“Who Are You” – Recap Episode 4

Tessieroo: Shin On and Geon Woo leave the Medical Examiners office and he tells her he asked Moon Sik for help getting a transfer. Then he berates Prosecutor Park for being so rude since he wouldn’t even have a case if they hadn’t found the first body part. Geon Woo says he actually felt sorry for the guy initially. Shi On asks why he felt bad for him?

He tells her about Prosecutor Park’s fiancée’ disappearing right before the wedding. Back at the office, Shi On looks up Prosecutor Park and finds a wedding photo of him and his bride, she’s the ghost lady.
WAY 31Shi On approves Geon Woo helping out with the joint investigation into the body parts and tells him to keep an eye on Prosecutor Park. Turns out she gave him a strong, positive recommendation. Awwww

Clockwatcher: But did she also have an ulterior motive… like having someone keep an eye on the prosecutor?

Tessieroo: Geon Woo learns both body parts are from the same body. He recognizes the silver suitcase too but Prosecutor Park tells him that it might not be the same suitcase. Then he condescendingly tells him this isn’t a place of leisure like the Lost and Found Dept.  Jerk.

Clockwatcher: Clearly, the guy isn’t over being dumped right before the wedding. But on the other hand, he does have a point  – that case is hardly unique. It’s not like there were any markers to indicate that it was the same case.

Tessieroo: Shi On visits ghost lady’s Mom to find out after her daughter disappeared, she hasn’t heard from Prosecutor Park even once. She also learns ghost lady suffered from asthma. Ghost lady’s Mom begs Shi On to find her daughter.

Clockwatcher: There’s a difference between a one-week relationship and the person I’d planned on spending the rest of my life with. If he does a disappearing act right before the wedding, I’m going to his home, school, work, wherever. I will hunt that mofo down and kill him. Or in other words, I would be in touch with his family and if they don’t know where he is, I’d be very suspicious.
WAY 33 Tessieroo: I know, right? What the hell? Geon Woo tracks down the old homeless guy who had the suitcase in the first place. He gets him to do a sketch of the guy who paid him to pick it up. Prosecutor Park, however, is not impressed with Geon Woo or his police work.

Clockwatcher: At this point, the guy is just being silly because I can’t see a damn thing he’s contributing here.

Tessieroo: Shi On goes to talk to Prosecutor Park’s Mother but he stops her outside.

Clockwatcher: *Sitting up.* Why are they showing his mother?

Tessieroo: She brings up his fiancée’s name and we finally learn ghost lady is Ms. Jang Yeon Hee. Shi On accuses him of being the reason she’s missing. He gets all up in her face and tells her he won’t let it go if she keeps going with this.

Clockwatcher: Surely, if she thinks he’s the killer, she’d try to be a lot more subtle and not let him know he’s a suspect.

Tessieroo: Shi On goes home and has words with Geon Woo outside. He still wants to know how she knew there was a body part in that suitcase and/or how she knew the body part was buried in that hillside. She gives him no answers and tells him to leave.

Inside her house, Shi On is attacked by two thugs and fights them.

Clockwatcher: Lights off  = human. Lights flickering = ghosts.
WAY 32Tessierro: Geon Woo hears and go running in to help her.

Clockwatcher: Always at the right place at the right time.

Tessieroo: One of them pulls a knife and cuts Shi On’s arm. They run out.

Geon Woo applies first aid to her cut but she’s over it and tells him it will heal on its own. LMAO I like the tough lady “I don’t give a shit” attitude about a knife. She tries to make him leave but he lays down on her sofa, saying those guys could come back so he’s on guard duty. Oh, and by the way – he won’t make any moves on her so she should stop dreaming.

Clockwatcher: I loved how he pushed off all the pillows and just lay down on the couch. Sure, he didn’t give her the option to refuse but it was kind of cute.

Tessieroo: He then complains how lax her security is, the door locks are ancient. He asks about her family and she tells him her parents died when she was in elementary school, she has no siblings. He starts blabbing about how he’s going to catch those bastards who dared to enter a cops home when she blurts out that the victim in this case is Prosecutor Park’s fiancée.

Clockwatcher: I wonder when she’s going to tell him the truth.

Tessieroo: I can’t wait for that conversation. *hee* Prosecutor Park goes through his last text messages from Yeon Hee. The last one said “Let’s end it here. I’m tired. Don’t look for me”. He picks up a photo of them together and throws it.

