“Who Are You” Episode 6 Recap

Tessieroo:  So we’re back in the Lost and Found storage room with the lights flickering and Hyung Joon is there, staring at Shi On. I think they just had a huge, bonding moment because when they walk back out, they’re both acting uncomfortable and weird.

Clockwatcher: I guess he really believes her 100% now. And so quickly too. Despite the evidence, I wouldn’t be able to wrap my head around it and to be honest, if I did believe it, not only would I start avoiding her, I’d carry a clove of garlic and a bottle of holy water for extra protection.
WAY 49Tessieroo: I’d be the pesky friend suddenly bombarding her with questions. LOL. Shi On goes back to the office for her phone and again, the lights flicker off. When she looks up, she sees Hyung Joon standing beside her desk. She asks who he is but the lights come back on and he disappears.

Clockwatcher: Is he trying to get her attention or rattle and scare her? Because if it’s the latter, mission accomplished!

Tessieroo: Gun Woo takes her home and walks her to her door.  He asks when she started seeing dead people and she tells him after she woke up from her coma, 3 months ago. He even watches until she gets inside and turns on the lights. *snickers* Cute.

The next morning, Shi On has coffee with one of the higher-ups who appears very warm and sincerely worried about her. She mentions having nightmares and that it might be a sign her memories are coming back. He tells her she can always talk to him. In my head, I’m screaming NO because I don’t know who she can trust!

Clockwatcher: Yup, something ain’t right here. Especially when someone asks you to tell them everything you remember.

Tessieroo: In the storage room at work, she remembers how the box she held caused pain in her head. She sees that box and goes to pick it up but Rookie comes to remind her of a meeting.
WAY 50They’re planning a Workshop for all Departments at the Police Station and the head guy appoints the Lost and Found Department in charge of securing the accommodations.

Clockwatcher: And they aren’t even being subtle that it’s some kind of set up. By the way, why is this such a sausage-fest? I know the police force is male-dominated but they could still have added more women.

Tessieroo: The mentor Sunbae smirks when he hears they’re in charge and wishes them good luck.

Clockwatcher: Don’t they have some kind of admin team to take care of stuff like this?

Tessieroo: Turns out, it was like an initiation since the others sent them out there knowing everything was booked and they wouldn’t be able to find any place to stay.

Clockwatcher: It’s such a stupid hazing ritual because if no accommodation is found, will they sleep in the woods? And it’s so obvious this plot was written to give the OTP some alone time outside of the office.

Tessieroo: It never fails to make me laugh when a man & woman are stranded in a drama. Sunbae laughs at Gun Woo when he calls to ask why he didn’t tell them. This Sunbae then gets a mysterious phone call and looks worried. Damn! I was hoping this guy wasn’t involved in anything shady!

Clockwatcher: They are probably trying to lead us in the wrong direction.
WAY 51Tessieroo: Shi On insists they keep searching while Gun Woo makes faces at her when she turns her back. Okay, he’s kinda cute. I’ll concede only that much. Juvenile but cute.

They finally find a place that looks like an old school building. The lazy Rookies are taking it easy back at the Lost and Found while the bosses are out-of-town.

Gun Woo fetches beer and walks in on Shi On as she’s about to change. He gets squirmy about it (is he a virgin or something?) and she gets shouty. When she comes outside, he can’t even look at her and she smiles. Ahahaha, she’s SO way ahead of this guy.

Clockwatcher: And he didn’t even see anything. I’d understand if he saw her boobs or something.

Tessieroo: He spills beer all over his own face when he catches her looking at him. I think I need to find a guy 4 years younger than myself to date. *hee*

Clockwatcher: Younger guys are cute when they are crushing on you. lol
WAY 52Tessieroo: Oh, is that so? Do tell! *grabs coffee* I’m much more interested in that than in this boring episode. *hehehe* Gun Woo asks her why these dead spirits are appearing to her? She doesn’t know. When she looks up, Hyung Joon is there. She stands up, looking at him and he nods to her.

Gun Woo stands up in front of her and asks what’s wrong – what is she looking at? He turns around but of course, doesn’t see anything. When Shi On looks again, Hyung Joon is gone. She lies to Gun Woo when he asks if there was a ghost. As she lies, Hyung Joon is there again.

Clockwatcher: Then they spend the night together… in the least romantic way one can think of. I mean, they are sleeping so far apart that neither can “mistakenly’ roll over and land on top of the other.

Tessieroo: The next day, the rest of the troops arrive from the other departments. They pick Gun Woo up and throw him in the river. Yah…who’s watching the streets while all these police officers party?

Clockwatcher: The rookies. Speaking of which, the Lost and Found rookies decide to get some spiritual guidance for the Tess’s ex’s dating woes and since this is a drama, he ends up going to the medium. Now, the entire jig is up. Zzz.
WAY 54Tessieroo: LMAO – I did the same thing during that part. They decide to dunk Shi On too and she has some type of flashback of the shooting 6 years ago while she’s under water. She tells Gun Woo she saw someone getting shot but doesn’t mention anything about the old case.

Clockwatcher: I get what happened but she’s coming off as weak now. That’s not a good look at a company function.

Tessieroo: That night, the Departments compete in a scavenger hunt: one person stays behind and guides the other person with a walkie-talkie. Gun Woo decides to stay and Shi On will run the course.

They’re to run to a house, sign their name on a list, grab a badge and run back. Wait, how is that a scavenger hunt? It’s just a timed race.

