve resentments.

Clockwatcher: I like how the medium changed out of her gym clothes into her full regalia for the consultation.

Tessieroo: She also implies that the ghosts are coming to Shi On because she wants to see them.  Shi On gets angry and storms out.

Geon Woo complains to Moon Sik that he can’t work with Shi On. He meets Prosecutor Park Woong Joon (Kim Seung Su) who seems a bit snobby to him. Moon Sik explains Prosecutor Park used to be a really nice guy but he changed after his bride disappeared the day before their wedding.
WAY 26Clockwatcher: Hint #1

Tessieroo: Geon Woo goes to the Lost and Found room and discovers Shi On has asked rookie Sung Chang and another guy to open all bags/suitcases and check the contents. He fights with Shi On, asking her to transfer him because he can’t work with a crazy, stuck-up woman. Ohhh…his feelings are still all hurt that she won’t confide in him.

Geon Woo makes the 2 guys go out drinking with him, a good-bye party for him since he’s transferring out.

Clockwatcher: When you have to force your subordinates to drink with you…

Tessieroo: They end up sneaking off under the guise of needing to sign something for the time off. They go to a club where Sung Chang meets the Medium. He tells her his name is Inspector Cha Geon Woo. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: What is this coincidence going to lead to?

Tessieroo: Geon Woo heads back to the office once he realizes he’s been tricked. He decides since he’s leaving, he’ll organize all the files before he goes.

Shi On arrives home but can’t quite make herself go inside. She heads back to the office too. She finds Geon Woo sleeping on the couch and throws his jacket over him. Why is she wearing a sheer yellow top with a black bra? Is this a fashion statement?
WAY 27Geon Woo wakes up the next morning to realize Shi On finished all the reports. She’s sleeping at her desk and her arm knocks a cup off. Geon Woo bends over her to grab it before it hits the floor – which is when Sung Chang walks in. He’s SHOCKED that Geon Woo is …what is he doing? LOL

Clockwatcher: To a sleeping woman, no less.

Tessieroo: He runs out, telling Geon Woo to continue. LMAO – Geon Woo chases him down and tells him not to spread baseless rumors. He then gets Sung Chang to clean his desk for him.

Shi On washes up and the ghost lady shows up behind her again. She remembers what fake Medium told her but when she looks up, ghost lady is gone. She calls the Detective regarding identification of the hand she found? He tells her no ID because the fingerprints were damaged, the murderer must have done that on purpose. Also no DNA matches but they’re checking missing persons.

Geon Woo sees Shi On running out of the office but tells himself he doesn’t care what she’s doing or where she’s going.  LOL – yea, keep telling yourself that.

As he’s eating, he hears on the news that a woman’s foot was found at a construction site and there may be a connection to the hand they found in the woods. A foot? OH MY GOD, freaking out again. Is someone cutting up a body, one piece at a time? Ewwwwwww.

Clockwatcher: As someone who’s seen over 100 episodes of Bones, this is nothing.
WAY 29Tessieroo: Shi On is with the medical examiner, who pulls out the hand and tells her the fingerprints were damaged. When she asks about the color of the hand, he says the body must have been frozen at some point which caused the discoloration. He can tell the hand was severed after death, which means someone killed this person, froze the body for a long time and is now cutting it up. I can’t even…*gulp* The nightmares I’m gonna have!

Geon Woo shows up to ask if the foot found is related to the hand they found. Shi On doesn’t know what he’s talking about, she’s not aware of the news about the foot. Prosecutor Park walks in and demands to know why they’re there? They are not involved in this case so they need to leave. Shi On starts to argue with him when ghost lady’s face flashes into Prosecutor Park’s face.

She looks over and ghost lady is there but now she’s missing her legs. GAAAAAA! It’s Prosecutor Park! He’s chopping up this lady’s body!
WAY 30

Clockwatcher: There’s a fat finger pointing at the prosecutor but is he really guilty?

Tessieroo: I’m suddenly happy I never watched Bones if this type of stuff happens. I like the very slow friendship building up between Shi On and Geon Woo. He thinks she’s crazy but he did lie to the Detective to protect her so that’s twice now he’s been a nice guy where she’s concerned. This case seems much more gruesome than the first one. I also like cute rookie Sung Chang.

WAY 28

Clockwatcher: Hopefully, the rookie will actually have something to add to the drama in the way of investigative skills. Right now, he’s comic relief.


  • DDee says:

    Thanks for the re-cap guys. I was a little confused with the scene on the bus, but I guess what you said makes sense. So ghosts are manipulative stalkers with physical abilities in this world? Cool. Hope Kim Jae Wook puts these powers to good use soon!

  • DMKO says:

    thanks for the great tag team recaps! haven’t started watching the series yet but love reading your reviews.

  • Archre says:

    Does anyone know why they blurred out the hand? I have looked all over the internet, but have found no info on such a restriction in Korean television

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO – you’re correct! We’ve seen much more gruesome things in Korean movies but maybe that’s the reason: this aired during prime-time evening viewing in Korea. So anything considered “bloody” or “gory” might be blurred. I’ve also seen dramas where they blurred out a knife or a gun.

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