Kim So Eun’s Multiple Kisses on “After School Bokbulbok” + Previews

While Kim So Eun might go dry-lipped on Inspiring Generation (she’s second lead), she’s making up for it on her drama-toon After School Bokbulbok.

Kim So Eun plays her namesake, a shy and timid high school girl who’s invited to join a club where she is engaged in interesting missions that eventually draw her out of her shell. It sounds loosely-plotted and seems like a lot of senseless, whacky fun… like the previews show.

Lots of cameos, including Paksa (of Heartless City) who’s clearly alive, even if he’s lost his mind.

As for the kisses…

With Gong Myung:

With Seo Kang Joon:

It looks like this noona will be enjoying these 90’s boys. Let’s hope that lips actually touch in the second kiss (and it’s not a dream).

Apparently, the 5 boys in the drama are from the acting group 5urprise. What the heck is an acting group? I know of acting troupe but an acting idol group? And how in the world do we pronounce their name? Is it Surprise or Fiveurprise?

Whatever… more eye candy for me.

The drama-toon will be broadcast on mobile applications three days a week (Mon,Wed, Fri) starting September 2nd.

Credit: Bokbulbok facebook, nisag1190@YouTube


  • The newstandby says:

    They better!! Acting idols, I love it! Maybe they will be great at acting and be a iffy or so-so singing group. They look hot, so they have that covered. I hope it’s pronounced five-surprise…as in Surprise! There are five of us and if you hire one you get all five no matter the project 😀 What wackiness.

    But seriously, bring on the reverse harem adaptations.

  • Moo says:

    By the look of the preview ..THEY CAN ACT. All five of them. Hee. Big grin 🙂 What a 5urprise!!

  • Vanessa says:

    This looks like a ton of fun!(:

  • Rossi says:

    This looks like the sort of zany fun Jdrama are known for. I liked Kim So Eun in BOF since she and Kim Bum were adorable together and thank to the miracle of youtube, I can just watch their clip compilations instead of sitting through the actual drama (cause I did it for one ep and I wanted to stab multiple things). I saw her recently in “Music and Lyrics” which is not that even recent, but did she get a nose job or something? Cause it looks so pointy and longer than before but I’m horrible at spotting plastic surgery.

    As for all the dudes, I think am gonna Mine! the two to the left cause I’m shallow that way. hur

  • noemi says:

    5urprise fighting !

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