As she’s on her way out, a man appears behind her and knocks her out cold. Gun Woo hears the walkie-talkie being shut off. He takes off running. Is he gonna save her again? *sigh*

Clockwatcher: Super Woo to the rescue!
WAY 55Tessieroo: The thug carries her to a hillside where he’s dug a grave. OMO, is he gonna bury her alive?

Clockwatcher: And once again, a killer doesn’t just outright kill her but must delay it by doing something else.

Tessieroo: That’s true. Why didn’t he just shoot her? Hyung Joon shows up behind this guy and tries to hit him but all he manages to do is stir the air around this guys head.

Clockwatcher: I finally get why we have that boring storyline about the medium – they are so going to rip off Patrick Swayze’s Ghost.

Tessieroo: We know the ghosts can touch her though. At least, the first one did. Shi On wakes up and sees Hyung Joon standing behind the thug. When the thug bends down to pick her up, she hits him. WOOT! She also manages to kick him in the face and runs.

Clockwatcher: Yep, she totally saves herself.

Tessieroo: As she rounds a corner, Gun Woo is there.

Clockwatcher: I think they should have gone back to nab the thug instead of leaving. Granted, they weren’t armed but shouldn’t they have gone back to get him or something?
WAY 56Tessieroo:   The mentor Sunbae shows up to investigate and tells them to go back home. The thug gets away but not before Hyung Joon notices his license plate number. Shi On also lied to the Sunbae, she DID see the thugs face. Gun Woo takes her home.

Clockwatcher: Why aren’t you squeeing this time since once again he does’t leave till the lights are on? Since he’s Mr. Protective, he should have walked in with her as she’s clearly on someone’s hit list.

Tessieroo: Meh. It was cute the first time but I’m already over it. Shi On has more nightmares that night. The next morning, Sunbae finds a watch on the hillside where Shi On was attacked and sticks it in his pocket. No, no, no, no – he is a bad guy! Unless he’s trying to find out what happened because he knows someone is crooked in the Department? I hope so.

Clockwatcher: There’s definitely something funny going on here but he’s not slick enough to be a bad guy. I mean, he was being so obvious when he picked up the watch. And also when he took it out of his pocket to look at it. I mean, he could be a bad guy but they are showing his hand too early if he is. Maybe he’s somehow trying to protect her.

Tessieroo: Shi On sees Hyung Joon going into the station and follows him. She ends up near an interrogation room. Hyung Joon shows up behind her and she remembers she was questioned in that room about the incident 6 years ago. She also remembers they showed her Hyung Joon’s picture.

Clockwatcher: When he was hinting at her to look into the room, I thought he’d typed the license plate number on the phone. LOL. If he can’t speak, the least he can do is be useful.

Tessieroo: He’s very obscure, isn’t he? What was the nod he gave her back at the retreat about? She has a pain in her head and remembers seeing Hyung Joon get shot. She looks up at him and says “You…you” as tears fall down his face.
WAY 57

Tessieroo: Well, we moved forward a bit but it wasn’t in a direction I wanted to go. (LMAO) I hope this sudden suspicion being cast on mentor Sunbae is just a red herring.

Clockwatcher: I think he was shot by a dirty cop. In the flashback, he appears to have been shot by someone else (not the one he was pointing his gun at). The Sunbae is obviously hiding something. The question is, what side is he on? The fact that they are blatantly casting suspicion on him now makes him seem like one of the good guys. Like I mentioned last week, he’s most likely someone from her past she thought of fondly. But is he a double-agent or someone trying to protect her?

While the rest of cast get a script, I bet all Jae Wook gets is a page with a few lines telling him to look sullen and heartbroken.

Tessieroo: Yes, I’m still pissed off that it appears his character won’t be talking. And that was a lame cliff-hanger. If his character is trying to help her figure out what happened, he needs to work much harder. All these strange looks and nods aren’t gonna cut it. Although I totally dig his looks of longing. *hee*

Clockwatcher: He looks like he’s about the cry half the time. The allure of procedurals is that they stay interesting by having endless stories to tell. We’ve been getting a ghost a week but since the mystery got solved in the previous episode, this one was kind of dry. Yes, it’s true that there’s still a ghost story here but it’s the overarching one and we really missed the mini arc in this episode.  Let’s hope it’s back to regular scheduling next week.


  • dramacafe says:

    Seriously, reading this recap was more interesting than watching this boring episode! Makes me wonder maybe the writer dozed off while writing this episode. LOL

  • marybeth says:

    I think that Choi Moon-Sik is with internal affairs – he said something about having to work undercover while they had a vacation and he seems to just stay around the police department – and the man she called “chief” is the bad guy. She was attacked after he found out that she was having nightmares which meant she was starting to remember.

  • Julia says:

    I too am confused at what that nod was. I see you? I approve of you having a cop partner? I think you should date your coworker? I am pointing you in the right direction? I am going to haunt you until your head explodes? I’m back, let’s get together again?

  • jomo says:

    Thanks for covering this show. I am watching it and there are things I like.
    But you do wonder why the writers and/or directors keep allowing the same and predictable
    drama moments.

    All of the romance feels phoned in, for lack of a better expression, when they could have tried

    Walk in on Disrobed Partner v 232 – He sees a HUGE tattoo of 2PM on her back.
    Sleep Next to Future Romantic Person v237 They actually have meaningless sex. Ha!

    I know. I know. They aren’t trying to be interesting here, just delivering the pellets so we keep going through the maze. And I keep watching, don’t I? They win.

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