Clockwatcher: Poor man. He’s kept that torturous text message for months.
WAY 34Tessieroo: Shi On catches up to him jogging the next day and accuses him of having sent thugs to her house. She asks him directly if he killed Yeon Hee and he looks at her like she’s crazy. He also sounds surprised. Okay, so if it’s not him, then who?

Clockwatcher: They already gave us a huge clue. Hehe.

Tessieroo: Back home, Geon Woo left her a cute note along with his fake lighter gun. LOL

At work, Geon Woo is looking though traffic videos to see if they can identify the two thugs outside Shi On’s house. Cutie-pie Sung Chang asks Shi On how she’s getting along with Geon Woo? Ya know, because they looked so close…she tells him to just do his work. Idiot.

Clockwatcher: What’s his purpose on this show (other than giving Tess some eye candy)? There’s obviously some side story here and the girl knows Shi On’s secret and thinks this dude is Geon Woo. What drama will it create?

Tessieroo: YAH! Giving me a tiny bit of eye-candy is a problem?

Clockwatcher: Haha. Of course not. Okay then, I hope he takes off his shirt for you.  😉

Tessieroo: The fake Medium texts him, she lies she’s going into dance practice. (She lied and told him she was a trainee for a girl group) He also lied that his name was Geon Woo. LOL They make plans to meet up over the weekend.

Shi On traces Yeon Hee’s last day, she got a massage but left with a well-dressed, middle-aged woman. Getting into an elevator, the lights go out again. When she looks up, Yeon Woo is standing there but she no longer looks cold and covered with ice – instead she looks like she’s on fire.
WAY 35Clockwatcher: Oh oh, someone is roasting her!

Tessieroo: Shi On sees Yeon Hee once more time and walks right up to her, asking what on earth is happening to her now? What are they doing to her? She follows Yeon Hee out. They end up at a Crematorium.

Clockwatcher: Can the ghosts speak or not? She needs to be able to speak to Kim Jae Wook when he reappears.

Tessieroo: Agree, I initially thought the first ghost couldn’t speak because she was mute. Now I’m thinking none of the ghosts can speak to her, which sucks. Geon Woo is told they’ve found the suspect and he arrives with police cars and flashing lights. Shi On finds the guy who took the suitcase originally and he lies that the person is his little sister.

Clockwatcher: If the option to cremate was always there, why not just cremate the body instead of leaving bits and pieces here and there?

Tessieroo: She notices the knife and pulls out the fake gun. (LMAO) Geon Woo arrives and they fight. The police drag the guy away. Shi On tells Geon Woo it’s not over yet.

Geon Woo finds out from the Medical Examiner that the body is Yeon Hee and also sees the wedding photo with Prosecutor Park. He’s shocked that it’s true.

Prosecutor Park finds out from one of the thugs that Yeon Hee was already dead when he was called. He demands to know who killed her and asks for the address the guy went to. Prosecutor Park seems to recognize the address and asks if the client is…
WAY 36Tessieroo: His Mother is being interviewed in another room.

Clockwatcher: The random introduction of his mom was the clue.

Tessieroo: She tells the Detective she didn’t know it would go that far. Prosecutor Park slams the door open and screams at her, is she even a human being?

Clockwatcher: His acting, though…

Tessieroo: So…his Mom killed his fiancee? Whoa, that takes Evil Mother-In-Law to a whole new level, what with cutting up the body and stuff.

Turns out Evil MIL was harassing her son’s fiancée. She didn’t like her to begin with and accused her of only being after money. She insults Yeon Hee’s parents and then slaps her when Yeon Hee tried to explain. When Prosecutor Park called Yeon Hee, Mom threw her purse out the window. Suddenly Yeon Hee started having an asthma attack. And her medication was inside her purse. Everyone see where this is going?

Evil MIL kept her inhaler from her and Yeon Hee died pretty quickly. Instead of calling for help or calling the police, she called one of her thugs to get rid of the body. She sent the last text message to her son, posing as Yeon Hee and breaking up with him. Prosecutor Park resigns and apologizes to a picture of Yeon Hee for not trusting her and not being able to protect her.

Clockwatcher: There are many reasons to resign but I don’t think this is one of them. Can’t he just take a leave of absence?
WAY 37Tessieroo: Yeeesh, what’s with these wimpy guys in K-dramas who let their Mom’s torture their wives/fiancée’s/girlfriends? And they always say “I’m sorry I can’t protect you” blah, blah, blah. Seriously?

