Who Are You Episode 5 Recap

Clockwatcher: Tess, can I really be snarky in this recap? Because, you know, it’s kind of touching and heartbreaking.

Tessieroo: *ponders* Are you asking my permission to voice your honest opinion? Because you know…that’s pretty much the thing I love most about reading your recaps. *hehehe* Snark away!
WAY 48Clockwatcher:  Okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  The episode begins where the last one left off – with Shi On walking past her ex and him looking back, heartbroken. I wonder what he was doing for the six years she was in a coma.

Tessieroo: Can I just say, Kim Jae Wook looks AMAZING. I’d love to see post-army abs but he’s always been so skinny, I’m afraid I wouldn’t like what I see and would send him shipments of food. Eat a hamburger!

Clockwatcher: He does look hot and I’m someone who never found him attractive. But now, whenever I see him, I just want to scream “Oppa!” and feed him spaghetti with my mouth. Gun Woo receives a bonus for his role in solving the last case. His sunbae wants to share in the wealth but he tells him he’ll be spending it on Shi On since she sent him over to the investigative team. Aww. Is romance in the air? Perhaps not because he says that bonus might be the key to him getting reinstated on the homicide team.

Tessieroo: He’s totally hoping she’ll let him in on her investigative secrets which will them propel him upwards. (or back to Special Forces) I think he’s using her but he does seem to be a bit of a softy where she’s concerned?

Clockwatcher:  She’s pretty and he’s a guy… kinda typical. Shi On feels strange as she walks to her office but there’s no one around. When she walks in, we see a morose-looking Hyung Joon. I suppose wearing the same clothes for six years would do that to you. Then he disappears.
WAY 41Tessieroo: I’ve heard chatter that he’ll be wearing the same clothes through most of this. Which makes sense. Why would a ghost change clothes?

Clockwatcher: Then he should have died shirtless.

Tessieroo: Or brush their teeth? Or…never mind. Now my train of thought tells me he stinks. LMAO

Clockwatcher: Gun Woo offers to take his team out for a meal. Shi On isn’t interested but the guys want to go because it’s a rare treat. They eventually drag Shi On along with him.

However, he’s really a cheapskate who tries to ration what they eat then heavily hints for them to scram halfway through the meal. And they do. Oh… trying to get some alone time with his boss? Is romance in the air?

Tessieroo: I know pretty much everyone hates Taecyeon’s acting but he looked like a normal guy here, trying to hint to his buddies to leave. I’ve seen that look before, I think all guys do that. LOL

Clockwatcher: I think Taecyeon is doing fine and when us girls notice guys doing this, we smile to ourselves… if he’s hot. Otherwise, we try to leave with the others. Anyway, it’s not romantic this time as he just wants to get her drunk to learn her secret.  But as these things happen, she’s sober while he gets drunker than a skunk and right when she confesses that she sees ghosts, he passes out.
WAY 43Tessieroo: Pffftttttt. Lightweight. It’s obvious this girl knows how to drink.

Clockwatcher: Meanwhile, Hyung Joon is at the Lost and Found Center staring at the ring box. Tess’s rookie returns to the office to video chat with the medium who tells him that since she’s never been to a police station, she’ll be visiting him one day. He says she can come as long as she calls first.

Tessieroo: Who? I don’t see anyone except Hyung Joon. *kekeke* Rookie has now become a ridiculous plot manuever to propel stuff forward or he’s just there for laughs. I’ve started fast-forwarding through his scenes so I guess the love is gone.

Clockwatcher: LOL. That was quick! Shi On tries to wake Gun Woo up on the cab ride home but he’s completely out of it. If it were me, I’d go to the office and drop him in the lobby but she manages to find his address and takes him home. When they get to his door, he’s too drunk to give her pass code so she looks at his ID and tries his birthday and viola, it opens. A police officer who uses his birthday as a password? No wonder he got kicked off the homicide team.

Since he’s heavy, she literally drags him across the room and mistakenly knocks over a cardboard box. Its contents fall out, including a Walkman that gives her a headache when she picks it up. Oh oh, which ghost owns this? She also finds some cute childhood photos of her future man. She throws a blanket on him and puts a pillow under his head then leaves.
WAY 44Tessieroo: I loved how she tossed the blanket on him, sorta like she did his jacket when he was sleeping in the office? And thank GOD there wasn’t any stupid, drunk piggyback scene.

Clockwatcher: I love piggyback rides. She walks home and we see that an older man had been waiting for her.

Tessieroo: THIS guy looks like a pervert.

Shi On has nightmares about the shooting incident 6 years ago. When Gun Woo wakes up, he realizes he got drunk and passed out but doesn’t remember Shi On brought him home. She tells him to change his code because no one uses their birthdate. Isn’t he a cop?