Clockwatcher: I don’t think he knew his mom was torturing her. And she probably never told him to protect his feelings.

Shi On meets with Geon Woo’s mentor about his transfer. He doesn’t think he should leave, saying that despite Geon Woo’s complaints, he’d be hurt if she actually pushed it through. Then Shi On tells him that despite only knowing him for a short time, she feels very comfortable with him. In fact, she feels like she knows him from somewhere. This is clearly a hint. Could he somehow be involved in her fiance’s death so he paired her with Geon Woo to have him unwittingly keep an eye on her for him? However, the fact she’s comfortable with him implies that their past connection is a positive one.

Tessieroo: Geon Woo tells Shi On he’s not transferring out, he knows she’s hiding something from him. And he’s not leaving until he finds out what that is. You may be sorry once you find out, buddy.

Clockwatcher: It’s kind of a weak way to make him stay. Isn’t part of the reason he wanted to leave that she didn’t treat him like a partner?  And she’d already used her magic powers to solve a case then so he already knew that her intentions were good.

Tessieroo: Together they sort through things at the Lost and Found. The last item is the box we’ve seen in the opening – with a ring inside? Geon Woo can’t get it open so he hands it over to Shi On. When she holds it, she feels a pain in her head and strange sensations on her hand.
WAY 38Clockwatcher: Oh oh… not only ghosts but objects owned by ghosts can affect her.

Tessieroo: As she leaves, she passes by a young man in the hallway. Almost as if she recognizes him, she turns around and watches him walk out but then goes on her way. In the doorway, we see Hyung-Joon (Kim Jae Wook) turn around and watch her – with the saddest expression on his face.

Clockwatcher: The Kim Jae Wook fangirls can scream for joy now – he’s back!

Tessieroo: *screaming with delight* So does this mean he might be returning in the next episode? OMG, I won’t be able to think of anything else until next Monday. LOL

Clockwatcher: Example #1.
WAY 39

Clockwatcher: I think it’s good that we’ll be having weekly mysteries although I somehow feel they aren’t as complicated as they could be and get solved rather easily. However, I think the show is pretty light for a crime series so that’s okay. I know that Shi On and Geon Woo supposedly fall in love but right now, I really can’t imagine that happening. While he’s protective, I can’t see any hints of her being attracted to him and I don’t even know how that will happen. After four episodes, I want her to have a deep, painful, complicated romance with the ghost while she has a fun, platonic relationship with Geon Woo. But maybe they’ll sell me on their romance down the line.

Tessieroo: Agree, I see sparks but nothing else. She seems totally shut down to me but I can’t blame her – what with seeing dead people everywhere. I’m more disappointed this second ghost didn’t speak to her – that means when gorgeous Hyung-Joon shows up, he won’t speak to her either? *flounces in chair* You caught on to Mom much quicker than I did, my crime solving capabilities totally failed me in this one. As for the eye-candy, once Kim Jae Wook shows back up, I could care less what happens to cutie-pie rookie. Yes, I’m that fickle. LMAO

Clockwatcher: LOL. So Rookie is just a stand-in till the real deal arrives, huh? I can’t imagine Kim Jae Wook being mute for the entire drama (unless there are a lot of flashbacks) so I think there’s a chance he’ll speak. But I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

Till then!


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    thank you.

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    Love your recap!

    Just started watching this last night and find this drama such an easy watch.

    I’m glad there’s this spark of onscreen chemistry between Shi On – Geun Woo since I’m assuming they’re the OTP here (or unless Shi On dies…Oops, too much fast forward thinking…LOL) Anyways, I think KJW’s character will be the one to bring Shi On & Geun Woo closer together in the episodes to come. So yeah bring on the first wave of angst drama!

  • Mara says:

    ROTFL. Great recap! Your take on the nuances had me in stitches. Keep up the good work. You two are so enjoyable. I’m so looking forward to KJW’s comeback. In his previous works I kind of got a gay pretty boy vibe from him and now he’s totally hunkalicious. What do they feed these guys in the military that they become so gorgeous? Whatever it is, it should be mass produced, packaged and sold to the general public. 😉

  • nana says:

    i am so happy that kim jae wook has finally apperied i have been wating for years to see him again in a drama i cant wait for next monday thanx for your hard work fighting

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    Hi, I just wanted to say thanks so much for the recaps. This kind of drama, I like to read recaps until I’m assured it won’t be too scary! 😉 So thanks for enduring it for our sake!

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