Tessieroo: Creepy guy is wandering around the Police Station and Shi On realizes he’s a ghost. He follows them out to eat and starts making tapping noises on the table. I have to admit, this ghost looks really happy.

Clockwatcher: Way too happy. Aren’t ghosts supposed to be sad?

Tessieroo: Gun Woo meets the fake Medium who has come to the Police Station to meet Rookie. He outs Rookie, telling her his name is Gun Woo so she knows Rookie lied. Are you bored? Because I am. She meets with Shi On but doesn’t want to give her any “free” information about ghosts.
WAY 45

Clockwatcher:  I don’t blame her. How many customers could she possibly have?

Tessieroo: As fake Medium is leaving, she runs into Hyung Joon. She can see him? Okay, so she’s not a fake or is he the only one she can see? I got lost in Kim Jae Wook’s expressive eyes here – I felt everything he was feeling without him saying a single word.

Clockwatcher: That makes two of you. She’s real because she could immediately tell that he wasn’t human and wasn’t freaked out.

Tessieroo: Happy ghost continues to tap to Shi On and we learn what he’s tapping out is Gun Woo’s name in Morse code. I’m gonna guess this is Gun Woo’s Grandfather or his Dad. Gun Woo voices his suspicions to his Sunbae that Shi On has connections to higher-ups at the Station or she’s working undercover.

Clockwatcher: Because she can tap his name in Morse code… even though she didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

Tessieroo: Shi On researches Gun Woo and realizes the happy ghost is Gun Woo’s Father. She finally tells Gun Woo she can see dead people. When she brings up his Father, he gets angry. We learn his Father was in an accident and ended up with some brain damage that affected his speech and motor functions.

Clockwatcher: Poor Daddy.

Tessieroo: Long story short, Gun Woo had fights as a kid with other people making fun of his Father. He also fought with his Father himself because he was embarrassed.
WAY 46

Clockwatcher: What a well-built 15 year-old he was!

Tessieroo: Happy ghost drops hints to Shi On about whatever “message” he’s trying to pass along to Gun Woo. And we learn that someone is following Shi On, taking pictures of her. Whoever this is must be related to the case from 6 years ago? Someone is keeping a close eye on her.

Happy ghost was working to make enough money to buy Gun Woo a Walkman for his Birthday but was hit by the mysterious Korean white truck that seems to flatten a lot of people in dramas. Gun Woo listens to his Father’s last dying words and cries.

Clockwatcher: On a random Walkman in Lost and Found with batteries that were still working.

Tessieroo: So his Father died on his Birthday?

Clockwatcher: After spending the money he’d worked so hard for on a gift for him. As he happily left a message for the son he loves so much… wearing the carnation he made for him. *sniff* *sniff*

Tessieroo: As they sit in the Lost and Found storage room, the lights flicker off/on. When the lights come back on, Hyung Joon is there – watching them.
WAY 47

Tessieroo: Well, this was the first time I was completely BORED out of my mind with this drama. The only thing that sparked any interest for me was someone taking pictures of Shi On. It was nice to hear a bit about Gun Woo’s life but it didn’t affect my opinion of him one way or the other. For me, the only thing keeping me fully invested is the case from 6 years ago!

Clockwatcher: Opposite reaction from me. LOL. After watching this episode, I thought: “This is a good drama.” It’s not a mania drama where I spend all week thinking about what will happen next but it’s forty-five minutes well spent.

Tessieroo: I mean, Gun Woo is a nice guy – we know that. We also know he’s a bit of a hot-head and just wants to get back to Special Forces. Nothing in this episode made him any more or less interesting that he was, I don’t feel like I know his character any better. Is this what they call a “filler” episode? LMAO

Clockwatcher: I think it was less about knowing about him and more about him knowing about Shi On’s special skill. I don’t know if this will make him believe her outright but it will at least open his mind to the possibility. What I want to know is how she could tell him that she knew he made the carnation for his dad and all the other stuff when we didn’t see the man speak to her once.

Tessieroo: Shi On continues to rock my world, I think she’s awesome. She’s not the poor, perky Candy type nor is she stupid and whiny. So I like her. I’m just impatient to get moving, I guess.

Clockwatcher: Basically, you just want to see more of her romance with Kim Jae Wook, right?

Tessieroo: I’m so busted.

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  • DDee says:

    awesome recap! I think you’re both right about the ghostie-of-the-week. It isn’t particularly relevant to Gun Woo as a character and it is purely about getting him to believe her abilities to see ghosties. I wasn’t especially blown away by it, neither was i put off, which kinda sums up how I feel about this show 😉

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